15 Celebrity Soccer Moms And Their Fancy Cars

Did you ever think that a celebrity could possibly be a soccer Mom? Sort of like, you and I. Running around from game to game and scrubbing out grass stains. Pulling wrinkled uniforms from the dryer and cleaning up spilled Gatorade from the carpet in the car?!

Well, their life might not be quite like that. No matter how humble they are or how regular they try to be. After all, most of them have a driver and a maid. Someone else to do their dirty laundry and clean their car. But, when you are Mom, absolutely nothing can change that. Not even money or fame.

Some of these celebrity Moms are right at their little’s sides. Tugging them by the hand to make it there on time, screaming from the stands, and sitting in the grass.

Nothing is more iconic of a soccer Mom, than her rig. You know, the obvious choice of a Sport Utility Vehicle! Or maybe even a van?! Okay so maybe not a van. Maybe not an SUV either. Depends on the celebrity. If you were among the rich and famous, how would you opt to get your kids around?

The sky is honestly the limit. But, there is one thing that is very clear. Only the best will do! These soccer Moms and their mini’s are getting to the game in style. Think Bentleys, Mercedes, and Land Rovers to name a few. We are talking major, major bucks that would leave us seriously bummed if a ball cracked the windshield.

15 Victoria Beckham - Limited Edition Evoque

If anybody could take credit for being both a soccer Mom and car queen, Victoria Beckham would be the one! She is well known for hanging out at peewee soccer games. And for her insatiable car collection. Put the two together and we get the ultimate Hollywood soccer Mom. Victoria has four kids these days; two teenagers, a tween, and six-year-old.

By now, this ultra-cool Mom has been photographed on numerous occasions hanging out in the soccer fields. What’s she driving these days? She has a couple of Range Rovers, including a limited edition Evoque, a Prosche, and a Bentley that we know of! We think the best pick for hauling around the kids would be her Land Rover Sport.

Who knows maybe Mom will even let the oldest siblings pick them up after the game. Victoria now has two teenagers that are driving age. Both of them have been seen behind the wheel of fancy cars like a Mercedes.

14 Reese Witherspoon - Rolling In The Rover

Reese Witherspoon is Mom to three little ones. She has two teenagers, from her first marriage. And a third chid from her second. Ava, the oldest now 17 year old is frequently touted as dead-ringer for her Mom. And Deacon, also a teenager at 13, is a beautiful boy, too. It’s hard to say if he looks just like Mama or more like a replica of Daddy Ryan Phillipe.

The youngest, Tenesse, just turned 5 years old and he about that age for the soccer charades to begin. He is pretty much a total replica of his other brother at the same age…even with a different Dad? But, most of the publicity photos that labeled Reese as a “Soccer Mom”, were actually of Deacon several years back.

Nowadays, it’s soccer-time for Tennesee. Seems like she might be delivering him to practice and games in either a Land Rover or a Porsche...black in color!

13 Jennifer Lopez - Fiat For Jenny

Ms. Lopez is a celebrity Mom with a reputation for being a diva, rather than a soccer Mom. Jennifer is Mother to boy-girl twins, Max and Emme. Neither of which are known for playing soccer. But, a few years back she and her offspring were caught is some rather prominent photography in Madrid soccer gear.

At the time, Jennifer was on tour in Spain, and seemed to really be gunning for support from the locals. She went way out of the way, acting a bit out of character. Sporting a t-shirt over plunging necklines, sneakers over stilettos…and a kiss for her fans instead of glare!

As far as cars go, you can bet Jennifer shuttles her kids around in style. Whether driving or being driven, this Mam is always in fancy car. She has been photographed in Fiats, Rolls Royce, and Mercedes, just to name a few.

12 Jennifer Garner - All About The Benz

Super-sweet Mother, Jennifer Garner, has big plans to be a soccer Mom both off screen and on. While she has already played the role in movies, she loves the idea of real-life on the sidelines.

We can so see this happening, as she is the type of humble gal who isn’t above jeans and sneakers or sitting in the bleachers. Jennifer and husband, Ben Affleck have 3 kids together. Their daughters, Violet and Seraphina are ages 12 and 8. The youngest is baby boy, Samuel. He is almost 6. The couple also says they aren’t done yet and they plan to have another!

