15 Celebs Who Have Attractive Siblings

When people think of their favorite celebrities, they almost never consider the families they had before becoming famous. People like the moms, dads, brothers, and sisters don’t even come to mind unless the family makes being famous a joint effort, like the Kardashians.

It makes sense that many of the brothers and sisters of famous celebrities choose to stay out of the spotlight. I couldn’t imagine the amount of comparison, trolling, and bad behaving fans that a sibling of a celeb has to put up with. When I think about it, the siblings didn’t choose to be famous and shouldn’t have to deal with the woes that come with being famous. While some celeb siblings choose to lead a more private life outside of their famous brother’s or sister’s spotlight, other siblings have a thriving career that they are totally rocking on their own.

From fashion designers to stage performers, some of these celeb siblings are kind of famous on their own. Either way, many of the celeb and sibling combinations on this list are totally unexpected. How many of the celebs listed did you know had a super hot sibling that they were hiding away?

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15 Emma Watson And Her Brother Alex

Name ten people that have not seen or read the Harry Potter series. You will probably have to request a few personal days from work to figure that out. Emma Watson played the iconic, well known role of Hermione in the films. Viewers and fans practically watched Emma grow up from a young child actress to a breathtakingly beautiful woman right before their eyes. I totally understand how their relationship has flown under the radar for so long even though they look so much alike. Alex, outside of being Hermione’s brother, is a successful male model. In his modeling photos, he is unbelievably handsome and totally knows how to work a camera. I don’t know what his future holds or where his career is set to go, but he definitely has the looks to pull off being an actor.

14 Jennifer Lopez And Her Sister Lynda

There are so many things that I absolutely love about Jenny from the block. First of all, her role in the biopic Selena was absolutely wonderful. I couldn’t imagine anyone else capturing the spirit of such a beautiful young woman. Outside of her flourishing acting career, Jennifer Lopez has had a wonderful career as a singer and dancer. Honestly, she is like the definition of following your dreams, even if they evolve often. What I didn’t realize was that she has a sister named Lynda. Obviously, the Lopez genes run deep in the family. Lynda is not exactly in the same sort of spotlight as her sister but is just as successful in her own right. Lynda is a working journalist, and she and her sister Jennifer are quite close. Somehow that makes me like Jen even more.

13 Blake Lively And Her Brother Eric

The stunning Blake Lively is well known for her legendary role as Serena van der Woodson. She has acted in several movies as well and is well-known around the celeb circuit. She is now the wife of the incredibly handsome Ryan Reynolds and they have a few kids together. Although Blake is well-known, most fans don’t know that she is also the sister to her older brother Eric. While they are both very good-looking people, their looks are quite different. Blake is a stunning starlet while Eric definitely looks like the super hot handyman that you call for the most minor repairs. Eric’s career in Hollywood actually started before Blake was even born! He played a baby in the movie in the 1983 film Brainstorm. He went on to act in shows like Fullhouse and The L Word.

12 Hayden Panettiere And Her Brother Jansen

Hayden Panettiere is a Hollywood starlet that has been in the business since the late 90s. From being a voice actress to being in front of the camera, her resume is packed with well-rounded roles from the last two decades. One of the features that I’ve always found striking about Hayden is her incredible, bright smile. Having a beautiful smile is honestly one of the best facial features a person can have. Seeing an illuminated smile makes others smile when they see it. Her lesser-known brother Jansen shares that same bright and welcoming smile that Hayden is so well known for. While many might not know that the two are related, despite the fact that they literally look like twins, Jansen has had a successful acting career as well and has followed in his sister’s footsteps by being a voice actor and also acting in front of the camera.

11 Lady Gaga And Her Sister Natali

Lady Gaga is truly a one of a kind. Her music, her style (think meat dress), and overall aesthetic is unmatched. I can’t think of a single person, let alone a celeb, that would should up to an awards show covered in slabs of meat and actually make it look presentable. She has made a name for herself by not being afraid to unleash who she really is. Gaga’s younger sister, Natali, is not in the spotlight despite having a wildly famous sister that she is very close to. There isn’t much known about Gaga’s baby sister besides her being into fashion and studying it for a career path in the future, which makes total sense. She and Gaga look so much alike, it is unbelievable. I wonder how often she is stopped on the street by adoring fans that think she is actually the music phenom herself.

10 Penelope Cruz And Her Sister Monica

Penelope Cruz is beautiful, talented, and successful. What more can you ask for in a Hollywood actress? She’s been recognized for her success in the acting field with numerous awards and accolades. Turns out that the beautiful actress has an equally as beautiful younger sister named Monica. While she is the sister of a wildly popular and talented actress, Monica Cruz has plenty to be proud of. Penelope’s younger sister is an actress in the Spanish television industry and has had a lot of success there. A few years ago, she made the choice to have a child by using an anonymous donor, which I think is pretty incredible. The two sisters actually resemble each other quite a bit. It is clear that good looks run in the family.

9 Adam Levine And His Brother Michael

Like many young girls growing up in the early 2000s, I was totally obsessed with Maroon 5. I still listen to their first album, Songs About Jane, and I am far from being a young girl anymore. Through the years, Adam Levine has been the frontman for the band. He has all of the necessary components to be the perfect boy-band frontman. He is unreasonably good-looking, has a unique voice, and fans just eat him up. Though I’d like to classify myself as a former fangirl, I didn’t know that he had a younger brother named Michael. They have very similar smiles that show how deep the family genes run. Unfortunately, their relationship has been strained since Adam outed his brother’s sexuality preferences. Though it was not a secret to be held, Michael was still hurt by it and still has to recover from his brothers actions.

