15 Celebs Who Gave Up Hollywood For Their Kids (And 5 Who Love The Fame)

As parents, there is nothing we wouldn't do for our children. Once the doctor lays that tiny bundle of joy in our arms, we automatically know that we would walk through fire for those little people, no questions asked. Many parents have found themselves struggling to survive and take care of their kids, working several menial jobs in a futile attempt to make ends meat. Mothers and fathers are the ultimate example of sacrifice and even when they think they can no longer carry on. One look into their child's face lets them know that they most certainly can continue.

We often think of celebrities as the polar opposite to the example of moms and dads described above. They are the ones who can give their children expensive cars, private island vacations and ten thousand dollar outfits. These people don't know what it means to make sacrifices for the sake of their children right? Wrong! Some of Hollywood's brightest stars have gone out in the name of parental sacrifice. These fifteen famous mommies and daddies gave up Tinsel Town all for their darling kids. Being famous is pretty darn cool, but being a parent truly takes the cake.

Of course, not everyone has their children at the forefront of their minds though. Five famous faces here put fame first and kids last. Boo.

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20 Quit Hollywood - Robin Wright

Robin Wright never completely stepped out of acting after she became a mother, but she and her former husband, actor Sean Penn, did step north of the limelight when they packed up their family and settled in Northern California. The House of Cards actress has confided to Babble that she didn't want her "to raise her children in this weird, sycophantic society."

She also publicly stated that having celebrity parents is simply not a good recipe for children no matter their age. Robin skyrocketed to fame after she starred alongside Tom Hanks in the mega movie Forrest Gump. The talented mommy even scored a Golden Globe nomination for her performance, but gave it all up to devote her time and energy to raising her two children away from the cameras and silver screens. Does she regret her decision? Absolutely not!

19 Quit Hollywood - Elizabeth Hurley

Back in the 1990's beautiful and talented Elizabeth Hurley was one of the biggest names in acting. She was also the longtime girlfriend to acting heartthrob Hugh Grant. After her high profile split from Grant, whom she remains close friends with to this day, Grant had her only son Damien with multi-millionaire Steven Bing, which turned out to be one step away from an episode of the Maury Povich show.

Becoming a parent shifted Hurley's priorities greatly and with the arrival of Damien Liz was ready for an overhaul in her life. She stepped away from acting for several years to solely focus on motherhood.

As reported by Cafe Mom, she raised her son on a large farm in England, trying to give him a much more stable and serene life than he would have otherwise had growing up on movie sets and popping up at awards shows.

18 Loves The Spotlight - Farrah Abraham

via babygaga.com

MTV's Farrah Abraham has dabbled in adult film, loves herself some plastic surgery and even made the world learn all about her recent V rejuvenation procedure. Becoming a mother at sixteen years old opened all sorts of doors for Farrah. She loves the fame and has done what she could to keep herself in the spotlight.

Farrah has even put her needs to travel and make her dough ahead of her daughter's schooling. Farrah homeschools her child, but we aren't so sure any true education is taking place in little Sophia's universe. As reported by the Hollywood Gossip, Farrah recently caught a ton of heat for posting images of her traveling mini me up on social media. Traveling is great Farrah, but so is reading and writing.

17 Quit Hollywood - Candice Cameron Bure

via today.com

If you grew up in the eighties then you will recognize this mama as Full House's D.J. Tanner. OMG how we prepubescent girls loved ourselves some D.J.! Candice Cameron was one of the biggest names in the TGIF line up and was likely due for acting greatness, but then she met her husband, hockey player Valeri Bure, and left Hollywood completely.

The Bures raised their brood down in sunny Florida where Candice happily played the role of wife and mother.

According to Yahoo, she even publicly speaking out about having no problem taking on a submissive wife role. It has only been recently that Candice has reprised her role of DJ Tanner in the reboot of Full House, Fuller House. Considering I have a ten-year-old daughter who is obsessed with this show I am loving life getting to watch DJ Tanner back on the tube.

16 Quit Hollywood - Demi Moore

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore were THE couple of the late eighties and nineties. Hollywood's golden couple was everywhere you turned appearing in movies, on the red carpet and on the cover of magazines. Hollywood loved them and they seemed to love Tinsel Town right back. The couple welcomed three lovely daughters during their marriage, but after the kids came Bruce and Demi decided to make a seriously bold move.

As reported by Cafe Mom, they packed up and moved away from sunny California to a small town in Idaho. It was here in Hailey, Idaho where Rumer, Scout and Tallulah spent the majority of their childhood. The family eventually made the trek back to Cali when the girls were a bit older, but for a while there the Willis Family was surely living the quiet mountain life.

15 Loves The Spotlight - Blac Chyna

via babygaga.com

Blac Chyna was a former dancer who is now famous for turning into Rob Kardashian's baby mama. She has two kids named Dream and King Cairo (Tyga's son) and although there is no doubt Blac loves her kids, we know she also loves the spotlight, the fame, and the money. Her ex-fiance, Rob Kardashian, accused Blac of leaving their baby girl Dream, so that she could go out partying at the nightclubs, according to Radar Online. It was also reported that Blac was only with Rob to get a reality TV shower and, thus, raise herself to celebrity status.

