15 Celebs Who Bounced Back (And The Tricks They Used To Get There)

Some women, especially celebs, seem to have no problem losing the baby weight. For some, they walk out of the hospital with their brand new bundle of joy and look like they did not just give birth or carry a human in their belly for nine months.

It can be extremely rough on a new mom who is dealing with body image issues after giving birth. Celebs in particular always seem to bounce right back after giving birth. Heidi Klum walked the run way just a few months after giving birth!

One thing to remember is this, it's their job to look good. They have personal chefs and trainers, nannies and housekeepers. A whole slew of people to help them get back into shape and take care of everything. Most of us "normal" mommies don't have that. And for some, who have great genetics, they just bounce without even trying, much to the chagrin of others who struggle so.

While it can make one jealous to see how quickly these celebs bounce back, it makes me feel sad for them. Instead of focusing on being a mom, they have to focus on their looks. They don't get to enjoy time off with their baby, they have to bounce right back.

15 Ciara - Took Up Kick Boxing

Ciara lost 20 pounds in 4 short weeks after giving birth, and a total of 60 pounds in 4 months after! That is a lot of weight to lose in a short amount of time. Ciara gained 60 pounds during her pregnancy with daughter Sienna, despite saying she would not gain that much weight. After giving birth she began posting on her Instagram for accountability.

Using hashtags like #bounceback and #levelup, she gave other moms hope to lose so much so quickly. She ate a healthy diet and took up boxing, which she accredits to her quick weight loss and getting back into shape. Just 4 months after having Sienna she appeared on the cover of Shape magazine looking incredibly fit and in shape. She definitely didn't look like she had just given birth!

14 Angelina Jolie - Chased Around Her Kids As Exercise

Angeline Jolie, mother of 5, has been extremely thin most of her life. While divorcing her husband, Brad Pitt, she lost even more weight and rumors of anorexia began floating around. Despite this, some women are just naturally thinner, and lose weight easily.

Jolie has had two pregnancies, the first her daughter Shiloh and the second was with twins, Knox and Vivienne. After each pregnancy she bounced right back to her slim and svelte appearance. She accredits the weight loss after child birth to chasing around her other children. Apparently her "brood" as she refers to them, keeps her incredibly busy, thus having little time to eat. And chasing around kids is a form of exercise (in my book and Jolie's). She has 6 to chase around, and a career, so it's no wonder she stays so thin.

13 Jennifer Lopez Went On A Vegan Diet

Jennifer Lopez, A.K.A. JLO or Jenny from the block, has always had a-rockin' body and is known for her big booty. She was married to Marc Anthony with whom she had twins with. While she said it took her 6 years to lose the baby weight, everyone who saw her shortly after they were born could see she bounced right back. JLO has always has had an intense workout routine and after giving birth jumped right back into her exercise regime. Not only that, she changed her diet to vegan to help lose the stubborn 8-10 pounds she couldn't seem to lose. She credits the vegan diet for the weight loss and giving her more energy and better moods. Whatever she did or is doing, it's right. Because she looks fabulous.

12 Chrissy Teigen Worked Out While Pregnant

Model Chrissy Teigen (and wife of musician John Legend) accredits her ability to bounce back after pregnancy to working out while pregnant—ALOT. She stated in an interview "I worked out more pregnant than I ever did not pregnant!" So for her, she wasn't worried about bouncing back. She knew she had remained a healthy lifestyle while pregnant, and that it would be relatively easy for her to get her body back. She said she kept working out while pregnant to keep her energetic and feeling good. Which worked! She also said she enjoyed the time off from working out after having her daughter. She also said she enjoyed her pregnant body than her normal body, and how it was nice to not have to worry about having a six pack and how she looked all the time.

11 Mel B Credits Jenny Craig

Mel B, the mother of 3, lost her baby weight after her third child in just 6 moths! She was able to fit into her 13-year-old daughter's jeans (which Mel B said were hers before she became pregnant and her daughter "stole" them when she became pregnant). How cool to be 36 years old and wearing the same size as your 13-year-old! Mel B accredits her weight loss to Jenny Craig and working out twice a day! When you want something you have to work for it, and she obviously wanted her hot bod back! Her dedication showed, because 6 months after giving birth she appeared on the cover of Australia's Woman's Day magazine, looking like she did when she was a Spice Girl! Healthy eating and exercise to lose weight? Who would have thought!

10 Beyonce Did A Cleanse

Just 4 months after giving birth to twins, Rumi and Sir, Beyoncé was seen showing off in high-waist pants and crop top, baring her abs! Yes, Queen B has abs only 4 short months after giving birth to twins! Beyoncé is no stranger to losing weight quickly and used to promote the master cleanse to lose weight rapidly and get into shape. Not only did she lose all of her baby weight, get her abs back, she also managed to keep her Beyoncé booty everyone knows and loves! Of course, chasing after her oldest daughter Ivy and taking care of twins probably helped lose some weight too. Her weight loss mostly came from a vegan diet and working out with her personal trainer. Once again, clean eating and working out for the win!

9 Jessica Simpson Walked 4 Miles A Day

Jessica Simpson had 2 babies in 2 years and credits her weight loss to weight watchers and walking 4 miles daily. She said in an interview that with 2 little ones she was constantly running up and down the stairs and "kids can keep your metabolism going". Simpson also says she helps prepare family meals and works with a personal trainer, which also helped her get back to her pre-baby shape. Simpson fell under media scrutiny for her weight on numerous occasions, which would be hard for any new mom. Celebs are too often judged by their looks, and despite pregnancy (which DOES cause weight gain), the media can be incredibly cruel. Despite the harsh media criticism, Simpson preserved and bounced back after back to back pregnancies and looks better than ever.

