15 Celebs Who Blew The Most Cash On Their Kids

As parents, we are all about our kids. As human beings, we’re all about occasion. We love celebrations. Especially expensive celeb parties!

Let’s face it. As parents, we are all about our kids. As human beings, we’re all about occasion. We love celebrations. We love reveling in the good parts of life. We like shining a light on the moments that we want to keep fresh in our memories for years to come. This is the human condition. We want more joy, more laughter, more family time. We want that sense of community that weddings and baby showers bring.

So, when we’re past the wedding stage, and we’ve already had the baby, we may start looking for other extreme ways to celebrate our lives with our loved ones. For some mommies out there, they just might miss the limelight of being a bride and an expecting mother. They love their child, but it’s hard to go from being the center of attention to taking a back seat. Those moms opt for the next best thing: the birthday party.

Aside from a sweet sixteen or quinceanera, most of our children’s formative years fly by. The birthday parties blur together over time. We look back and vaguely remember which year was Thomas the tank themed, and which was Strawberry Shortcake. We can’t recall who came to which party without pulling up the pictures as evidence.

Of course, those rules don’t apply to the rich and famous. There are some celebs out there who will remember every birthday — from how many candles were on the cake to which celebrity party planner handled the massive affair. These famous parents really know how to overdo it.

15Tori Spelling - Insufficient Funds

For a couple that has spoken publicly about their financial difficulty, they don’t seem to have a problem doling out lots of cash for their five children. Dean McDermott has even made the comment that he didn’t have enough money to pay for a vasectomy. However, that has not stopped them from throwing over-the-top birthday parties.

For their daughter Stella’s ninth birthday, she had a unicorn themed birthday party — which of course had a live unicorn everyone could ride on. For their son’s ninth birthday last year, they had a gamer themed party that looked like something straight off of Pinterest. For Stella’s fifth birthday, her party featured a cake that was larger than she was at that time — and for her second birthday, she had a life-sized Barbie cake. Their cake game is strong; too bad their checkbook isn’t.

14The Cruises - A Pony For Christmas? Sure.

Before Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorced in 2012, the pair used to drop big bucks on their daughter’s gifts. Some of the presents included a $24,000 playhouse, designer coats, diamond earrings, and a child’s electric car.

This little girl is living the dream that most adults would want — and she doesn’t even know it. Of course, every little girl asks for a pony for Christmas, and when your dad is Tom Cruise, he can make good on it.

It was reported that he bought a house so that Suri might have a place to ride it. If Suri wanted to go skating in public, Cruise would drop $5K without batting an eyelash. Since the divorce, it seems like the number of extravagant gifts has been minimized. However, Suri doesn’t seem to be in want either. She still looks adorable in her designer duds.

13The Armstrongs - More Than A Wedding

Taylor Armstrong, who is known for being a housewife on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, knows how to throw a child’s birthday party. It was reported that she spent $60,000 for her daughter’s fourth birthday party. That is twice as much as the average American wedding costs.

What did she get for $60K? Well, if the theme of the party is a county fair, it has to include a petting zoo, pony rides, a bounce house, a mechanical bull, an original song written by an American Idol contestant, a stage for a band to perform, a professional photographer, and catering. No county fair themed birthday party would be complete without a horse as a birthday present. That sounds like a magical way for seventy children to spend an afternoon.

12Kourtney K - 150$ Per Balloon

The Kardashian clan is not afraid to drop some hard cash on some of the finer things in life. In order to support their busy lifestyle, they need help. The hired help they have is not something they found off of a run-of-the-mill nanny website.

The nannies that watch Kourtney Kardashian’s three children are thoroughly vetted and are paid accordingly. When Kourtney’s kids travel, it is highly improbable that they are flying coach on a commercial airline, but rather, on a private jet.

At Mason’s third birthday, his party theme was balloons. Each balloon there cost $150 a piece and the party was littered with them. The three children are never photographed in the same outfit. So, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that the cost of their wardrobe ranges into the tens of thousands. Where can we go to sign up to be a Kardashian kid?

