15 Celebs Who Didn't Heal Enough Between Babies

There are a few celebrities who have had babies very close in age. It almost seems like they popped out one baby and immediately got pregnant with the next one! And in some cases, that is not much of a stretch at all. Our favorite and not-so-favorite celebs seem to pop out a kid, bounce back to their old body, and then get pregnant again- all in a shockingly short amount of time!

We know that after giving birth to a baby, your body needs a chance to heal and get back to the way it was pre-pregnancy. That can take time. So when anyone, celebrities included, have babies back to back, has their body fully healed? Maybe so, maybe not.

Some celebrities have had babies so close together, that the rest of us are left scratching our heads wondering how they healed enough before getting pregnant and giving birth, yet again. With two little ones so close in age, it is like they will grow up as twins! Maybe it will just take them longer to heal after the next one! Read on to find out which celebrities did not heal enough between babies.

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13 Britney Spears - Almost A Year To The Day

Hit me baby one more time was not just a song by Britney, but the story of her life with kids! Britney had no chance of fully healing after her first child was born, because she got pregnant almost immediately with baby number two.

Britney has two sons, and they are almost exactly a year apart. That is it. If you are pregnant for forty weeks, she did not waste any time getting pregnant after her first son was born. Britney’s first baby was her son Sean Preston. Tabloid news went crazy when it was discovered she become pregnant soon after Sean was born. Her second son, Jayden James was born almost on his brother’s first birthday. Those two boys are certainly growing up like twins! And hopefully Britney has had some time to heal now!

12 Megan Fox - Three Boys In Two Years

Actress Megan Fox is a mom of three boys, all of whom are born pretty close in age to each other. She must have not had much time to heal in between these three pregnancies! It is a bit of an interesting story, as well.

Megan Fox and her husband, Brian Austin Green welcomed a baby boy by the name of Noah. Almost immediately after popping out her first boy, she got pregnant and welcomed another son, Bodhi, less than 14 months later. Life as parents with two little boys is not easy, and for whatever reason or reasons, Megan and Brian announced they were divorcing. Except, Megan soon discovered she was pregnant yet again, and their divorce was put on hold. Megan gave birth to yet another boy! And it happened about two years after her second born was born.

11 Jessica Simpson - A Little Surprise

Everyone enjoys following singer Jessica Simpson’s antics, and watching her throughout her pregnancies caught everyone’s eye. Not only did Jessica seem like one of us, just a regular person, by gaining lots of pregnancy weight, she was also open and honest when it came to her pregnancies.

Jessica has totally admitted that her first child, a daughter named Maxwell, was completely planned with her husband, she was not expecting to get pregnant so soon after Maxwell was born. Except that is exactly what happened. Jessica had no chance to heal and became pregnant soon after delivering her daughter. Less than 13 months later, she welcomed a baby boy, named Ace. She calls him a surprise, but clearly is over the moon in love with her little family.

10 Tori Spelling - Two Sets Of Irish Twins

Tori Spelling certainly has been busy making babies! In fact, she has kids so close together in age, we are all left scratching our heads as to how she could have ever possibly healed in between those babies!

Tori does not have just two kids close in age, but two sets of two kids extremely close in age. Often referred to as Irish twins, Tori’s two sets of kids are 13 months apart and then just 10 months apart! If you are thinking two kids being only 10 months apart seems crazy, we are with you there. That means that Tori got pregnant almost immediately after giving birth to her baby. We are exhausted just thinking about all those pregnancies back to back, and all those babies so close in age!

9 Naomi Watts - Age Was A Factor

Actress Naomi Watts always wanted children. However, she was 38 years old when she finally had kids. That age, unfortunately, is considered 'old' when having children (we have all heard the term geriatric pregnancy). Her age may be the reason why she decided to not give her body a chance to heal by having two kids back to back.

Naomi’s kids are very close in age. She first welcomed a son, Sasha, and then quickly became pregnant again, and had a daughter, Kai. Her children are only 16 months apart in age. They are going to grow up pretty close! Naomi, however, has stated she would have loved to have more children, but her age has stopped her. She says she wishes she would have started having kids earlier so she could have more!

8 Denise Richards - Two Kids And A Divorce Lawyer

Denise Richards perhaps became most famous for being with bad boy Charlie Sheen. Denise became pregnant and gave birth to their daughter, Sam, and then soon became pregnant and gave birth to another daughter, Lola.

Clearly, Denise did not have much time to heal between her two pregnancies. Her daughters are only 14 months apart in age! Perhaps the saddest part though, is that Denise filed for divorce from Charlie while she was still pregnant with Lola. That could not have been easy for Denise, having two babies so close in age, and going through a divorce. We hope she at least had some time to heal after giving birth to Lola. Both girls are cutie pies, and Denise seems to be doing just fine!

