• 15 Celeb Social Media Posts That Didn't Go As Planned

    By virtue of being a celebrity, a celebrity mom has already subjected herself to being under the red-hot heat of the media and her fans, not all of whom are constantly adoring. Judgment is part of the lifestyle and unfortunately, some celebs fall under harsh criticism just for being a parent. Whether they were or were not in the wrong remains to be seen since everyone has an opinion, but everyone can be sure that some of the accusations are just downright absurd.

    Celebrities are just people too, and they reserve the right to parent their children the best way that they see fit. General comments from the peanut gallery aside. In spite of this, the general public will always have something to say which means that many social media posts simply don't go as planned. Most people will react to these and go, "are they kidding, they're really scrutinizing that minute detail?". Others will just chuckle and say, "been there, done that". And sure, it's a hoot to hear some of these celebs' reactions to people making the presumption that they're bad parents, but we admire how most of them just shoot off and eye-roll and keep going. Either way, these unplanned-outcome social media posts throw parenting blunders into a whole new light and expose the truth behind being a celebrity parent.

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    Jessica Simpson: Stop Being So Attractive

    We didn't think it could happen, but yes, Jessica Simpson was actually criticized on how she dresses now that she's a mother. Fashion choices and how a mom represents herself in public are probably two of the most commonly commented-on things on social media since lately, appearance is everything. For Jessica Simpson, her fans had a whole lot to say about one time, in particular, involving a green satin robe and what some considered to be way too much showing out of it.

    Her Instagram followers made remarks about how she was dressing, being the mother of two, and asking if she really wanted to present herself in that light. Someone actually went ahead and said, "...get your act together Jessica, those days should be behind you."

    We're left wondering what days they're talking about since the fact that Jessica still looks amazing after having two children is a modern world wonder. Many of her followers had positive comments, though, encouraging her to keep rocking what she's got and complimenting how great she looks. Our hats off to her for still being confident in her own skin and not being afraid of what people will say, confidence is a trait we'd be happy to see any of her kids possess someday.

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    Hilary Duff: No Kisses For You

    We live in a world of heightened awareness when it comes to outward affection, and unfortunately, celebrities aren't immune to this either.

    After a picture posted on Instagram of a trip to Disneyland with her son in 2016, Hilary was the subject of debate as to whether or not it's appropriate to kiss her son on the lips.

    Many of us come from families who are old-school and don't see much wrong with this, but to some people, they were highly offended by the serious display of affection and had something to say about it. Someone even had the audacity to comment, asking, "Is this before or after the marriage?" Not only did negative fans have no tact whatsoever, but they refused to see the big picture: A mother who loves her son. While many fans were busy ripping the cute photo apart, others were quick to jump to the defense of Hilary, saying they themselves kiss their family on the lips. Someone else said, "That is so lovely, the two of you together. And the rest of the sickos need to get a grip. That is pure and innocent and a lovely Mom thing to do." We couldn't agree more.

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    Pink: Good Stage Name, Bad Color For Your Daughter's Hair?

    No matter where you go, you'll find people with crazy-colored hair. It's no longer the norm to just be blonde, brunette, or a redhead, and people have accepted that trend. It became popular in the '90s but rapidly gained even more popularity in the early 2000s when singer Pink began sporting hot pink hair...And then her daughter did in 2016 as well!

    Her father, Carey Hart, posted a photo of the adorable Willow on his Instagram of the process but added a little something extra for all of the haters watching. At the very end of the caption, which read, "@naomi_knights hooking Willz up with a new look for the holidays. That's how we roll. She will rebel by playing chess and being a prep", he added the hashtag, "#LetsHearItParentPolice".

    We applaud the proud dad of a pink-haired daughter for anticipating the uncalled-for backlash that would inevitably come from a parenting choice out of the norm. His hashtag challenge was met by many positive comments (perhaps the Parent Police were thrown off by his invitation?) including some people who agreed with the choice and offered up their own stories of crazy-haired children as well. Live and let live, as we say, and Willow couldn't look any more awesome matching her Pink mama!

