15 Celebs Who Should Be Anything But Parents

No one ever said that raising children was easy, but it’s indisputably the parent’s responsibility to make their child a top priority in their life. Having kids is a serious commitment that requires a whole lot of work and a whole lot of patience. As a parent, there will be moments where you want to curl up and a ball and cry but there will also be plenty of instances that make it all worthwhile. While child-rearing can be both the most difficult yet rewarding part of life, many people have a natural knack when it comes to being a parent. While no parent is perfect, some moms and dads are guilty of carelessly making the same mistakes over and over again without giving it much of a second thought.

Of course, caring for a baby requires tons of attention, kindness and understanding. For some celebrities, breaking away from their own egocentric habits in favor of motherhood or fatherhood has proven to be too much for them to handle. Everyone knows that celebrities live for the glow of the spotlight, but for every glitzy red carpet event they attend, these stars also have to deal with the public scrutiny of paparazzi and tabloids dissecting their every move. Especially with the rise of technology and social media, it has become increasingly easier to see which celebrities are wonderful parents and which ones have been behaving badly when it comes to taking their responsibilities seriously. We’d be embarrassed to call any of them “mom” or “dad.” Here are 15 celebs who just aren’t fit to raise their kids.


15 Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna - Unstable Behavior


No one really expected Rob Kardashian to become a father so suddenly, but then again people really didn’t expect him to move so fast with a woman he had just started dating, either. While Rob has never been the most reliable member of the Kardashian clan, we didn’t realize just how unstable he really was until Blac Chyna came into his life. The hot and cold couple often battled it out and took to social media to shame each other leading up to their child’s birth. On multiple occasions, Rob posted some pretty shady things about his soon-to-be baby mama and his erratic state led to the police knocking on his door. Rob and Chyna went tit for tat and tried to one-up each other by making low blows, and they both were at odds when it came to a custody agreement for their daughter, Dream. Earlier this month, it was reported that both parties were under investigation by the Department of Children and Family Services after allegations of drug use and physical abuse were made. These two should stop their bickering and focus on something that’s actually important…you know, like their daughter’s well-being.

14 Josh Duggar - A Scandalous Past


In the beginning of their reality television days, the Duggars skyrocketed to fame touting their strict religious values and morally chaste lifestyles, but it only took Josh Duggar a matter of seconds to squander his entire family’s reputation in one fell swoop. In 2015, a major tabloid revealed that the eldest of the Duggar clan had committed unforgivable lewd acts against various underage girls when he was between the ages of fourteen and fifteen. With that kind of information leaked to the public, it was only a matter of time before more deplorable details came to light.

The media soon discovered that four of Josh’s victims were his own younger sisters. The shocking revelation was only the tip of the iceberg for the troubled reality star, as we later found out that he had also been cheating on his wife with women he met on a popular website dedicated to having extra-marital affairs. Despite their best efforts to make the entire buzz surrounding Josh go away, the Duggars weren’t able to bury their son’s scandalous past. Their TLC reality show was canned and Josh was sent to rehab, but there is no coming back from such a major misstep.

After having committed serious crimes against his own sisters, who’s to say that he wouldn’t repeat the same behavior with his own children? To make matters worse, instead of divorcing her tainted lover, Josh’s wife, Anna, not only stood by him but she also went on to have a fifth child with him following his massive public scandal. It goes without saying, but Josh Duggar is totally unfit and unsafe to be around children.

13 Hulk & Linda Hogan - Dated Their Daughter's Classmates


When famed wrestler Hulk Hogan and his wife, Linda, starred on their own reality show in 2005, they tried their best to come off as the perfect family. Of course, by now we all know that there were serious cracks in the foundation of Hogan’s marriage but the real person who suffered the most from their split was their daughter, Brooke. After the couple parted ways, it was revealed that Hulk had been having an affair with another woman…but not just any woman. Turns out, Hogan had been secretly seeing his daughter’s best friend behind everyone’s back. It takes a special kind of man to step out on his wife, but it takes an even worse kind of person to sleep with his daughter’s closest ally. The betrayal cut deep for Brooke, who spoke out publicly against both her father and her former BFF. To make matters much worse, Linda Hogan also didn’t waste any time moving on after her marriage. In fact, Linda fell right into the arms of another man…or boy, depending on how you look at it. The forty-eight year old former Mrs. Hogan began dating nineteen year old Charlie Hill, who just so happened to have been one of Brooke’s high school classmates. Yup…these two are just a double dose of disgusting.

