15 Celebrity Moms Who Shouldn't Have Had Kids

No mother is perfect, not even celebrity mothers. We get it. Most of us do our very best to raise our children right, to teach them good behaviors, to keep them safe, to shelter them from the less savory aspects of life.

Still, sometimes we slip up. We make a lot of mistakes that make us cringe, and make us feel like the worst mothers on the planet. We might accidentally let a swear word fly, we might watch an inappropriate show like Game of Thrones with our children nearby because we can’t wait until they are asleep. Guilty! Or, we might even drink too much alcohol at that New Years Party, or miss a few of our kids little league games.

But, we do our best and try to make our kids our main priority, and attempt to provide them with a safe and happy childhood. We attempt to be responsible parents.

Sometimes we wonder if we are doing a good job, and we compare ourselves to the perfect mothers who appear so much better than us. Well, I’m here to provide you with comparisons that will make you seem like Mother Of The Year. Whenever you are feeling down about your parenting skills, whenever you have made a mistake and you are feeling like a bad mother, simply compare yourself to these celebrity mothers, who never should have had kids in the first place. We promise you will feel so much better, and your motherly indiscretions will seem like molehills next to these mountainous parenting failures.

15 Britney Spears

The first celebrity mom on our list is probably the first mom your mind’s eye conjures when someone mentions ‘bad celebrity moms’. Britney Spears is so well known for being a parenting failure that her name has become synonymous with ‘Bad Mom’. Not only was she abusing drugs when she was raising her young children, but she was also photographed driving around with her son on her lap. If that weren’t bad enough, her son fell out of a highchair and fractured his skull, and those are only the things we know about. I shudder to think of what we don’t know. Add to those parenting failures a rip-roaring divorce, custody battles, losses of custody, and sprinkle in some mental health issues and rehab visits just for flavor, and you’ve got a concoction of crazy that would make the sanest of children go totally nuts. We would be shocked and amazed if Brittney’s kids make it through childhood in one piece.

14 Kris Jenner

This mother is a totally new kind of bad mom that has only hit the limelight since reality TV appeared on screen. This mom doesn’t abuse her children, or leave them on street corners unattended, but she basically prostitutes them for the sake of money and fame. She claims to love her children, as all bad moms do, but her real love is the center stage and her favorite kid at the moment, is the one that is making her the most money and getting her the most attention. I think of this bad mom as basically the world’s best female pimp, selling her daughters as sex toys, and fame whores, and the only price for all that fame is her children’s souls. In a way, I almost admire her for her determination. If you are going to be the best at something, such as being the best bad mom in Hollywood, she really goes for it. Ya know what I mean?

13 Octomom

Natalie Suleman, better known as Octomom, caught the world’s attention when she gave birth to octuplets in 2009. Her eight babies garnered negative media attention when it was learned that Octomom purposely impregnated herself via IVF, and that she already had six other children at home. Not only did the media believe this was an incredibly selfish thing to do (even if she could afford all those children, how could she possibly care for them all), but when the world learned she was living on government assistance, it sent everyone into an uproar. This is exactly the sort of thing that makes taxpayers angry. They are burdened with paying for one bad mother’s terrible decisions. As if having that many children wasn’t enough of a reason for you to be a terrible mother, she also began strip dancing and made a porno. Octomom, that’s not what the taxpayers meant when they wanted you to provide for your kids. Get another job.

12 Brook Mueller

Brook Mueller seems to be giving Brittney Spears a run for her money in an effort to gain the Worst Mom Ever trophy. Also a mother of boys, Brook was married to actor Charlie Sheen, which really just doesn’t seem fair for kids to have two god-awful parents. Both Brook and Charlie suffer from alcohol and substance abuse issues. Brook has been in and out of rehab on multiple occasions, and arrested on countless minor drug and alcohol charges. Ultimately, like Brittney, a divorce and custody battles were inevitable. After the divorce, it almost seemed like life for Bob and Max, Brook and Charlie’s twins, would calm down. But that would have been too much to hope for. Brook lost custody of the boys in 2013 when they were given temporarily to her brother. We hope that she can get it together soon, or she might surpass her counterpart in the bad mom department.