8 Jennifer Garner Focused On Being Healthy

The beautiful Jennifer Garner said that her kids came first before losing her baby weight. And at times, to lose weight she simply wouldn't eat. She chose to put her kids before her workouts, but picked up the unhealthy habit of not eating to drop pounds quickly. While she didn't mind taking her time losing the baby weight, so she claimed in an interview, the pressure for actresses to return their pre-baby bodies put some stress on her. During her 3 pregnancies she worked on various films and tried extreme diets to lose the baby weight quickly. After her 3rd child, she decided to accept the weight gain and focus on being healthy to return to her pre-baby size. She is doing something right, because she is just as stunning as ever, and from what her friends say, an awesome mama.

7 Naomi Watts Blames It On Breastfeeding

Naomi Watts lost her baby weight quickly and attributes it to breastfeeding. She said breastfeeding sucks the fat right out! For some this is true, and breastfeeding is well known to help aid the weight loss after baby. Watts reached her pre-baby weight just a little over a month after giving birth to her second child. She also accredits a healthy plan and exercising to her svelte figure. She also has good genes, which some women have and some do not, which aids in the process of shedding the pregnancy pounds. Watts was a tiny woman before the pregnancies and went right back to being tiny. Like most mothers, being healthy was a priority for her and for her child. Eating healthy and exercising is important when breastfeeding and the side effect is a hot bod!

6 Gwen Stefani Went To The Extreme

Gwen Stefani, the 48-year-old mom of 3, admitted to an unhealthy obsession with weight. When pregnant with her first born, Kingston, she kept up an extreme workout regimen until just 2 weeks before she gave birth to him. She says when she was younger she was a bit chubby and did not want to be that chubby little girl forever. Which prompted her to the extreme workout sessions during and after pregnancy. She says that high-intensity weightlifting sessions, five times a week helped her immensely when trying to lose the baby weight, after each pregnancy. She recommends weight lifting for all women as it boosts metabolism and helps burn fat. And while she says the "size zero trend sucks", she no longer obsesses over it. She just wants to be healthy and happy.

5 Rebecca Romijn - Ever Heard Of Bikram Yoga?

Rebecca Romijn says that losing the baby weight was the hardest thing she ever had to do. And while she appeared to bounce back, it was a real struggle for her to do so. Many people think that celebrities walk out of the delivery room looking red carpet ready and back to their pre-baby body. That's just the magazines making us believe this falsehood.

While they have trainers and chefs, they still struggle too, as they are real people just like us. Romijn gained 60 pounds while pregnant with her twins. She accredits her weight loss to Pilates that she did before her pregnancy, but didn't work the same after pregnancy. So post pregnancy she decided to try Bikram yoga and a healthy diet which led to her weight loss and got her back to pre-pregnancy shape.

4 Mila Kunis Took Up Hiking

Mila Kunis mother of 2, credits her weight loss to breastfeeding. Which she says is like working out. It burns calories and helped her reach her pre-baby body. She is also very active and hikes most every day with her kiddos. With her firstborn, she would put her in a papoose and take off for miles of hiking, which she says was a big help in losing the baby weight. In just 3 months she had dropped 25 pounds and was back to wearing her skinny jeans and showing off her pre-baby body. She is no stranger to extreme dieting as she had to do for her role in The Black Swan. After her second child, she became more aware of healthy eating and not going to extremes for weight loss.

3 Heidi Klum Was On A Strict Diet

Heidi Klum appears to have a charmed life. She has 4 beautiful children and is a TOP model. She also famously hit the runway just six weeks after giving birth to her second child. She said that while she was happy to take to the stage, she was aware that she was one of the heaviest models there, with 20 pounds of baby weight she still needed to lose. She could have fooled us! She looked smoking hot and owned it that night. The mother of 4 has bounced back after every pregnancy in a short amount of time. Her secret? Extreme workouts with her personal trainer. She also maintained ( and still does) a strict healthy diet plan. She lost 48 pounds in 8 weeks after her third son was born by exercising and eating healthy.

2 Kerry Washington - Bounce Back? No Problem!

Kerry Washington attributes her amazing bounce back after having her daughter to working 16 hour days and chasing after her little one. She also famously wore her sky high, high heels until she was 10 and a half months pregnant. She also said she was not worried about weight gain during her two pregnancies and chose to eat what she wanted, which included lots of cake! Due to tricks of the trade, she said actresses who are pregnant don't have to starve themselves anymore because the pregnancy can be hidden on the big or small screen. Which is why she was able to eat what she wanted and not have to worry.Despite indulging in her cravings, she managed to get her pre-baby body back almost instantly; or so it seems. Lucky gal, she looks great

1 Tori Spelling Skips Out On The Bad Dieting

Tori Spelling is the mother of 5 beautiful children. After each pregnancy, she seemed to bounce right back. But it wasn't without the help of diet fads, and sometimes depriving herself of eating altogether. She was a spokeswoman for the Nutrisystem diet, which she accredited to helping her lose weight after her third and fourth child. She later said she lied about how well it worked, and she was also starving herself to lose the weight.

Now with a much healthy outlook on weight loss, she works with Tae Bo trainer Billy Blanks. She is back to pre-baby form with his help after having her fifth child. In addition to eating healthy and not using unhealthy diets or practices to shed the pounds. Good for her, being healthy and setting a good example for her kids!!

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