15 Celebs Who Got Cheated On While Pregnant

Pregnancy is tough enough, but for these celebs everything became that much harder when they found out their baby daddies weren't faithful.

While some women glow their way through pregnancy, for others it’s not exactly a time period where they shine. Women contend with nausea, back-pain, indigestion, hemorrhoids, swelling, and hormones in over-drive. Their partners, for the most part, need to step up and grin and bear it, particularly when an expecting mama needs their patience, support, and understanding.

Whoever came up with the idea that a faltering relationship can be saved by the addition of a child, clearly didn’t double check their work. The stresses of pregnancy and the imminent arrival of children is enough to shake the foundation of strong relationships, not to mention what it is capable of doing to ones that are teetering on the edge. Add into the balance a relationship that is under the sharp and active scrutiny of fans, tabloids, and the paparazzi and there is bound to be some fireworks!

The addition of a child can be a scary process, and sometimes so intimidating that people panic and rebel against becoming a ‘boring’ parent. Sometimes this means cheating, and despite what we’re often led to believe it isn’t only the dads who cheat. These celebrities had a lot on their plates when they discovered their partner was cheating on them while they were pregnant.

15Brandi Glanville - Hollywood's Biggest Scandal

Brandi Glanville was pregnant when she found out her husband, Eddie Cibrian, was cheating on her with LeAnn Rimes. LeAnn, a country singer at the time, was stepping into the acting scene. LeAnn met Eddie while filming her TV drama Nora Robert's Northern Lights back in 2009. The two began having an affair that would later become one of the biggest cheating scandals in Hollywood to date.

Let's not forget, Eddie wasn't the only one with a ring on his finger. LeAnn was married to Dean Sheremet at the time, so it became quite the messy situation that would unfold in front of everyone's eyes. Brandi and Eddie, who got hitched in 2001, called it quits in 2010. The couple had two sons together, Mason Edward and Jake Austin. Today, Eddie is still going strong with LeAnn, and Brandi went on to make a name for herself, starring in the hit reality TV series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

14Heidi Klum - Ditched For A 19-Year-Old

Let Heidi Klum serve as an important reminder that no matter how attractive someone is, if they have a partner who’s going to cheat on them, that partner won’t remain faithful. If Flavio Briatore couldn’t keep it in his pants for his Victoria Secret model while she was pregnant, he certainly wasn’t going to for anyone!

Flavio dated Klum in early 2003, and she announced she was pregnant that December. The relationship ended when pregnant Klum discovered that Briatore was having an affair with a 19-year-old. Did we mention that he was in his early 50’s at the time? Klum later met and married musican Seal and although the two have since divorced they have three children together who they both actively co-parent.

13Kendra Wilkinson - A Secret That Rocked The Nation

Kendra Wilkinson and her husband, Hank Baskett, hit a rough patch that would not only make headline news but caused a media storm across the country. In 2014, it was revealed that while Kendra was carrying their child, Hank had cheated on her. Kendra, a former Playboy bunny, was 8 months pregnant at the time with their daughter named Alijah.

It was revealed that the former NFL player cheated on the mom-to-be with a transexual model named Eva London. The news had shocked everyone. Despite Hank's infidelity, the couple stayed together, and struggled to rebuild their marriage. The couple have two children together and since the scandal broke, Kendra and Hank have been opened about their marital problems, with Hank expressing his guilt to media outlets.

12Christina Milian - A Dream Turned Into A Nightmare

Sometimes relationship ‘dreams’ can become nightmares, particularly for someone who gets abandoned during pregnancy. The Dream and Christina Milian began dating when working on what was meant to be Milian’s fourth album (that was never completed/released). The two were married and announced a baby on the way shortly after.

Unfortunately Milian was caught by surprise when she was served divorce papers a week before her due date. Apparently The Dream was dating his assistant at the time, with press releasing photographs of The Dream and his new woman on vacation to help motivate Milian to sign on the dotted line. Milian has also since been romantically connected to rapper L’il Wayne, but their relationship too has ended due to infidelity.

11Mel B And Eddie Murphy - A Toxic Relationship

Mel B, a judge on the hit show America's Got Talent, was four months pregnant with Eddie Murphy's child when he left her for Tracey Edmonds. It was a very public scandal that made headlines news across the nation, but what makes this situation even more heartbreaking is after Mel gave birth to her daughter, named Angel Iris, the comedian firmly denied he was the father.

A paternity test would later confirm that Eddie was, in fact, the father of their child. Since the scandal broke, it was reported that the former Spice Girl and her daughter were in bad standing with Eddie but, most recently, Mel has told news outlets that Eddie has begun spending more time with Angel and they now have a "respectful" relationship.

10Salma Hayek - The Baby Daddy Of 2

Sometimes life doesn’t happen in the order it’s planned. Salma Hayek is now married to husband François-Henri Pinault, and the pair had a daughter together, but because things weren’t exactly exclusive in the early days Pinault also fathered model Linda Evangelista’s baby in the same year he became a dad with Hayek.

Evangelista kept the name of her baby dad under wraps for years, until media saw her in a New York City court arguing about a child support agreement she had arranged with Pinault. Perhaps Salma’s still jealous, as she recently told Jimmy Fallon that she thought her husband was having an affair with a woman with a “sexy voice”. It turns out that it was an app to help him improve his spoken English.

9Tom Brady And Bridget Moynahan - Victoria's Secret Is Out

While New England Patriots fans may think that football legend Tom Brady can do no wrong, his ex, actor Bridget Moynahan may object to that thought. The Blue Bloods star was dating Brady for two years when they ended their relationship with rumors speculating it was so Brady would be able to pursue a budding new relationship with model Gisele Bundchen.

