15Kylie Got A Car!

There is no better way to start our list than with the latest and most talked about celebrity mom; Kylie Jenner. Kylie (somewhat) managed to keep her pregnancy a secret, though rumours were swirling around. The world was shaken when we recently found out that she had in fact given

birth to a baby girl. It was announced in a sweet and touching video posted by Kylie, and a lot of people respected her decision to try and keep this pregnancy to herself to enjoy.

So, what did Kylie get as a push present? Probably exactly what you would think she would get. About three weeks after the birth of her daughter, Kylie showed off her new ride on Instagram, with the tag line ‘push present’. Travis Scott had purchased a $1.4 million Ferrari for his new baby mama, and the pair have been seen driving around in this luxurious vehicle. I guess it is practical? That baby must get to doctor’s appointments.

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