15 Celebs Who Are Winning At Pregnancy

Some women feel like they are at their worst during their pregnancy. There is no doubt that the extra weight and rounded belly can make it awkward to dress well, and sometimes it feels like we won’t be attractive again—until that baby comes out.

Some of us don’t even attempt fashion, because we find it difficult enough to be fashionable when we aren’t pregnant, let alone when our bodies are rapidly changing and growing. But there are some women who make pregnancy look good, no matter what stage they are in—from baby bump to full term giant belly. In some ways, we might be jealous of those women who carry well, and seem to keep the weight mostly in their bellies. But I think we can also admire them, for continuing to live life, and not letting their pregnancies keep them from being active and doing the things they love.

Celebrities are the easiest to admire, because they are so often in the public eye. Sure, we all have a love/hate relationship with them, but the neat thing about celebrities is, they can inspire us, even without us having ever met. When I see these beautiful, confident pregnant celebrities, it reminds me that I can be just like them, even when nine months pregnant. We are beautiful, sexy, and strong woman—bump and all.

The following 15 celebrities are winning at pregnancy, and they can show us that we don’t have to sacrifice anything when carrying a baby. Not fashion, not beauty, not confidence, and certainly not our dreams.

15 Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried is a 31 year old actress and is expecting her first child with her fiancé, also an actor, Thomas Sadoski. They met on Broadway when working together on the play, The Way We Get By. They began dating in the spring of 2016 while working on an upcoming film, The Word. We wonder if she was thinking, "Mamma Mia!" when she learned of her pending arrival. Amanda debuted her adorable little bump for the first time in this beautiful black dress. She appears full of fierce confidence and pride, and we certainly hope she keeps that game face on when the little one makes his/her debut. I'm sure she will continue to look this gorgeous throughout the rest of her pregnancy, and we will be watching her growing bump with anticipation of the arrival of her first child. We wish you all the luck in the world, Amanda. I'm sure you will make a wonderful mother!

14 Blake Lively

We love to gossip about the original Gossip Girl--Blake Lively, and since she's married to uber-hot Ryan Reynolds--even better. We can't even imagine the adorable overload their children must be in possession of with the parents they've got. Blake looks amazing pregnant, and she has that glowing thing that most woman are desperate for down. She also wants to have a large family. When a woman is really exciting about expanding her family, it seems like that positive excitement is lighting her up like the fourth of July. Sure, she has fitness coaches and nutritionists that help her look her best, even when pregnant, but I get the feeling that Blake would glow with or without them. When you are full of positive energy, and married to a superhero like Deadpool, you can't help but be happy to be having his kids, am I right? Blake makes pregnancy look like a walk down the red carpet.

13 Lake Bell

One celebrity who knows how to rock the world of pregnancy is Actress Lake Bell. She and her tattoo artist husband, Scott Campbell, are currently expecting their second child. Their first child, daughter Nova, was born in 2014. The couple met on the set of How To Make it In America, and were married in 2013 in New Orleans. Here she is pictured with her signature brunette locks, slender physique and rosy cheeks. Lake looks absolutely radiant while pregnant, and she carries almost all the weight in her belly. Um, jealous much? Yes, yes we are. We love when Lake smiles, and the joy sparks her eyes, showing us that adding to the family looks good on her. Honestly, if not for the bump, she's one of those women you can't even tell are pregnant. Stunning and killin' it at pregnancy, we wish you all the luck in the world with your new little one!

12 Malin Akerman

I've had a little bit of a girl crush on Malin Akerman ever since she played Gertrude in The Proposal, and pregnant Malin is no less appealing. This blond bombshell knows how to rock that baby bump, and she surely lights up every room she walks into, whether the bump enters the room first, or the rays from her brilliant smile. There is something in those eyes that speak of joy and love, and even the film The Heartbreak Kid, where she plays a less-than-appealing wife with some serious issues, couldn't turn me off from this stunner. In the above picture, she was carrying her first child, Sebastian. We think she rocked her first pregnancy, and hope to see her showing off another baby bump sometime in the future. Although she and her ex split, she looks at the positive fact that they now share an adorable, happy little boy.

