15 Celebs Who Actually Have The Most Difficult Kids

Parenting is hard—there’s no doubt about that. The early years are full of challenges that can render parents exhausted. They sit on the couch at the end of the night with a pint of ice cream as they convince themselves it was a good day—screaming, crying, fighting, food throwing and all.

The toddler phases challenge us, our kids' teenage rebellion makes us want to pull our hair out, and sometimes they turn into adults we wish they weren’t. We try to mold them and teach them the best lessons we can before hoping they turn out for the best.

It’s an endless, vicious cycle that we have practically no control over.

On the other hand, the things we do control—well, sometimes we overcompensate. We try too hard and give our kids everything they could ever desire. We create undesirable behaviors in our children without realizing that that’s what we’re doing. Suddenly our sweet little child becomes a total terror—demanding and overbearing. Entitled. That’s what we’ve created—a child who thinks he or she is entitled to everything and anything.

Yes, parenthood is difficult because our children are extremely difficult to handle. We never know what kind of child we’re going to end up with.

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15 Chet Hanks—Driver Disputes

Via: Daily Mail

Some issues can be out of our control. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s second son Chester “Chet” Hanks has been openly active in the news for his struggles with addiction. In 2015, then 25-year-old Chet made headlines when that addiction caused him to rear-end another driver while under the influence in California. According to Ranker, the driver Terry Moogan sustained both physical and emotional issues as a result of the accident with Chet. Even though Chet was the driver, Hanks and Wilson were listed as owners of the car—meaning Moogan decided to name them as well on the lawsuit.

One of the most stressful elements of having children is worrying that we taught them right from wrong and to live healthy lifestyles.

Apparently, Moogan believed that Hanks and Wilson were responsible because they knew about Chet’s problems. According to a statement on People, Moogan said that Tom Hanks’ and Rita Wilson’s negligence was a contributing factor to this accident. This lawsuit was filed in 2016. Talk about stressful. We cannot imagine having to deal with such a problem if Chet was our child. Still, Hanks and Wilson handled the situation with class for which we commend them.

14 Beckham Children—Treehouse Extraordinaire

Via: E!

Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper Beckham are the stunning children of David and Victoria Beckham, also known as Posh Spice. It is no secret that the extremely well-off parents enjoy giving their children presents—we would too if we could afford their luxuries. Still, there are just some things that seem excessive. This can include customized bedroom sets, cars, and toys depending on the age of the child. The Beckham children are lucky enough to not only get some amazing gifts, but to also get extremely high-end clothing to play in.

According to Made For Mums, before baby Harper was born, the Beckham parents invested €20,000 into a treehouse. That’s almost $25,000 for a treehouse! The treehouse is made of Scandinavian redwood that the children can play with when they are at the United Kingdom-based mansion—jokingly termed the Beckingham Palace. The amount seems atrocious for a simple treehouse.

Then again, these kids are used to vacation palaces. It really should not surprise us. We imagine it will be hard to top that expensive gift as the children start to get older. The Beckhams may just have to start gifting full size houses to their children to keep up with the precedent set!

13 Weston Cage—Domestic Temper

Via: AOL

Heavy metal musician and son to Nicholas Cage, Weston is only 28 years old and has already built quite the reputation. More than once Cage has had to bail his son out of jail. Why? His son was arrested for a dispute with his wife Nikki Williams—who was four months pregnant at the time. Not once—but twice in a single month back in 2011, Weston was arrested for the same charges, as per Ranker. The second time around, Williams was arrested with him for the same charges.

The two seem to have some temperament issues they need to work out.

Surely the first time Cage found out his son was arrested it had to be a shock—but the second time? We are certain he would agree that they needed to figure out their issues on their own.

This is not the only dark spot that Weston has added to his record. According to TMZ, Weston Cage was arrested for driving under the influence and trying to evade the police in 2017. He had gotten into an accident with another driver, rushed away from the scene, and eventually crashed into a tree. Luckily, he did not sustain major injuries, but we imagine that Daddy Nic was less than pleased about this incident.

