15 Celebs Guilty Of Using Their Babies As Fashion Accessories

Easily one of the guiltiest pleasures that some moms have when they have a baby is the excitement that comes along with dressing their little one up in adorable little outfits. Obviously, there are plenty of less superficial things about parenthood to look forward to, but there is surely no harm in wanting your kid to look cute. On top of that, some moms enjoy dressing their kids up like them or even use their own baby almost like a little fashion accessory to their own ensemble.

From designer dresses to expensive jewelry and closets full of shoes, celebrities are able to spare no expense when it comes to fashion. For some of Hollywood’s most famous faces, fashion and their overall image plays a big part of how successful they are in their career. Of course, once stars start having children of their own the pressure is on to make them little style mavens even though they are still just babies themselves. We’ve all seen it - celebs who haul their kids around from one exclusive A-list event to the next wearing baby-sized outfits that could potentially cost more than an average person’s car payment.

And we’ve probably rolled our eyes at least once at the thought of a child being used as a prop purely in the name of fashion. Some might think it’s precious and others might think it’s detestable, but carrying a stylish baby on your arm seems like one Tinsel town trend that’ll never go out of style. Here are 15 celebs who have been guilty of wearing their babies like fashion accessories.

15 Kim Kardashian Wants North To Be A Trendy Tot


When you think about celebs who wear their babies like fashion accessories, Kim Kardashian is likely one of the first stars to come to mind. Kim is no stranger to staging the perfect photo-op, and once she became a mother to North West she knew right away that she would have a shrunken down version of herself that she could dress in extravagant fashions.

Kim has been guilty of toting her daughter around like she’s a limited-edition Hermes bag on multiple occasions, and while it may be super cute to see her little girl dressed up in mini designer duds just like her mom, we can’t forget the fact that she’s still just a kid and would probably father be playing house than going to runway shows and red carpet events. The soon-to-be mom of three never misses the chance to dress North up to the nines, and the pugnacious tot lets it be known that she isn’t exactly loving it when she’s being treated more like an accessory than an actual person.

Kim has been spotted wearing cute coordinated outfits with her daughter at every turn, but as evidenced by the paparazzi photos, North seems to be having none of her mom’s nonsense and could clearly care less about big names like Gucci, Prada, and Saint Laurent. Maybe someday North will share her mother's passion for fashion, but today is just not that day!

14 Beyonce & Blue Slay All Day


People everywhere applaud Beyonce for her endless efforts to be a top-tier entertainer, and when she became a mother it only gave fans another reason to sing her praises. It’s no secret that the majority of music lovers find Queen Bey positively irresistible, and the mother of three is often held in high-regard for her singing, dancing, acting, and of course, her chic sense of fashion.

The mother of three always seems to be way ahead of the curve when it comes to setting trends, and she often features her first-born daughter, Blue Ivy, as the perfect adorable add-on to any one of her glamourous outfits. Beyonce seems to be a big supporter of keeping young Blue dressed to perfection, and why wouldn’t she? The fashion icon is well aware that people are just as obsessed with her daughter as they are with her, and she makes sure to incorporate her into the majority of her designer looks.

Bey and Blue have posed for photos wearing matching floral dresses in Paris and green flowy mommy-and-me gowns during a recent birthday celebration. While the star is always elegant on her own, adding a hint of baby Blue serves as the most priceless accessory ever.

13 Matthew Mcconaughey & His Stylish Son


While celebrity moms surely love toting around their adorable babies like they’re the hottest new accessory in town, don’t think that famous dads are willing to miss out on an opportunity to show their little ones off. We can all admit that there’s nothing more adorable than a dapper father and son duo...and Matthew Mcconaughey seems to know it.

The actor is often spotted at award shows and star-studded events wearing the finest men’s fashions, and there’s no better way to amp up his image other than to have one of his adorable little boys by his side. Matthew is always a fan of supremely tailored suits and he ensures that his offspring are just as well-dressed.

