15 Over The Top Celebrity Birthday Cakes The Rest Of Us Couldn't Afford

Fans follow celebrities on social media and copy (well, steal) their cool style. Whether it be the latest in fashion or make up, celebrities blaze the trails that fans love to follow. And the same applies to kids' birthday cakes. Kids' birthday cakes? Yes. Birthday cakes. Forget running down to the bakery and buying just any old cake. Take inspiration from celebrities who get creative and pick a theme that flows from cake to party to costumes to décor. It might be Queen-of-the-Kids'-Birthday-Party Tori Spelling's Game Arcade or Panda cakes.  One action-man celebrity channeled a slightly punky theme for his teenage daughter's big day. And another big star whose daughter is named Luna (as in lunar moon) had a cake adorned with lunar images. Another cool trend is to have cakes with surprises inside. What looks like an ordinary cake may have a treasure of Skittles hidden in its depths. Celebrity parents also love "vanity cakes" that come complete with an edible image of the birthday girl or boy on the cake.

The trick is to pick a theme, design a cake and then let everything flow from that. For boys, celebrities favor game-themed or movie-themed cakes. As always, cowboys remain a go-to option for boys. And for girls? Well, think unicorn, princesses and rainbows. Celebrities may spend tens of thousands of dollars for that tailor-made rainbow cake and princess-themed parties. But real moms armed with food coloring and Google searches can put together fabulous parties at a fraction of the cost.

Let's look at 15 cool ideas for kids' birthday cakes that celebrities swear by and that ordinary moms can "borrow" to make their friends green with envy.

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15 Tori Spelling And Stella - Unicorn Cake


For little girls everywhere. Last year, amid rumors of financial difficulties after ending up on the losing end of a court case with a bank, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott threw caution to the wind and gave 9-year-old Stella a unicorn themed party. It was, by Spelling standards, a pretty economical affair, with a massive cake with a hint of unicorn about it, ponies sporting unicorn horns, pinatas and some face painting featuring blue lips and glitter. All of it would be very accessible to the ordinary mom. According to eonline.com, a few months before Stella's party, Tori and Dean hosted a glamping-themed bash for older brother Liam. It was a movie night under the stars with guests receiving sleeping bags and overnighting in tents. Instead of a massive cake, Liam's guest were given party-themed cupcakes. Another great idea to steal, borrow. The only thing is deciding which parent has to stay up all night to ride herd on the crew. We're voting for dad.

14 Rob Kardashian And Dream - The Vanity Cake


Little girls idea number one: Pink everything, roses and a vanity cake. When Dream, his daughter with estranged ex-fiancé Blac Chyna turned one, Rob and the reality TV Kardashian clan commissioned the "girliest" cakes we've ever seen. They are both, of course, pink, and adorned with more bows and roses than anyone can count. The sheet cake contained a simple message: "Happy 1st Birthday Dream".  Plus, it was topped with  what US Weekly reported was an edible picture of the birthday girl decked out in her princess finery. While the magazine was very tongue-in-cheek when it reported there was no sign of singer Blac Chyna at the party,  Kim and Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner put in appearances. And Blac Chyna? A few days before the party she posted a video of Dream taking some wobbly steps towards a chicken nugget. So much for healthy food choices. Fancy an edible image? It's as simple as finding a Walmart and costs around $15. Look for tips on line for edible image success.

13 Tori Spelling And Stella (Again) - Kid-Sized Barbie Cake


Tori Spelling is legendary in Hollywood circles when it comes to throwing children's birthday parties. She is famous for coming up with themes and then carrying them through from cake to décor and party favors. Understandably, Tori features more than once in this list. What did Tori do for an adorable Stella when she turned two?

It was the perfect little girl party, complete with a Barbie cake that was taller than Stella.