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    Kourtney Kardashian: The Audacious Lip Ring

    Similar to the issue of dyeing your child's hair before they're 18 (or whatever age a strict parent deems appropriate for temporary hair dye), Kourtney Kardashian faced similar backlash for a post she shared to her Instagram last year. The photo was a picture of her and her daughter, and on her daughter's lip, a ring.

    While the caption didn't exactly say the lip ring was a fake, she did say, "Yes, that's a lip ring. Thanks @kimkardashian". It was later revealed that it was, indeed (obviously), a fake, and also a gift from her sister who sports a real one.

    In today's day and age, body modification isn't nearly as taboo as it once was and while Kourtney's daughter may just be too young for a real lip ring, there's no harm in letting her be like her aunt for a day. Followers of Kourtney were not in agreement, however; some pretty atrocious things were said in response to the Instagram post including, "what type of mother are you this is sad" and "when are you going to grow up". As one person mention, it's similar to the modern-day clip-on earrings and dress-up, but apparently, there are still some people who don't share that view...Yikes!

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    Kristin Cavallari: Kids Can't Look Like That

    Kristin Cavallari got her start on Laguna Beach and The Hills, but as an adult, she's most recently known for the publishing of her healthy food cookbook, True Roots. She's known for posting fun photos of her family on Instagram, including many of them in the kitchen cooking healthy food recipes together. Therefore, it should be no surprise that her kids aren't even close to too big since they live a healthy, balanced lifestyle with super healthy foods. They're all young boys who are active, but this didn't stop followers from criticizing Kristin's July 4th post in 2016.

    Fans commented on how skinny and underweight her children were just by a shot of their backs as they were playing on the beach with their father.

    The comments were met with a whole slew of defense on Kristin's part defending her lifestyle and her kids, who are perfectly healthy, but Kristin also chimed in on the issue at hand. With her sassy but always classy way, Kristin responded to the negative comments with a hint of sarcasm by saying, "Yep, I starve my children," and going on to claim she had just blocked more people than she ever had in her life. Bravo, Kristin.

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    Kate Beckinsale: Babysitter For Your 18-Year Old?

    People will find anything to have an opinion about, especially if that happens to be a mom who's out and having the time of her life. Even with a fully-grown, 18-year old daughter at the time, Kate Beckinsale was still lashed out at for being out with her friends and not home with her kids.

    After a post on Instagram in June of last year of the actress dancing and having a good time, someone had commented about how she should be home instead.

    It was a major "excuse me?" moment for many of her fans, as they clapped back by saying how ridiculous a thing it was to say, in addition to expressing how fun the video was and that it made fans happy to watch. The loudest clap of all, however, probably came from Kate herself: "What's amazing is it is no longer the 18th century so now that my one child is grown I don't have to stay home (while she's out with her own friends ) playing the pianoforte, getting consumption or trying to secure her a marriage. But thank you for the quaint blast from the past. Oh and I can vote now too! YAY." One of her fans responded by saying, "I can not imagine how difficult was for a woman to live in the 18th century" and neither can we, but we're definitely glad that we don't have to!

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    Kelly Clarkson: No Nutella For You

    All these unpopular food opinions are making us hungry and we can't help but notice a trend amongst the direct relationship between trolls and junk food. It would appear that the people hating on these celebrities for giving their kids an unhealthy snack every now and then either need to eat a donut or let other parents be parents. Kelly Clarkson was another celebrity who saw somewhat of a backlash after posting a video on Instagram of her daughter trying Nutella for the first time.

    It pictured adorable River seriously loving her Nutella toast and ended with the most perfect happy dance -- one that I'm sure we've all done upon tasting Nutella for the first time. For a chocolate-hazelnut spread that's been around for ages, it sure got people upset and talking as far as Kelly's choice to feed it to River.

    With the recent discovery of all the unhealthy things that make up the heavenly sweet spread, commenters went on to say it was near harmful for her daughter to be eating the monster of a snack. Sure, it's unhealthy...But to call an unhealthy snack harmful? We're not so sure that's on the list of things you can get arrested for.

