15 Celebs We Still Can't Believe Are Grandmas

No, Virginia, grandmas aren't plump, apron-wearing women with gray hair anymore. While some grandmas look like this comforting image, other grandmas look like. . . well, like they aren't grandmas! They wear current fashions (sometimes, even when they shouldn't), they keep their hair styled and the majority of them aren't plump. In fact, they look like they could easily pass for, oh, a 30 or 40-year-old. That's a hot, good-looking grandma!

Think Sharon Osborne, NeNe Leakes, Naomi Judd and especially Jane Seymour. The signs of age never seem to touch Jane! She looks as good today as when she was in her late 20s! What are her secrets? Would you believe Tina Turner (yes, THAT Tina Turner) is really old enough to be a grandma? How about Priscilla Presley? She looks almost as young as she did when Lisa Marie was born. Suzanne Somers has also kept the signs of age at bay. As has Goldie Hawn. Before giving away who all of our hot grandmas are, let's try to guess just how they do it.

Think, think, think. Diet and exercise definitely have to be a part of their daily routines. Beyond that, maintaining a positive attitude about all things age-related helps them to look younger than their ages. Let's see who they are!

15 Goldie Hawn - Looking Better Than Ever At 71

Goldie is old enough to have been a regular on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In, a weekly comedy show. That show aired in the late 60s! So that tells you, a) that Goldie has been around for a while and, b) that she takes really good care of herself.

She's 71! Wow! A huge part of her lasting youthfulness is her outlook on life. She says, "Youth is connected to the ability to see things new for the first time. If your eyes still look at life with wonder, then you will [feel] young!"

Goldie also has a diverse workout routine. The emphasis is on "diverse." She tries to do something different daily in her workouts so they don't become stale and boring.

Goldie doesn't focus completely on herself—a rarity in Hollywood. She tries to make sure she's the best person she can be. Who is she? That's what she focuses on. She's comfortable with who she is and she is healthy. Both of these help her to maintain that "youthful grandma" appeal.

14 Kris Jenner - Gives Kim A Run For Her Money

Kris lands on this list as well. But it's not due to her mental outlook. No, it's because she relies more on plastic surgery, such as Botox injections and fat fillers to plump up her facial skin. While she believes that "everybody looks better with plastic surgery," she limits her surgical routines to less-invasive procedures. She still has her own mouth, eyes and nose. That's to say that they haven't been worked on to the extent that other celebrities in her age range have had.

When people look at images of Kris, they'll see smooth, taut and unwrinkled skin. She does say that, when Kim, her daughter, focused on the area just under her chin, she decided to have that worked on. Looking at images of Kris from, say, 1990 and today, she doesn't look that much different. She does have a few smile lines (sorry, Kris) that weren't there 27 years ago.

Clearly, she's kept up with herself over the years. The "momager" of several busy daughters clearly doesn't want to show her age, so she has things taken care of. Seeing her wearing a sweet, blue bikini in the pool, she's not bad to look at.

13 Rita Wilson Welcomes Third Grandaughter

Rita credits her youthful appearance to laughing a lot. Of course, having married her funnyman, Tom Hanks 30 years ago, that's a lot of laughter! So, like Goldie, Rita enjoys life and things that tickle her funny bone. This has helped her focus her outlook on things outside herself.

She won't rule out Botox treatments. But she's aware that, once someone has had one of these treatments, they don't look any better than they did before. "They just look different."

Rita and Tom have managed to keep their close, loving relationship as well. This helps both of them to stay looking young. She and Tom released a 29th anniversary pic that showed them in a sweet, snuggly mood. She's also positive about Life After 50. She's like the kid who's eager to open all those Christmas morning gifts, knowing she is aware of who she is. Even more, she is grateful for everything she receives. Anything else she gets is the proverbial "icing on the cake," as far as Rita's concerned.

On maintaining her youthful looks she tries to exercise daily, but she's not wedded to a strict routine. If she can't make time on one day, she refuses to stress out about it.