11The Beckhams - Tea With The Princess

Posh Spice — a former member of one of the greatest girl groups of all time — married one the world’s best soccer players. They have cemented themselves as a major power couple. Their combined net worth is $450 million — or halfway to a billion.

Their four children can have only the best. For their youngest child and only daughter, Harper’s sixth birthday party was held at Buckingham Palace. That’s right; a group of six-year-old girls had tea with a real princess.

Naturally every time the Beckham children step out into the public eye, they are dressed to the nines since their mother has her own fashion brand and has long been hailed as a fashion icon. Now that their oldest child is legally an adult, he wants to buy his own place in New York City, and it is highly unlikely that he will live in cramped quarters since his family owns a 9000-square foot home in London, a 13,000-square foot home in Beverly Hills, and Amberley Manor — which boasts 22 acres of the English countryside.

10Kim K- Over $2 Million In Two Years

Kim Kardashian recently announced that she is expecting a third child with her husband, Kanye West. While we all continue waiting to see what ensembles the third West child will be sporting, if the first two children are an indication, the new baby will be covered in designer labels.

Before North West turned two-years old, it was reported that the parents had already spent in excess of $2 million on their child. They had a home security system built with the safety of North in mind. Her birthday parties are known to be larger than life. Her mermaid party featured real mermaids swimming in the pool. Her outfit for her birthday party was precious. Then again, so is everything else she wears. This little girl has outfits made for her and sports one-of-a-kind Yeezus shoes.

9Mariah Carey - Black Tie Birthday Party

Mariah Carey — one of the world’s biggest divas — is known for her diamonds, flashy cars, and barely there designer clothing. When she and Nick Cannon welcomed their twins, Moroccan and Monroe, into the world, we were prepared for some over-the-top micro fashion and gifts. They did not disappoint.

For their first birthday party, it was a black-tie affair and the kids were gifted a red Ferrari and a white baby grand piano — albeit much smaller ones.

Fast forward to their birthday party this year and their parents’ birthday party game is still going strong. They had their birthday party at Disney World complete with a Minnie Mouse cake and a Mickey Mouse cake. All of their friends joined in on the fun as many of them are now tall enough to go on some of the bigger rides.

8Danielle And Kevin Jonas - A Sponsored Birthday Party?

For the first birthday of Danielle and Kevin Jonas’ baby, Alena, they had a very unusual themed birthday party. It was a Dreft — yes, the laundry detergent — themed birthday party. Who knows, maybe they were paid to have a Dreft themed party, but they were committed to that theme.

The whole room was Dreft pink — even Danielle’s dress. The room where the party was held contained a pink cardboard play house with Dreft bottles with little white balloons attached to look like soap suds that sat on top of the columns.

Naturally, the party wouldn’t be complete without a pink birthday cake with a big Dreft logo on it. Celebrities make big bucks promoting products, but a laundry detergent for their daughters first birthday? Kevin Jonas had to pay his bills somehow.

7Usher - Spare No Expense

Tameka and Usher have two beautiful boys — Usher V and Nayvid. The couple divorced when the boys were small, but pictures of the kids pop up on their Instagram regularly. When their father reached success early on, he made sure that his sons had every opportunity to enjoy life. For example, when he took his sons on a trip to Cancun and Costa Rica, there was no economy class for this family. They flew on Usher’s private jet.

They don’t vacation at resorts when they travel, but private luxury villas that have private pools. Would we expect them to get around any other way? Like many other parents on this list, their children have a wardrobe that costs tens of thousands of dollars. Designer sneakers come a dime a dozen for this crew.

6Pink - Live To The Fullest

With a net worth of over $130 million dollars, Pink and Carey Hart don’t have to stress about paying their bills. Unlike the Kardashians or some of the other parents that made this list, these parents are pretty low key.

Pink — who regularly posts on Instagram — brings her daughter homemade treats to school. While other mothers might gift their children with diamonds, they gifted their child with an electric motorbike. How else is Willow Hart going to take her daddy’s place as a motocross racer?

