15 Celebs Who Hated Themselves During Pregnancy

In my opinion there is an unrealistic expectation on women who are pregnant. There is a common attitude that women should be grateful, happy, excited and revel in the wonderous miracle of life as they grow a baby. And while the majority of us are extremely grateful and excited to be pregnant and welcome our baby, it has to be known that pregnancy is not easy. It is simply not a case of wonderous enjoyment and excitement. It's hard bloody work!

For some women, they take to pregnancy like ducks to water and do genuinely thoroughly enjoy the majority of the forty two weeks or more in some cases. They are the mother earths of our world. Personally, I am, most certainly, not a mother earth. I hated both of my pregnancies because my body did not take happily to its swollen and sore state. Pregnancy bites down on the hardest part of your body and mind and can make for a miserable nine months.

The fact of the matter is, that pregnancy is arduous, tedious and exhausting. Not just in the first trimester but over the entire pregnancy. A woman’s body goes through a torrent of abuse and change and the upheavel to grow something from almost nothingness to fully fledged human being takes its toll.

I know I am not alone in having hated this period of my life and many celebrities have come out to say, yes it's hard, it sucks and although the end result is amazing, pregnancy is tough. And I'm so glad they did because it needs to be known that it's OK to hate being pregnant. Here are 15 celebrities who opened up and share how they hated themselves during pregnancy.

15 Jaime Pressley

Being pregnant is one of the most emotional times of your life. It's an incredible rollercoaster. One minute you're up, excited and happy and the next you are floored and feeling overwhelmed and terrified. The emotions can scare you so much that you wonder why am I feeling like this. But it's completely natural. A horrible and frustrating side of pregnancy.

Jaime Pressley, who shot to fame as Joy Turner on My Name Is Earl, let us in on how much she hated the emotional rollercoaster of pregnancy. She said in an interview, "I hated being fat. My hormones were all over the place and I acted like some lunatic." While her first trimester was plagued with sickness, her second trimester was perfect and she had not issues. But it was the third trimester that knocked Pressley for six and she struggled. Feeling overburdened, exhausted and an emotional wreck, she couldn't wait for it to be over. It's perfectly normal to feel this way and hate the entire nine months because of how drastically it has changed your personality. But once that baby appears, you will more than likely become you again once the hormones balance out and you get your body back again.

14 Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson had two very different experiences with both of her pregnancies. On her first, her issues occurred post baby, with postpartum depression and excessive baby weight. Both are direct results of pregnancy and it's wise for us to remember that there is a fourth trimester. The three months after your baby is born is also a trying time for yourself and your baby.

Wilkinson's second pregnancy saw her deal with an horrendous amount of pain throughout the entire nine months. She suffered so much that at one stage she had to stop working out and subsequently found it almost impossible to walk. Her baby was lying and pushing directly on her pelvic bone which meant she had to take to her bed to relieve some of the pressure and pain. And of course, not being able to be active meant that Wilkinson added on more pounds and inches than she would have liked.

13 Mariah Carey

I was 29 when I first became pregnant and even though I was overjoyed to be expecting our first baby, I was exhausted. 29 is a good age to have a baby. Young enough to have the energy and the drive to keep going but needless to say I still struggled.

Mariah Carey was 41 when she became pregnant, with twins no less. The international singer-songwriter astounded us when she announced that she was pregnant with twins and women all over the world applauded her for this stage in her life which we all knew was not going to be easy. Carey gave birth to her twins, Monroe and Morrocan at 35 weeks and later revealed in an interview that she struggled immensely with pregnancy. In fact, she went so far as to say that she felt rancid during the 35 weeks and refused to let her husband, Nick Cannon, see her naked, not even in the bathtub. For me, Carey was not being a diva. Your body changes so much during pregnancy and it doesn't feel like your own so I can completely understand her feelings.

12 Stacey Solomon

Stacey Solomon has become a well loved figure in the UK. She rose to fame after coming third place in the UK version of The X Factor but has not left our screens since then. She became pregnant at the tender age of 17 the first time and sadly split with the father of her child before her baby was born. She became pregnant a second time years later and openly talked about how much she hated being pregnant both times. For Solomon, she mostly wished to have her body back and feel like herself again. She struggled with how much pregnancy took over her body as well as her life.