8 Gisele Bundchen And Her Team Of Sisters

In high school, I remember watching the Victoria Secret fashion shows like they were the Superbowl. Alongside Tyra Banks and Adriana Lima, Gisele Bundchen was one of the biggest names to waltz down the runway. She is a household name in the modeling business, and for good reason. She is quite beautiful but in a unique, curious kind of way. There aren’t many people out there that look like here. Well, that’s if you don’t include her four sisters (including her fraternal twin sister!). Gisele does not come from a small family which I find to be very interesting. She has 4 gorgeous sisters that all, strangely enough, look very different. While they are all clearly beautiful, it is in a special way for each sister. Gisele’s oldest sister is quite private and chooses to stay out of the spotlight.

7 Justin Theroux And His Brother Sebastian 

Justin has been all across the tabloids because of his recent split from unlucky in love actress, Jennifer Aniston. Outside of his high-profile romantic life, Justin Theroux is a well-known actor, film producer, and screenwriter. He has starred in many blockbuster hits and is also known for his smoking hot appearance. He has this scruffy, troubled guy-next-door look that makes me go weak in the knees. What many Justin Theroux fans don’t know is that he has an even hotter, younger brother named Sebastian. He is in his late 20s and incredibly handsome. You won’t see him much in the spotlight though, unlike his big brother. While he is definitely hot, he is a totally different look than his brother. Sebastian has a clean-cut, boyish face. Either way, there is a Theroux brother for everyone.

6 Jessica Alba And Her Brother Joshua

Jessica Alba is the face of the wildly popular mommy and baby brand Honest. She has also carried on a successful acting career on top of being a wife and mom to 3 children. While Jessica’s sweet face is well-known around the celeb circles, fewer people know her actor brother Joshua. Jess’s kid brother is no new face around the acting thing. In fact, his first role was alongside his sister when he was just eighteen in the series Dark Angel. Since then, Joshua has had a few other acting roles and continued to pursue his career. As far as siblings go, I had no idea that Jessica had any siblings, especially not a super-hot brother. Jessica is beautiful, obviously, and her brother is striking. Clearly, good looks run in the family.

5 Taylor Swift And Her Brother Austin 

I would be shocked and amazed if you could find 10 people in the newborn to 99-year-old age range that doesn’t know who Taylor Swift is. Whether you love her heartbreaking love songs or you’re totally annoyed by her mean girl-like persona, you know who she is without a doubt. However, what many people don’t know is that TayTay has a pretty handsome brother. Taylor Swift’s younger brother, Austin, is not just good-looking. Austin is model caliber kind of hot. They clearly share the sultry eyes with the half grin down facial expression. While Taylor definitely doesn’t advertise that she has a brother, he adores her and her stunning career. Even with the huge shadow cast by her monster success, Austin has still managed to make a name for himself in the acting world. He’s been in a few films and I think this is just the beginning. He has a uniquely handsome face that is undeniable. Who wouldn’t want to see him on the big screen?

4 Dakota Johnson And Her 2 Half Sisters

Dakota Johnson is the face of the steamy book and film series 50 Shades. As soon as you see her, you instantly see the character that she plays in the films. Dakota is beautiful, without a doubt. She has an innocent, very sweet face that is a mix of the girl next door and the girl all the guys are crushing on in high school. What many people don’t know is that Dakota has 2 incredibly beautiful sisters too. Both sisters are her half-sisters. The family tree is a bit complicated. Grace Johnson is the daughter of Don Johnson and his second wife. Dakota Johnson is the daughter of successful actress Melanie Griffith and her then-husband Don Johnson. Stella Banderas is the daughter of Melanie Griffith and her then-spouse Antonio Banderas. Did you catch all of that?

3 Ariana Grande And Her Brother Frankie

When I first heard the singing voice of Ariana Grande, I immediately felt like I was listening to a young, fresh version of Mariah Carey. In an age where musical success is not exactly based on talent, Ariana breaks the mold and has a voice that reminds me of old school classics. Before her rocketing music career, Ariana Grande was a young actress playing on several different Disney shows including Sam and Cat. That Disney star persona is far behind her as she continues to run the music business. Her equally as handsome brother, Frankie, is not known to most fans. While being in the shadow of a superstar like Ariana can be difficult, Frankie is doing just fine for himself. He is an actor, dancer and producer that has been in Broadway musicals like Mamma Mia!.

2 Ryan Gosling And His Sister Mandi Gosling

If you have roughly two hours on your hands and nothing planned on a Saturday night, turn on the Notebook to have a good, hard cry. Watch Ryan Gosling act as Noah, the perfect man, and weep the whole way through. I am certain that I’ve watched Ryan in other films but I can’t think of one more iconic as the Notebook. The stunningly handsome actor has a beautiful sister that you probably don’t know about. Ryan has said that he and his older sister are quite close and share a passion for the arts. When they were younger, way before Ryan would act as Noah, he and Mandi performed on stage together. Now, Mandi works mostly behind the camera. She could totally pull of being an actress though because she is absolutely stunning.

1 Rashida Jones And Her Sister Kidada

Quincy Jones is a legend in the music industry. He has brought to light artists that have changed the way music is created like the incredible Michael Jackson himself. When he wasn’t making history in the music world, he was quite busy creating baby girls. With 6 girls under his belt, he clearly had a full schedule. Rashida Jones, a beautiful actress that’s known for her roles in the hilarious show Parks & Recreation, is a face that is easily recognizable. It could be that she is the perfect blend of two famous parents, Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton, that she is so easy to recognize. Turns out that Rashida has an equally as successful, though lesser known, sister named Kidada. Rashida’s sister mostly works behind the scenes as a stylist and even had the opportunity to style the late, great Michael Jackson in 1995 for the cover of Vibe magazine. She now works with Disney to create an upscale fashion and jewelry line.

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