15 Celebs Who Chose Fame Over Their Own Kids

Fame or family is not a condition that necessarily comes along with being in Hollywood, but it is a decision that a great deal of celebrities have had to make over the years. We sacrifice a lot both in parenthood and in our careers, but that does not mean that any of us should have to pick one or the other. They do not have to decide between fame and family, but they decide to. Maybe they have the misguided idea that money is more important to our children than having an involved parent. While obviously it is costly to raise kids, they would still be better off having their parents involved in their lives.

We live in our world where fame has become such a sought over matter that some are willing to sacrifice their privacy, reputation, and even family in order to obtain and maintain it. Obviously as parents, we criticize those who would pick fame over their own children any day. We wonder their motivations and reasoning because most of us do not have the same level of fame, and we just do not understand it. Some parents push their own children into the spotlight because they believe it will better their lives to have fame and fortune.

We are also the generation where parents are turning their children and families into Hollywood workshops and spinning out reality shows in exchange for their children's childhoods. It has completely changed the family dynamic for these kids, and many of them did not have a say in participating or not before it was too late.

14 Blac Chyna - A Baby For All The Wrong Reasons

Today Blac Chyna is becoming a household name, but it wasn't always that way. If it weren't for her baby daddy, Robert Kardashian, and their toxic relationship that they showcased on a reality show we wouldn't know who she was. Many recognized that Rob Kardashian was in an incredibly vulnerable position when he met the former stripper who was fame hungry.

Rumors began immediately that Chyna used Robert and their daughter, Dream, as a means of to get back at her ex fiancee, Tyga. While Chyna has came out to say that she was famous before she met the Kardashians, we are all well aware that her relationship and child with Rob greatly increased her fame. But did anyone know that Blac Chyna was a model prior to her reality television days? Nope? Didn't think so.

13 Joe Jackson - Robbed His Kids' Childhoods

Original Caption: Michael jackson:

The famous father of the legendary Michael Jackson has been greatly disconnected from the majority of his kids for decades. Michael long accused his father of turning the kids into a business and stealing their childhoods away from them. Maybe that's why the adult Michael sought out a childhood for much of his adult life.

Joe created the Jackson 5 out of his children which became the successful band that kickstarted his children's music careers. Joe Jackson probably didn't help his estranged relationships with his kids by insisting they call him "Joseph" instead of 'dad.' He also abused the children both emotionally and physically if they did not rehearse things to his standards or perform how he wanted.

12 Farrah Abraham - It's All About Attention

Farrah Abraham might have gotten her fame due to her children and the fact that she was a teen mom, but that doesn't mean she is doing right by them. The reality star got her start on 16 and Pregnant before moving on to Teen Mom OG. The star originally wanted to promote that even though she has a baby at a young age, it would not hold her back from accomplishing things. Maybe Farrah has a different idea of what accomplishments are than most of us.

The reality star has gotten several plastic surgeries. In addition, she has received a DUI. To top it all off she has two "leaked" sex tapes. That will be so fun for her kids to watch someday. Farrah's latest venture is a vaginal rejuvenation procedure that she posted pictures of during the procedure! ICK. We all get that child birth can change the landscape down there, but there is no need to air the procedure out for the world to see. While Farrah has been gallivanting through plastic surgeries and reality TV, her kids are rarely seen with her.

11 Lamar Odom - Left His Children To Marry A Reality Star

The former NBA star married reality star Khloe Kardashian in a whirlwind romance back in 2009. Prior to his marriage with Khloe he had a serious relationship with Liza Morales, the mother of his three children. Lamar spent a decade with Morales that included an engagement compared to the four weeks he knew Khloe prior to tying the knot.

Lamar's daughter, Destiny, said her father's marriage was toxic and strained his relationship with herself. She claims that her dad was addicted to the fame and attention that came with marrying the reality star despite the many negative consequences it had on his children. Not only was his relationship with the kids strained, but Destiny was often taunted in school because of her father's very public lifestyle.

10 Tiger Woods - Scandal After Scandal

Tiger Woods has two children, Sam Alexis Woods and Charlie Axel Woods. The pro golfer has made dozens of headlines in the past few years that we wish were about golf. He has been exposed as a serial cheater. Woods might be considered the greatest golfer of all time, but he is one of the worst husbands. His wife kicked him out for affairs that she thought were with one or two women, but the women have been coming out of the woodwork ever since leaving Woods' children in the middle of a nasty scandal.

Woods got wrapped up in himself and his ego. Over the years, the scandal blew up with women coming from every inch of the country having accounts of sexting, affairs, and scandalous acts.

Things have only gotten crazier for the father of two who has blackballed himself. Woods was arrest for a DUI while he had FIVE different drugs in his system earlier in 2017. This was his second big accident following a crash and scene in 2009 when his wife chased him out of their home when she discovered his infidelities, and he crashed his vehicle.

9 Amber Portwood - Fame For The Price Of Her Daughter

The serial reality star came into the spotlight on the MTV series 16 and Pregnant. Since her start in the reality world, Amber was catapulted into the world of fame and fortune at a younger age. She struggled to fight for custody of her now 8 year old daughter with Gary Shirley, Leah.

Portwood had a serious opiate addiction following her time on 16 and Pregnant. The reality star admits to being high consistently while filming Teen Mom. She blames her fame and fortune from the shows to making her vulnerable to a drug addiction. That combined with her sex addiction cost her custody of her daughter who is she is still trying to gain back total custody of.