7 Kerri Walsh-Jennings - Planned It That Way

Kerri Walsh-Jennings is a volleyball powerhouse. She is one of the top volleyball players, having made it to the Olympics multiple times, where she has won the gold medal three times over and the bronze medal once. This Olympian also had another plan, to have kids super close together in age!

That is right, Kerri actually planned to have her children very close in age, giving her body little chance to really heal in between pregnancies. Kerri is mom to two boys, Joey and Sundance. They are definitely Irish twins, being only 11 months apart in age. She wanted this though, and hopes that their close age makes them very close brothers and friends. We hope she gets what she is hoping for, and also gets a chance to finally heal!

6 Heidi Klum - Only Healed Once

Heidi Klum has had a busy baby life. So busy, it seems like she never had a chance to really heal in between having not two babies, but three! Heidi clearly wanted children very close together in age, so she wasted no time getting pregnant soon after each child was born.

Heidi gave birth to Leni, and then just 16 months later, welcomed her son Henry. Still wanting more kids, she then became pregnant very soon after giving birth to Henry, and had another baby boy, named Johan, who was born only 14 months after Henry was born. Those two are like Irish twins. And all three of those kids could be considered Irish triplets! Heidi also was not done there. Except this time she gave her body a chance to heal. Three years later she welcomed a daughter, Lou.

5 Liv Tyler - Trying For A Girl

Everyone seems to love Liv Tyler, daughter of Aerosmith musician Steven Tyler. Liv has three children, and the age gaps are definitely a little crazy! Liv had her first child, a son, Milo, with her then husband, but they are no longer together. Ten years later, and with a new man, Liv had her second child, another boy named Sailor.

Perhaps Liv really wanted another child or to try to have a baby girl. She got her wish, even though she probably did not have much time to heal in between her pregnancies! Liv became pregnant not long after Sailor was born. She gave birth to a daughter, Lula, only 15 months later. We bet those brothers and sister will be pretty close, especially the second two!

4 Peaches Geldof - Before It Was Too Late

Peaches, the daughter of Bob Geldof, had her two sons back to back. She had no time to heal in between those two pregnancies! Definitely considered Irish twins, her kids are almost exactly a year apart in age. Peaches welcomed her first child, son Astala, who was born on April 24, 2012. With no time to heal, she immediately got pregnant again, and welcomed another boy, Phaedra, on April 21, 2013. Those two boys are super close in age!

Unfortunately, Peaches will not be able to witness her two boys growing up so close together in age. She died in 2014 of an overdose. Her boys were only barely one and two years old. How sad is that. Such young babies, and now their mother is no longer with them, may she rest in peace.

3 Rhea Durham-Wahlberg - Four Back To Back Babies

Mark Wahlberg with wife Rhea Durham and children, Ella, Grace and Michael at Mark Wahlberg's Star Ceremony on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, Hollywood, CA. 07-29-10 David Edwards/Dailyceleb.com 818-249-4998

Actor and singer Mark Wahlberg has certainly been busy, and kept his wife, Rhea Durham, who is also an actress, super busy as well! Together they have four kids. And their kids are all pretty close together in age, giving Rhea little time to allow her body to heal in between all those pregnancies!

Out of all of their children, the youngest two are the closest in age, being only 14 months apart. That means that Rhea got pregnant pretty quickly with her fourth kid! By then, though, she must have been a pregnancy pro! Mark and Rhea are pretty lucky too, they have two boys and two girls. Sounds like a pretty perfect family for these Wahlbergs. We hope Rhea has finally had a chance to heal!

2 Tameka Foster - Ensured Her Divorce Settlement

Tameka Foster is best known one for one thing- being singer Usher’s ex-wife. She and Usher have had quite the volatile relationship that has been way too public, but at one point they decided to have two kids, and those two kids are super close together in age. Despite all that has and still is going on between Tameka and Usher, there are two kids born close together that belong to those two.

Tameka didn’t really get a chance to heal between her two pregnancies. She had two boys with her ex Usher, Usher Raymond V and his little brother Naviyd. They will certainly grow up as close brothers, being only 14 months apart. They sure are cutie pies, really resembling their dad, Usher! Let’s just hope that Tameka enjoyed having two kids so close in age, and has finally healed!

1 Kim Zolciak - The Physical Toll

Reality star Kim Zolciak has been quite busy. She has a boatload of kids, and many of them are very close together in age. This mama has had zero chance of really healing in between all of these pregnancies! Let’s hope now that she has had some time to give her body a chance to heal.

Kim has six kids in all. In addition to her two older daughters, she has two sons who are only 14 months apart in age, and those boys will grow up like twins for sure. Then, she got pregnant almost immediately, and this time it was with twins! She had a boy and a girl who were born just 15 months later. Whew! We are exhausted just thinking about all those pregnancies and all those kids!

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