12 Mel B - There's Skeletons In Her Closet


Following her substantial success as “Scary Spice” in the British girl-group The Spice Girls, Mel B continued having a fruitful career as a television personality and judge on America’s Got Talent. While Mel has been fortunate as an entertainer, she hasn’t always been so lucky in her personal life. Mel B, also known as Melanie Brown, has three children with three different men. Naturally, supporting three daughters as a single mom is no easy task, but things for Mel only got worse when she filed for divorce from her husband Stephen Belafonte earlier this year.

While Mel came out with a series of allegations against her ex that included spousal abuse and having an affair with her children’s nanny, Belafonte fired back with some equally damaging claims against his famous ex-flame. According to Belafonte, Mel B has a lengthy history of out-of-control partying and vices. The scorned lover told the courts that Mel is a hazard to her children because of her alleged addiction to alcohol and drugs. In his petition against the star, Belafonte The biggest reason for my concern with respect to the safety of the children was due to [Mel B's] habitual and consistent addiction to and abuse of cocaine and alcohol... "I did not want [Mel B] using drugs and drinking around the children especially without anyone else present to care for the children."


11 Will And Jada Smith - Raising Kids Without Rules


Although Will Smith and his wife, Jade Pinkett Smith have had successful careers in the entertainment industry for decades, their parenting techniques are nothing short of questionable. While most parents universally believe in disciplining their children when they do something wrong, the Smiths jointly decided to take a more unorthodox approach. Will and Jada believe in letting their kids do pretty much whatever they want, whenever they want.

In a 2013 interview, Will outlined the details of his “free-range” parenting, stating, “We don't do punishment. The way that we deal with our kids is, they are responsible for their lives." Considering that children are…you know, children, and oftentimes need a parental figure to teach them right from wrong, Will and Jada’s uninvolved approach looks more like a cop-out than anything else.

During the same interview, Smith elaborated even further, saying his children were taught “you can do anything you want as long as you can explain to me why that was the right thing to do for your life." It’s obvious that letting children (and even worse…teens) do whatever they please without any consequences sounds like a recipe for disaster.


10 Jenelle Evans - The Ongoing Custody Battles


After getting knocked up when she was sixteen, Jenelle Evans refused up her carefree partying ways even after becoming a mother. Viewers of Teen Mom will surely recall that Jenelle signed over the rights to her son, Jace, to her mother, Barbara, when Jace was just a newborn. Since then, Jenelle has had no shortage of drama in her life…she’s even been arrested more than a dozen times! In addition to Jace, Jenelle has since added two more children to her brood: a son named Kaiser with Nathan Griffith and a daughter named Ensley with David Eason.

While a main storyline for Evans has always been her ongoing quest to win back custody of her oldest son, she has shown little signs of personal improvement over the years. Evans has been consistently embroiled in public brawls, domestic disputes and has been caught red-handed taking various drugs. On top of all that, the reality star often exhibits poor parenting skills regularly on the show. It seems like Jenelle’s habits of being a crummy mummy have no end in sight.

Most recently, it was revealed that Jenelle and her newborn daughter tested positive for drugs in their system when the baby was born. There has been multiple investigations performed by CPS and now both Jenelle’s mom and her baby daddy’s mother are battling it out to take the kids out of her care before it’s too late.

9 Scott Disick - Partying Before Parenting


For close to a decade, Scott Disick has become a staple on the reality television circuit thanks to the profound success of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Due to his romantic relationship with Kourtney, Scott was often spotted with the famous family but living life in the spotlight inevitably comes with its drawbacks. In recent years, Disick has been on a downward spiral that consists of non-stop partying, and his inability to settle down has cost him his relationship with Kourtney – and possibly his relationship with their three children.

Scott is the father of Mason, Penelope, and Reign Disick, but his turbulent and oftentimes toxic lifestyle has become a serious concern for his baby mama. There isn’t a week that goes by where we don’t see Scott drinking to excess in Vegas or going crazy in some other notorious hot-spot. On top of his obsession with partying until the wee hours of the morning, the irresponsible reality star has been spotted out with dozens of women. Of course, Scott should be spending quality time with his kiddos, but instead, he’s dedicating his time and energy to all of the wrong things. As a safety precaution, Kourtney has allegedly prevented Scott from seeing their brood of babies until he can get his act together.

