15 Celebs Who Got Their Baby Mommas Extravagant Push Presents

The idea of a push present is a relatively new trend that is spreading all over the world. It is the idea that the new dad should gift his new mommy a special gift. It is a way to congratulate and celebrate her on all that she did to bring this little baby into the world. There are mixed feelings about this. Some feel that the new baby is gift enough while others have their arms outstretched waiting for something pretty or sparkly.

Some feel that it is just an excuse for mom to get a present (who doesn’t like presents?), while others see it as a treat for mom who just went through hours of hard and painful work. I think the problem comes when a woman expects to receive a push present. When she spends weeks hinting to her husband what she would like when she is done pushing the baby out.

Most husbands do get their partner some form of push present. It may not be sparkling diamonds or fast cars. It is probably something small like flowers, a balloon or just a hot lunch from somewhere other than the hospital. There are those who expect an extravagant gift for giving birth, and no one knows extravagance like a celebrity.

Celebrities have all the means in the world to spend a lot of money on fancy gifts for their wives after they deliver their baby. There have been a lot of celebrity moms lately, and we can not get enough of it. So, what did Beyoncé and Kylie get as a push present? If you are like me, I am dying to find out. Well, wait no more! Read on to hear about 15 celebs who got their partners the most extravagant push present.

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15 Kylie Got A Car!

There is no better way to start our list than with the latest and most talked about celebrity mom; Kylie Jenner. Kylie (somewhat) managed to keep her pregnancy a secret, though rumours were swirling around. The world was shaken when we recently found out that she had in fact given birth to a baby girl. It was announced in a sweet and touching video posted by Kylie, and a lot of people respected her decision to try and keep this pregnancy to herself to enjoy.

So, what did Kylie get as a push present? Probably exactly what you would think she would get. About three weeks after the birth of her daughter, Kylie showed off her new ride on Instagram, with the tag line ‘push present’. Travis Scott had purchased a $1.4 million Ferrari for his new baby mama, and the pair have been seen driving around in this luxurious vehicle. I guess it is practical? That baby must get to doctor’s appointments.

14 Pink Is Now Riding In Style

Kylie isn’t the only celeb mom who got a fancy ride for delivering her baby. Pink has always been a crowd favourite, with her no-nonsense attitude she is not afraid to say it how it is. She is also not known for being a girly-girl, so it was no surprise that her push present was a custom-built motorcycle. The motorcycle was made by her husband, Carey Hart. It was gifted to her about 5-months after she gave birth to her son Jameson.

She released the Instagram picture showing off her new push present and thanked her husband for building it for her. She also states that some girls like diamonds, but she likes heavy metal and carbon-fiber and chrome. Pink has never been one to follow the crowd, and she will sure stand out riding this camo-inspired two-wheeler. It is super-sweet that this gift was hand built by her husband, and not something that can be bought in a store.

13 Only The Best For Blac Chyna!

If you guessed that a lot of the people on this list would be part of the Kardashian crew, you were right! They are known for having very expensive taste and are not afraid to flaunt their luxurious items. This next one was a push gift from Rob Kardashian to his baby mama Blac Chyna. Apparently, the Kardashians favour luxurious vehicles as push presents. Blac received a $400, 000 new ride.

She did receive this a few months before their baby, Dream, was born. Blac posted it on Instagram and captioned it by saying it was a gift for all her hard work she had been doing that year. By hard work, we are assuming she means carrying and growing another human life. She ended the post with saying that she can not wait to bring her baby girl home. Leading everyone to believe that this was an early push present. Only the best for the Kardashians.

12 What Did Queen B Get?

If you are ever in a room with Beyoncé and you think you may have gone blind, don’t worry. Your eyesight will return to normal once she stops shining her push present in your face. Very soon after the arrival of Beyoncé’s daughter, Blue Ivy, in January 2012, Queen B was spotted with a sparkling, huge, blue diamond on her finger.

This was her push present from her husband Jay-Z and set the rapper back about $35,000, which I am sure won’t make a difference in his bank account, but that’s the amount of money I made a year at my last job. The blue diamond at the center of the ring is a brilliant blue and is estimated to be between 8 and 10 carats. Only the best for Queen B, and I am sure that it pays homage to her daughter who is named Blue.