Being pregnant limits you in so many ways. Simple movements become tedious and even picking up something you inevitably dropped on the floor becomes almost dangerous as your centre of gravity throws you off. You can't sleep because turning in bed is a proverbial nightmare. I can completely understand and appreciated Solomons hatred of pregnancy and wishing the nine months were over to get your body back.

11 Christina Applegate

Two years after winning her fight against best cancer, Christina Applegate became pregnant and although she was overjoyed to be expecting her baby, she hated every moment of her pregnancy and she wore it on her face. She said in an interview, "You feel like a fat-*ss and you’re exhausted." Yep, that's pretty much it.

The glowing figure of a woman happily embroiled in a heavily pregnant state is only true for the minority. For the rest of us, we feel heavy, sluggish and sore. Oh so very sore. Applegate's pregnancy was amazing considering she had just battled cancer and doctors had to ensure she was cancer free before conceiving but she did not expect to feel so exhausted or struggle. She has since been heard to consider adding to their family but possibly by adoption.

10 Mira Sorvino

There are a number of complications that can occur in pregnancy putting either the mum or the baby or both at risk. One of those complications is placenta previa which means the placenta is sitting too low on the cervix. It can happen during any pregnancy, and on Mira Sorvino's third pregnancy she was hospitalised for a low lying placenta. On top of that, while she was on bed rest in the hospital, she developed a blood clot which she had to receive additional treatment for.

And finally at the end stages, when she went into labor, she bled considerably due to the early complications which put her at risk. Sorvino was in the best place to be treated for the issues that arose in the later stages of her pregnancy and amazingly the ordeal did not put her off having a fourth baby later on. She said that once her baby was in her arms, she forgot about the terrifying situations she had been put in.

9 Kelly Clarkson

When Kelly Clarkson spoke openly about her hatred of her pregnancy, I could relate so much. She said that she never had that pregnancy glow and I truly believe that some women, perhaps a lot of women, just don't experience this. It is perfectly ok to feel the burden of pregnancy and wear it on your sleeve. The American Idol singer, originally had always said that she didn't want any children but changed her mind when she married Brandon Blackstone. It takes a good man to change your mind so drastically. But she suffered the same way I did during her pregnancy.

Clarkson was tired, worn out and hated the extra weight she had put on. She suffered horrendous morning sickness which took over her pregnancy and she felt "rough". Pregnancy is absolutely not easy but it didn't put Clarkson off going again and had baby number two a short while later.

8 Kim Kardashian

I will admit to not being the biggest Kardashian fan but I applaud Kim Kardashian for openly speaking out and saying that she did not think that pregnancy was a beautiful and amazing experience. Unlike her sister Kourtney, who made making babies look like a piece of cake, Kim found pregnancy to be a very tough experiment and did not enjoy it all.

Since Kim's life is displayed for all to see on the family's TV show we were privy to the difficulties Kim had to conceive and the hardships she suffered throughout her pregnancy. She suffered pre-eclampsia which is a dangerous condition to do with blood pressure and often needs hospitalisation. It was for this reason that Kim had to deliver her baby early. She said that pregnancy was the worst experience of her life and I can appreciate that. She didn’t enjoy one second of it and on top of the usual aches and pains she had a considerable amount of worries to content with. But most of all Kim can’t understand how people go through pregnancy so easily.

7 Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson sailed through her first pregnancy, genuinely enjoying it and having little to no issues. Her second pregnancy however was completely different. She revealed that she was distraught at the dramatic change in her chest size which she wasn't expecting. "I hate it. I’m usually an A cup and I’m getting close to a D cup," she said. Her reasoning for hating the drastic increase was because of her love of style. She said, "I love fashion, and having big breasts is not ideal for certain looks." There's nothing more annoying than having to change the way you dress because your body shape changes in more ways than one during pregnancy.

But there was more to her disparaging hatred of pregnancy which included horrendous morning sickness which she couldn't shake, the dreaded pregnancy acne, and severe hair loss. She also struggled to shed the post-pregnancy weight the second time round.