The little girl was obviously well pleased. Not stopping there, Tori threw in party favors that included pink "Born Free" straw cups, Mabel's Labels Kits and every little girls favorite, Miss Brittany's Organic Fun Dough Kits. There were even pink cupcakes with little lollipops signs with Stella's name on them. Celebritybabies.people.com loved the whole thing, with its emphasis on the little girl guests and, of course, the birthday girl. No prizes for guessing what Stella wore: Pink with lots of ruffles. Even brother Liam seemede to enjoy his day out in the California sunshine.

12 Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson And Simone - A Mess Of A Cake And We Love It


For raven-haired teenager Simone's birthday, The Rock found a very basic restaurant and ordered up what can only be described as a mess of a cake. It looks as if it has been dropped from a height and comes complete with tombstone-effect Graham Crackers, a few marshmallows and the odd candle. Then the party hammed it up for some punk-inspired selfies.

The message is that for teenage parties think grunge, punk or alternative.

Now, in Hollywood, there are fathers and there are dads. The Rock is most definitely Simone's dad. The two have been very close from the time Simone was a toddler. They just seem to have a special bond. Now that The Rock is the proud father of two-year old Jasmine, People reports that he is staying proactive by teaching the toddler to say "girl power". Teenager Simone's punk power cake may be a mess, but the 16-year-old is totally together. Dad was bursting with pride when she signed with IMG models and was appointed a Golden Globe Ambassador.

11 Yes, It's Tori Spelling Number 3 - The Arcade Cake


E! News got exclusive access to the kids' party of the year in 2016 when Tori and Dean McDermott's son Liam turned 9-years old. It was a young boy's dream:  The party was a gamer's delight, with its Donkey Kong-themed cake that had DK sitting atop it and pesky little creatures munching around its base. Guests were given "# LiamLevel9" tee shirts  that were emblazoned with a gaming control panel. Liam was a very happy boy. On the day, Tori wore the mandatory ripped jeans, while poor old Dean had to don a huge fake mustache and a Mario hat to transform himself into that icon of gaming, Mario. There was even a Mario piñata that the guests got to bash. After demolishing the Donkey Kong cake, the guests got VIP All Access Game passes and game themed goodie bags. Clearly, one key to successful kids' birthday parties is having a husband/significant other who is willing to make a fool of himself in a good cause. Despite rumors of marital difficulties, Dean is obviously still a good sport.

10 Jennifer Lopez And The Twins - Double The Blocks, Double The Fun


Back before Jennifer Lopez turned 40-something and got into boy toys (Casper Smart and rapper Drake) and retired baseball players (Alex Rodriguez), she was married to fellow singer Marc Anthony. It did not last, but the pair produced twins, Max (a son) and Emme (a daughter). When the kids turned one, the party was, by JLo standards, fairly low key.

But it did feature a cute idea: massive, multi-tiered blue (him) and pink (her) building block cakes. And there seemed to be more adults than kids around to make certain nothing went to waste.

Like one-year-olds the world over, Max and Emme seem unimpressed by all the fuss. The casual party was held at JLo and Marc's Bel Air home. It was an intimate affair, with only about 50 guests attending. Nicole Richie and husband Joel Madden were there with 1-year-old Harlow. As we will see, as the twins got older, the parties got bigger, better and much, much more expensive.

9 Jessica Alba - A Summertime Adorable Watermelon Cake


There are kids' party styles. The Rock is alternative and edgy. Tori Spelling is gimmicky and fun. Prince William keeps it simple and low key. The Kardashians go pink and frilly. Guiliana Rancic makes it as much fun for the adults as the kids. And Jessica Alba? We'd call it adorable, simple and classy. When watermelon-loving daughter Haven turned 5-years-old, etonline.com let the world know that it just had to be a watermelon-themed pool party.

There was a "watermelon" cake, watermelon candles and, of course, watermelons to eat. Jessica even secured watermelon pool floats and balloons.

