15 Celebs On When Is Too Old To Breastfeed

With all the celeb drama that swirls, average folks are often surprised to find out that superstar moms have the same concerns and challenges as everyone else. From trouble breastfeeding to trying to figure out when to wean, everyone has an opinion on when, how, and what to feed babies.

Although the media is mostly in favor of breastfeeding these days, because science supports it, there are still naysayers who picket against nursing in public or who bash moms for nursing their older babies.

Although there’s no scientific basis for cutting babies off from the breast at a precise age, it’s true that there are nutritional benefits for breastfed babies well into their toddler years and even beyond.

While average folks often keep their breastfeeding and other business to themselves, celebrities don’t often have that luxury. From paparazzi snaps to personal family photos circulating, it seems like we know whether celebrities breastfeed or formula feed and for how long. But in recent years, we’ve also seen plenty more celeb moms come out in support of nursing, whatever way moms decide to do it. Here are fifteen celebs who were particularly open about how long they think it’s ok to breastfeed babies.

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15 Talk Show Talks Nursing


Wendy Williams is outspoken on many subjects, but her platform on her own talk show gives her more leverage than the rest of us. But nursing mom Alyssa Milano took on the host during her appearance on the show in 2016. The mom-of-two was still nursing her second child at the time, 16-month-old Elizabella, and the ladies discussed breastfeeding advocacy.

According to EOnline, Wendy told Alyssa, “Breastfeeding is only a particular amount of time,” and that “the rest of your life, your breasts are [intimate] things.”

Alyssa argued that biologically, making milk is the main function,

to which Wendy seemed to have no response, admitting that her opinion is in the minority rather than the majority. While she didn’t outright bash Alyssa for nursing her toddler, we can tell Wendy isn’t keen on the idea of nursing at all.

14 Radio Host Loses Mom-Friendly Points


Howard Stern is known for being a controversial character, but he’d previously seemed rather supportive of breastfeeding. However, that changed back in 2005 when he had Penthouse model Victoria Zdrok on his show and talked about her body and motherhood. At the time, Zdrok had a 3-year-old daughter whom she said she was still nursing. Stern told her that’s the sickest thing he’d ever heard, and asked another person in the studio whether he wanted to nurse from Zdrok.

If that’s not awkward enough, Stern also had one of his staff get half naked in the studio and held a discussion about many adult topics that had nothing to do with nursing at all. Still, Zdrok tried to explain that the worldwide weaning age is around 4, and that nursing a 3-year-old is not sexual in the least, but according to MarksFriggin’s account of the show, Stern wasn’t swayed.

13 Model Mom Gives Nursing All The Credit

Miranda Kerr supports all moms’ efforts to nurse as long as they and their babies want, she said following the birth of her son in 2011. Ultimately, WetPaint reported, Kerr nursed her son Flynn (who was born at a whopping 10 pounds) for a year and a half (Flynn’s dad is now-ex Orlando Bloom).

She pumped while she was at work, she explained, although she did cut her schedule back a bit.

Still, nursing seemed to have helped her drop the baby weight fast, because only two months after Flynn was born, Kerr was back walking the runway in pre-pregnancy style. Now that she’s expecting her second child, with husband Evan Spiegel, we can assume we’ll hear more from Miranda about her experiences nursing another baby from birth to toddlerhood.

12 Multiple Moms Means Less Milk?


Rosie O’Donnell has been vocal about her journey to parenthood, among other things, but fans of The View on ABC were angry after hearing about Rosie and her former partner Kelli’s experiences with their daughter. Although their older children were adopted, Lifesite News wrote, Rosie noted on the show that Kelli had carried their daughter and therefore was naturally making milk when she was born.

But Rosie didn’t like that Kelli was able to nurse and bond with the baby in a way she hadn’t with the others. Rosie was put out, so she said she made Kelli stop nursing one month postpartum. When a cohost commented that she had done a disservice to the baby, Rosie argued back, “No, because I got to bond and cuddle.” As most moms would agree, one month is definitely not “extended breastfeeding,” but to a jealous Rosie, it was too long.