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    Chrissy Teigen: You Can't Go To Dinner...Ever

    Chrissy Teigen is a warrior in the ways of combatting trolls on social media. She has been known not only for sticking up for herself but also her friends on Twitter when they're under attack. In April 2016, people rage-tweeted about her daring to go out to dinner not long after having given birth. All moms know how much it can mean to get out of the house for a bit and just relax with no baby screaming in the background, and most moms aren't subject to mile-long tweets about how wrong it was that they did so.

    Chrissy's social media took a turn when people began berating her for going out so soon after childbirth, but much to our heart's delight she tweeted back at them, totally owning her decision and not giving a care in the world.

    "I went to dinner. People are [mad]. Good morning!" was her response to all those who had something to say, and we're still silently thumbs-upping her. Moms just need a break sometimes and it's no one else's business to propose the accusation that it makes them a bad parent, something Chrissy's negative-Nancy followers found out quickly. Perhaps they themselves just needed a night out as well?

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    Beyoncé: Natural Is Not Allowed

    It's no secret that for a while, Beyoncé was under fire for not "combing" her daughter, Blue Ivy's, hair. While she and husband Jay-Z let Blue Ivy rock the natural look, fans were criticizing the pair left and right for essentially not teaching their daughter grooming skills. It's crazy to think that rather than be happy for the happy family, people had something to say about Blue Ivy's appearance but hey, you know what they say about opinions.

    Fans even took the issue as far as starting a petition on Change.org, calling on Beyoncé to do something about her daughter's hair; calling it "matted" and basically unruly.

    Queen B responded in the most epic way possible by doing what she does best and writing her response through a song. "Formation" came out in 2016, and amongst the other powerful lyrics, one line stands out from the rest in regards to her daughter: "I like my baby hair, with baby hair and afros." Her clap-back was heard 'round the world as her final say in the fact that no one can decide on her daughter's physical appearance but her. In typical Beyoncé fashion, she remained classy while still getting a hit in and we couldn't be prouder of this strong mama bear.

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    Megan Fox: Nothing Outside The Norm

    We have a big eye-roll for this one.

    Megan Fox got completely slammed for a post that featured her son dressed in an Elsa dress from Frozen. While challenging the gender norm isn't always on a celebrity's list of things to do, we're not even sure that's what this was. It appeared to be a harmless choice for her son's dress-up time, and if he loved walking around in a dress, so what?

    Fans didn't see it that way, however, and instead made pointed remarks at Megan for allowing her son to wear girl's clothes. Despite the fact that her son looks perfectly happy and not confused or embarrassed at all, people insisted that gender roles were there for a reason and that it wasn't right to let her son walk around in an outfit that was intended for a girl. Luckily, other fans ran quickly to her defense, saying there's absolutely nothing wrong if her son wanted to wear the dress or not. Some good souls even said they let their kids wear whatever they want because no one should be ashamed of their style. Every kid loves Frozen and we don't care what they're wearing to profess their Elsa love, and we're thinking Instagram followers probably shouldn't care that much, either.

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    JWoww: Sunscreen Trolls

    The one person you shouldn't challenge or go head-to-head with over sunscreen is JWoww. The Jersey Shore star is in the tanning industry and obviously knows very well the dangers of not wearing sunscreen, yet followers insisted on criticizing a photo she posted of her son in the pool with his father.

    We can see nothing wrong with the photo other than the amount of crazy cuteness that's emitting from it, but fans made assumptions about a lack of sunscreen and a child that young being in the pool.

    JWoww held nothing back in her long response putting commenters right in their place:

    "Not even sure why I am even doing this but I feel like schooling people on my previous post. First off, my son is two months and in a salt water pool up to his belly... Probably for a total of 3 minutes. But second is where I need to really educate trolls... Let me explain to the haters that decided to comment about no sunscreen and the dangers bla bla bla

    My son actually does have sunscreen on. It's the same concept as diaper cream... So, here is what I mixed for my son so I know for the 2 minutes he would be safe:

    Coconut Oil- SPF 4-6Zinc Oxide SPF 2-20 depending on how much usedCarrot Seed Oil – SPF 35-40...Go enjoy your Sunday now."

    Now that burn is one that requires some extra aloe, but we're pretty sure that her son is perfectly well-taken care of.

