15 Celebs Who Have Spoken Out Against Circumcision

Some people may have heard enough about circumcision already, but we’re just getting started. Currently, there is a huge movement in the United States to ban the procedure, which insurance companies and medical professionals alike now consider to be cosmetic and not medically necessary.

Wait. What? Then why are so many men circumcised? They aren’t. Not outside of the good ol’ U.S. of A anyway. In fact, the rest of the world, outside of some African and Asian countries where they regularly engage in religious circumcision practices, is pretty confident that we’ve been mutilating our sons over here.

What about our daughters? Why aren’t they circumcised? We cringe at the thought of this when we hear reports of it happening in third-world countries. Yeah, well, that was against their will. They weren’t given a choice, right? But are we giving baby boys a choice here? Whatever happened to bodily autonomy?

More importantly, the research on circumcision shows that not only does it not prevent infection at a great enough rate to warrant cutting off a part of a child’s genitals, but it could actually be causing psychological damage. It can impair breastfeeding, too, and hinder parental attachment. Is it worth it? These celebs don’t think so.

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15 Mario Lopez

Via: Google Images

A.C. Slater has not been shy about expressing his view on circumcision. Since he first spoke on the topic, it’s become a pretty routine question that hosts bring up when they’re interviewing him. When he and his wife Courtney Laine Mazza were due to have their own baby, Mario was a guest on the Wendy Williams Show and Wendy wasn’t afraid to go there and get the dirt straight from the horse’s mouth. Mario’s reply was on point:

“So, I said if we were having a boy that I didn’t want him to be circumcised. Because I don’t think that God makes mistakes and it’s not an optional part. And I know some of the women are probably like “Oh!” but believe it or not that’s the way a man is naturally born.”

14 Russell Crowe

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Crowe has publicly spoken on the issue of circumcision saying: “Circumcision is barbaric and stupid. Who are you to correct nature? Is it real that GOD requires a donation of foreskin? Babies are perfect.”

It’s a valid point he has there. The father to two sons is from New Zealand. The practice of circumcision is barely ever spoken of there. Why? Because it’s only the norm here in the states. That’s why. In fact, most of the other developed nations in the world think we Americans are bat shit crazy. They allege that we are mutilating and molesting baby boys over here.

Technically, they aren’t wrong. Circumcision is now viewed as a cosmetic procedure. No medical organization in the world recommends it anymore. Maybe that’s because it only started when Dr. Kellogg (you might like his cornflakes) insisted it would stop boys from masturbating. Yeah, that worked.

13 Kyra Sedgwick

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During an interview with Howard Stern, Kyra, who is married to actor Kevin Bacon and the mother to son, Travis, said she and Bacon did not have him circumcised and she was adamantly against the procedure. She’s not alone.

It’s true. In fact, Americans can’t imagine what on Earth is happening in other countries where girls are being circumcised and having their clitoral hoods — and sometimes the entire clitoris — removed. Yet we act like male circumcision — which removes more than 20,000 nerve endings in the foreskin — is okay.

What kind of double-standard is this? Why are we still chopping off part of our boys’ penises when the medical research is telling us there’s never been a reason to? Is it because we don’t want to admit all the years we were doing it blindly were wrong?

12 Joe Rogan

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Rogan stated: “It’s one of those things where it was done to us, and women say, 'It looks gross, so cut it". It’s a really f*cked up situation that we still have to deal with this.” And “It’s a dick; it’s not a Jack O’ Lantern. You don’t have to chop parts off of it to make it look better. That’s stupid.”

Joe has never been soft-spoken. He is impassioned about many topics, and circumcision happens to be one of them. He himself is circumcised, and clearly resents it. This might sound strange to some, but there are actually men out there who would have liked to choose for themselves to cut off a body part. They wonder what their sex life would’ve been like if they still had all that stimulation. Some men have even sued their parents for it — and won!

11 Elizabeth Hurley

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Hurley actually said she was pressured by her own father to have her son circumcised. It’s not a common procedure in Britain. Still, some people — especially among the wealthy — think the tradition bears merit. This is usually due to the outdated procedure having been performed on royalty years ago. Hurley handed her pops a big fat “no”. Why are friends and family members so nosey about our baby’s penis anyway?

Believe it or not, one of the reasons we used to think circumcision was important was because a study out of Africa showed lower transmission rates of herpes and HIV among circumcised men. So, to prevent AIDS, we’re cutting off the ends of baby penises in America, where we have both safe sex practices in place, as well as clean water and sanitation. Interesting.

10 Virginia Madsen

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Quoted as insisting that we “Leave their little willies alone!”, Madsen isn’t usually known for stepping out into the spotlight. The B, and maybe even C-list actress has regularly kept her private life — and her private opinions — well, private.

But not when it comes to private parts! She’s not alone in that fight. Login to Facebook and search for intactivism or circumcision groups. You’ll find that they flood your screen with oodles of options to unite with hundreds of thousands of other parents who are just as against the procedure.

They aren’t just against it. They’re speaking out. They want you to be against it, too, and admittedly, most people are when they come to understand the reasons it was started and why it is no longer relevant to our population.

9 Alicia Silverstone

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Ms. Silverstone admits that once the little man was on the way, her Jewish parents were eager to know the details of his bris. This is a traditional ceremony that the Jewish community holds when they have a son. It is generally held on the eighth day of life and the circumcision is performed by a Rabbi or Mohel during the ceremony. Alicia’s parents weren’t so quick to understand when she said she wouldn’t be having one.

More and more, people are likening this Jewish practice to those of third-world religions that kill or abuse people in the name of their God. Alicia stated: “My thinking was: If little boys were supposed to have their penises ‘fixed,’ did that mean we were saying that God made the body imperfect? He made all this incredible stuff, and then he just happened to make the penis wrong?”