Film producer dad Cash Warren didn't dress up in a funny costume. Instead, he wrote a very sweet poem about Haven that he read out on the day. And what of older sister Honor? She was busy posting her newly acquired green (as in watermelon) nails on Snapchat. The family has grown since then, with baby boy Hayes being born at the end of 2017. Not many people realize that Jessica Alba, on the back of co-founding The Honest Company, has a net worth of around $350 million. That's a lot of watermelons. Her company is a great source for ethical personal care products for all the family.

8 Beyoncé And Blue Ivy - Think Rainbow Cake With A Crown


Now we get to Ameircan royalty, namely Queen Bey and Princess Blue Ivy. Beyoncé's style is dignified, regal even.

Picture a simple second birthday rainbow cake adorned with a crown and stars. And that's Beyoncé's style, understated elegance with a touch of flower- eating whimsy.

Beyoncé and Ivy are a great double act, but dad Jay Z often looks like an out-of-place third wheel with a pained expression on his face that makes him look as if he wished he were somewhere else. When Blue Ivy turned 4-years-old, there was, said thejamsinebrand.com, a fairy-themed bash with"a big cake" and Beyoncé's signature understated approach to parties. Kids were offered the options of Play-Doh, Barbie and LEGO play areas and there was an entertainer who made balloon animals. Apparently, Beyoncé and Jay Z were making eyes at one another over in a corner, while adult celebrities such as Coldplay founder and Gwyneth Paltrow ex Chris Martin and Destiny's Child Kelly Rowland enjoyed the fun.

7 Chrissy Teigen And Luna - The Cake That Shows The Kid's Name


This idea can be adapted for boys or girls. Model Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, after  doing interesting things in First Class airline seats, seem to have settled down into blissful parenthood.

When daughter Luna turned one, they commissioned a simple pink cake adorned with bright silver moons.

The possibilities are endless: Rob Kardashian could get a cake decorated with dreamy clouds for Dream. Jessica Alba could whip up a cake with dollar sign decorations for husband Cash Warren. Guiliana Rancic should bring in a cake with regal crowns on it for Duke. Now pregnant with her second child (it's a boy), Chrissy is proudly sharing ultrasound pictures of the baby on social media. Chrissy has also been honest about the difficulties of conceiving with IVF and her post-partum depression. But Time reports a happier side to parenting: Seems singer/songwriter Legend sings "little jingles and poopy diaper songs" when he's changing Luna. And the airplane thing? We're not saying. But it was all over the Internet in 2014.

6 Tori Spelling Does A Panda Cake And Goes Japanese

Tori Spelling's blog is a goldmine for wannabe party planners. The woman has a genius for spotting what her kids are into and then translating that into a party. People reported that Tori revealed that for daughter Stella's 2015 Panda-themed party, she planned way ahead, going onto Instagram "to find some of the most creative and crafty DIY ladies". Her work paid off.

There was a giant Panda cake, custom towels, Chinese food to go and a "bling station" that provided Chinese-style hair ornaments and clips. Then in 2016 Stella went Japanese with a huge Geisha cake, Kimonos and custom fans.

For once, poor husband Dean got to wear regular clothes for the do. But are there problems in paradise? According to Us Magazine, police were called out to Tori's home in March of 2018 after a "verbal dispute". Next day she was back on social media to wish her son Beau a happy first birthday. And, off course, she's planning a big party for him. The theme? It remains to be seen.

5 Guiliana Rancic And Duke - The Cake That Became A Ranch


This is for the boys. If The Rock represents minimalism in birthday cake terms, Guiliana and Bill Rancic represent adorable excess. Their son Duke was named after cowboy star John "Duke" Wayne. So, when it came to his first birthday, it just had to be a Wild West- themed affair. The outdoor setting was awash with bright red, yellow and green. And the centerpiece that took pride of place was the large "Duke's Barn" cake.

There were also cake cowboy hats, boots and horses.

First birthdays are tough for eager parents, because it's hard to strike a balance between kids and adults. But, according to the Daily Mail, the Rancics struck a perfect balance, with a petting zoo and a coloring area for the kids and mason jars filled with drinks and a mechanical bull for the adults. Apparently, Guiliana tested the mechanical bull before making certain Bill was wearing his fake mustache and cowboy hat. Duke, of course, came dressed in denim overalls and happily ate his barn and a few hats. No one is saying how well (or poorly) Guiliana and the mechanical bull got along.

