15 Celebrity Baby Naming Trends You Have Got To Steal

Most people want to choose a unique name for their child. Celebrities are no different. Just like average joe mom and dads, they spend ample time searching and scouring for the perfect name for their babies. The differences between celebrities and average folk are the limitations to which non-celebrities choose to stick within. The average mom and dad must consider that their child will possibly be in the public (or even private) school system with thousands of other children, and they do not want them to stick out any more than necessary because of a wild first or middle name. These parents also do not want people poking fun at their children because of strange or outlandish names. They want their children to blend in seamlessly with society and be able to get and keep a good job.

Celebrities could not be any more different in those aspects. They already live in the spotlight. Their children will already be treated differently just because of his or her celebrity parent status. As far as keeping the names relatively normal for job applications, many will see that some celebrities throw that kind of caution to the wild. Here’s the crazy thing though, every time a celebrity picks a so-called “crazy” name for their kid, the popularity of that name sky rockets. Tons of people, do that whole “why didn’t I think of that!?” thing. Hundreds of names that never saw the light of day on the popular name charts have found themselves sitting in the top 100, or even top 10, after a brave celebrity chooses it for their child. So, quit waiting around, be brave and go for it. Here are 15 Celebrity baby naming trends that you should steal!

15 Color-Me-Bad

An easy celebrity trend to copy is color baby names. There is no need to feel trepidation about choosing a color name, they are simple to say and spell, and most people will be familiar with the name. Also, parents that choose a color as the name for their child have lots of options. The sky truly is the limit and we are not just talking rainbows. Celebrities have been keeping this trend “trendy” for decades. The world-famous musician Sting named his daughter Fuchsia Catherine. Cher kept it light and used a color for the middle name of her son Elijah Blue.

Bad to the bones actress Uma Thurman and actor Ethan Hawke chose the color Green, as the middle name for their son Levon. Everybody already knows that Rapper mogul Jay-Z and Destiny’s most famous child, the grand diva Beyoncé choose to name their daughter Blue Ivy. Not to mention Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner naming their super cute daughter Violet.

14 “H” Has Them Hooked

If a person went through the whole entire alphabet from beginning to end and picked their favorite letter, some might find it hard to believe that so many people would go with the letter “H”. Of course, there are beautiful “H” names, like Hannah (which is also a palindrome), Harriet, Harris, Horace, Hamlet, and Hidalgo. But how many more could there be? Here’s the hard-hitting truth behind this “H”-y habit, celebrities love H names! The one and only Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts named the female half of her twin set Hazel.

Honest Company’s hot momma CEO, Jessica Alba named both her daughters “H” names, with Honor and Haven. Super model, Heidi Klum and Singer seal named their daughter Helene and their son Henry. Who could forget mega star couple David and Victoria Beckham naming one of their daughters, Harper. So, there it is, folks, H has hit its highest hopes: stardom.

13 An Ode To Trees

Trees rock. There is nothing like finding the perfect Christmas tree, and everyone knows the properly placed house can get the most wonderful shade from a large grove of oak trees. While trees are something special in their own right, tree baby names are also turning out to be particularly trendy. Trees have been around since the beginning of time but most of these baby names are brand spanking new. For parents that want to choose a name that is unusual but also flies below the radar, a tree name might be the perfect fit.

Actor, Jason Bateman, chose to name his second daughter Maple Sylvie. Super hunk and Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s finest Will and actress wife Jada Pinkett Smith named their daughter Willow. And Actress Toni Collette, and Actor Sylvester Stallone both chose the lovely name Sage for their daughters. Super funny, super couple Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen also named their daughter after a tree, choosing the Mediterranean great, Olive.

12 Flower Power

Needing something a little sweeter than a tree? What could be cuter than naming a little girl after a flower? For some parents, apparently, not much. Flower names are always light-hearted and beautiful so it's easy to see why these names have such a powerful stance on the naming charts. When a person hears the name Rose, it's hard to imagine anything but a classy beautiful woman. (Maybe that’s why they chose the name Rose, for the epic hit Titanic..)

So, without further ado, here are the celebrities who chose to put the power back in the flower: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner named their first daughter Violet Anne, and their second child, Seraphina Rose Elizabeth. Chef, Jamie Oliver, and Model wife Juliette Norton just couldn’t stop handing out the flower names. They named their girls, Poppy Honey, Daisy Boo, and Petal Blossom Rainbow. All we can say is: wow.

11 Kickin’ It Old school

When nothing else will do, go to the originals and the classics. Mom and dads to be cannot go wrong when they choose older names. Vintage names are tried and true. They have deep meanings and historical context, and chances are there is someone famous holding the same name. So, when celebrities choose to kick it old school with baby names they are definitely on to something.