11 Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is pictured here, gabbing it up with Jimmy Fallon, looking beautiful in her second pregnancy. She reported that because she is so small, she shows a lot more and a lot more early than others. Many people believe she is farther along than she is, when she is actually due in the spring. Large bump, who cares? She's still stunning, and wearing that baby like it's the best accessory in the world. Of course we think babies are the best accessories--on the hip, in the Ergo, or hanging out on your shoulders. We don't know whether she's having a boy or girl, but Portman already has one son with her husband--a 5 year old named Aleph. Natalie Portman sure knows how to rock her pregnancies, and she's not a bad actress either, eh? Good luck, Natalie. We like big bumps, and we hope you have a happy, healthy babe in the spring.

10 Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has been going through it lately, what with the stress of the divorce and other issues, but we still think she is one of the most gorgeous pregnant women we've ever seen. When I think of a celebrity who slays at pregnancy, it's definitely Jolie. You wouldn't even think that she is the mother of multiples. She always looks so slender, and glowy, and she knows how to dress her baby bump in the most elegant apparel. Angelina also has this grace that she carries around, like she's Princess Grace, and I've always found it incredibly eye popping. She certainly doesn't lose any of that poise when she's pregnant, in fact, she only manages to seem even more elegant, almost otherworldly, like a fertility goddess or something. We don't know if she will ever have more children (she has quite enough already), but if not, we will miss these shots of this ethereal pregnant star.

9 Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce looks absolutely stunning when she's pregnant. She's stunning anytime, but she certainly makes pregnancy seem like the it thing to do. Her fans are absolutely obsessed with whether Beyonce is going to have another child. They just can't get enough. At this time, she is the proud mama of little Blue Ivy, who is practically world famous because of her name, and her insanely popular parents. At one point, the words "Is Beyonce pregnant again" were the most Googled words on the Internet. Wow. Apparently I'm not the only one who believes Beyonce makes a pregnancy look fashionable. I'm quite sure the world will be as ravenous for photos of her second pregnancy, as they were for her first. If she looks as good the second time around, I'm sure she is going to kill it again. The world is waiting Beyonce! How long will you be able to fend them off?

8 Jessica Alba

This incredibly beautiful star has two equally beautiful daughters, Honor and Haven. When she was carrying those little girls around in the form of a belly bump, Jessica looked just as beautiful as she was with a flat stomach in Into The Blue. This is one celebrity that I suffer from jealousy over. It's possible it's because my husband has a thing for Jess, but I can't find a flaw in this chick no matter where I look. She has that flawless olive skin that makes white girls run to tanning salons, or spray themselves with fake tanner with the hopes of resembling. And those long, flowy brown locks that--even messy--look gorgeous, and makes those of us with stringy, straight hair want to die with envy. No idea if Jessica and her husband, Cash Warren, are planning on growing their family at all, but we certainly wouldn't mind getting another look at this woman while she's winning at pregnancy.

7 Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is one of my favorite actresses of all time. I like every movie she's been in, and something in her fiesty, fun personality really sets her off on screen for me. She has that gorgeous blonde hair, and those narrow eyes that make her stand out amongst other Hollywood beauties. Hopefully she passed some of that personality and beauty to her kiddos. Kate is so lovely anyway, but she certainly makes baby bumps especially cute. She has such a petite frame, and she carries those babies like it's easy and natural for her. She has two sons, Ryder and Bingham, who she shares custody of with their fathers. Sometimes, it's simply not fair how well these celebrities handle their pregnancies. I know they are not super-human, but they sure make it look effortless, don't they? I realize we don't see them behind closed doors, but they sure seem like they are winning at pregnancy no matter where they are.