The proud papa was even seen wearing a grey fitted suit jacket while his little guy donned a mini version of the same coat. The twosome has also been known to wear coordinating menswear on a regular basis, ensuring that Mcconaughey is the one of the most fashionable fathers in Hollywood.

12 Madonna & David Dressed To Impress


We all know that Madonna has been pushing the envelope when it comes to fashion for several decades now, and she always know how to make sure that everyone’s attention is firmly on her at all times. While at this point, it may be hard to imagine even Madonna being able to outdo herself or shock us with her outfit choices, but she definitely set out to make heads turn at the 2014 Grammy Awards.

The music sensation stepped out onto the red carpet with her son David wearing expertly coordinated suits. The mother and son team proudly posed for the camera while donning matching hats, ties, and even broaches. Madonna spruced up her ensemble with the addition of cane and a single bedazzled glove, but perhaps her best accessory was none other than her show-stealing eight year old.

David revealed that it was actually him who picked out their award show attire, and that his famous mother of six simply followed his lead in terms in their far-out fashion. Needless to say, it’s pretty hard to outshine someone as iconic as Madonna, but at this rate her little boy is well on his way to becoming the next big thing.

11 Jennifer Lopez & Her Mini Looking Pretty In Pink


It would be hard to imagine anyone not liking Jennifer Lopez…after all, she really does it all. The ageless star is an accomplished singer, dancer, actress, entrepreneur and mother to twins, which makes us actually wonder if there’s anything J.Lo can’t do. In addition to all of her accolades, Jennifer rarely misses the mark when it comes to fashion.

Whether she’s being effortlessly chic, sophisticated or downright sexy, Lopez is almost a guarantee to be featured on every ‘best dressed’ list around. The star certainly loves to play dress up, and she has become a pro at incorporating her kiddos into the wonderful world of fashion. Jennifer must know that her daughter Emme looks up to her like most little girls tend to do, and she even lets her little girl mimic mommy’s outfits.

During a trip to NYC, Lopez was spotted wearing a perfectly blush ensemble complete with a peplum skirt while her mini-me wore an undeniably similar dress. The mother and daughter duo looked pretty in pink, proving once again that J.Lo can really do no wrong.

10 Victoria Beckham & Her Future Fashionista


Alright, we’re just going to come right out and say it: Victoria Beckham is a fashion power-player. The star has certainly come a long way since her Spice Girls days, but even back then she wasn’t referred to as the “posh” one for nothing. Aside from her career as a singer, Beckham has established herself as a fixture in the fashion industry. The mom of four has her own clothing line and she somehow manages to always leave the house looking extremely well put together.

While wearing name-brand styles certainly helps Victoria stay very current in the fashion world, the songstress also knows the importance of making sure that her little girl is always dressed as well as her famous mum. In some ways, Victoria has been slowly preparing to pass the torch down to her youngest, Harper, when it comes to all things fashion.

Even when Harper was just a baby, Beckham would tote her around in her tiny designer duds as if she were a little fashion accessory, dressing the tot in labels such as Burberry, among many others.

9 Katie Holmes & Suri's Street Style


People were quite shocked when Katie Holmes married famed actor Tom Cruise in 2006 and gave birth to their daughter, Suri, that same year. While their union ultimately ended in the following years, Holmes made sure that her little girl would always be by her side. The loving mother seems to be Suri’s best friend and biggest supporter. In fact, these girls are so close that they even dress alike from time to time.

Of course, Katie Holmes has been known to slay the red carpet back in her heyday, and the public has been commenting on Suri’s exceptional style practically since birth. Katie and her daughter often accessorize with each other, like when they both donned similarly styled black and white tops paired with a sweet summer skirt.

The hand-holding twosome also rocked the same tone of bubblegum pink during a recent outing in the city. When it comes to fashion and accessorizing, Katie and Suri are indisputably stylish.