Tobey Maguire, everyone’s favorite “spider boy”, chose to name his daughter Ruby (her middle name is Sweetheart!) and name his son Otis. The actress Selma Blair from the uber popular teen flick Cruel Intentions named her son Arthur. Daniel Baldwin, another brother turned actor, chose to name his son Atticus. Sound familiar? Remember to Kill a Mockingbird? Actress Kimberley Williams and her country crooning husband Brad Paisley also went the old-school route and named their son William, William Huckleberry, to be exact.

10 Leaving Earth

So, here’s the part where things really start to get a little out there. These celebrities have chosen names for their children that are a little bit cute and a lot spacey. This slightly nutty trend is up and coming, and most of the celebrities choosing these baby names are pretty out there themselves. Rob Morrow from the TV show numbers named his son Tu, as in Tu Morrow. Maybe To Day, or Yester Day was already taken.

Eccentric soulstress Erykah Badu named her son Seven Siris, and her daughter Puma. Actress Shannyn Sossamon named her child, wait for it… Audio Science. Which sounds like a course at the local community college. But the favorite for this category would have to be Music, Angel, baby Gwen Stefani and rocker Gavin Rosedale that named their sons, Kingston James McGregor and Zuma Nesta Rock.

9 The Mother Nature Movement

There is nothing wrong with taking a moment to appreciate this beautiful earth. So many people mistreat the sacred ground upon which humans have tread for centuries by littering or starting forest fires. These occurrences reek unknown devastation on the planet. So, it makes perfect sense that people may want to name their children after nature’s finest sights and wonders. The cool thing about it is that parents do not have to look far for inspiration. All they have to do is open a window or take a stroll outside.

Several celebrities have decided to name their children in a more “natural” way. Forest Whitaker chose to name his son Ocean Alexander. Brooke Burke literally went wild with the choices for her four daughters, naming them Sierra Sky, Heaven Rain, Neriah Shae, and Shaya Braven. Marcia Cross, our favorite Desperate Housewife, named her twin daughters Eden and Savannah. Even Jason Schwartzman picked a nature inspired middle name for his daughter, choosing Marlowe Rivers.

8 Oh, The Places You'll Go....

This baby naming trend is an easy one to copy. Parents can pick the place the baby might have been “created” and use that for a first of middle name. They could also pick the place where the baby is planned to be born. Some parents may even pick their favorite places to live or visit as a name for their child. Several celebrities have gone the route of choosing a city, state, or even country as the name for their child.

Actress Summer Phoenix and Casey Affleck, the acclaimed actor and brother of Ben Affleck (also an actor who recently starred in The Accountant), choose to name their son Indiana August. The musician, Bono, named his daughter Memphis Eve. Actors, Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, named their daughter Ireland. Even hip-hop songstress, piano playing Alicia Keys and producer Swiss Beats chose to name their son Egypt. Following suit, Ashlee Simpson (Jessica’s sis) and Fall Out Boys’ Pete Wentz named their kid Bronx.

7 Animalistic Intentions

Here’s where things get wild. When place names, employment possibility names, and foodie friendly baby names won’t do it, there is no better place to head than the zoo. Of course, people have run into the occasional woman named Bunny, maybe a fellow with a nickname like Buck, but these celebrities have really gone the extra mile. Zoey Deschanel, the rather quirky cutie, chose to name her daughter after a furry little cutie too. Zoey chose the name Otter for her baby girl.

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden also let their imaginations run wild when they named their son Sparrow. The name Bear was taken by quite a few celebrities. Titanic’s Kate Winslet went with the name Bear for her son, as well as Alicia Silverstone. In addition, Red Hot Chili Pepper’s main man Anthony Kiedis who chose Bear for the middle name of his son Everly. Funny lady Busy Philipps named her daughter Birdie.

6 Isn’t That A Nickname?

Sometimes parents need a name that is quick and easy to remember. A name that rolls off the tongue and simple to spell. Nickname baby names can come into play in families that have several children, sometimes mom and dad simply run out of ideas. Nickname names can also start out as a nickname but end up sticking and become the name the person is known by. Take Prince Michael the son of legendary pop king Michael Jackson. What started out as a nickname, albeit strange, ended up sticking. Now everyone simply knows this guy as Blanket!

