15 Celebs Accused Of Being Too Thin During Pregnancy

Although any mom can get scrutinized by other women and moms, it seems that celebs deal with it way worse than the average mom...

Although any mom can get scrutinized by other women and moms, it seems that celebs deal with it way worse than the average mom since they are always in the public eye. Pregnancy can be especially rough for celebrities, since they’re expected to look a certain way – and pregnancy doesn’t typically fit into the mold their fans tend to place them in.

Pregnant celebs usually get told by hounding media that they are either way too big or way too skinny. There seems to be no happy medium, like healthy or gorgeous. After all, they’re growing a new being in there. The least their audience can say is how amazing they look. Instead, their preggo bodies get put under a microscope.

However, some celebs have been labeled as part of a “Mommyrexia” or “Pregorexia” trend that many are blaming Hollywood for. Regular moms are continuously subject to seeing Instagram photos of models who look like they’ve barely gained a pound during pregnancy, and other celebs who look like their normal, gorgeous selves right after popping out their kids. Some believe that “skinny” celebs are shaming other pregnant women and starting up a dangerous trend of being too skinny during pregnancy.

These celebs have all been told they were way too skinny to be carrying a healthy baby. Some may be warranted, and some are just plain crazy.

15Preggo Princess Kate

We always thought Kate Middleton made one of the most incredibly beautiful pregnant women to ever grace the planet. Unfortunately, even she had her share of shamers during her pregnancies that claimed she was way too skinny. For those who don’t know, though, Kate had a very rough pregnancy the first time around with constant “morning” sickness known as hyperemesis gravidarum. She did actually lose weight from it before she started putting on the pregnancy pounds.

But, where in the world did the “too skinny” label come from? News anchor, Katie Couric, may have been one of the people to start it, saying, “I think she needs to eat more because she’s so thin.” We think that no crazier words have ever been spoken. Kate had a healthy baby boy that resulted from this pregnancy and we think she looked glowing the whole way through.

14Jamie King - “Eat A Sandwich”

Actress Jaime King is one of the most recent pregnant stars to be skinny-shamed, although, once again, we can’t understand why. Sure, Jaime has a thin frame that will likely continue to stay thin through her pregnancy. She’ll be “all belly”, as they sometimes say. But, too thin? Doubtful.

Jaime has said that her own fans have told her she’s “too thin” and she needs “to eat a sandwich.” Jaime’s response in American Baby magazine? A mighty good one, we must say: “I’ve seen it happen with other pregnant women in this business too — we’re either too thin or put on too much weight. But every woman’s body is different … All that matters is that you’re taking care of the nutrition for yourself and your child. Don’t let other people get you down, and don’t put other women down either.”

13Nicole Richie - Overcoming Weight Issues

It’s no secret that Nicole Richie has had her share of eating issues. She, herself, has admitted to struggling with her own weight, at points feeling too big and other times feeling too skinny. Once she got pregnant, people wondered if it was possible for her to have a healthy baby being so thin.

Nicole insisted during a People interview, however, that she “eats all the time” and was “totally okay” with gaining a good amount of weight during her pregnancy if necessary. Richie has said that she’s never had an eating disorder, but instead had let anxiety and stress get in the way of being healthy. So, yes, she was thin, but she also did her best to take care of herself before, during, and after her pregnancies.

12Hannah Polites - Skinny Shaming

Hannah Polites is a lifestyle blogger who showed off her fit pregnancy on Instagram in 2016. It didn’t take long, though, for the body shamers to come out from hiding and criticize Hannah for being too skinny. Unfortunately, it happens a lot with women who are super fit. Their bodies react a certain way to pregnancy (all bodies react differently!), and many see it as too skinny instead of healthily fit.

Hannah told People, “Unfortunately, it’s become common for society to comment on the health of a person simply from their size being different to what they perceive to be normal. However, I do not take the small amount of negative comments to heart, especially when I know I am making informed decisions when it comes to nutrition and exercise in pregnancy and motherhood.”