8 Coco Austin & Her Little Clone


Ever since Coco Austin fulfilled her longtime dream of becoming a mother, we’ve rarely seen the star dressed in anything different from her baby daughter, Chanel. It’s no surprise that fashion is a major part of Coco and Chanel’s lives...after all, Austin even named her offspring after a timeless designer. Of course, there are few bigger supporters of using their babies as fashion accessories other than Coco.

The star has become so obsessed with parading her baby around like miniature version of herself that she has seemingly replicated her little girls wardrobe to look exactly like her very own. Whenever Coco wears striped swimwear or a bold black sweat suit, Chanel is right there with her wearing a shrunken down version of her mom’s flashy getup. While it’s understandably exciting to have a little girl to play dress up with, Coco’s love of treating her little one like a doll or a piece of clothing has been taken to extremes in some cases.

At this point, we would be utterly shocked to see Coco and Chanel not dressing like total twins, but at least the star does get credit for her creativity when it comes to emulating her wardrobe.

7 Nicole Richie & Her Babies In Basic Black


Although Nicole Richie may not have always been the most fashion-forward celebrity when she was just starting out, she has definitely re-vamped her entire image over the years. The former party girl and sidekick to Paris Hilton tamed her entire lifestyle once she settled down and became a mother to her two kids, Harlow and Sparrow. Richie makes sure to make motherhood her top priority, but she’s also no slouch when it comes to making bold fashion statements.

Of course, her babies are with her practically everywhere she goes and they too have become pony-sized fashionistas in their own right. Nicole knows that nothing makes an outfit more than a few good accessories...even if they might be your own bundles of joy. The star has been known to incorporate her son and daughter into her everyday look by dressing them in matching attire. For instance, Richie has been spotted wearing an all-black ensemble that was anything but basic when Harlow and Sparrow were sporting similar styles. Nicole and her little boy even wore matching fedoras that completed their overall edgy look.

6 Nick Lachey & His Sporty Son


While it’s practically expected that women are the ones who long to settle down and start a family, some men share the same goals of becoming a parent and having children of their own. When Nick Lachey finally found out that he was expecting his first baby with wife Vanessa, he was overjoyed to become a first-time father, and he was likely even more pumped that he would have a little boy to follow in his footsteps. Since then, Lachey has practically become a pro at parenting as he now has three children in his brood.

Back when his oldest son, Camden, was a newborn, Nick took it upon himself to make a bold statement in the name of fashion and in the world of sports fandom. The Ohio-born star takes great pride in his hometown sports teams, and he made sure from an early age that his little guy would develop a joint love for the Cincinnatti Bengals just like his old man. Lachey dressed Camden in an adorable football onesie that matched his very own Bengals jersey. Of course, Nick’s new addiction was the most flawless fashion accessory he could ever ask for.

5 Tamera Mowry's Pride & Joy


Since she’s a twin you might think that Tamera Mowry would be downright tired of dressing in matching outfits regardless of who she’s paired up with, but that all changed once she became a mom. The Sister, Sister star spent the bulk of her life dressing in coordinating attire with her counterpart Tia, but that hasn’t stopped her at all from showing off her children’s best mommy-and-me styles. Tamera, who currently is one of the hosts on the daytime talk show The Real, decided to bring her son, Aden, into work one day while both donning charming yellow sweaters paired with a white top underneath.

The actress proudly showed off just how cute her little man was while confirming that her son was the perfect add-on to her day. The mother of two also happily posed with her daughter, Ariah, during a recent photoshoot. Tamera and her mini munchkin wore all black ensembles with matching sunglasses and similar hairstyles. There’s no better way to dress to impress than to do it with your baby on board!