12 Kingston Rossdale—A-List Birthday Party

Via: Daily Mail

Kingston Rossdale—son of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale—has been penned as the boy version of Suri Cruise. He is a young fashion icon because his mother dresses him extremely stylishly in clothes from her own fashion line. When both of your parents are successful rock stars, it is almost impossible not to follow their lead. We are jealous of that, by the way! Stefani has quite the eye for style! Still, that is not the most impressive part. When Kingston turned four, his parents threw him a massive birthday party, as reported to Made For Mums.

We are talking a birthday party that cost over $18,000 to put together. That is an expensive party!

Only A-list toddlers and their parents were the guests of the party. Over 100 guests were recorded, as reported by US Weekly. The party included huge candy machines, balloon animals and a huge bouncy house. Guests got to eat every child’s dream foods, including chicken fingers and French fries. As if that was not enough—Kingston was seen throwing quite the temper tantrum afterward. Stefani had reported that he was going through a phase. Only four and already a spoiled little kiddo. Stefani and Rossdale have their hands full!

11 Indio Downey—Like Father, Like Son

Via: Pinterest

Robert Downey Jr.’s struggles with addiction to illegal substances has become a huge story we all know about. It is now a tale about overcoming trials and dealing with the tribulations to become a legend. Apparently, that apple does not fall far from the tree.

According to Ranker, his son Indio was arrested and charged in 2014 for the possession of the same illegal substance his father had once used. That is a felony charge and a permanent mark on Indio’s record. He was only 20 years old at the time. According to the Los Angeles Time, Indio pleaded guilty to this charge.

Robert Downey Jr. didn’t stand by and watch his son deal with the problem. Instead, he stepped in and sent his son to rehab in order to get his life under control. This may have also been influenced by the court, as the Los Angeles Times reports that by participating in a program, the conviction could be dismissed. What a great thing for his father to do, but we are sure Downey Jr. caught quite the flack for his son’s problems. Downey Jr. did speak with the press and expressed his gratitude that the police intervened when they did, potentially saving his son’s life.

10 Lourdes Ciccone Leon—Extravagant Wardrobe

Via: Closer Weekly

In 1996, Madonna and Carlos Leon welcomed a little girl into the world and her life quickly became something we loved to follow. While Lourdes Ciccone Leon has to make an actual appointment to spend time with her mother, Madonna makes sure that her daughter has anything and everything she could ever want.

This includes an ever-growing wardrobe with a base value of over $100,000,

according to Made For Mums.

We cannot even picture the closet needed to house clothes like that. This closet even had velvet furniture and other expensive furniture pieces that Madonna sent for while Lourdes was younger. Her wardrobe also includes all of her mother’s stage outfits that are not needed anymore. We would love that wardrobe.

As Lourdes grows—she’s 21 now—the value of that wardrobe grows as well. Talk about setting high fashion standards! Madonna doesn’t seem to mind as she gives her daughter all the cash she needs for whatever she wants. According to Made For Mums, this even includes full spa days for not only Lourdes, but whatever friends she would like to bring along with her. Having one of the biggest pop icons of all time as a mother surely seems to pay off for Lourdes.

9 Jaycee Chan—Distribution Work


Chinese actor Jackie Chan has been very outright and open with the public about his stance against illegal substances. His opinion is so strong in fact, that he was the anti-drug ambassador for China back in 2009, as reported by Ranker. For how strong his stance is, it must have come as quite the shock to him when his son Jaycee was arrested in 2015 for the possession of an illegal substance. Jaycee was picked up as a part of a larger police bust. After pleading guilty, the 32-year-old was charged and sentenced to six months in a Beijing prison as a result of the bust, as reported by CNN.

The choices of his son had to be a heavy thing to deal with for Chan—we cannot imagine what must have gone through his head when he found out. It had to have affected his relationship with the government, too. According to CNN, Jackie Chan did not attend his son’s trial. Chan firmly believes that he must have led his son down the wrong path and felt incredible guilt about this incident. He was disappointed in his role as a parent and in his son’s role as a citizen.