If you didn’t know it yet, Jennifer has a bit of a car collection. She is frequently seen all over California doing her Mom duties in her choice of Mercedes, Lexus, or LandRover. We love that it she normally drives herself…in Mom buns and sweaters.

11 Denise Richards - Aston Martin 

Denise Richards IS a soccer Mom. Fair and square, no question about it. She may have even been the one who made it cool to be a celebrity soccer Mom. She has been photographed cheering on the sidelines for years!

This amazing Mom goes all out. She carries coolers and blankets, tosses stray balls back into the game, and is proud to wear the team colors. It’s no surprise that she seems like a seasoned pro, her kids Sam and Lola, are already 12 and 13 years old! Adopted daughter, Eloise is also eleven.

Denise is not known to make a big fuss over her cars like ex-husband Charlie Sheen. But, that does not mean she isn’t getting around in style. She has a red Aston Martin, a Mercedes-Benz and an Escalade. Even though the Aston Marin is a “sports” car, we have to root for the Escalade as her best mom mobile.

10 Jessica Alba - Any And All SUVs

If you haven’t heard the news, Jessica Alba is due any day now! Her third baby is expected to be a bouncing baby boy. We don’t know when she is due, but her shower was a few weeks ago. She looks like she is getting close! Her older kids, Haven and Honor have surely out-grown car seats and strollers. And now, it is time to start all over again!

We wonder if this busy Mama is going to trade in for a new SUV? She’s going to need it! She was recently seen and out and about at her six-year old Honor’s soccer game. If bigger sister, Haven is in any activities, this brood will be all over the place. She has most really been seen driving a Toyota Prius and GMC Yukon. Both are excellent choices for a Mama if she doesn’t trade up.

9 Julia Roberts - Eco Friendly Prius 


No doubt about it, Julia Roberts is the ultimate soccer Mom. Always her kids biggest fan, this classy Mama doesn’t even let divorce rumors get in the way of family fun. She was recently spotted cheering on the kids in Malibu with an umbrella and a picnic basket full of game-time goodies.

Julia has three kids. 13-year old twins Phin and Hazel, and 10-year old Henry. She is a super involved Mom is always seen taking her kids on outings. They like to go to park, on lunch dates, to amusement park, and even to Broadway.

But, how do they get around? Most recently, they are keeping it low key and eco friendly with a Toyota Prius. It seems to us like she has few of them, or has been trading them in for version in different colors. This is delightfully humble choice for a woman worth an estimated $140 Million.

8 Kate Hudson - All Sorts Of Different Audis

Kate Hudson is a single Mom of two boys with different fathers. Her oldest, Rider is 13 years-old and plays soccer. She was recently seen hanging out in the bleachers watching his soccer game. She also has a six-year old named Bingham.

This is not the first time Kate has been seen at soccer games. She always been a dedicated and devoted Mom, even while candidly talking about the joys and struggles of being a single Mom. Her kids are involved in all sorts of sports including football and baseball, too.

She always puts the boys first, being their biggest, greatest supporter, and a super OK Mom!

As far as cars go, Kate has a comprehensive collection. She has been seen driving several different Audis, several Mercedes, a Tesla, and a Prius. She has enough cars to change them as often as she changes her shoes!

7 Angelina Jolie - Taking The BMW today 

It’s no big surprise that Angelina has a long list of nice cars. All of them of which she shuttles around her kids in. But, with such a big clan, we wonder how she can possibly fit them all in! Maybe, when it’s necessary they simply take her private plane! If not, maybe she lets the kids choose which car they take. They can pick from a Range Rover, a Jaguar, and BMW…and probably many more.

But, did you ever imagine that this mega-star is also a super down-to-earth Mom?! Angelina absolutely adores her ever-growing brood. She even says she plans to adopt another kid, despite her pending divorce from Brad Pitt. If you lost count, she already has 6! Shiloh, Maddox, Pax, Knox, Zahara, and Vivienne.

We wonder just what is going to happen after this major divorce? Will this super-mom turned single Mom being able to handle getting around to all their soccer games?

6 Heidi Klum - $20 Million Dollar Beetle

First of all, how can it be that this super-model Mom is mom to FOUR tikes?! Her fitness level and spot-on style are truly inspirational. We love her super casual approach on life, and that she has been long established as a total soccer Mom.