11Victoria Beckham - “No Role Model”

Victoria Beckham has been, quite possible, one of the most shamed stars for being too skinny, whether she’s pregnant or not. When she carries a baby, she doesn’t seem to put on an ounce other than the baby belly. We can see why that may upset other women who can’t do it, but again – different women, different bellies.

Victoria Beckham has been one of the pregnant women who is often faulted for creating the pregorexia trend. In fact, a story on Café Mom states that Victoria Beckham is “no role model for pregnant women” – all because the author deems she is too skinny for being 8 months pregnant in a photo. Shouldn’t it matter more what her doctor says about her and her baby’s health than what we think? As long as mommy and baby are healthy, nothing else should matter.

10Rachel Zoe - Embracing The Baby Weight?

Rachel Zoe, fashion designer and celeb stylist, became pregnant in 2010 and it didn’t take the public long to go after her for being too skinny. She admits she gained very little weight throughout her pregnancy and was easily able to bounce right back to her pre-baby body, but that doesn’t mean that she was unhealthily skinny. Her baby boy, Skylar, was perfectly healthy, in fact.

But, it’s not the first time Zoe has been scrutinized for her weight. Before her pregnancy, people often said that she had tried to make skinny be fashionable with her ultra-thin frame. When she became pregnant, she said she loved the curves her new body gave her. Still, it seemed that others couldn’t quite appreciate her slightly curvier body and instead continued to put her down.

9Bethenny Frankel - Healthy Before, Healthy During

The Real Housewives of New York City’s Bethenny Frankel is another pregnant mama to come under fire for being way too skinny during her pregnancy. However, she – and those close to her – insist that she’s just a super healthy gal who takes fitness and a healthy diet seriously. So, that’s why she didn’t seem to gain a lot of weight during her pregnancy (although she says she did gain 35 pounds) and why she bounced back so quickly after it.

It seems that after she had her baby, though, Frankel got even more criticized because she went back down to her pre-pregnancy weight almost immediately. People talked about whether her quick weight loss was “appropriate”, and a doctor came to her defense, stating that “It is a safe weight loss depending on what your lifestyle is. Bethenny Frankel represents an average working breastfeeding woman.”

8Tori Spelling's Lifelong Weight Battle

Tori Spelling has long been in the public eye for her drastic weight ups and downs, sometimes bordering on the edge of her seeming anorexic. Even after she had some of her kids, the media snapped photos of her on outings with the kiddos looking rail-thin and estimating her weight to be around 92 pounds. It’s no wonder, then, that people had a lot to say when she was pregnant, too.

This is just one of the photos that got a ton of media attention, with Tori looking fairly thin – but not necessarily unhealthy – several months along in her pregnancy. Since then, her weight has gone up and down (she has 5 kids all together) and it seems that her body is consistently the center of attention in Hollywood. Fortunately, she’s had healthy babies each time, even after one nightmare pregnancy, and she, herself, seems to be quite healthy.

7Skinny Selma Blair

Mostly because of her bony ribcage, Selma Blair was often talked about during her 2011 pregnancy of her first child for being too skinny. As you can see in this picture, Selma was basically carrying weight only in the belly area. It seems that when women do this, they’re likely to be called too skinny.

Selma’s problems actually came after she gave birth, though. She’s never admitted to having unhealthy eating habits or an eating disorder, but she did drop a lot of weight after having her son, which made people even more nervous for her than when she was pregnant. But, as all moms know, our bodies bounce back very differently from childbirth and the constant chasing of our kiddos can be some of the best exercise possible!

6Miranda Kerr - Jealous Of The Bod

Miranda Kerr looked so stunning when she was pregnant that she even walked down the runway in the most fashionable way while proudly flaunting her belly. Still, it didn’t stop tormentors from saying that she was too skinny and that her pregnancy couldn’t possibly be healthy. She also received a great deal of naysaying about her ability to bounce back to her pre-baby body rather quickly.

