20Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is a woman of fashion with her excellent figure. Right after she married Prince William, both men and women followed and appraised her fashion sense. She became truly a diva for many. When the news spread about her having the third child, every fan eagerly waited for her

pregnancy fashion.

People often complain about losing their fashion sense after being pregnant, however, the Duchess of Cambridge made the custom wrong with her glamorous pregnancy outfits. Everything seemed effortless for this breathtaking beauty. To add the astonishment, she walked out the hospital premises with her third baby just like a blushing bride. Seriously, she never even looked like a lady who had a baby. Everyone got awestruck by seeing the ravishing princess with a smile on her face.

If Prince William was not holding the baby carrier, everyone would have forgotten the fact that she was the mother of the newborn. After the gap of two months, she regained her slender figure and decorated herself with fashionable attires as she was before having the baby.

This indeed intensified the jealousy of all other mothers who is worried of their lost figures after pregnancy. One cannot blame those women as her figure is just jealous worthy. Her flawless physique is truly an inspiration to every mother out there.

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