15 Celeb Superdads That Are Just Killing It

We often look to Hollywood actors to be role models for our children. It seems like a new crop celebrity dads have popped up in recent years that are doing an amazing job at being dedicated to their wives and children.

It's refreshing to see a man step up and be a shining example today. With divorce on the rise and the number of single parents rising even quicker, these Hollywood actors seem to take their most important role very seriously; the role of being a daddy. Many celebrity dads are outspoken about how fatherhood has changed them for the better. Some have shared intimate details of their private lives with their children.

Thanks to social media sites, like Twitter and Instagram, fans can get a a little peek into the special moments celebrities choose to share with the world. From a family fishing trip to a sweet moment cooking in the kitchen, these famous dads show us that it can actually be cool to be a faithful father and husband. The fact of the matter is, celebrity parents love their children just as much as any of us do. They often feel just vulnerable as we do. These famous fathers continue to show up for their kiddos, day after day. Here is a list of 15 Celeb Superdads That Are Just Killing It.

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15 Justin Timberlake


Justin Timberlake is on top of his game. He's a successful pop star and actor, most recently recognized for his work on the cartoon, Trolls. Who hasn't danced to his hit song, Can't Stop The Feeling?

He's also married to the beautiful and talented, Jessica Biel. Together, they have an adorable son, Silas. It seems Timberlake has it all figured out-a great career and a perfect family. Despite all of his fame and fortune, it appears that parenthood is once again the great equalizer. The 36-year-old admitted to The Hollywood Reporter that he initially struggled finding a balance with his new role as a parent.

“At first, it broke me down,” said Timberlake. “Those first eight months felt like those old Ed Sullivan shows where people are balancing spinning plates on poles — except if you drop one, they die.”

He seems to be doing a great job spinning those plates.

14 Kevin Hart


Comedian, Kevin Hart has two kids, Heaven and Hendrix. He often talks about his experiences raising his children in his acts, telling hilarious stories and sharing insights into fatherhood. Although he may be a funny guy, he takes being a dad very seriously. He once told People Magazine, “I’m a fun dad until you don’t do what you’re supposed to do, but even the tough dad is still fun because I can’t not laugh at myself for trying to be tough!”

Yet, he can laugh at himself as he points out the ridiculousness of parenting. Like one time when he got into a scuffle with a child in defense of his kids. "I’m so protective of my kids me and this boy got into it at Chuck E. Cheese’s. It wasn’t a fight – it was an altercation."

I'm sure every dad can relate to feeling fiercely protective of their children.

13 Jimmy Fallon


Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon, is father to daughters, Franicis Cole and Winnie Rose. He did his very best to coach his first born into saying “Dada” for her first word. Fallon went so far to pen a children’s book, Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada.

He told Parents Magazine, “I loved reading to Winnie, and at the time I came up with the book, it was important to me that her first word be ‘Dada.’ I went as far as to try to trick her into saying ‘Dada’ by calling everything ‘Dada,’ from her bottle to diapers to strawberry … Sadly, ‘Mama’ was her first word,” Fallon shared.

He offered advice for first-time dads of daughters. “Dads immediately fall in love with their little girls, and will let them get away with everything. So moms are going to have to be the disciplinarians when it comes to daughters.”

12 Chris Pratt


Chris Pratt plays a superhero in the film Guardians of the Galaxy. He's also a super dad to his son, Jack. The actor is vocal about how much he enjoys being a father. He attended the March of Dimes Celebration of Babies and shared the story of his son, who was born prematurely, weighing just 3 pounds, 12 ounces.

He went on to say. “I've done all kinds of cool things as an actor — I’ve jumped out of helicopters and done some daring stunts and played baseball in a professional stadium, but none of it means anything compared to being somebody’s daddy. I made promises in that moment about what kind of dad I wanted to be and I just prayed that he’d live long enough that I could keep them.”

From the looks of the photos of Chris and Jack on Pratt's Instagram account, he's doing an amazing job keeping that promise.