This – like many others – seems to boil down to jealousy. Miranda had a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, and she stayed fit before, during, and after her pregnancy to help her body recover. Look up some of her pictures of her walking the runway pregnant and you’ll likely swoon. She was glowing, her body was beautiful, and there’s nothing she should be criticized about.

5Sarah Stage's Food Baby?

Another model who knows what it’s like to have women attack her pregnant bod is Sarah Stage, who created quite an internet frenzy in 2015 when she shared photos of her 8-month-pregnant self looking quite tiny. She posted several photos of herself in lingerie throughout her pregnancy, but people really started noticing how different her body was as the months went on.

One Instagram follower wrote, “I legit look like this right now after eating a bowl of soup,” and another shamer said, “She needs to feed that baby instead of worrying how to keep her figure.” Sarah’s comeback? An Instagram photo that read, “A real woman has curves is skinny has muscles is whatever the hell she wants to be.” You go, girl. In reality, her healthy baby boy weighed 8 lbs., which means she can laugh at everyone who said she wasn’t healthy enough to nourish her baby!

4Marisa Miller - Model Mayhem

These poor models seem to get attacked more than other celebs when they’re pregnant! Sure, most models tend to have thin frames and petite figures that will likely make them look quite different than other women when they’re pregnant, but it doesn’t automatically make them unhealthy. Marisa Miller is yet another model to face the craziness of the internet world when followers attacked her from being way too skinny as she carried her baby boy in 2012.

The former Victoria’s Secret model posted quite a few belly photos when she was pregnant with her first child, and it seemed that she consistently got taunted and criticized for being too thin to be a healthy mama for her baby. However, she had a healthy, 8 lb. 10 oz. baby boy, just like the other moms on this list.

3Tila Tequila - Viral Fake News

Tila Tequila had this image of her circulating the internet in 2010, showing a basketball-type belly and not an ounce of pregnancy weight anywhere else. In fact, she looked rail-thin and like she had a totally not-normal baby belly. The sad part is, people really believed this was true. We suppose at a quick glance, maybe it could look like a real thing, and if so, we’d be super scared for this baby. But no, it’s been confirmed as false over and over, yet it still continues to get talked about.

This photo was photoshopped to look like a pregnancy, but the graphic artist who obviously had too much time on his/her hands used Tila’s breast, enlarged it, and placed it where the baby belly would go. Who knows why anyone would do this, especially since she received so much criticism over something that wasn’t remotely true.

2Chontel Duncan - Fit, Not Unhealthy

Fitness model, Chontel Duncan, was one of the most talked-about women on the web in 2016, all because of her pregnancy. She had a full pack of abs even toward the end of her pregnancy and documented her fitness journey all the way through. Of course, many of her followers were quick to point out that they didn’t approve of her body or baby belly.

Because, you know, we’re all doctors, right? Despite Chontel consistently assuring everyone that she and her baby were completely healthy, people still talked. So, Chontel snapped a photo with her friend, who carried a much larger baby belly even though she was only a bit further along in her pregnancy, to simply prove that women carry babies differently. It didn’t really dull the controversy, but we’re glad she stood her ground. Her son was born weighing almost 8 lbs.

1Gwen Stefani - Weight Obsession

Gwen Stefani is like the queen of awesome bodies, right? Seriously, how can you not drool over her toned abs, arms, and legs? Yet, for some reason, people decided to attack her during her pregnancies for being too skinny. But, although Gwen insists she’s been super healthy during all three of her pregnancies, she does admit to obsessing over losing the weight quickly.

So, she remained on a strict fitness program, telling Elle magazine, “I worked out with my trainer throughout the whole pregnancy until about two weeks before. I cried during my last session. I was like, 'I can't breathe, I can't do this anymore. What am I doing?' It was crazy. All of my life I've had to work hard to stay in shape.” But, she also admits that she hates the size-0 trend and, although she works hard to stay fit (especially after baby), she does it in a healthy way.


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