11 Something That Sparkles For Catherine Giudici Lowe

The term ‘celebrity’ is sometimes a loose-fitting term, and it is often given to those who have been on reality shows. Sean Lowe was a former bachelor, and he was a crowd favourite. It only got better when he ended up meeting the love of his life on the show, Catherine. They are one of the few couples from the franchise that are still together, and their love is still going strong. In July 2016, Catherine gave birth to their first child, a son named Samuel Thomas. Sean bought his wife a beautiful 2-carat rose gold ring to celebrate his arrival.

The ring is absolutely stunning and features more than 100 small diamonds. They wanted something that would match her rose gold wedding rings and something that would be symbolic. Catherine says that Sean was very excited to give Catherine this gift, and almost acted like a little school boy when he presented her with this beautiful push present. I am jealous!

10 Not A Bachelorette Anymore!

Staying within the Bachelor/Bachelorette family, comes our next star of the reality show. Ali Fedotowsky was a former bachelorette and stole a lot of people’s hearts. She gave birth in July 2016 to her and her husbands first child, Molly. Her husband, Kevin Manno, gave Ali a beautiful, personalized rose gold bar necklace. The necklace is engraved with the name of their new sweet baby.

Push presents are normally given soon after the delivery of the baby. While mom is recovering she gets a nice little pick-me-up from her husband. Apparently, Kevin did not wait very long to give Ali this gift, as she was seen wearing it in photographs that were taken very soon after their baby was born. These are some of the sweetest gifts to give a mom, something that is engraved with their baby’s name. Or something that has their birthstone in it. It holds a lot of sentimental meaning to the new mom.

9 What Did Kanye Buy?

Here we have the most talked about Kardashian, Kim. Kim has always been front and center when talking about the Kardashian family, but when she married rapper Kanye West it seemed to only get bigger and better. The pair have three children together, the last baby Chicago was born through the use of a surrogate. However, it was with their second child, Saint, that Kim got one of the most luxurious pieces of jewelry ever as her push present.

She had hinted in multiple posts on social media that she was really hoping to receive a Lorraine Schwartz diamond choker as a push present - that it would be a wonderful way to say thank you for all the hard work she did when she was pregnant. Well, what Kim wants, Kim gets. After her son Saint was born, Kanye gifted Kim with the full diamond choker, and she was seen in a lot of posts showing it off. The exact price on this is not known, however it is estimated to be one of Lorraine Schwartz’s million-dollar designs.

8 Ashlee Simpson Outshines Her Sister (Finally!)

Ashlee Simpson has had a struggled career. She has always been over-shadowed by big sister, Jessica Simpson. She tried to branch out into music but could never quite get to the level of her sister. That is, until she gave birth and got a push present that most women just dream about. Just before the birth of her daughter, Jagger, her husband Evan Ross surprised Ashlee with a limited-edition Chanel Graffiti Messenger 2015 green cross-body bag. That sure is a mouthful, and we are sure it was a pocketful as well.

He gifted her this bag in front of all her family and friends at a party celebrating his album release and declared that it was an early push-present. We all know a lot of women love their shoes and handbags, I myself am a purse person and would much rather a designer bag than a fancy car. The question still remains if Ashlee uses this as a diaper bag or as a purse?

7 Mrs. Braxton Gets Some Bling!

Tamar Braxton is not messing around when it comes to push presents. When Tamar gave birth to her son Logan, her husband surprised her with a beautiful push present. Vince Herbert gifted her a cushion-cut stone surrounded by a halo of mini-diamonds on a micro pave band. I don’t even know what those words mean.

The weird thing about this story is we are not exactly sure if this is actually a push present. Tamar went on the Ellen DeGeneres show and stated that she was gifted the exquisite ring at Christmas time, but she did not get a push present from her husband, so she is assuming that the gift was for both. Maybe that’s what women should do. If their husband doesn’t get them a push present, they should just buy themselves something and say it is a push present.

6 Just Kidding… Jessica Simpson Is Shining Too!

I spoke before that Ashlee Simpson seemed to outshine her sister finally by receiving a designer handbag as a push present, well I was just kidding. There is no way Jessica was going to be outshined by everyone, so it is safe to say that she got a push present that is just as luxurious, maybe even more so. Jessica welcomed her son Ace on June 30th, 2013. Just a month later, her then fiancé Eric Johnson gave this new mom a pair of beautiful and expensive earrings.