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    Kim Zolciak: You Can't Be Friends With Your Kids

    Some of us are lucky enough to know what it's like to be super close with our parents. Those of us who aren't may not understand the bond of being friends with someone who also raised you, but that's no reason to attack a mom for doing the best she can. Kim Zolciak found out the hard way when she posted a photo on Instagram last year of her and her daughters, captioning it with "Best Friends". While many were supportive and made remarks on how wonderful the picture was and how great it is that she and her kids are so close, others were not as quick to jump on the positive-vibe bandwagon.

    People had their own opinions and instead said things about Kim not knowing boundaries, and that kids and parents are "not equals". One person even went as far as to say that she "can't" be friends with her kids.

    Someone threw the hammer down with a comment about how Kim doesn't have a great relationship with her own parents, which is not only rude but completely inappropriate considering the subject matter of the photo. We're not sure, but telling someone how they should or shouldn't have a relationship with their kids sounds like it's pretty far outside of the things you shouldn't have an opinion on.

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    Mila Kunis: Spoil Your Kids

    In an interview with Entertainment Tonight last year, Mila Kunis and her husband Ashton Kutcher announced that they were no longer giving their kids Christmas presents. Of course, a battlefront ensued after this, so much so that the couple had to clear up what exactly they meant by the statement.

    In a world when Christmas without presents is seen as overly harsh and unusual punishment by anyone who's not a celebrity, Mila told Jimmy Kimmel that what was meant by her prior statement was that they weren't intentionally trying to have a spoiled child.

    She explained that the year prior, they'd received so many gifts from the couple's parents that the meaning of Christmas just became convoluted and confusing, and the idea of one present didn't mean much amongst a mountain of wrapped gifts. This is completely understandable since celebrity holidays are definitely different than what most people are used to, and how Mile and Ashton choose to parent their kids is their decision. They've since cleared up their wording, saying that what they meant was that they're restricting Christmas to a one-present maximum. It seems perfectly reasonable, but what's more important to note is it's no one else's business.

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    Reese Witherspoon: Cinnamon Buns Are The Worst

    I don't know if there's anyone out there who doesn't remember a morning that happened to be made extra special by the appearance of cinnamon buns appearing on the table. For goodness sake, an entire cinnamon bun empire has taken over nearly all public transportation and mall food courts.

    Meanwhile, Reese Witherspoon was under fire back in 2015 for feeding her child one. It's a crazy world we live in but it's made even crazier when people overreact at the most minor of things, including a celebrity giving her child the occasional sugary treat.

    It's understandable with all of the health-food movements going on that someone could be concerned if a child was eating them every single day. The funny part is, how do we know that following a cinnamon bun, Reese didn't give her kids a super healthy, superfood protein-packed vegetarian dinner? If cinnamon buns are no longer safe then we think it's time to start protesting sugary cereals, orange juice from concentrate, and toast with jam, too. There were plenty of loyal followers that backed Reese up on her sweet breakfast choice, including a few who supported it, claiming they themselves have given their children the same from time to time. Reese was only trying to make her kid happy, is that so wrong?

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    Audrey Roloff: No Encouragement, Please

    Audrey Roloff, Little People, Big World star, was recently under fire for a post that she shared on Facebook at the end of last year. In honor of her daughter turning two months old, Audrey posted the most perfect photo of little Ember on a clock with a flower ring around the number "2". In the caption, she wrote:

    ".... We want our little Ember to be a light in the darkness, glowing in all she does, enduring and lasting - hard to stop, ALWAYS believing in the MORE that is within her - and when stoked/kindled by her Creator - able to burn and glow even MORE than she could on her own. Our prayer is that she would be MORE on fire for God as He continues to fan her into flame. Always more."

    Somehow, for some people out there, this was turned into Audrey putting a massive amount of pressure on her daughter, who is still merely an infant. We're not sure where the connection between being faithful and hoping for the best for your child turned into unbearable pressure, but many thought that's exactly what it was.

    Others got offended and thought she was being secular in her exclusion of those not following the same lifestyle, and it was overall a post full of mixed emotion. You keep doing you, Audrey, and we'll keep hoping for Ember's metaphorical fanned flames.

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