8 Bill Hudson - Didn't Want His Family To Hold Him Back


Bill Hudson abandoned his wife Goldie Hawn and children to be raised by Goldie's new man, Kurt Russell. Bill is a musician who decided he did not want to be held back by a family. His son, Oliver, called the musician on his selfish decision by posting an Instagram on Father's Day with his dad and sister and captioning it, "Happy abandonment day." Honestly every kid with a deadbeat dad is applauding Oliver right now.

Kate and Oliver both refer to Kurt Russell as their father despite using Hudson as their last night. Since Oliver's post Bill has actually had the nerve to ask the children to stop using his last name. While Bill has a different version of the narrative than his children know, fame and his career obviously were more important than trying to be a good father to his two eldest children.

7 Kit Culkin - Blinded By Money


Kit Culkin was one of the first parents to combine the parenting role with the managing one, and he clearly did not rock at it. Kit managed his children into hating him. We probably know his son, Macaulay Culkin, from the Home Alone movies that he starred in as a child.

Kit was once an actor himself so maybe that is why he decided to push his children into the show business industry. Despite his own career, Kit's biggest successes came from his son, Macaulay. When Kit divorced from Macaulay's mother, there was a great deal of pressure over who would get custody of the young boy and his nearly 50 million dollar fortune. Macaulay picked his mom, and the father and son have been estranged ever since. Macaulay is of the belief that his dad leaving was for the best as the star retired at age 14 from the acting business.

6 Jane Carter - Fame Over Family


Nick and Aaron Carter were both a part of the band Backstreet Boys which formed in 1993. Their mom, Jane, was their manager who pushed them into the entertainment industry. The boys were very much the family's breadwinners and supported their family of 7 for decades starting in their adolescent years. The boys have since cut ties with their mother, and it likely has something to do with a great deal of family tensions regarding each boy's time as the family "cash cow."

When Jane divorced from her husband, he actually showed Aaron how his own mother was holding back his money from him. We have recently seen Aaron Carter in what appeared to be a downward spiral, but it started long ago when he was thrust into fame at a young age because of his now estranged mother. Due to the way Aaron grew up in the entertainment industry, he was introduced to a lot of 'adult' things at a very young age which probably influenced his decisions.

5 Charlie Sheen - The Rock N Roll Dad

Charlie Sheen has been arrested countless times. He has become a household name for his consistent headlines, but they are rarely positive. He shares children with Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller. Despite both being the mothers of his children, that has not stopped Sheen from publicly attacking them on social media. Denise Richards also accused him of physical and verbal abuse when filing for divorce from the father of her two daughters.

Sheen has also had countless run ins with the law for drug use and did some time in rehab as well which cost him temporary custody of his kids. Both of his ex wives have requested orders that keep him from his children because of his unhealthy lifestyle and drug use. His headline seeking behaviors have cost him the ability to be a good, stable father for his children.

4 Kris Jenner - Turned Family Into A Media Empire

Kris Jenner is the woman who turned her family into a reality series that has basically ripped any sense of normalcy away from her two youngest daughters who were forced to grow up in the public eye. While Kris's decision was obviously great for business as the family has built quite the empire, all of her children have revealed their challenges of growing up in such a public way. We are all aware of the time she pushed her daughter, Kim, to do a nude shoot for Playboy magazine when her daughter was clearly against it and uncomfortable. This is one of the monumental moments of when Kris proved her manager role was more important than her mother one.

Kylie is the youngest of the brood and on her new reality show, Life of Kylie, explains her struggles and dislikes of growing up on a reality show. Obviously since she was at such a young age when the show began, she could not have really understood what she was getting herself into, not that Kris asked her youngest family members.

3 Floyd Mayweather - A Controversial Role Model

Floyd Mayweather may be a legend in the ring, but it's his fighting behind closed doors that has people floored. In September of 2010, Mayweather brutally attached the mother of his children in front of the kids. Their 10 year old son wrote down the entire account for the police which has since gone viral.

He was sentenced to ninety days in jail, which was postponed until after his next fight. Clearly consequences aren't as serious if they are being given to a famous fighter.

The heavy weight boxer claims to be all about his family, but his way of showing his love to his children has more to do with extravagant gifts than real life lessons. Mayweather flaunts his fame and fortune for his children, but he has also done time for a few domestic abuses as well that involved his children and their mother. He was even quoted to have threatened the kids if they left the house or called police while he abused their mom.

2 Melanie Sloan - Kids Became The Cash Cow


Melanie Sloan is the mother of Scarlett Johansson. She was once the actress's manager before her daughter decided to cut her off and fire her. A choice that Scarlett was right in making. Scarlett fired her mother as her manager back in 2009 after being treated like a cash cow instead of a daughter. Sloan took great advantage of her daughter who still supported her financially after firing her as a manager. She continued to live extravagantly when she and her husband could have sought jobs instead of living off of her daughter's money.

Ultimately, it is easy to say that Sloan's actions as a manger damaged her relationship with her daughter. Sloan is the one who pushed her daughter into acting as she took her to auditions as a young child.

1 Crystal Workman - Pushed Her Daughter Away


Crystal Workman is the real life mom of Modern Family star, Ariel Winter, but she is also a stage mom turned monster. Workman managed her daughter in her acting career and nearly cost the star her job due to her actions on set. Cast members have had to sneak Winter food on set because her mother deprived her of food. Workman would also control nearly every aspect of Winter's life and made everything about appearances. She controlled how her child dressed despite being 14 years old.

There were also reports of child abuse that were well placed and executed to not leave proof. Workman lost custody of her younger daughter to her eldest daughter for three years before Winter eventually emancipated herself from her mother when she turned 17. Clearly Workman put fame before her relationship with her daughter when she pushed Winter into entertainment at age four, and it ended up costing her the relationship.

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