15 Celebs Who Are Friends With The Teen Mom Cast (And 10 Who Keep Their Distance)

Teen Mom—originally a spin-off of “16 And Pregnant”—became a reality TV show hit on December 8th, 2009. The show was picked up by MTV and received a lot of attention—both positive and negative. Parents whose teenage daughters indulged themselves in the show and followed all of the cast members on social media were outraged because they felt as though Teen Mom glorified being a child who was expecting a child themselves. Parents who were once teen moms themselves feared that their daughters might make the same mistakes they did by watching the show and being swept in by the glitz and glamor of it all.

While so many criticized the show and its values, many praised it as just another dramatic reality television show. Some even noted that having their daughters watch the show would have the opposite effect; meaning that their children would see the problems and struggles they go through on a daily basis and take care to not end up in the Teen Mom cast’s shoes. In a world full of such conflict, other celebrities got on board the Teen Mom train and befriended the cast members. On the other hand, there are some who chose to stay as far away as they could.

25 Keepin' It Close: Ariana Grande Gives Catelynn A Nod Of Approval

In a society that weighs so heavily on social media interaction as opposed to what one would see in real life, pop singer Ariana Grande gives her nod of approval to Teen Mom star Catelynn Baltierra, who is now married and the CEO of her own company. How this “nod of approval” is seen is through a mutual following on Twitter. Since they both follow each other, it’s clear to see that these two may not be the best of friends, but they are certainly not enemies either.

24 Keeps Her Distance: Kylie Jenner Zips Her Lips

Kylie Jenner is playing it smart and keeping herself away from the drama as well. According to Independent UK, Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry criticized the Jenner for glamorizing young motherhood. Not blinking an eye at her own role on Teen Mom, Lowry threw some major shade at Jenner for being both young and successful—saying that because she has a lot of money, she doesn't have to worry about a lot of responsibilities; that she can just go out and party. Jenner kept her distance and never fired back.

23 Keepin' It Close: Shane Dawson Lifts Catelynn Up

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Shane Dawson—one of many of YouTube’s success stories—also follows Catelynn Baltierra on Twitter. This was less of a, “look at me I follow all the cool people and all the cool people follow me” moment and more of a situation where the two of them have common ground. After the unfortunate events of Stevie Ryan’s passing, Catelynn—who has admittedly tweeted about her struggles with illness—gained the support of Shane Dawson who is an advocate for mental health treatment.

22 Keeps Her Distance: Nicki Minaj Knows Her Limits

Nicki Minaj is keeping her distance in the aftermath of the giant Twitter battle between herself and Farrah Abraham. According to Mashable, Minaj threw the first punch by taking low-blows toward Farrah about the way she treats her mother. Farrah countered by telling Minaj that her videos were less-than-appealing and that since she wasn't a parent, she had no business judging her for her actions. Afterward, they took jabs each other's grammar. Farrah ended the Twitter battle when she claimed that she wasn't bothered by haters—because all she does is “slay.”

21 Keepin' It Close: Chelsea Appeals To Real-Life Teen Mom Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears has admitted that Teen Mom is one of her favorite shows, which fans assume is partly because Spears herself was once a teen mom. Us Weekly wrote that after Spears watched an episode of Teen Mom 2, she reached out to one of the stars, Chelsea Houska, via Twitter. She relayed how pretty she thinks Chelsea is, noting she's, "way too pretty to be crying over (whatever his name is)!!!” Jamie Lynn Spears wrote. With Spears' comment making her day, Houska replied and arranged a playdate with both of their daughters.

20 Keeps His Distance: Logan Paul Won't Give Life To Teen Mom

Logan Paul, the YouTuber who achieved success under his equality egotistical brother Jake, opted not to respond when Teen Mom star Briana DeJesus laughed along with Logan as he and his crew went into the suicide forest in Japan and filmed what is now considered to be one of the most controversial uploads in YouTube history. According to a video from Hollyscoop, a YouTube channel about Hollywood news, fans wanted Briana fired from the show over it. Logan Paul, however, kept himself away from her entirely.

19 Keepin' It Close: Sia And Catelynn Are Bonded By Their Struggles

Sia admitted her love for the Teen Mom show and Blasting News reported on how Catelynn Baltierra was personally invited to Sia’s concert via the DM’s of Twitter. Both Sia and Catelynn struggle with the same health issues and Catelynn revealed how stoked she was that Sia would reach out to her personally and offer her such a great invitation. The Teen Mom star still remembers their first interaction and the two are still friends today.