Remember when she tried to change her last name to Kardashian?

We sure do! This is one woman who will say and do anything to keep herself in the spotlights, in headlines, and in our social media feeds.

14 Quit Hollywood - Shania Twain

Shania Twain was a true rags to riches story. The pretty, small town girl from simple beginnings rose to fame and fortune by belting out country songs with a twist of pop. Shania had it all. Everything she touched seemed to instantly turn to gold and her career was only getting bigger, but just when she was at the height of her career she decided on a shocking lifestyle change.

Even though she was one of music's greatest selling artists of all time, she wanted nothing more than to raise her little family in quiet and piece. Shania and her then husband, Robert Lange, moved across the pond to Switzerland with their only son Eja. Now that Eja is no longer a tiny tot, Shania is ready to repeat her entertainment success by embarking on a massive farewell tour.

13 Quit Hollywood - Lauren Hill

via bet.com

Singer Lauren Hill is pretty much a musical master. She rose to fame as part of the R & B group The Fugees and then branched out on her own even scoring a Grammy award for her mega pipes and heartfelt lyrics. One day she was this powerhouse musician blowing up the charts and the next minute she was literally nowhere to be seen.

Lauren quietly bowed out of her singing career to focus on more important matters, like being a mother.

According to Essence.com, she has six children, five of whom were fathered by Ziggy Marley, son of the late and great Bob Marley, and one more little guy to boot. She is even a Grannie now that her son Zion has become a parent himself! Honestly with six kiddos and a grandbaby who even has time for anything else?

12 Loves The Spotlight - Penelope Cruz

via momtastic.com

Ms. Cruz is a proud mommy to two kiddos with hubby Javier Bardem, whom she married back in 2010, but just because this lady has taken on the new role of parent doesn't mean that she is slowing down in her career.

Cruz is a self-admitted workaholic.

She admitted to the DailyStar.co.uk, that she used to be even worse, only taking off a handful of days during the entire year and forcing herself to leave her Blackberry in the other room to please her family.

While Penelope loves her children and her husband immensely, she also admittedly loves being on movie sets. She even used to measure her years by the number of countries she filmed in and by the movies she shot. While we are glad to hear that this busy lady is slowing down a little bit, she better realize quickly that those baby years fly by in the blink of an eye and you don't get them back.

11 Quit Hollywood - Michael Schoeffling

via zimbio.com

Michael Schoeffling is the hunky heartthrob of so many middle-aged women's hearts. He starred opposite Molly Ringwald in the iconic teen mega hit Sixteen Candles as sweet and sensitive Jake Ryan. After becoming the hottest thing since sliced bread, Schoeffling appeared in Vision Quest and Mermaids, but found that the roles he was shooting for just weren't popping up.

He left acting for good, retiring at age 31, to move out east and raise his son and daughter with his ex-model wife Valerie. Aside from being a devoted husband and father, he is also apparently into carpentry work as well. He might be doing the school runs and packing lunches these days, but to us he will always be the sexy senior high school student who made us freaking melt when we saw him on screen.

10 Quit Hollywood - Vera Farmiga

Farmiga has had a successful career in the acting world starring in Up in the Air with George Clooney as well as in Martin Scorsese's The Departed. She also plays Norman Bate's mommy dearest in Bates Motel, but acting isn't her priority. Being a mother to her two young children takes the number one spot in her life. According to Cafe Mom, Farmiga sees her children's needs as her own needs and no role will ever thwart her devotion to shaping and molding her kiddos into the best possible people that they can be.

Vera, her kids and her husband live on a farm in Upstate New York along with a gaggle of goats and other friendly farm animals. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, she says that any script that doesn't tickle her fancy ends up as fertilizer on the farm.

Clearly Hollywood needs this lady more than she needs Hollywood.

9 Loves The Spotlight - Kim Kardashian

Kim K. has three adorable little kiddos at home - North, Saint, and Chicago - but that doesn't mean that she is slowing down her lifestyle to become a full time mom. She recently welcomed a third child into her family, along with hubby Kanye West, but Kimmy just keeps on taking the world by storm in everything that she does.

Kids are great and all, but as reported by GirlsTalkinSmack.com, Kim also loves her business ventures, her perfume lines, websites and fashion ventures. Everything Kim decides to do, she does 100%. Kim's children are all still very young, so there is still hope that she will figure out a way to strike a balance between fame and fortune and parenthood.

8 Quit Hollywood - John Hughes

Via: Aggregate

Hughes was once a very sought after director in Hollywood and then in 1995 he pretty much disappeared into thin air. After creating classics like Sixteen Candles, Weird Science, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club Hughes blew out his own burning star and became virtually undetectable.

According to Movie Line, his secret pen pal, (yes this is actually a thing,) revealed that John was highly concerned about the impact that his popularity would have on his young sons and felt that removing them from Hollywood would be in everyone's best interest. John never did return to directing. After he jumped ship in 1995 he stayed quiet and private until his untimely death occurred back in 2009. Imagine what movie greatness might have been made had he stayed along his famous path?