Or consider X Files front man David Duchovny and Spanglish star Tea Leoni that chose to name their kid Kyd. They didn’t want people to think they didn’t care enough to name their child, as in “hey, Kid.” So, they changed the spelling. Wife, Ehiku and Husband, Ingo Rademacher from General Hospital, Alex Cross, and the 16th season of Dancing with the Stars named their first child Peanut.

5 La La Land Of Make Believe

When all else fails, when the baby name books, the maps, the family tree, and any other known place to retrieve a baby name doesn’t give the parents what they are looking for, they can always just make it up. Celebrities are known for this wacky trend and because the celebrities are doing it, the bravest of the brave parents will soon jump on the train. Honestly some of these baby names are simply too strange to explain, it’s almost as if the babies themselves chose their own name.

Take Musician Bob Geldof and TV Paula Yates who chose to name their daughters Fifi Trixibelle and Little Pixie. There are several 3-year-old girls running around wishing to give themselves names like that. January Jones, probably the mildest name in this category named her son Xander Dane. Matt Lauer a close second named his son Thijs, but Jermaine Jackson, the musician and brother of King of pop Michael must have been off his rocker (or throne) when he chose to name his son Jermajesty.

Nicholas came out of his Cage, when he decided to name his son Kal El Coppola. However, always wanting to save the best for last, the nuttiest namer in this category would has to be musician Frank Zappa. He named his two daughters: Diva Thin Muffin and Moon Unit. We’ll drop the mike on that one.

4 Food For Thought

Everybody knows that pregnant women get crazy cravings, and as the babies get bigger and bigger in the wombs the appetites of the women carrying these children grows immensely. What happens when the woman cannot get food off her mind? Well, sometimes she names her baby after her favorite snack. Now, do not feel bad for the kid. Food names are all the rage thanks to some hungry and brave celebrities. So, when mom or dad to be says they want to name the baby Brownie, they can know they are not alone in this endeavor.

Actress, Gywneth Paltrow and musician, Chris Martin, famously named their daughter Apple. Bob Yates, also a musician, and TV Host Paula Yates choose to name their daughter Peaches Honeyblossom (yep, you read that right). Courtney Cox and David Arquette named their daughter Coco, although many believe that’s an ode to Channel not hot chocolate! Jamie Oliver also named his daughter Poppy Honey Rosie. Hmmm, maybe mom and dad could not pick just one. All the world needs now is for some BOYS to hold food monikers.

3 Superhero Scene

This is where things start to get a little (or a lot) odd. Some celebrities seem to have a “why not?” kind of attitude when it comes to baby naming. If there are some bold mom and dad to be’s that want to throw caution to the wind, here’s a great place to start: name the baby like a superhero or a super villain. Penn Jillette from Penn and Teller, let his comic genius hang all out when he named his children. His daughter’s name is Moxie CrimeFighter and his son is named Zolton.

Robert Rodriguez, who directed Sin City and produced Once Upon a Time in Mexico and Grindhouse, also bit the bullet and named his children in the manner of his filmmaking. His sons are named: Rocket Valentin, Racer Maximiliano, Rebel Antonio, and Rogue. He named his daughter Rhiannon. Sylvester Stallone also chose Moonblood for his daughter Sage’s middle name.

2 Get A Job

What happens if a parent still can’t find that perfect name in a book, online, or in a family tree? Chances are they get pretty creative. This “employment” baby naming trend is (thus far) only known among a few celebrities. Actor Jason Lee, whom people might recognize from My Name is Earl, The Incredibles, Almost Famous and Vanilla Sky, decided to name his son Pilot Inspektor.

Maybe he has high hopes for junior to gain employment at an airport someday. Age defying model Christie Brinkley also traveled down this lonely "job friendly" baby naming road. She named her daughter Sailor Lee, which is sort of cute. Maybe she is a big fan of the high seas. Without a doubt, choosing a job minded name for a child is certainly an interesting thing to do and it will surely attract many questions.

1 Feeling All Kinds Of Feelings

Some parents get real serious when it comes to picking the perfect names for their children. They stick to the books. They look up the facts and they ask the questions: How popular is it? How many famous people have borne the name? Has anybody with this name at any time committed a terrible crime? After a long and tedious study of baby names both on and off line, they choose good solid names like: Jeffery, Richard, Susan, Thomas, and Sarah. Well, lucky for everyone that this is not the part where people are all about the serious nature of naming, these celebrities are more about their emotions and their feelings when they come up with the names for their children.

The musician, Taboo, went with the name Journey Jameson for his son. Actors Barbra Hershey and David Carradine, named their son Free. Casey Kasem named his daughter Liberty. Names like these, as well as, the names Happy, Hopeful, and Friendly are sure to become super popular in the future.

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