11 Chris Hemsworth


Chris Hemsworth might just be the sexiest dad to ever help his daughter bake a birthday cake. Not only is he successful in the kitchen but he's a successful actor as well. The proud dad took a moment during a recent press junket to praise fatherhood and to gush about his three kiddos, Tristan, India Rose, and Sasha.

Hemsworth said, "I think it makes you less selfish, because it's no longer about you," he told E!News of being a parent. "It can't be. It's about someone else, which is refreshing. It's nice to not spend all your time thinking about your own problems and garbage up there and I just have so much fun doing it. It's the best. And now I'm a bit more choosy, I think, with when I work and how I work because it better be worthwhile to take me away from them."

10 John Legend


What lady hasn't swooned over singer John Legend's devotion to wife, Chrissy Teigen and their daughter, Luna? It's obvious through the photographs that he shares on Instagram that they are a tight unit. Yet, hearing him speak about fatherhood gives fans a glimpse into the depths his love goes to for his family. Legend recently spoke to The Salina Journal about how fatherhood has changed him for the better.

“I think there is just more depth to what I'm feeling because everything means more to me now I have a wife and daughter. Everything is more significant and I'm thinking more philosophically about things and thinking about life and death a lot more.” He shared, “Before what I sang about were my ambitions of making money, getting girls and having fun which was a lot more selfish but now I have better perspective and depth on what's really important in life."

9 Ryan Reynolds


Ryan Reynolds has to two daughters, Ines and James, with wife, Blake Lively. Since becoming a father, Reynolds has become the king of Twitter by posting Tweets that teach us all about the meaning of fatherhood. The actor and comedian gets candid about the joys of parenting. Here are some of his most hilarious Tweets.

“Nothing better than spending the morning staring into my daughter's eyes, whispering, “I can't do this.”

“I'm teaching my daughter that the sun goes down each night because it's mad at her. Probably gonna write a parenting book at some point.”

“I'd walk through fire for my daughter. Well, not FIRE, because it's dangerous. But a super humid room. But not too humid, because my hair.”

“My daughter's only 6 months old and already drawing. I'd hang it on the fridge but honestly, it's absolute garbage.”

Ryan Reynolds is by far, the funniest dad out there.

8 Patton Oswald


Patton Oswald's story is heartbreaking. He lost his wife, crime writer Michelle McNamara, in April of 2016. He suddenly found himself a widower and single parent to their daughter, Alice. Oswald wrote an essay for GQ Magazine about adjusting to being a single dad.

Oswald wrote, “This is my first time being a single father. I've missed forms for school. I've forgotten to stock the fridge with food she likes. I've run out of socks for her. I've run out of socks for me.” He shared, “Now I know where to buy the socks she likes. I asked two parents at her school to help me with forms and scheduling. I'm getting good at sniffing out weekend activities and scheduling playdates and navigating time and the city to get her and myself where we need to go every day.”

The award for “Single Dad of the Year” goes to Patton Oswald!

7 Josh Duhamel


Josh Duhamel is married to Black Eyed Peas singer, Fergie. Together they have a son, Axl. The down-to-earth father is known not only for his acting but for his volunteer work. He hopes to instill a solid work ethic and keep his little guy grounded, despite growing up with advantages

He once joked during an interview with Huffington Post Live, “I just don't want to have to bail him out of jail!” And he added: “That's my main goal. Just stay out of jail. Dads, keep your girls off the poles and keep your boys out of jail.” He also has serious hopes for Axl. “Growing up in LA, I don't want to raise a kid who feels entitled to anything," he explained. “I want him to understand the importance of working hard and getting an education.”

It's nice that a celebrity dad is working hard to raise a humble child.

6 Matthew McConaughey


Matthew McConaughey and wife Camila Alves, have three children, sons, Levi and Livingston, and daughter Vida. His acting career has spanned decades, from his Romantic Comedies like How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days to his Academy Award winning performance in Dallas Buyer's Club, it seems that Hollywood just can't get enough of his laid-back approach to life. Yet, one thing he takes very seriously is being a husband and father.