6 Ciara

This incredibly gorgeous singer celebrity is currently pregnant with her second child (first child with husband and NFL Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson). Lucky girl! She has another child, son Future, whom she had with rapper Future. Even though it didn't work out with him, we look forward to more babies from Ciara. This is one celebrity who makes pregnancy look sexy, and she pulls it off with incredible ease, making pregnancy appear as inspiring as a Hail Mary pass, or as awesome as winning a Grammy. As a big football fanatic, I am excited that Russell and Ciara found each other, and I can't wait to see more pregnancy pictures of this hot mamma. I'm hoping they have more children together, and I'm rooting for their children to get their papa's skills on the football field or their mama's vocals. This woman shows us that pregnancy is a beautiful thing, and gives us something to aspire to in our own pregnancies.

5 Fergie

The super hot lead singer of the Black Eyed Peas, Fergie, makes pregnancy look Fergalicious, you know that's right. This always beautiful lady has one son, Axl Jack, with husband Josh Duhamel. One thing I like most about pregnant Fergie is she stays true to herself and who she is as a singer. Her wardrobe above, the awesome rocker jacket and black top, reflects everyone's favorite Fergie, bump and all. While children certainly change you, having a child doesn't mean you must sacrifice your dreams and your identity. I get the feeling that Fergie is still Fergie, even post Axl. I hope Fergie has more little ones too, so we can see more baby bumps on this stunning star. Her skin is glowing in this picture, and I'm sure that's coming from the fact that she's winning at pregnancy. Rock us another bump, Fergie! If anyone can do it, you can!

4 Kerry Washington

This is one of my favorite pictures of a pregnant celebrity. Kerry Washington's skin looks radiant, and we're sure her pregnancy might have something to do with it. Her hair and gown show off her pregnancy superbly, and that protective hand over the baby bump is just the right pose. Her face is glowing, and I feel like if you turned off the lights, you could find your way in the dark. This incredibly stunning actress just had her second child, Caleb, in October 2016. She has one other child, daughter Isabelle. Both children are from her marriage to NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha. Kerry Washington is widely known for her hit TV series drama, Scandal. When she was pregnant with Caleb, the producers of the show had to get really creative in order to hide the pregnancy, since Kerry's character on the show was not pregnant. But we don't want you to hide that bump! We want to you to show it off to the world!


3 Megan Fox

Who knew Megan Fox was such a baby making machine? She has three sons, Noah, Bodhi, and Journey, with her husband Brian Austin Green. Although, if you have a wife like Megan Fox, I guess you would want to make a lot of babies. Fox and Green have had some difficulties in their marriage, but they have managed to stay together and are working on their marriage. In every picture I've seen of pregnant Megan Fox, she always looks amazing. How does she do it? She hardly even looks pregnant. Even though I want to hate her for that, I can only admire her for the way she makes pregnancy look like a walk down Rodeo Drive. Maybe she will keep trying for a girl, who knows? Since babies seem to make her only become more beautiful over the years, maybe she will have some more. At least we hope that is the case.

2 Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana is the only actress featured here who absolutely looks amazing, and is carrying twins. The black dress in the above picture, makes her look slender and elegant. The spaghetti strap halter shows off the pregnancy glow of her skin. Most mothers of multiples can't help but look a bit like a blimp when carrying them, but Saldana looks like a princess. The actress gave birth to her twin boys, Bowie and Cy in November 2014. I'm sure she wasn't planning on having twins, and we won't wish that on her again, but we do hope she has some more children. We will take all the pictures of this pregnant mama we can get. Whether she's trying to steal center stage in the movies, glam it up on the red carpet, or showing us all how to win at pregnancy, she's going to be the winner, no matter what.

1 Gwen Stefani

Our final celebrity who totally wins at pregnancy, is Gwen Stefani. She has three sons with Gavin Rossdale, and although she is no longer with him, those boys are precious and we're certainly glad she had them. She has a way of blending her rocker style, with a growing bump, and making pregnancy seem oh so cool. And comfortable.  She is now dating Blake Shelton, and boy oh boy is she ever lucky. I'm not saying she wants more kids, but Blake is a handsome dude and I'm pretty sure her blonde bombshell looks mixed with his genes, would make for some pretty darn cute babies. I've heard they are planning to get married, so who can say? Maybe Gwen always wanted to have a gaggle of children? My fingers are crossed for some future bump watching, because I would love to see this celebrity preggers again. Now, who's with me?

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