18 Keeps His Distance: Pauly D Retreats

Being a reality TV star is hard work, and Pauly D from Jersey Shore had to set the record straight when a rumor spread over the Internet that Pauly D had had a relationship with—you guessed it—Farrah Abraham. Us Weekly covered the drama when Pauly D told fans the truth: “I have never been to Houston, but I do think she’s hot.” He also noted how the rumors were silly because he didn't even know her. Though the drama's over, no attempt has been made to meet up.

17 Keepin' It Close: Gordon Ramsay Is The Unlikely Friend Of Farrah

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Why would Gordon Ramsay care about what’s going on outside of the kitchen? One look on social media reveals that he’s a lot better at making friends than he is at making terrible cooks cry. Because of Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham’s sassy spirit and desire to conquer the world, Gordon Ramsay saw her and took an interest. By friending her on social media platforms, Farrah Abraham got in closer with even more celebrities and learned how to market herself as more than just a reality TV star.

16 Keeps Her Distance: Chrissy Teigen Had Words About Farrah

According to Distractify, Chrissy Teigen may have had it in for Farrah Abraham back in 2013. The model and celebrity supermom did something she's not typically known to do. She went on a total rant online making a mockery of Farrah's lifestyle and career choices. When people actually rallied behind Farrah and came to her defense, Chrissy seemed shocked at the response and refused to back down. We don't see a friendship forming between these two anytime soon.

15 Keepin' It Close: Louise Pentland Gives Props To Teen Mom's Life Lessons


Louise Pentland is a famous Internet blogger on YouTube who goes by the name Sprinkle Of Glitter. She has said in several of her vlogs that she endorses Teen Mom and thinks that the show produces many positive messages like body positivity, how to cope with the loss of loved ones, and how to raise a child—sometimes by yourself as a single mom. She says that Chelsea Houska is and will always be her favorite cast member of the reality television show.

14 Keeps Her Distance: Ellen DeGeneres Keeps Life Light

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The famed daytime TV host Ellen DeGeneres follows a lot of people on Twitter, but none of them are from the Teen Mom cast. Most if not all of the stars have given her a follow or tweeted her, but not once has she ever acknowledged their presence. That might seem like a total diss to some fans, but the truth is she’s probably too busy trying to find ways to make people happy to worry about getting involved in mama drama.

13 Keepin' It Close: Tyler Henry Must Know Something We Don't

Most of these celebrities who send their love and support to the Teen Mom cast do it through social media. The Teen Mom cast has and will probably continue to remain kept to themselves in a sense, but stars like Tyler Henry are all about some reality TV drama. Tyler Henry is a young medium that stars in his own show, called Hollywood Medium on E! He follows a chunk of the Teen Mom cast on Twitter, and is said to be a giant fan of the show.

12 Keeps Her Distance: J.K Rowling Stays Far, Far away


The famed Harry Potter author is another trendy person to follow on social media—and with good reason! Her rags to riches story is what many people all over the globe dream of. However, Rowling is a little selective about who she chooses to call a friend on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. By not interacting with the Teen Mom cast, despite many of them following her, she’s choosing instead to just focus on her own interests and things that pertain to her.

11 Keepin' It Close: Jonny Fairplay Is Seriously Invested

Remember that one wild dude with the manic blonde hair who became a castaway on the CBS show Survivor? Believe it or not, Jonny Fairplay is a Teen Mom addict. From his tweets endorsing the show to mentioning them on his podcast, Jonny, of course, follows certain members of the cast on Instagram as well as Twitter. While Fairplay seems more concerned with making the ultimate comeback as a cast member on Survivor, he is always ready to support is fellow reality TV friends.

10 Keeps His Distance: Dwayne Johnson Keeps It Stone Cold

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson may be ignoring Catelynn Baltierra just for the simple reason that he has a lot on his plate. The movie star/wrestler certainly has a full schedule, and just because another celebrity reached out to him via Twitter doesn't always mean they’ll get a reply back. The Rock has mostly been adored by Catelynn more so than the others, but as of now, it doesn't seem like she’ll get an invite out to dinner anytime soon.

