15Jessica Simpson: Stop Being So Attractive


Her Instagram followers made remarks about how she was dressing, being the mother of two, and asking if she really wanted to present herself in that light. Someone actually went ahead and said, "...get your act together Jessica, those days should be behind you."

We didn't think it could happen, but yes, Jessica Simpson was actually criticized on how she dresses now that she's a mother. Fashion choices and how a mom represents herself in public are probably two of the most commonly commented-on things on social media since lately, appearance is everything. For

Jessica Simpson, her fans had a whole lot to say about one time, in particular, involving a green satin robe and what some considered to be way too much showing out of it.

We're left wondering what days they're talking about since the fact that Jessica still looks amazing after having two children is a modern world wonder. Many of her followers had positive comments, though, encouraging her to keep rocking what she's got and complimenting how great she looks. Our hats off to her for still being confident in her own skin and not being afraid of what people will say, confidence is a trait we'd be happy to see any of her kids possess someday.

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