8 Robin Quivers

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Robin cohosts alongside the infamous Howard Stern, and she’s never worried about offending her audience. After all, the topic is generally pretty sexed up, and we’re talking to Americans — the biggest demographic for circumcision. In other words, the biggest audience whose minds need changing.

She is strong in her beliefs that circumcision is wrong and believes it should be illegal to perform on infants without medical necessity. In other words, let the baby be and when he’s an adult, he can choose for himself if he wants to be circumcised, the way he would for any cosmetic surgery.

One of Robin’s concerns are for the baby’s safety. Parents often blindly believe that the procedure is safe. It’s easy to fall into that trap when you haven’t researched enough to find out that over a hundred babies die from it every year.

7 Howard Stern

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We can’t discuss Robin without Howard. I know, no one would expect Howard Stern to balk at circumcision, right? I mean, wouldn’t the sex God be in favor of the Americanized penis? Doesn’t he understand it’s as important, visually, as perky breasts? Ha. Think again. Howard has done his research.

He probably noticed just how many male adult film stars aren’t circumcised. We imagine he was infuriated when he found out circumcision pretty much eliminates the best part of sexual satisfaction for men. What about the fact that the foreskin protects and lubricates the shaft, which makes sex even more pleasurable? He certainly couldn’t have been happy to hear males lose up to 25% of their penile length when circumcised. Yikes!

He has noted: "Most men want their sons to look like themselves. So, this keeps going. It is so barbaric…if I had a son, I would never allow him to be circumcised. Never!"

6 Cameron Diaz

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People might be surprised that Cameron Diaz has spoken up in favor of the intact male. Why? They naturally assume that a woman who isn’t a mother doesn’t have an opinion. I think that’s where we go wrong. Since when does one have to have a personal stake in an issue to stand up for human rights?

She was quite bothered when she found out a scene regarding circumcision was cut from the film What To Expect When You’re Expecting that she was filming, and this was her response to that: “You have to clamp on the foreskin, pull it over, and then slice it off. That is apparently really uncomfortable for people to hear. But I think it is important to know.”

It’s true. People don’t want to think about what they’re actually putting their baby through. Inform yourself. Watch Elephant in the Hospital. I double dog dare you.

5 Gerard Butler

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We soak up every word Gerard Butler has to say when he’s mastering another award-winning role, yet he speaks up on circumcision and so many want to turn their head and plug their ears. Why is that? Why are we ignoring the truth in favor of an outdated practice that never had any real medical bearing?

When Butler stopped by for an interview with Howard Stern, the talk show host cut right to the good stuff and asked the actor if he was circumcised. Gerard’s response was perfect: “No! We don’t do that! Never having been circumcised, I can’t say, but all I know is for me it’s very sensitive, and when I’m having sex that’s the amazing thing.” A circumcised man can hardly insist that he’s fine without it when he’ll never know what it was like with it.

4 Colin Farrell

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We can always count on Colin Farrell to get down and dirty in defense of the man. He was so riled up by a woman at a party he was attending once who commented that she just didn’t understand foreskin, that he pulled his own member right out into the party and taught her a lesson in what he called “a bit of skin”.

Colin has spoken out vehemently against circumcision, and noted that in Ireland — his native land — the practice just isn’t done. He’s also steadily dismissed the rumors that an intact penis is somehow dirtier than a circumcised penis. News flash folks: teach your kids to wash their private parts. It’s truly that simple. Wipe it like a finger from base to tip and be on your way.

3 Princess Diana

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Although circumcision is uncommon in Europe, and the United Kingdom is no exception to that, all of the men in the Royal Family have been circumcised. All except for Prince William and Prince Henry of course. That’s because Princess Diana said hell-to-the-no when she had her baby boys. At that time, all the medical authorities on the topic had already released statements negating the necessity of the procedure, and she felt the benefits did not outweigh the negatives.

No official word has been spoken on whether Prince William and Kate Middleton’s son, Prince George, has been circumcised, but most suspect he has been left intact since his father was. Of course, some parents choose circumcision because Dad is circumcised. We can’t have two different looking penises in one house, right? Wrong. Break the cycle. It has to stop somewhere. Kudos to Princess Di.

2 Sara Gilbert

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During an episode of The Talk, which Gilbert co-hosted, in 2010, Sara spoke out against circumcision and she did so armed with facts. She remarked that only a smaller percentage of boys were being circumcised at that point in time.

The number keeps declining every year. In 1981, 64.9 percent of baby boys were circumcised following birth in the United States. In 2009, it was 32.5 percent, per the data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as reported by the New York Times.

So, if you were thinking you might want to circumcise your little man because you don’t want him being the odd ball out in the locker room or getting made fun of, then you might want to get a grip on what his reality will really be like by the time he is a teenager. Remaining intact is in.

1 Roseanne Barr

Via: Google Images

We can’t talk about Sara Gilbert and leave out TV’s best mom of all time. Roseanne, who is Jewish herself, took to Twitter back in 2012 to address the topic of baby boy penises with this statement: "Jews must cease circumcising their male infants! It is a barbaric & backward cult mind control technique that produces ill effects in adults."

Some parents are all too quick to point out that should their son be that guy one day who requires circumcision as an adult, he will wish he would’ve been circumcised as a baby when he didn’t remember it. Oh. They don’t remember it?

The research shows it can impair the maternal bond with baby, breastfeeding, and even cause psychological trauma that rewires the brain. Don’t assume that because they don’t have a cognitive memory as an adult means they don’t have a permanent impact from it on their life. Besides, they don’t need to remember it. They have a reminder every time they look down that their parents consented to letting someone forcibly remove part of their manhood.

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