11 Three Times The Milk


She’s shared gorgeous snaps of herself nursing her babies, but what’s Gwen Stefani’s official stance on breastfeeding? The rocker mom, who has three sons- Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo- has admitted to People that she nursed her oldest until he was just over one year old.

Zuma reportedly self-weaned at right around one year.

She also shared some snaps of her nursing Apollo in Switzerland, which earned her both criticism and accolades depending on the audience.

Overall, Stefani never expressed embarrassment at feeding her babies whether she was on tour or at home, but she also didn’t nurse well into toddlerhood- at least, she wasn’t public about it if she did. But she was open about how convenient nursing was, especially when the boys were small and still went on tour with her.

10 Six Year Stopping Point


Alanis Morissette has never been one to back down over what she feels is right- just listen to a few of her songs- and she wasn’t shy about speaking out about nursing her son. When Ever was two, Morissette told ABC News that her tot nursed throughout the day and that she’d let him nurse until he wanted to stop, even if he was six by then.

According to Morissette, she doesn’t “even really consider it ‘extended,” and she thinks that nursing is appropriate for different lengths of time in different families. She highlighted the fact that some kids wean at two years old, and others nurse a couple years longer. Essentially, she sees the decision as being up to the child more than it is the mom, although the two should be in agreement about the whole thing.

9 Milk Deficient Sisters


Kourtney Kardashian has never been shy about her breastfeeding habits, even pumping milk on one of the family’s reality TV shows. She also offered to serve as a wet nurse for Kim’s baby to give her sis a break and a night out. But her family wasn’t quite as supportive of her extended nursing, Mom.me wrote of the mama to three kids.

Kourtney reportedly said that her sisters were critical of her continuing to breastfeed past one year (son Mason weaned around 14 months old), saying “it’s time, it’s time, come on.”

Kim Kardashian also tweeted her disgust a mom nursing in public while the star was out and about- but that was before she’d had kids of her own. All the sisters have toned things down a bit since they’re all moms to moms-to-be now, but it seems their opinions equal toddlerhood as the mama milk cutoff.

8 Actress Turned Nursing Activist


Sure, she’s an actress, but Mayim Bialik is also a neuroscientist and knows plenty about parenting. She’s co-authored a book with a pediatrician about attachment parenting and wrote a vegan cookbook. Although critics have shamed her for nursing her two boys, Miles and Frederick, Bialik has always been vocal about supporting breastfeeding for as long as kiddos are interested.

Son Fred self-weaned at age 4, Huffington Post reported, but “people laughed and sneered” at Bialik, she said. But Bialik’s experiences proved to her, she wrote, that “Fred isn’t going to nurse on his way down the wedding aisle or at his high school graduation.” Now if only we could get Bialik to reconsider her views on routine infant circumcision for non-medical reasons, she would be the ideal attachment parenting spokesperson.

7 Model Miffed By Moms Nursing


Shanna Moakler may not be making headlines in recent news, but she started out as Miss USA, winning pageants and becoming a model and later TV actress. She has one daughter, Atiana, with boxer Oscar De La Hoya and a son and daughter with Bling-182 drummer Travis Barker. Landon was born in 2003 and Alabama was born in 2005. While Moakler’s body is a huge part of her career- she has posed nude for Playboy,

according to her Wikipedia page- she maintains a staunch view of what it’s for and what it’s not.

She told TMZ in 2013 that, “I just look at my breasts as, like, sexual.” She apparently views breastfeeding as “incestual” and “gross,” while also saying that she supports women who do breastfeed. With those harsh words, it sure doesn’t sound like it.

6 Today Gets Breastfeeding Wrong


Another case of talk shows getting deep into breastfeeding criticism comes from the Today show, where Star Jones was quoted in the transcripts Babble had as saying, “We say breastfeeding is natural and feeding a child is the most natural thing. But at some point, don’t we have to make modesty decisions on whether or not a child at 4 or 5 years old needs to be breastfed.