4 Selma Blair Twinning With Her Toddler


While it’s usually a major fashion faux-paus to see someone show up wearing the same outfit as you, all of those rules go right out the window when it’s your own toddler who’s dressed like your twin. It’s not uncommon for moms to in Hollywood to dress their babies up in expensive fashions, but Selma Blair taken a more laid-back approach to clothing her little man. In fact, Blair has proven to be a major supporter of wearing her baby like a fashion accessory, and the tiny tot doesn’t seem to mind one bit.

While Blair son Arthur is now six years old, the star made sure to dress him to her liking from early on. During one outing, the duo wore adorable matching pink button down shirts, while another time they sported simple striped tops with white shorts. Not many people are able to resist the cuteness overload that occurs when a parent dresses their child like a mini adult, and Selma and her son are no exception.

3 Jessica Alba's Glamorous Girls


Jessica Alba is seriously like the mom friend we all wish we had. She seems calm, cool, and collected while still remaining flawlessly chic pretty much at all times. The mother of two (soon to be three), takes great pride in always looking presentable and she appears to have taught her little girls the same approach when it comes to fashion. Alba and her little ladies, Honor and Haven, are always dressed like they’re ready to have their picture taken. The actress and entrepreneur seems to be on-trend in terms of accessorizing, but there’s no better addition to any glowing mom’s look than having her cute children in tow.

Even when Jessica isn’t dressing her kids exactly like her like a lot of other famous mothers do, she seems to focus on one particular aspect of her outfit and incorporates it into her daughter’s ensemble. On one occasion, Jessica and Honor donned twin denim jackets and printed bottoms, while another time they both had on matching black leather moto-jackets. Of course, Jessica’s other daughter couldn’t be left out of all the fashion fun, as she stepped out holding hands with her mum while wearing comparable navy blue skirts. Alba’s approach to fashion is fun and fresh, and although she accessorizes with her kiddos she makes sure to let them have their own individual look and we just can’t help but love it.

2 Mario Lopez Showing Off His Assets


Mario Lopez rose to fame in a decade where tie-dyed tops, acid-wash jeans and perms were all the rage, so it’s not surprising that he’s willing to go to great lengths to update his image. The star has certainly come a long way since his Saved By The Bell days, having since become an affluent television host, husband and father to two precious children. While Mario is always appropriately dressed for any occasion, he makes sure that his kiddos are equally as snazzy. Whenever he attends a family-friendly event, Lopez proudly arrives with his full family in tow.

At one event for a parenting magazine, Mario and his brood showed up looking perfectly in synch with his daughter and his wife Courtney dressing in a nearly identical black and white skirt while Lopez and his son adhered to dressing alike in white tops and matching Converse sneakers. And did we mention that his little boy’s shirt has a picture of Mario’s face on it? Bonus points for being both clever and adorable. The fashion-forward fam also dressed to impressed during a red carpet movie premiere earlier this year, and this time around Mario and his son wore the same t-shirt and coordinating shades.

What can we say? Mario Lopez has proven to be an expert when it comes to being a designer daddy and knows that he can do no wrong with his cute kids by his side.

1 Alessandra Ambrosio & Her Model In The Making


When you find out you’re having a daughter, it’s not uncommon to fantasize about dressing her up in sweet little dresses with bows and lace while trying to envision what it would be like to have a miniature version of yourself running around. For some moms, dressing their children just like them sounds like a dream come true, especially when you are notorious for being fashion-forward yourself. Hot on the heels of having a super successful career as a model, it’s safe to say that Alessandra Ambrosio knows at least a thing or two about fashion.

The former face of Victoria’s Secret has walked the runway for some of the biggest brands in the world, and now that she has a daughter of her own she hasn’t wasted any time dressing her up to perfection. The stunning mother of two has been seen dressing her oldest in fun mommy and daughter outfits that act as an ideal way to stay on trend. There’s no denying that this mother/daughter duo always knows how to accessorize.

For Halloween, Alessandra and young Anja wore matching devil costume complete with horns and red tights, while the complementary couple was also spotted holding hands while wearing cute summer dresses after a long day of shopping.

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