Shortly after they called it quits Bridget discovered that she was pregnant with Brady’s child, publically announcing her pregnancy just a few months later. Both Moynahan and Bundchen have talked about how difficult coming to terms with this highly complicated situation and the very apparent ‘overlap’ was at the time. Thankfully for the sake of the children everyone involved has managed to play nicely and co-parent together.

8Wendy Williams - When The Tables Have Turned

Wendy Williams made a career out of talking about celebrities, their hidden secrets, juicy drama, and shocking scandals. But the TV talkshow host wasn't immune to the struggles and heartbreak celebrities go through in front of the world to see. Wendy revealed in 2001 that, while she was pregnant with her first son, she found out her husband (and manager), Kevin Hunter, cheated on her.

Wendy chose to stay by her husband's side and work through their marital problems as a team. The couple are still together to this day and Wendy says the infidelity made their marriage stronger. Although there was a happy ending, or what seemed to be one, for this couple, Kevin Hunter is no stranger to scandals. From sexual harassment suits to leaked tapes, Kevin has caused quite a bit of controversy for himself.

7Mary-Louise Parker And Billy Crudip - The Love Triangle

Getting cheated on while pregnant is bad, but how about getting very publicly dumped for another actor? In 2003 Weeds star Mary-Louise Parker was expecting a child with long term partner Billy Crudip when he ended things so he could date Claire Danes.

At the time Parker naturally avoided talking about the embarrassing break-up she addressed it in a section of her book Dear Mr. You, which came out in 2015 by including an apology letter to the cab driver she exploded at following her split from Crudip when he got lost en-route. Danes has seemed pretty cold about the entire situation, once telling Howard Stern, "I was just in love with him and needed to explore that and I was 24…I didn't quite know what those consequences would be."

6Lauren London And Lil Wayne - A Messy Situation

Lil Wayne likes to spread his seed around, a lot. The rapper has four kids with four different moms, two of whom became pregnant at the exact same time, which was probably pretty awkward. Despite all of the drama, Wayne was engaged to Nivea and expecting a child at the same time he fathered a baby with actress Lauren London.

Lil Wayne may not take fidelity seriously, but he does think being a dad is a huge priority saying, “Fatherhood is the most important thing to me; that’s what’s first.” Although when it comes to comeuppance, it’s not like Lil Wayne hasn’t had any himself. His 2016 memoir revealed his reaction to finding out his protégé Drake slept with his girlfriend, oops.

5Shar Jackson And Kevin Federline - There Were No Signs

Some people like to “trade-up” in terms of relationships. Apparently this was the case for back-up dancer Kevin Federline who ditched Shar Jackson when she was pregnant with their second child so he could pursue his budding relationship with Britney Spears. Federline was engaged to Jackson at the time of the break up, and has publically spoken about how the relationship ending came as a complete shock.

There were little to no signs that things were rocky when he upped and left his preggers fiancé. While Federline and Spears were married and had two boys together, the two eventually filed for divorce with Federline having full custody of their sons. Today the two seem to be more happily co-parenting, but as for his relationship with Shar Jackson, we don’t know.

4Lauryn Hill And Rohan Marley - Together For The Long Haul

If a couple is committed enough to each other to have five children over 10 years, it’s easy to assume they’ll be together for the long haul. That is unless your spouse cheats on you with a Brazilian model named Isabeli Fontana while you’re pregnant. Lauryn gave birth shortly after the pair were separated and Marley maintained his relationship with the model for several years.

Other drama sparked when Wyclef Jean claimed that Hill and Marley’s first child together belonged to him, which Marley angrily told everyone was simply a publicity stunt. While Hill and Marley may not have worked out romantically, Marley took care of all of the kids in 2013 when Hill went to jail for three months for tax evasion.

3David Boreanaz And Jaime Bergman - Tainted With Betrayal

An affair is something often kept private, however Angel and Bones star David Boreanaz made a pointed decision to go public about his many affairs over the course of his marriage to wife Jaime Bergman. The details included a relationship with Rachel Uchitel (who was also one of Tiger Woods’ mistresses) and infidelities that spanned over the time period when his wife was pregnant.

Boreanaz told People Magazine, “I haven’t been faithful to my wife. Our marriage has been tainted with my infidelities. I was irresponsible.” The two had struggled with their marriage in the past, but decided to tell the world after the star received extortion threats surrounding these affairs. The pair have two children and seem to have worked through the cheating.

2Ginny Cha And Tiki Barber - The Blonde Mistress

Multiple pregnancy comes with additional complications, which is why the support of a partner is incredibly important. Some fathers can’t hack it. Football player Tiki Barber called it quits with his wife of over a decade, Ginny Cha, while she was pregnant with twins and on ordered bed rest.

The reason for the split? So he could flit about town with a blonde who was a decade younger than him. As a parent of twins who was put on bed rest, I can’t even fathom the revenge fuelled reign of hate I would inflict on my husband in a similar scenario, but apparently Tiki was surprised when Ginny filed for divorce before the twins even arrived. The divorce wasn’t settled for another two years because of financial negotiations.

1Kylee Cochran And Seth Peterson - 12 Years Lost

Burn Notice actor Seth Peterson may not have the best romantic timing. The star left his pregnant wife Kylee Cochran to further a relationship with a 23-year-old seeking to pursue a career as a horror writer. Cochran filed for divorce after 12 years of marriage when Peterson moved in with his new girlfriend Miranda Doerfler. Peterson and Cochran had two other children together at the time of the affair/separation. While Cochran didn’t want a big heated legal conflict to stress her out while she was seven months pregnant, she did want to tie up any loose ends before the arrival of her third child. Hard feelings aside: the couple hoped to maintain the privacy of their children during the split.

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