12 Tina Knowles - Where Queen Bey Got Her Looks From

Tina—mom of Beyonce Knowles—is a grandma who doesn't look like she's old enough for grandkids! At 63, she looks like one hot grandma. She's rumored to have undergone plastic surgery, a nose job and Botox injections, all of which make her look younger than her age.

Looking at a photo of Tina in 2016, when she was picking up a BET award for Beyonce, it's clear that she is maintaining her natural good looks. Wearing a black bra-top, Tina showed everyone that both genetics and careful attention to her fitness and looks pays huge dividends. Her still naturally black hair is full, healthy and lush—no wigs or extensions for this grandmama! And, when you look at daughter Beyonce, it's clear that she is the beneficiary of her mother's healthy genes.

Tina and Beyonce have been described as each others' sisters. While there's a good timespan between the two, Tina has clearly taken care of herself. She's also taken advantage of some "fountain of youth" procedures that help out those peerless genes of hers.

11 Sharon Osbourne Looks Better Than You In Her 60s

While Sharon has had plastic surgery in the past (and been open about it), she looks va-va-va-voom HOT! In 2016, she was 63; at the Download Festival, she didn't look her age. Even with very little makeup, her natural looks glowed, belying those 60+ decades of life.

As well as having a facelift, she also had a tummy tuck and a breast lift, which helped put the girlfriends back up where they belong.

Even if she has had Botox injections, she hasn't gone overboard on them. Her cheeks and mouth still move naturally when she smiles, indicating that the muscles in her face haven't been so "frozen" that they can't move at all.

In 2012, Sharon underwent a double mastectomy and was diagnosed with colon cancer. It was after those life-altering events that she said she would undergo no more plastic surgery. (In pictures she saw of herself, she didn't like the look of her face, calling it "plastic.") After undergoing gastric band surgery, she lost over 100 pounds, which meant she had excess skin hanging everywhere. Thus, the plastic surgery procedures to remove that extra skin and "neaten things up a bit." In total, she had the girls lifted, liposuction, a butt lift, leg lift, a tummy tuck and implants inserted.

10 NeNe Leakes Doesn't Seem To Age

My word, NeNe just doesn't age! Even though she's a grandma, she looks as young as the mothers of her grandchildren (she became a grandmother in 2012 and again in 2015). That she's under 50 certainly helps!

NeNe is no stranger to plastic surgery. She's had smaller breast implants inserted to replace the larger ones; a lift for the girlfriends; liposuction; nose job. When asked about the surgeries, she said she just wanted a "tuneup." She says she's very confident about herself and her appearance (and she should be).

She seems to have struggled with weight, mainly because she wasn't a breakfast-eater and would forget to eat during the day. This means she would eat big at night, along with having a cocktail. Now, she's focusing on having something small for breakfast and controlling the portions of what she eats during the rest of the day. She doesn't like to deprive herself of anything. That's not her kind of diet! She's also a small-portion eater. "I don't like to feel full," she says. So, while she's curvaceous, she's not big.

9 Sarah Palin - One Smokin' Grandma

All politics aside, Sarah Palin is one good-looking grandma. It helps that she was born with a photogenic face and excellent genes. During the 2008 presidential campaign, when Sen. John McCain selected Palin as his running mate on the Republican presidential ticket, just about everyone noticed her looks and youth.

It helps that, at least on the campaign trail, she had a killer makeup artist to apply her cosmetics so that she looked her absolute best (I gotta confess. I'm jealous.)

Her extra-long eyelashes don't hurt her looks any. Even though they are always behind the eyeglasses she wears, it's clear that those lush lashes are present. (Oh. It turns out those eyelashes are artificial.)

Sarah also inherited nearly flawless skin. Her foundation is probably minimal, not needed to cover up several obvious flaws.