11 Courtney Love

The name Courtney Love brings the bad girl image to your frontal lobe, does it not? But, were you aware of just how bad of a mother she really was? According to testimony given in a Court of law by her only daughter, Francis Bean Cobain, Courtney was one of the worst mothers of all time. Not only did she exist on drugs, sugar, and cigarettes, but Francis was terrified her mother would burn the house down when she fell asleep smoking (fires had occurred on three occasions). Francis also told the Court in an attempt to flee her mother, that Courtney had neglectfully killed two of the family’s pets. One died when it ate some of Courtney’s drugs, and another had become entangled in the hoarder’s death trap. Add to those parenting atrocities, the mother’s erratic relationships negatively affected Francis, and Courtney even took her daughter to a boyfriend’s house where she threatened to burn his house down with his children inside. Sounds like Francis made a good decision to get as far from this terrifying mom as possible.

10 Jenelle Evans

This Teen Mom star probably shouldn’t even get the label ‘mom’ at all. A mother is someone who raises their child, and spends time with them, even if that time spent isn’t all that positive. This mom doesn’t even want to be around her son, Jace, and she lost custody to her own mother, early on. I don’t watch the show, but judging from what I’ve read of Ms. Evans, she doesn’t even deserve to be called a mom. She abandons her child as often as she can, uses drugs and parties, sleeps around with random men whenever she wants regardless of how it affects her son, and she didn’t even know who her son’s father was until he was three years old. This ‘mom’ sounds more like a terrible big sister to a child her mom, Barbara, is actually raising. I don’t think I could choose which of the moms on this list is the worst; they are so bad in their own ways.

9 Kate Moss

This celebrity mother seems almost tame compared to some of the others. She only used drugs around her child, neglected her just a little bit, and also left her in the custody of her coke and heroin addicted boyfriend. No biggie. There is talk of her also missing her kid’s third birthday, but really, in comparison with other moms on this list, what’s the big deal about that? It’s not as though the kid will actually remember her third birthday anyway. Unlike some of the other moms, it appears that this mom actually spends time with her kid, for better or worse. The model is known for some crazy antics, such as cussing out a pilot, which likely embarrasses her kid and certainly demonstrate poor behaviors that could be passed along. Hopefully her daughter can see through the funhouse mirrors of her mothers party world, to the real world beyond.

8 Michelle Duggar

As was the case with Octomom, having more children than you can possibly handle makes you a bad mom already, but this mom of more kids than we can even count at this point makes her bad mom status even worse, if that’s possible. Not only did she make it necessary for her older kids to care for their younger siblings, but also she didn’t even protect some of her daughters from the horrors of being molested. Being molested is bad enough, but when it’s your own brother who is doing the molesting, we don’t even have words for this parenting failure. Not only is she a terrible mother, but she’s also a liar and a hypocrite, attempting to cover up the scandal of Josh Duggar’s evil indiscretions. Michelle Duggar, shame on you for not protecting your children. You shouldn’t have even had one child, let alone…how many are there again?

7 Tish Cyrus

We don't normally like to judge mothers for their child's failings, after all, it's not all mom's fault. Or is it? In the case of this mother, I would have to wonder whose fault it is. Any woman who allows their child to run around acting the fool, I will have to speculate on her parenting decisions. Many critics of Miley's jaw-dropping VMA performance also wondered where her parents were during that interesting performance. Tish has responded with a resounding, "I was right there," which in my opinion, is worse than her absence. So you mean to tell us you approved of that behavior? I was hoping you were simply too busy to notice what was going on, but since you were "right there" I'm now questioning your parenting prowess. It is said that Tish has smoked marijuana with her daughter as well, which isn't exactly a great parenting decision either.