9 Keepin' It Close: The Dodo Goes Loco For Ms. Houska

While The Dodo isn't actually one person, but an organization built around a universal love for animals and their adorable shenanigans, The Dodo expressed their passion for Chelsea Houska on social media. Houska owns several pets—including dogs, ducks, and even a pig. According to Warmful, Chelsea’s obsession with animals is a strange one, but The Dodo, as well as many other fans, are all about Houska’s love for her furry friends. Anyone who loves animals as much as she does will always have the thumbs up from The Dodo!

8 Keeps His Distance: Kanye West Keeps It Real

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It would seem reasonable for the music artist to be all about that Teen Mom life, but as it turns out, Kanye West wants no part in any of their attempt to start drama. Jenelle Easton took to Twitter in an effort to start a battle with West—an attempt that only ended in an awkward silence. She retweeted an article that questioned whether or not Kanye was cheating on Kim; the interaction was minimal and West never said a single word.

7 Keepin' It Close: Bob Mortimer And Maci Bookout

Bob Mortimer of Vic and Bob might not seem like the typical targeted audience for more "girly" shows like Teen Mom, but on an episode of comedic Internet radio show titled The Adam Buxton Podcast, the English comedian revealed how he is an avid watcher of Teen Mom, and that his absolute favorite cast member is Maci Bookout. His love for the dramatic TV show about life and hardships reminds us that even the simplest of things can unite the entire world.

6 Keeps Her Distance: Kourtney K Has No Time For Teen Mothers

Even though Kourtney hasn't been attacked herself, enough of her family members have been to where Teen Mom has left a bad taste in the young Kardashian’s mouth. Though Chelsea DeBoer may want to seem trendy by following all the most trending people in the reality TV world, Kourtney is not falling for it. The Kardashians' and Jenners' way of ignoring everyone in the Teen Mom cast almost seems like the two were meant to be rivals—because none of them are giving the teen mom's the time of day.

5 Keepin' It Close: Heather R. Higgins Stands Behind The Whole Cast

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Head honcho and CEO of IWV—an organization that advocates for women's rights in America and around the world—Heather R. Higgins is an admitted supporter of Teen Mom. As the reality show centers around the struggles of growing into womanhood while at the same time balancing life, a job, school, and children, it is no surprise that this proud activist an entrepreneur Heather R. Higgins would make such an endorsement. Despite what critics say, Heather remains a loyal fan forever.

4 Keepin' It Close: Soledad O’Brien Supports One Young Mother


Soledad O’Brien is the CEO of Starfish Media and the host of Matter Of Fact—a show about topics that O’Brien labels as “conversations as diverse as America”—and is a proud supporter of Teen Mom and friend of Farrah Abraham. Soledad is a producer, and both of them have often crossed paths, as Farrah says she is also writing a script for her first film. As Soledad has made her stances on women's rights and feminism clear to the world, it is no surprise that these two would be good buddies.

3 Keepin' It Close: Kap Slap And Farrah Go BFF

Kap Slap is yet another loud and proud social media acquaintance. Via Twitter, the professional DJ and budding entrepreneur befriended Farrah Abraham after discovering how much they had in common. Some of her co-stars have seen Farrah as a rival, but as she continues to branch out past reality TV, the go-getter attitude of this young woman continues to grow and thrive. With a professional DJ by her side, there’s no telling what sorts of projects these two might end up conquering.

2 Keepin' It Close: Andrew Glennon Is Amber's Saving Grace

Andrew Glennon is a famous cinematographer who Teen Mom star Amber Portwood started heating things up with after Portwood finished filming Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars Family Edition. Portman had been engaged to Matt Baier before things went downhill with her health and the jail time she served for issues related to her ex-boyfriend. Andrew Glennon came into Amber’s life at just the right time. People writes that both are working together to repair broken bridges and get treatment for Portwood's mental health.

1 Keepin' It Close: Taylor McKinney's Love For Teen Mom Knows No Bounds

People notes Motocross racer Taylor McKinney was there for Teen Mom star Maci Bookout after all the drama that ensued with Ryan Edwards. Ryan is the father of Maci’s son Bentley, but Maci feared that her son would be in danger if Ryan didn't get his act together and quick. In January 2016, Taylor and Maci got engaged and have been happy ever since with their ever-growing family. Ryan is, of course, continuing to fight for custody rights of Bentley—but things aren't looking so good for the infamous father.

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