Other measures Sarah takes to stay healthy and maintain her youthful looks: she eats a sensible diet and exercises. (Given that she probably cooks a lot of the meat that hubby Todd and she kill, that must mean she exercises a lot.)

8 Tina Turner - 78 Years Young

Tina Turner is well over 70—and she still has a killer figure! Take a look at her legs. They. Are. To. Die. For! To what does she attribute her youthful appearance? The mental includes a great attitude while her fantastic health has definitely benefited her. Her sense of style is spot-on as well.

She was 47 when she staged her first comeback. At this age, many performers are thinking of hanging it up, but not Tina! And, for her, the "50 is the new 40" is something to live by. She doesn't believe in slowing down.

While her face does show some of her years, she knows that a few wrinkles aren't going to stop her from performing. She knows that, at her age, gravity is going to take effect—but so what?

She has managed to maintain a good, healthy body weight. She says that she wears a U.S. size 10 (man, she looks rockin'!) How does she maintain her weight? She drinks lots of water, won't eat anything after 6 p.m. and dances. A lot. She'll diet for a short time if she needs to whip herself back into shape for a concert tour.

Tina believes that, whatever age we are, we should be proud of ourselves. If we can still do something (like strenuous dance), why give it up?

7 Suzanne Somers - The Blonde Bombshell

Suzanne just hit 70 and it doesn't show! Anyone who looks at Suzanne today would be excused for thinking she's at least three decades younger, right? And those legs! Oh. She's not afraid to wear a plunging neckline, either.

The Queen of the ThighMaster has clearly mastered this little exercise tool. She's also mastered her age, saying that she's "not afraid of being old."

As with Tina Turner, Suzanne's attitude has a lot to do with her relative youthfulness. She says, "There's a new way to age." At her age, she has earned wisdom which younger people just don't have the life experience to rely on. Taking her life experiences, good and bad, she's learned to develop a perspective about everything that's happened to her and where she is in her life right now.

Suzanne suffered from breast cancer a few years ago. Now, she is a practitioner of a holistic therapies that help her to stay healthy. She lives healthy, eats a nutritious diet and, obviously, exercises.

6 Priscilla Presley 71 And Still Shining

The widow of Elvis Presley just doesn't age. She's 71 now and looks just as beautiful as she did on the day she married Elvis. Her delicate facial features seem to defy age with grace and little to no effort. Let's see how she does it.

For exercise, she takes regular yoga classes, which help her to feel focused and to keep her beautiful shape. No plastic surgeries for Priscilla. No, she takes part in facials. She also keeps a down-to-earth attitude, saying she's "not looking for perfection." She is comfortable in her own skin. She prefers to keep her weight on the low side of healthy, saying she feels better at this weight range.

She also maintains her signature fiery-red locks so they always look good. (Of course, in Hollywood, everyone has to look good all the time.)

Her granddaughter Riley Keough, an actress, looks stunningly like her grandma. It doesn't hurt that she looks very much like her mother, Lisa Marie, either.

A little sad news: Priscilla has full custody of her eight-year-old twin granddaughters, Finley and Harper, due to a bitter custody battle ongoing between their parents (Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood).

5 Tamra Judge Looks Like She's 20

Tamra Judge is a bodybuilder and her efforts in competition have taken their toll, according to her. This is why she underwent plastic surgery for her eyelids, lower face and neck earlier this year. The 49-year-old calls her surgery "a comeback." So, how did bodybuilding affect the appearance of her body so much? Simply, she lost so much body fat, she was told to gain 10 percent body fat. Or have the excess skin on areas of her body pulled so it wouldn't sag so much.

Tamra doesn't believe in the injectable solutions that reverse the appearance of age. She says that, once someone has received these injections, they look "like a Cabbage Patch kid."

Even though Tamra underwent plastic surgery, she believes there is nothing wrong with "growing old gracefully." However, doing so without the aid of surgical procedures to help her maintain a youthful appearance just aren't for her.  There's no doubt that her appearance is much more youthful after the procedures she underwent.