While most partners’ push presents involve jewelry of some sort, Carey Hart gave Pink a custom motorcycle. This family is marching to their own beat. True to their style, they showed up to the 2017 VMA awards wearing three-piece suits. Can we just go ahead and acknowledge them as one of the dopest pair of celebrity parents around today?

5Beyoncé And Jay-Z - Diamond Encrusted Barbie

If you are the children of one of the wealthiest power couples in America, your gifts are in a league of their own. It was reported that for Blue Ivy’s first birthday, her parents gave her an $80,000 diamond-encrusted Barbie doll.

The doll is believed to contain 160 gems. That’s not all she got for her first birthday, though. It was said that the total value of her other gifts was about $25,000. That should come as no surprise since Beyoncé purchased a $3,500 crib for her little angel.

Her parents are also not afraid to spend their money on Blue Ivy’s clothing. She has been known to wear handmade, one-of-a-kind designer clothing. Some of the items she has worn have been in excess of $10,000. Maybe it was kismet that Daddy’s last name is so close to Cartiér

4Gwen Stefani - Harry Potter Theme

The three children belonging to Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are completely and totally adorable. Like their mother, they have a totally unique style and finely coiffed hair. When their oldest child turned ten-years old, Gwen celebrated. She took her oldest son, Kingston, on a helicopter ride. She then took him into the countryside where he could go fishing and ride dune buggies.

It may top his brother's birthday party, which was Harry Potter themed. Upon his birthday cake sat the Sorting Hat. When the family is out on the red carpet at movie premiers or getting to travel all over with their parents, they like to spend their days at fun kids’ museums and grabbing an ice cream. When they go out, though, they tend to be dressed better than the average kid their age.

3The Jolie-Pitts - Insatiable Appetites

Hollywood’s power couple was known to be very generous with their six children. They like going to toy stores to spend thousands of dollars in one trip and taking trips all over the world. Angelina wants to raise her children to be global citizens.

When Angelina and Brad broke up in 2016, it was reported that Jolie compensated by buying her children anything they wanted. She wanted to make them feel better and pay them back for the emotional turmoil their family was going through. One of her daughters — Zahara — is known to love shopping and has taken advantage of Mom’s generosity by doing some serious online shopping. Certainly, it is one way to cope with family stress but that habit is unsustainable — unless your parents are two of the highest paid actors in the industry, that is.

2P. Diddy - Money And Education

When your dad names you Justin Dior Combs, it is safe to assume that he is going to be dropping some major cash on you. For P. Diddy’s son’s sweet sixteen, he gave his son a Maybach. It only set him back a cool $360,000.

That birthday present put P. Diddy in some hot water as some people criticized his parenting, but he responded by simply saying that he didn’t have to explain his parenting to anyone. True dat.

He doesn’t just give his children the best material possessions — like a luxury yacht which is estimated to be worth $73 million dollars — but he invests heavily in a good quality education for his six children. His kid are definitely being taken care of; there are no questions about that. As to how they’ll turn out as adults — well, we’ll see.

1Phaedra Parks And Apollo Nida - Nothing Short Of Royalty

Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida decided long ago they would treat their children like royalty, and that’s just how their two boys are raised at the Park’s residence. After all, their mother is the Queen of Shade. Phaedra Parks’ baby shower was featured on her hit reality show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta. No expense was spared. It included more than a hundred guests, and featured a large cake and dancers. The queen was wearing a crown of flowers at her shower.

Since Phaedra and Apollo have gotten divorced and Apollo has been sent to prison, she has had to ensure the success of her sons. She can achieve that for her boys by being a big believer in education and not compromising on the quality of such that her sons receives.

For Ayden’s sixth birthday, Phaedra dropped $50,000 into a college savings fund. Despite the fact that the six-year old doesn’t understand the importance of his gift, he will certainly appreciate it ten years from now. Or so we hope.

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