7 Quit Hollywood - Debra Winger

via purpleclover.com

According to PurpleClover.com, Debra Winger left the world of acting after wrapping up filming the movie Forget Paris back in 1995. It seems like a lot of Hollywood bigwigs made 1995 their bow out year for some reasons. Three Oscar nominations weren't enough for Winger to stay in Tinsel Town and continue slaving away at film projects. She moved back east with her son, whom she had with former partner Timothy Hutton, and married Arliss Howard.

It was out East she stayed, raising her son, Arliss's son and the child whom they had together.

Debra focused heavily on family, although she did take on various projects here and there and even taught an acting class at Harvard.

In 2001, once the boys were a bit more grown, she returned to acting and picked up right where she had left off.

6 Quit Hollywood - Lisa Bonet

Lisa Bonet is the beauty who played Denise Huxstable on The Cosby Show way back in the day. Following this major acting gig she married rocker Lenny Kravitz and together the pair welcomed their daughter Zoey into the world. According to MotherMag.com, Lisa has publicly stated that becoming a mother saved her life and having her daughter truly served as a wake up call for her to grow up.

Lisa halted her acting career to focus on her little family and while she did take on the occasional roles, she wasn't nearly as invested in Hollywood as she had been prior to motherhood. Lisa and Lenny split and she went on to marry super hottie Jason Momoa in 2007. Once again family came first this time around and acting took a back seat to parenthood.

5 Loves The Spotlight - Charlie Sheen

via usweekly.com

Charlie Sheen has had a lot of cracks at parenthood with all sorts of women and he ever seems to get it right. He has one daughter, Cassandra, from an early relationship and two other daughters with actress Denise Richards. He also has twin sons with Brooke Mueller. No matter how many children this guy racks up he always seems to ditch his parental duties and return to the unhealthy lures of Hollywood.

Sheen's party boy lifestyle has pulled him further and further away from his children and into the darkness that sometimes comes along with bright lights and cameras. Sadly Charlie had to learn the hard way that children truly are precious and our time with them as parents is limited. As reported by CNN, the actor recently learned that he has HIV.

4 Quit Hollywood - Rick Moranis

via snakkle.com

Funny guy Rick Moranis blew up the eighties with countless movie roles in some of the greatest and most memorable films of our generation. He starred in film giants such as Ghostbusters, Little Shop of Horrors, and Honey I Shrunk The Kids before giving up his busy career completely. Sadly his disappearance from fame happened because of a devastating family occurrence that rocked the Moranis family to the core.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Rick's beloved wife passed away from cancer, leaving Rick with two very young children to raise all on his own.

He decided that even though his acting career was bigger than ever, he needed to be home with his children full time.

For Rick, the decision to leave acting completely wasn't a difficult choice to make at all. He just shifted along with the curveball life had thrown him.

3 Quit Hollywood - Kellie Jackson (Williams)

Many of us "more seasoned people" will remember this face from our TGIF days. Kellie Williams played Laura Winslow, the apple of Steve Urkel's eye, on the hit sitcom Family Matters. For nine long years we watched her roll her eyes at an overzealous and uber dorky Steve and then when Family Matters ended so did Kellie's acting career.

Even with her talent and resume she felt that she had bigger plans to devote her time and attention to during her adult years, and those plans included the pitter patter of tiny feet. As reported by Washington Post, Kellie married Hannibal Jackson and together they welcomed two tiny tots into the world. Seriously though look at those little darlings. No wonder she quit working so that she had more time to stare at their cuteness!

2 Quit Hollywood - Cary Grant

via newsweek.com

Cary Grant is an icon in the movie industry appearing in films such as Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest and To Catch a Thief. The guy slayed films for 32 years before hanging it all up to take on the biggest role of his life to date...fatherhood.

According to the NY Times, Grant was 62 years old when he gave up his lucrative career in order to spend more time doting on his darling daughter Jennifer.

Grant apparently didn't make the greatest husband, as he was married to Jennifer's mother Dyan for only a couple of years, but he was one hell of a loving father. He simply worshiped his child, even having all of her belongings archived. Way to make all of us average parents who stuff our children's projects into boxes in the basement look like complete chumps Cary.

1 Quit Hollywood - Phoebe Cates

via marriedwiki.com

Actress Phobe Cates rocked the eighties by starring in mega movies such as Gremlins, Drop Dead Fred, and Fast Times at Ridgemont High before she went on to rock motherhood. She married fellow actor Kevin Klein and the pair had a son in 1991 and then a daughter in 1993.  According to Cafe Mom, after the kids were born, Cates and Klein made it a point to always alternate their working schedules so that the two never had projects going on at the same time.

In a 1988 interview Klein said that his wife would always choose to stay home with the children even when it was her turn to take on another acting project. Even though Phoebe is a super talented actress, being a stay at home mom just seemed to suit her and the needs of her growing family.

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