4 Naomi Judd Overcame Her Struggles

From living a harrowing life as a small child, Naomi has come out on the other side. When she was just three, her grandmother's brother attempted to sexually violate her. Now, Naomi has dealt with a life-threatening bout of major depression. She knows where her symptoms of depression and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) stem from and she is on medication and receiving treatment.

Clearly, these early experiences haven't affected her angelic looks. Her beauty and health regimens are based on common sense practices. She drinks lots of water, avoids red meat and gets more sleep than other people she knows. She must have two hours of quiet time every morning.

Naomi is also a strong believer of aromatherapy, to the point that her tour bus is filled with aromatherapy candles.

So, how does she maintain that petal-smooth skin? Simple! She buys cheap cold cream (moisturizer) and massageds it into her skin every day. She eats lots of fresh veggies, which help her to maintain her beautiful, size 6 figure.

3 Marie Osmond - 57 Going On 30

First, Marie has no problems with aging and getting older. She believes that it's sad when people want to "be 30 when they are 50." Looking at this gorgeous, 57-year-old singer, you'd be forgiven for mistaking her for a much younger woman.

After losing 50 pounds, Marie's already-beautiful appearance became even more so. While her physical health is, no doubt, much better, she also realizes that "if you aren't happy on the inside, it shows" on the outside. Like Naomi Judd, Marie drinks lots of water every day. She downs 10 large glasses of water every single day.

On the home front, she remarried her first husband, Steve Craig, in 2011 (their first marriage took place in 1982).

In 2013, Marie joyfully joined the Grandma Club when her oldest son, Stephen., presented her with a grandson named Stephen James Craig, Jr.

The whole Osmond clan seems to have the same great genes. Brother Donny, at age 57, doesn't look any older than, say, 40. And, now that Marie has lost the weight she had gained, she looks just as good, if not better!

2 Jane Seymour - The Hot Grandmama

Jane Seymour is, quite possibly, the most youthful of the hot grandmas. About to hit the big 6-6, she looks about half her age. Her upper arms look just as tight and taut as someone in her 20s. She has no jowls along her jawline. And she shows no tummy pooch. And those legs!

Jane maintains her sexy good looks with a rigorous exercise regimen, which helps both her health and her beauty. She follows a strict Pilates routine, which she has relied on for the past 30 years. Hello, sweet, shapely buns! She did suffer herniated discs, for which she required spinal surgery. For this reason, she avoids yoga, step machines and cycling machines. Before she works out, she takes a hot shower to help loosen her muscles. She uses light weights with caution and spends up to 30 minutes a session on the treadmill. As a child, she loved ballet and dreamed of becoming a ballerina. Severe cartilage damage in both knees forced her to leave this form of dance. For her flat tummy, she's a devotee of the Plank (isometric exercise).

1 Carole Middleton - Pure Royalty

Carole is the mother of Kate and Pippa Middleton and, at 62, is already a grandmother. In fact, she should take much of the credit for her daughters' slim and fit appearances. She helped to instill the good habit of watching what they eat and exercising regularly.

Carole and Kate follow the Dukan diet, which is high in proteins. It must help. Just weeks after giving birth to George, then Charlotte, Kate was back to her usual slim self.

Look at Carole's face. She has very few wrinkles. In fact, she glows with health and youth. Before Pippa's wedding, Carole made some changes to her mental outlook, diet and fashion choices. She began following the Sirtfood diet. This enables her body to activate proteins that slow down the body's aging process. This diet also speeds up her metabolism and helps to reduce bloating. She also added matcha green tea, kale and dark chocolate to her dietary intake.

Her workout routine includes hydro spinning classes, daily swims (in the pool located on the family estate), regular countryside walks and tennis.

She had her stylist add blonde highlights to her hair, which helps to reduce any visible effects of aging. As far as her facial youth, she won't rely on Botox or other treatments. Instead, she's an aficionado of avocados and facials.

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