He told GQ Magazine, "It's the one thing I've always wanted to be," McConaughey says of becoming a father to his three children. "Never is a man more of a man than when he is the father of a newborn...You know what's important. I definitely got more selfish. And at the same time, I think I got more compassionate."

It's admirable that McConaughey's dedication to his family is anything but relaxed and not something he just walked into.

5 Ashton Kutcher


Ashton Kutcher and wife, Mila Kunis have two children, daughter Wyatt, and son, Dimitri. They're a private couple when it comes to their kids, often shielding their little ones from the papparazi. Kutcher is a hands on dad and devoted husband to Mila. During an interview, he gave fans a glimpse into how the second pregnancy was different to their first.

They were much calmer about what to expect with the arrival of baby number two. Ashton said to Today host Savannah Guthrie, "The first one, I almost became a doula. I was reading every book. I was ready. I had like a catcher's mitt on. This one, I haven't done anything. I'm like, 'Well, we didn't break the first one.' They're really durable — that's what you realize. They don't break very easily."

It's refreshing to hear from an experienced Hollywood Superdad. Kutcher seems to have  a handle on fatherhood.

4 Adam Sandler


Adam Sandler is the dad of two daughters, Sadie Madison and Sunny Madeline. He and his wife, Jackie Sandler, have been married for 14 years. The funny man seems like he may be the silliest dad on the planet. Yet, when asked in an interview with The Huffington Post if he was ananything goes” Dad, Sandler's answer was surprisingly serious.

“I’m a worrier. I’ve learned in life now that when your kid is upset you’re rocked until they’re not upset anymore. Even when they’re not upset, you’re rocked. You’re always nervous because you want your kid to be happy.” He continued, “ Now, I understand why my folks were always saying, ‘Be nice and be safe. Make sure everyone in the family is OK. That’s the most important thing.’ Making sure everyone in the family is OK is the most important thing. If the family hurts then you hurt.”

3 Matt Damon


Matt Damon, shares four girls, Isabella, Gia, Stella, and step-daughter Alexia,with his wife Luciana Barroso. The two try their hardest to keep their children out of the spotlight. Despite being an “A” List actor, Damon manages to maintain a private life. In an interview with USA Today he talked about how his family achieves privacy under the microscope of fame.

"I attribute a lot of it to luck," Damon told the paper. "Paparazzi members shoot me every day coming out of the gym...but a married guy with kids? It's not that exciting."

He also revealed a snippet about one of his kids. Damon said, "My oldest daughter just got her license yesterday," the actor shared, "She would drive last year just to school every morning," he said of his teen. "We'd get in the car and drive.

How great is it that Matt Damon taught his daughter how to drive?

2 Ben Affleck


Ben Affleck is dad to Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel. The actor recently worked through marital difficulties with his wife, Jennifer Garner. After being separated since 2015, the two decided to give it another shot. Affleck just completed a secret stint in rehab for alcohol addiction and seems to be working hard to get his life together for his family. He recently took to his Facebook page to reveal that he sought treatment to be a better father to his children.

Affleck wrote,"I have completed treatment for alcohol addiction; something I've dealt with in the past and will continue to confront," he shared. "I want my kids to know there is no shame in getting help when you need it, and to be a source of strength for anyone out there who needs help but is afraid to take the first step."

It's admirable to watch a celebrity dad fight for his family.

1 Jack Black


Jack Black has two sons, Thomas and Samual, with wife Tanya Haden. It seems that Fatherhood has driven Black to tears. In an interview with British Cosmopolitan he revealed how sentimental he has become now that he's a dad.

“I cry all the time. I always cry at movies and sometimes even cry at ads,” the actor told the magazine. “The other day I was watching one for a cereal,” he continues. “The father’s trying to feed the baby and it calls him mama. He keeps going, ‘It’s dada.’ I came over all sniffly because it happened to me! Sammy didn’t call me dada for ages.”

He also shared the difficulties of being a father. “The only negative is that you spend a lot of time worrying about this delicate little life,” he says. “I didn’t know I could feel so much, and was surprised by my own awesome heart.”

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