Jones went on to say that “If a kid can ask for a Happy Meal, the kid should not be breastfed.” Throughout the bickering that went on over whether it’s “proper” to nurse at all, to what age, and in public, Dr. Nancy attempted to defend breastfeeding in all its forms, but the other ladies didn’t give her a chance to make the facts known.

5 Toddlerhood’s The Limit


She’s on her second child now, son Jameson, but Pink’s first child, Willow, was breastfed longer than the “norm.” In fact, Pink shared a photo her nursing toddler Willow, The Sun reported, to celebrate National Breastfeeding Week in 2016.

She also appeared on Ellen and talked about nursing her son, even receiving an “Ellen” branded pump from the talk show host.

She’s nursed during an interview with Ryan Seacrest, on a family outing where a passerby told her she was gross, and snapped more than a few pics with both of her babes at the breast. Besides sharing her own experiences, Pink also promotes nursing as a “healthy, natural” way to feed a baby. After all, she’s quoted as saying, babies get hungry and they need to eat, just like anyone else- and that includes during the toddler years.

4 Mom Finds Fame With Time Cover


Jamie Lynne Grumet was nursing her biological son Aram and her adopted son Samuel when she appeared on the cover of Time magazine. The photographer posed the young mom, then 26, with her breastfeeding son standing on a chair. He was three, well past the age most moms nurse to, but the topic of Time’s article was attachment parenting in general, interviewing more than just Grumet inside.

Later, when Aram and Samuel had both weaned, Jamie wrote for Mom.me that the public reaction was not only painful to her, by eye-opening. Complete strangers commented on her life and told her she was messing up her kids, but as Jamie explained, Aram has always been proud of the magazine cover. He eventually weaned at age four, so of course, his now-celeb mom supports women nursing their babies as long as they, and their little ones, want.

3 “Exploitative” Extended Nursing

When Jamie Lynne Grumet’s Time cover went viral, then new mom Alyssa Milano had strong words over the move. While Jamie’s son was three and still nursing when he posed with his mom on the cover of the magazine, plenty of critics said her nursing a child that big was extreme. Milano apparently shared those feelings, at least when it came to the pose and publicizing of the situation.

On Twitter, she wrote “You missed the mark!” on the photo, continuing “You’re supposed to be making it easier for breastfeeding moms. Your cover is [exploitative] and extreme.”

It’s clear she wasn’t impressed by the magazine’s move to pose three-year-old Aram standing on a chair while nursing, something the mag claimed was to highlight the child’s size and the fact that he couldn’t ‘be held’ the way a nursing infant could.

2 In Flight Nursing Sparks Debate


Yet another discussion on breastfeeding happened on The View with less than stellar results. Hosts Whoopi, Sherri, Jenny, and Barbara talked about moms breastfeeding in public, and none of them were of the mindset that covering up was an option. Rather, Whoopi said she didn’t want to see a mom feeding her child. Sherri suggested that even looking away wouldn’t keep onlookers from glimpsing some side boob. Barbara said seeing a woman nurse made her uncomfortable, highlighting an experience she’d had on a flight with a mom of a ten-week-old baby.

The Huffington Post reported on the negative viewer reactions that followed, including former nursing mom Jenny’s suggestions on mamas covering up while feeding. Apparently, these ladies think that either a mom shouldn’t be nursing her months-old baby, or that she should never leave the house until she’s finished breastfeeding- and preferably, that’s sooner rather than later.

1 Pumping Leads To Presidential Meltdown


He wasn’t yet President of the United States, but back in 2011, Trump was in a deposition with a team that included a lawyer who was a nursing mom. According to attorney Elizabeth Beck, she asked for a medical break to pump breastmilk for her baby.

But, CNN reported, Trump told her she was “disgusting” and left.

While Trump tweeted, “I loved beating her, she was easy” afterward, the executive vice president and general counsel of The Trump Organization told CNN in a phone interview that the desperate-to-pump mom was “attempting to breastfeed – to pump in the middle of a deposition, in a deposition room with five lawyers and was not excusing herself.” Beck claimed that Trump ignored their planned lunch break when she was to pump in a separate and private room, and denied that she had attempted to pump in front of anyone.

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