8 Sasha & Malia Obama—Personal Concerts

Via: YouTube

For eight years, we followed them and we loved them. Sasha and Malia Obama were in the public eye regarding everything they did. They were—after all—the President’s children. As with all children, the girls have a real love for music. Barack and Michelle happily indulge in their daughter’s love for concerts. More than once, private concerts were thrown for the girls as well as their friends to rock out to.

We are not talking small time indie musicians. According to Made For Mums, entertainment included big-name musical groups like the cast of Glee, the Jonas Brothers, and even the cast from High School Musical. That is quite the line-up! According to Politico, the White House even once hosted a private Prince concert. This was a concert that was open to not only the Obama children, but also the friends of parents Barack and Michelle.

We bet those were quite the parties to go to. Even without Barack as President, the girls are still indulged in the concerts of their hearts’ desires. Now that they are out of the White House, both of the Obama girls have been spotted out at concerts and music festivals, acting like regular teenagers, despite the media scrutiny they often face.

7 Scout & Tallulah Willis—Party Hardy

Via: The Mercury News

Scout—the gorgeous daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore—was born in 1991. She is the older sibling. According to Ranker, at one point in her life, Scout was actually arrested for the possession of a fake I.D. To make the matter worse, she was initially caught with an open drink in her hand and was underage, at 20 years old. According to People, this happened in 2012 and Scout would not plead guilty in court.

As if that is not hard enough for the two parents to handle—partying seems to be a trait that runs in the family.

Their younger daughter Tallulah spent several years in the party scene—and we are not talking the kind where a few people get together to hang out and break open a piñata. At the young age of 20, Tallulah went to rehab to deal with the aftermath that hard partying had brought her, as reported by Ranker. Glamour was able to interview Tallulah after rehab and found out that she also went to deal with depression and an eating disorder. We cannot imagine being a parent and dealing with not one, but two out of control kids.

6 Max & Emme Muniz—Diamond Toys

Via: Popsugar

Jennifer Lopez is known for her diva personality and her love of a luxurious lifestyle. Therefore when she and Marc Anthony Muniz were pregnant with twins, we had no doubt that love for the luxurious was going to transfer to her children. She definitely started twins Max and Emme young, too. Even before Max and Emme were born, Lopez began splurging on her kids. Their nursery included top of the line furniture and 600 thread count sheets, as reported to Made For Mums. We would love to sleep on those sheets! Egyptian cotton is supposed to be top of the line. They had to be soft like no other.

As if that was not enough, Lopez splurged and bought both Max and Emme rattles to be green with envy over. The rattles were diamond crusted. Talk about one heck of a fancy baby toy! Hopefully, they did not put those rattles in their mouths! To go along with their rattles, each twin also got a Shetland pony, as per Made For Mums. These are the children that can ask their parents for a pony and have it be taken seriously! Due to their luxurious lifestyle and famous parents, the twins have their own security detail as well.

5 Marcus Jordan—Disorderly Disturbance

Via: BallerStatus.com

Disorderly conduct seems to be the family problem in the Jordan household. In 2012, Marcus Jordan—the son of basketball legend Michael Jordan—faced arrest for getting into a very loud and very verbal fight with two women, as reported by Ranker. This happened outside of a hotel, disturbing guests and staff. Instead of abiding by the law, Marcus only made matters worse by attempting to resist arrest.

He should have just gone with them in our opinion. He was allegedly under the influence at the time, which would have made things worse, according to Yahoo Sports. The incident did not leave him out of the spotlight for too long.

Very recently Marcus hit up social media—Twitter to be exact—with some very risqué and crude images. What made him do it? We have no idea, but we are certain no one wanted to see that when they opened up Twitter in the morning. The young Jordan claimed that he had been hacked and that he would never tweet something like that, as per Bleacher Report. We also cannot imagine the dinner conversation the night it happened as there was some obvious clean-up needed, outside of the excuses.

