19Nicole “Snooki” LaValle

Nicole Elizabeth “Snooki” LaValle is one of a renowned American television personality, dancer, wrestler, and author. Her fame rests with the MTV reality show entitled “Jersey Shore”. She has also participated in various talk shows and gained immense popularity. When you describe her, she is a short and round woman

with large hair. She found the love of her life and had a baby.

After having the first baby itself, she prioritized health above everything. Snooki revealed that she was able to lose a weight of about 40 pounds right after the first delivery. Don’t you think it as amazing? People glanced two times and assured that she is Snooki itself, it was a pleasing transformation. Her makeover is right up to the mark as she got rid of some of her hair.

According to the Women's Health Magazine,"Snooki is all about fitness. The reality star shed all her baby weight (and got shredded) with help from her trainers, Anthony Michael and Adria Bogosian, of Anthony Michael Fitness—who she's still working out with today."

To add admiration, the transformation continued even after the birth of her second child. She lost a great deal of weight. Everybody asked the same question “How is it possible?” Her answer to them is simple for maintaining the perfect figure; you just have to follow some set of exercise from pull ups to handstands and include a healthy diet. She even stopped alcohol consumption that negatively affected her physique.

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