8 Kate Moss - Skipped Her Child’s Birthday


When it comes to big-name supermodels, the name Kate Moss ranks high up on the list. When it comes to being a positive role model to a young daughter, Moss fails miserably. There once was a time when Kate Moss was the most highly sought after models around, but she started partying hard and she let everything fall by the wayside. At the height of her unmanageable lifestyle, Moss became pregnant with her daughter, Lila Grace, who was born in 2002. Becoming a mother didn’t seem to stop Kate’s self-centered mentality, and she often left her baby in the care of other’s in order to attend star-studded events or to simply party even more than ever before. There were a few rumors that Moss often ditched her daughter in favor of drug-addicted boyfriend Pete Doherty. Moss hit an all-time low as a mother when she skipped out on her child’s birthday to attend rehab for her own opiate addiction.

7 Anthony Weiner - Facing Jail Time


Disgraced politician Anthony Weiner has done his fair share of dirty deeds, but nothing was worse than when he sent out inappropriate pictures of himself in bed with his young son sleeping next to him. We’ve all heard of men using their adorable children to pick up women in the past, but Anthony’s shameful disregard for his son’s well-being was just too much to handle. Of course, Weiner has gotten far more press coverage for his multiple scandals surrounding his tasteless texts to women other than his wife, but the former congressman sunk to a new low when he got caught sending explicit content to a minor.

The public figure pleaded guilty to his transgressions and is currently facing up to ten years behind bars for his crime. As a result of his inexplicable antics, Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, filed for divorce and is seeking primary custody of their five year old child. There’s no doubt that Weiner only cares about himself and is willing to humiliate and objectify his own offspring in order to feed into his dark addictions. When you combine his lack of better judgement with his inevitable prison sentence, does Anthony Weiner really have any business raising a child? The answer is clear.


6 Farrah Abraham - Chooses Fame Over Family


Oh Farrah Abraham…where do we even begin!? When it comes to totally terrible parents, they don’t get much worse than the Teen Mom star. Oddly enough, Farrah became famous because of becoming a mother when she was just sixteen, but since giving birth to Sophia in 2009, Farrah has put her daughter on the low end of her priority list. While most of the other moms on the show made drastic life changes in order to put their children first, Farrah has done everything in her power to ensure that Sophia will want nothing to do with her once she’s old enough to know better.

Everyone knows that Abraham took it upon herself to enter the adult film industry, and although that does not instantly make her an unfit parent, there are plenty of other reasons to support our stance. Farrah constantly leaves Sophia with a series of nannies in order to film other reality shows in LA or halfway across the country. On top of that, Farrah has publicly made some questionable statements regarding her daughter.

The image-obsessed star has told the press that she used to wax her four year old’s eyebrows, she has pulled her out of public school so she will be able to “attend more celebrity events” and claims that she would give Sophia her blessing if someday she chooses to venture into the adult film industry just like mommy did. To make matters worse, who could forget the time that Farrah used Sophia as a prop during her feud with Nicki Minaj? The rocky reality star uploaded a video of her daughter calling the rapper a “total loser”. There are a million reasons why Farrah should be ashamed of herself, but her failure as a parent should be her biggest disappointment to date.

5 Robin Thicke - Abuse Allegations


Following his scandalous VMA performance with Miley Cyrus in 2013, Robin Thicke earned himself a bit of a rebellious reputation. While he likely expected some backlash from his raunchy performance, we’re certain that Thicke never expected to go from “bad boy” to “bad dad” in the years to come. In 2017, Thicke’s son, Julian, raised concerns for his safety when he told his teacher that Robin regularly hit him.

The school notified the authorities and an investigation was conducted. While Robin denied ever abusing his son, he did admit to using “light spanking” as a form of discipline. Things only got worse from there when Julian’s mother, actress Paula Patton, refused to let Robin have visitation due to their son being afraid of his father. Again, the police were called and Patton was granted a temporary restraining order against her ex-husband. The court proceedings that followed were super messy and full of nasty claims against the singer, alleging that he was absolutely unfit to raise his son.