4 Zachary John-Furnish—Baby Bachelor Pad

May 29, 2013: Elton John and David Furnish are seen in Venice, Italy with their two sons, Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John and Elijah Joseph Daniel Furnish-John. Mandatory Credit: INFphoto.com Ref: infit-06

Mandatory Credit: INFphoto.com Ref: infit-06[/caption]

When Elton John and David Furnish decided it was time to add a baby to their family via surrogate, we knew they were going to go all out, especially based on Elton John’s typical wardrobe choices. What we did not realize was just how far out they were going to go. Not only did Zachary John-Furnish receive the best of the best baby furniture and Bugaboo Cameleon buggy, but John took it a whole step further.

He went out and bought Zachary his very own flat—and yes we do mean the property kind,

as reported by Made For Mums.

Zachary owned property before he was even born and there are some of us still struggling to own property after the age of 30. Located in New York, Zachary will not even need to staff his flat for his protection, as his fathers already took care of that, staffing the apartment with security detail and nannies, according to Made for Mums. Talk about setting high standards for their child. It was just the start on everything Zachary could own if he wanted to. Young Zachary is not even eight yet, but he is already set for the rest of his life.

3 Charlie Sheen—King Of Problems

Charlie Sheen and Martin Sheen, Credit: WENN

Legendary actor Martin Sheen has two sons. Emilio Estevez is known for his part in the movie The Mighty Ducks, while his son Charlie has been known for defining what a problem child is. If there is anything to be arrested for, Charlie has found a way to add it to his arrest record. His love for partying and illicit substances has become almost as legendary as his father’s acting career. His involvement with both has also led to several charges on his record.

We cannot imagine partying with Charlie—not that we would want to with his track record. He once reported that he drank tiger’s blood in order to make him as strong as the animal in question. He offered a number of ridiculous interviews during some of his worst times. He also had multiple girlfriends to wait on him hand and foot during these times.

As if that was not crazy enough, his wife once got an emergency restraining order to protect herself from him after an incident turned physical in 2009, as reported to Ranker. We did not even know emergency restraining orders were a thing.

2 Justin Dior Combs—Dating Extraordinaire

Via: Heavy.com

Justin Dior Combs—son of P. Diddy and Misa Hylton-Brim—was expected to have high tastes. After all, both his parents have fantastic and expensive tastes. When Justin turned 16, the obvious choice was to buy their son a car. However, just any car was not going to do—and secondhand was out of the question, of course. Instead, P. Diddy went out and bought his son a limousine. That is right.

He bought Justin a top of the line limousine that valued over $400,000,

as reported by Made For Mums.

That is one heck of a birthday present! We are assuming that this car came with its own driver, or else that may be one difficult driving test for Justin.

The idea was for Justin to be able to use the limousine any time he wanted—and to impress all the girls he was gearing up to date. P. Diddy has always been a bit of a ladies man, so we cannot say we are surprised that he wanted the same for his son. We cannot imagine being picked up for our date with Justin Dior Combs and having him arrive with such style! This makes him an automatic ladies man.

1 Christian Brando—Godfather-Inspired Mania

Via: Famous Biographies/Los Angeles Magazine

His role in The Godfather made him a household name, but few probably know the story behind Marlon Brando’s son Christian. As if trying to live the idea of The Godfather in real life, Christian put family first. He adamantly stressed the importance of family at all times. As a result, when Cheyenne—Christian’s half-sister—came to him and confessed that her boyfriend was mistreating her, he did not take it sitting down.

The fact that Cheyenne was pregnant made it worse, according to the Los Angeles Times. Instead of letting the law handle it, Christian went out and took matters into his own hands by ending the boyfriend's life at Marlon Brando's house, according to The Guardian. He ended up spending six years in prison as a result, as reported by Ranker. His sentence was likely supposed to be longer, but he managed to only get a brief sentence.

That was not the last of Christian’s legal problems as one would hope. In 2005, one of Christian’s ex-wife had him charged, as reported to Ranker. Three years later, he passed away from pneumonia at a very young age. That is quite the reputation that Christian left behind as his legacy.

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