She totes all of the kids and all of their stuff along for the big games. Big bags stuffed with drinks and snack, towels and spare clothes. She even drives them to practice in one of her amazing cars. And, she does it all with a smile.

So, what does she drive between home life and field time? She has a Bentley, a couple of VWs including a $20 Million dollar beetle, an Escalade, and a Ranger Rover. The bright pink custom beetle must be a ton of fun to ride in! But, perhaps the luxury SUV are more soccer Mom style.

5 Gwen Stefani - Don't Stain The Ferrari 

This beautiful mother was labeled a celebrity soccer Mom quite a few years back. She has rightfully claimed the title and has been consistently photographed as such. Mom to three, Kingston and Zuma are well in the middle of their grade school soccer years. And, Apollo isn’t too far behind. At three-years old, he is surely kicking the ball around, too!

Gwen isn’t afraid to shuffle the trio around on her own. She is frequently seen out and about with all three. Apparently, it’s no trouble at all, when you have a garage full of dream cars to choose from. The family has quite the impressive luxury call collection. It includes a Ferrari, a Bentley, a Rolls-Royce, a Porsche, a Maserati, a Mercedes G- Wagon, and a Range Rover.

Although this fancy cars might not be quite appropriate for a soccer game, that okay. The family also has a variety of vehicle in humbler choices. Perhaps the Honda Odyssey will do?

4 Kate Winslet - Audi Love 

How is a Mom to do it? Juggling a fulltime Hollywood life and complicated family life. Well, it’s a family if you can call it that. Three kids with different Dads. It’s sort of like, single Mom times three, although she is still married to the last father.

Kate Winslet certainly keeps herself busy with her three kids in widely spaced ages. Mia and Joe are 17 and 14 years old, while the youngest is just 4! She beams over how well they all get along. It’s been awhile since Joe grew out of his soccer phase. But, perhaps little Bear is not too far off from his start with the sport.

One thing is for sure, this celebrity Mom needs a good ride to get her from place, regardless of what her kids are up to. Kate likes to cruise around in an Audi or a BMW.

3 Kourtney Kardashian - Too Many To Count

This reality show Mama leads a very real, busy Mama life. Her kids are not enrolled in any official soccer games. But, if they play in the future, we have no doubts that Kourtney will fully embrace the lifestyle of a celebrity soccer Mom. Kourtney has three kids: Mason, Penelope, and Reign. They are ages 3 to 8.

She’s already a pro at handling Mom life. She is super independent, and she isn’t afraid to keep busy with the kids. They go pretty much everywhere with her. She doesn’t seem to care if there if there is no one there to help her. She is constantly on the go, go, go.

Good thing she has a nice car to get her around. Most of the time she is seen driving around a Mercedes or an Audi. Unless she is with baby-daddy Scott Dissick. Then, she can be found as passenger in his Rolls Royce.

2 Kathryn Heigl - Range Rover

Oh, we just adore this happy, Mama. She has two adopted children, Naleigh (Nancy) and Adalaide. And, just about a year ago she gave birth to Joshua. We haven’t exactly seen Kathryn sitting at any soccer games, but maybe she will have that future with her son!. Or you never know, maybe the older girls will take a new interest in the sport?

The family also added Katherine’s 15-year-old niece to their clan. She is now living with the family. Katherine says she also wants another child sometime soon, either by pregnancy or by adoption.

She is such a happy and doting parent, we are certain she would do anything to support her little ones. Soccer or not, she is going to be right at their sides…and she is doing it in style.

When she has mom duties, she takes care of business she typically does it in a Range Rover or an Audi.

1 Katie Holmes - Mini Cooper

This soccer Mom status actually started long before she was Mom. Even in the early days of her relationship with Tom Cruise, the couple was photographed attending soccer games together. Those were the soccer games of Tom’s pre-Katie kids.

These days, Katies is Tom-free, sort of. The couple is rumored to be nearly estranged, hating each other so much that they barely speak. Rumors have it that their split had a lot to do conflicts over Tom’s dedication to scientology. But, they still share a daughter together. Suri, is 11 years old today.

Since Katie and Suri are never seen together with Tom, it’s pretty safe to say that this celeb Mom is perfectly capable of handling life as a single parent. She prefers to do mom-life from a Mercedes or a Mini Cooper. Not a surprising choice for getting around life in Manhattan.

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