The earrings were a pair of Elahn Jewels Moonstone Earrings and carry a price tag of $4,500. Not the most expensive present on this list, but definitely one of the prettiest. This holds a lot of sentimental value for the pair, because moonstone is their son’s birthstone. It seems the sibling duo are always trying to one-up the other one.

5 Not So Extravagant, But The Sweetest!

This gift is definitely not extravagant, but it is just too sweet to leave off this list. With all the luxurious gifts on this list, I bet you wouldn’t think that the least luxurious gift would have been given by Prince William. That’s right, his gift to Kate Middleton was not expensive, but it sure was super sweet. So what exactly did Mr. William get the woman who just gave birth to a future King of England? A teddy bear. That’s right, a sweet and simple teddy bear.

The bear came from the London department store Harrods. It is a Charles Stephens stuffed animal and is the retailer’s annual bear. It came fully dressed in a white shirt, red tie and pinstripe vest. This super-sweet gift was given to Kate right before the birth of their first child on July 22, 2013. I am sure that bear is sitting nicely on a shelf somewhere.

4 A Fancy Diaper Bag?

We all know that a new mom needs a diaper bag. It is one of the essential items you must have. Most of us are content with the general brands that you find at any department or baby store. This won’t do for a lot of celebrities though. They need the best of the best of everything, including something to carry around diapers and butt cream.

Kristin Cavallari was gifted a fancy and chic present of gray (Hermes) Birkin bag. This was given to her by her now-husband, Jay Cutler. She states that she was really excited about getting this bag and that her husband did a good job. Now, this was probably intended to be used as a purse, but all moms know that your purse ends up being a diaper bag at the end of the day.

3 Snooki Is Still Relevant!

News on Snooki has died down in recent years. Probably because she has traded in her Jersey Shore ways for a life of being a homemaker. Snooki settled down with her now husband, Jionni LaValle and decided to have some children. In August of 2012, she gave birth to her son Lorenzo, and her push gift was something that was a little more common with us non-celebrities.

She received a Pandora bracelet. Pandora is a popular jeweller. Their speciality is in customizable charm bracelets and is a popular gift among us regular folks. She posted the bracelet on Instagram, stating that it was a gift from her sweetie. This was posted right after giving birth but was deleted shortly after. Push presents still can cause a bit of controversy around those who do not understand the need to get your wife a present after she has given birth to what is supposed to be the best gift ever.

2 10 Centimeters Dilated = 10 Carat Stone

This next mama is a celebrity stylist and she welcomed a son in 2011 named Skylar. I am talking about Rachel Zoe. Her husband, Rodger Berman, decided that he needed to get her an exquisite gift to match what she had gone through. He figured that since she had to endure contractions until she reached 10 centimeters that his gift should be of equal value.

This resulted in a nearly 10-carat cushion-cut diamond ring designed by Neil Lane. Neil Lane is notorious for being he designer and supplier of all those shiny rings you see on the Bachelor/Bachelorette. He is kind of a big deal in the world of Hollywood. Lane stated that Rodger wanted to give his wife something that was romantic and huge, and he did not fail. Rachel has never taken off the ring since she received it. I don’t know why anyone would!

1 Tori Spelling Is Just Showing Off Now!

Tori Spelling is a common name for anyone who grew up in the 90’s. She was a popular actress and got herself in a little bit of controversy. She also is lucky enough to be married to Dean McDermott. Dean is a big softie and gives his wife a piece of jewelry every year to honor the renewal of their vows. If that wasn’t sweet enough, Dean also gifted Tori with jewelry to celebrate the arrival of a child.

In August 2012, Tori gave birth to their son Finn. In honor of this birth, Dean gave Tori a 10-carat cabochon-cut jade and gold ring. It was another ring created by Neil Lane, and he stated that it was a token of his love, affection and appreciation of their love and this new baby. We all wish we had a Dean in our life, or at least a man that bought us jewelry every now and then. Sadly, most of us will have to deal with getting the tradition flowers and other such mementos when we give birth.

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