4 Brooklyn Decker And Hank - For The Kid Who Loves Avocados And Bananas

Model Brooklyn Decker and tennis ace Andy Roddick are a golden couple. Brooklyn has graced The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and Andy had a successful career as a tennis professional. Their life and home in Austin, Texas are not ordinary. But when their beloved son Hank turned 1-year-old, his totally plain cake was topped with an avocado and a banana. Why?

Well, Brooklyn explained when she posted the pictures to Instagram, they are his favorite foods. It was that simple.

So the cake made Hank happy. That made Brooklyn happy. Months later People and other online sites ran with the story of how mama Brooklyn cried when she dropped her young son off for his first day of daycare. Every mom knows that feeling. It's like they are leaving her behind. And that is a big wrench for some. Never mind. As of January of 2018, Brooklyn has baby daughter Stevie to fuss over.

3 Jennifer Lopez - The Twins Are 10 And Get Mario And Sloth Cakes


When they had their first birthday, it was sedate and low-key. Fast forward nine years and its a whole different story. When Max and Emme turned 10, JLo was starring in a show in Las Vegas. And so she decided to hold a bash at Las Vegas's The Sugar Factory.

Gaming-mad Max got a Mario cake. For some reason, Emme got a chocolate sloth cake. Only thing is the sloth looks like an unwell Teletubbie more than a sloth.

There were sugar-fit inducing tubs of Sugar Factory candy, sparklers and loads of pictures posted to Instagram. Boyfriend Alex Rodriguez was not able to be there, but caught up with the kids on Face Time. The whole thing, etonline.com gushed, was oh so cute and very "sweet". Pictures from the exclusive party reveal that Max has turned into a mini-me Marc Anthony and  Emme a mini-me JLo. Surely that's better than the other way around. Jennifer, reportedly a fierce taskmaster with the dancers in her show, was just a proud mom at the party.

2 Ghostbusters Cake From The Hollywood Of The Kids Party - Yes, It's Tori And Liam One Last Time


In 1984, Bill Murray starred in the original (and best) Ghostbusters film. It was a riotous affair with ghosts and demons, including a slime-producing ghost dubbed Mr. Slime and a giant walking and talking Pillsbury Dough Boy. The Ghosbusters (literally) sucked the ghosts into a proton zapper machine. So, in 2011, Tori Spelling went all out for son Liam's Ghostbuster-themed party. It featured a giant Mr. Slime cake, Dough Boy and Mr. Slime cookies and Ghostbuster jump suits adorned with the Ghostbuster "We ain't afraid of no ghosts" logo. The guests were given proton packs to wear. Most of the party's elements are readily accessible to every-day moms and dads. Edible slime cake instructions and make-your-own-proton pack details are all over the Internet. Upi.com claims that Tori's daughter Stella has started her own slime business. With Tori's net worth plummeting well below $1 million and stories of marital difficulties all over the Internet, that is probably a smart idea.

1 When In Doubt Go Sesame Street Cake


Whether for a little boy or a little girl, Sesame Street is a safe bet for a first or second birthday party. Bring on that Elmo, Cookie Monster or Big Bird cake and you are on to a winner. And when singer Ciara had her son's second birthday, she kept it simple with an Elmo cake, balloons and hats. And she posted some adorable pictures of the quiet do. Her son Future also enjoyed Mickey Mouse pancakes for breakfast. Well, Ciara admitted that they weren't perfect, but her little man seemed to love them. Bounceu.com praised her simple and kid-friendly party style. It was, they said, all about making certain Future enjoyed his special day. By focusing on what her little boy loved and keeping it simple, she made sure he was a happy birthday boy. The Elmo cake is truly adorable. Still, what kind of a mom sticks her kid with the name Future?

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