6 Melissa Joan Hart

Melissa Joan Hart, famous for being Sabrina the Teenage Witch, often comes across as an earth mother type. Happily being mum to three amazing boys, Hart has found her niche in life. She has been quoted as saying that she would have seven children if only pregnancy wasnt so hard and such a hassle.

Hart was criticised for the amount of weight she put on during each pregnancy and even hated it herself. She said in an interview, "I hate being pregnant—the lack of energy at the beginning, having to change your diet." Pregnancy surely does take over your life in more ways than one. Your body is no longer your own and often becomes something you don't recognise. The more children you have, the harder it is to get it back.

5 Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson has said some amazinly hilarious and somewhat true things about pregnancy after getting quite a lot of flak for her weight gain. Simpson put herself under no pressure to keep a somewhat svelte figure during her pregnancies and indulged where and when she could within reason. She admits that she put on quite a bit of weight but often dramatically slimmed down only to regain it again.

Of pregnancy she said that she felt like a "swampass" and never reached the glowing stage only suffering through excessive sweating, if that was in any way similar. While both of her children were happy accidents, Simpson has said that she is done having children or would hope at least that she is but then again, accidents do happen!

4 Hilary Duff

For Hilary Duff, she felt as though she was almost given a free pass when it came to adding on the baby weight during her pregnancy with her son Luca in 2012. Being in the public eye, she has had to be concious of what she eats and whether she gains or loses weight. Being pregnant meant she could indulge more than she ever did. Aside from feeling the baby flutters, this seems to have been the only other advantage and good thing about being pregnant for Duff. She has not gone in to specific detail but she did say that she was absolutely ready to get that baby out of her by the end of her pregnancy.

Nine months is actually an incredible long time and if you find out very early on in your pregnancy, it can feel almost like a lifetime. I was the exact same as Duff and simply could not wait for the experience to be over, to have my body and my life - to a degree of course - back. Pregnancy is one of the hardest things a women or a person for that matter will ever experience.

3 Kate Middleton

The world watched as Kate Middleton progressed with her pregnancy but it was her admittance into hospital for extreme morning sickness which shared the good news that she was pregnant with the world. While Kate has never openly spoken about how she felt during either of her pregnancies, we were all privy to the worrying sickness she experienced on Prince George and lesser so on Princess Charlotte.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum is a dangerous complication of pregnancy and is more than just morning sickness. The heightened sickness, which for Middleton occurred in the first trimester and eased off soon after, comes with a variety of complications including exhaustion and dehydration. It is not only the mother who is at risk but also the unborn baby. It's for this reason that hospitalisation is often required. Needless to say, Middleton most certainly would have suffered and I'm sure she would tell us how much she hated that period in her life.

2 Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow comes across as the perfect mum with her perceived expert parenting advice, lifestyle decisions and healthy cookbooks but one part of domestication which Paltrow suffered with was pregnancy. She said she felt, "sick as a dog for months." There is no way around pregnancy sickness which can really take over your life in those first few months of pregnancy.

Paltrow, who has two children with Coldplay's Chris Martin, had thought about having a third child but decided against it. She has given some pregnancy advice on her website, Goop, and has come under fire for it but the fact of the matter is, Paltrow is just like us and struggles through pregnancy. She admitted that pregnancy was quite difficult for her and we applauded her for coming out and admitting that she too struggled and is not perfect.

1 Jenni 'JWoww' Farley

Jenni Farley or JWoww, of Jersey Shore fame, was in no way quiet about how much she hated being pregnant saying, "I f*ck!ng hate it" when asked on the red carpet at the MTV movie awards in 2014. She disliked absolutely everything about pregnancy and ranted and raved about hating how her thighs touched off each other.

She complained about how much she hated the changes that were happening to her body, inside and out and more so despised how different her breasts were. She suffered with massive exhaustion but was still excited to meet her baby. Farley, for me, is a typical pregnant woman who didn't realise how hard pregnancy was before getting pregnant and only then discovered the drastic change it has on your mind and body. But like all women, she happily admited that it was worth it in the end.

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