4 50 Cent - Denounced His Firstborn


It goes without saying, but 50 Cent is certainly no angel. While the rapper has displayed his fair share of bad boy behavior over the years, none of it even compares to how terribly he treats his oldest son, Marquise Jackson. 50 has been at odds with his firstborn for years now, and it all allegedly stems with the star’s rocky relationship with the teen’s mother. While 50 has been taking very public shots at his son all over social media, his most recent declaration was downright despicable. The rapper took to Instagram to post a picture of his friend’s son on his first day of college and referred to him as “my other little guy.” When a confused follower asked the star to clarify the number of children he actually has, 50 rudely responded “Just 2 because I have no relationship with Shanique's son.” Of course, he was referring to his ex, Shaniqua Thompkins and the child they created together. While the rapper publicly disowning his son is nothing out of the ordinary, it proves once and for all that he doesn’t deserve to call himself a father by any stretch of the imagination. You would think that at fifty years old, 50 Cent would finally grow up, but apparently he’s still got a long way to go.

3 Tamra Judge - Disowned By Teenage Daughter


She has hundreds of thousands of followers due to her long-time status as one of the Real Housewives of Orange County, but there’s at least one person who isn’t a fan of Tamra Judge…and that’s her own daughter, Sidney Barney. Tamra shares three children with her ex-husband, Simon, but when they got divorced a few years back Sidney decided to live with her father full time. Anyone who has seen a recent season of the series knows that Tamra and her daughter have had a rocky relationship that ultimately led to Sidney’s refusal to speak to her mother for three years. Although viewers got to hear Tamra’s version of the events that led to their estrangement, the public finally got to hear Sidney’s point of view earlier this year. In a lengthy open letter posted to Facebook, Sidney addresses the many reasons why she left Tamra in the past and outlined a series of wrongdoings on her mother’s part. The teenager stated, “The one thing I asked and have been asking for four years now has been to not talk about me because I don’t want to be in the spotlight. But again breaking her promises as per usual, she puts herself, her fame, her reputation, and her bank account before me.” As if that wasn’t enough to prove that Tamra was unqualified to raise a daughter, Sydney went even further by alleging that her mother was neglectful and both physically and emotionally abusive.

2 Charlie Sheen - Unfit And Irrational


Charlie Sheen can barely manage to take care of himself, let alone his four young children. The washed-up actor has made a name for himself as a hard partyer who fails to see the errors of his ways, but when there are children involved the situation becomes a lot more serious. While everyone knows that Sheen has had a very public series of arrests, public outbursts, and battles with addiction, he still somehow insists on trying to raise his children.

Sheen shares two daughters with ex-wife Brooke Shields, as well as twin sons with ex Brooke Mueller. Charlie has been in ongoing battles regarding the custody arrangements for all of his offspring, and the unpredictable star even temporarily lost custody of his boys in 2011 after Mueller was awarded a restraining order against him. At one point things got so bad at Sheen’s home that Denise Richards took it upon herself to take in Charlie’s twins, but she eventually had to relinquish the boys after they exhibited a string of erratic and scary behavior toward her other children and her pets.

It doesn’t take much to realize that Charlie Sheen has a whole lot of issues to deal with, and his kids would be much better off if they weren’t exposed to his wayward ways.

1 David Hasselhoff - Drunken Disaster


Although David Hasselhoff has done a decent job of projecting a squeaky clean image to the public, his home life was an entirely different story. In 2007, a private video was leaked to the media that showed a highly intoxicated Hasselhoff sprawled out on the floor, slurring his words and sloppily trying to polish off what was left of a cheeseburger. While all of that sounds seriously bad for Hasselhoff's health and his career, we haven't even gotten to the worst part yet: the footage was captured by David's sixteen year old daughter. In the shocking video, the roles of parent and child are clearly reversed when the teenager can be heard warning her father about the repercussions of his actions, saying, "You need to promise me you're not going to get alcohol tonight, ok? 'Cause if you get alcohol tonight you are fired from your show tomorrow." While David's daughter was the obvious voice of reason during the exchange, the tone of the tape made it clear that Hasselhoff's affinity for getting hammered was a regular occurrence. The Baywatch star was completely irresponsible to allow his daughter to see him at his lowest point, and the disturbing home movie was enough to prove that he was an unfit father at the time.

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