6 Dina Lohan

Dina Lohan has been criticized for being a momager like the more successful Kris Jenner. She is considered, by many, to be exploiting her children for the fame it brings her. It seems unfair to place all the blame on Dina, but she certainly is at least partially responsible for the wild child of Hollywood. Like Tish Cylus, we question Dina’s parenting skills because of her daughter Lindsey’s wild and unchecked antics, making her neglectful at the very least, and if actively encouraging her children’s behavior (which seems likely), than she is a bad mom and shouldn’t have had any kids. Any mother who puts fame before her children’s happiness is not a good mother. Dina has demonstrated again and again that she doesn’t care about her kids wellbeing, but only wishes for their stars to climb higher and higher. If Lindsey’s behavior isn’t enough indication of bad parenting, we don’t know what is.

5 Mama June

As if exploiting your child by entering her into child pageants wasn't train wreck enough for Mama June, she put her on a reality TV show for others to ridicule and mock her. All that fame mongering was just plain bad parenting, which of course this terrible mom didn’t even consider, but it seems to just get worse with the terrible mothers in this list. Mama June is now under fire because she is currently dating a previous boyfriend who was in prison for ten years for child molestation. The kicker is this: the man went to prison for molesting Mama June's own child! Are you trying to win an award for the most psychotic mother of all time? Well, congratulations you did it. You must absolutely be psychotic to date a man who has done such horrible things to your child. You, Mama June, should never have had any kids.

4 Farrah Abraham

This reality Teen Mom star has a list of bad mom decisions under her belt, because one reason you are bad mother just isn't enough. Instead of using the money the teen mom could have been spending on her child, she used it to get plastic surgery. Add to that a sex tape, which doesn't even shock me at this point, and she used her daughter in a feud against Niki Minaj. Because this mom is superficial AF, she tweeted about her decision to wax her three-year-olds unibrow, because clearly her three year old must be as attractive as possible if mom is going to get the attention she seeks. Throw in lots of partying, a DUI, physical altercations with her own mother, and her constant desire to be seen as a sexual icon, and ding ding ding, a winning mother she makes. Now, she is also using her daughter to make money, because why not?

3 Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin is a terrible mother because she put her children on a reality TV show. Nobody could ever convince me that is a good thing a mother could do for her children, but it's certainly not the worst. Kate is not content with exploiting her kids for the camera, but she also has some serious anger issues that she apparently takes out on her children. Kate has apparently been investigated because she has a tendency to abuse her children with a wooden spoon. Also caught on camera was Kate refusing to give one of her daughters water when she was thirsty before an interview. I mean how low can you get? You can't even meet the most basic of human needs, a drink of water, when she is doing an interview for something she doesn't even care about? She's a child for goodness's sake, she should be playing at a park. Kate should be minus 8, if I had my way.

2 Jaid Barrymore

Jaid Barrymore is slightly less well-known than Kris and Dina, but she is also a very successful momager. When little Drew hit it big time in the film ET, mom Jaid used the money to buy herself a brand new car. When money continued to roll in, Jaid quit her job and bought a house with Drew's money in Hollywood, forcing little Drew to be the family's breadwinner. As things continued to get worse, with her mother's constant exploitations, Drew eventually emancipated herself from her mother at the age of 14. Drew apparently has little contact with her horrible mother, but despite the selfishness of her mom, Drew harbors no hard feelings towards her. She even reportedly supports her mother financially, because she can't bear the thought of her mother being in need. Talk about a kid who turned out all right despite a bad upbringing. You deserved better Drew!

1 Joan Crawford

We’ve saved the best worst mom for last. If the other moms on this list didn’t shock you, this mom surely will. Joan Crawford was Hollywood’s darling, hailed as a wonderful human being, that is, until her adopted daughter Christine’s memoir Mommy Dearest, came out in the late seventies. The book detailed the abuse that Christine and her brother Christopher suffered at Joan’s hands, which included immense physical abuse as well as psychological. Apparently, like a true wacko, Joan would come up with unusual and inventive ways to punish her children. She wasn’t happy with normal abuse like neglect, she was a star after all! She must create her own cruel and psychologically damaging punishments. These punishments were brought on by alcoholism and her fits of rage were truly terrifying for the children. We really wish that Joan had not been able to adopt these poor, battered children, because this mom most definitely shouldn’t have had kids.

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