15 Celebs Who Keep Lying About Who The Father Is


Having a baby is supposed to be one of the happiest and most exciting times in a woman’s life. Of course, there are lots of changes that come along with being a new mother but the entire experience is incredibly rewarding and ultimately life-changing. While some ladies like to tell every last detail about their pregnancy, birth, and their child’s many milestones, others prefer to keep a more low-profile. Every pregnancy is different and there are some inevitable surprises that can come along the way no matter how much careful planning is added into the equation.

Since celebrities live their lives in the spotlight, there is always an added fascination from the public when they do seemingly normal things like have babies. Even though there’s nothing out of the ordinary about a famous person’s pregnancy, we can’t help but be interested in the intimate details of their private lives. While stars try their best to keep the whole world from knowing all of their personal business, it can be difficult to keep certain things under wraps when you’re famous. There have been a number of famous moms who patently refuse to discuss anything about their children’s private lives…and that even means keeping tight-lipped about who their baby daddies are. There could be an array of reasons why a star doesn’t want to tell anyone who her child’s father is.

Whether their one-time partners have proven to be poor role models, inactive parents or they simply want to raise their babies indecently, certain celebs will go to great lengths to spare their children from knowing the truth. Here are 15 celebs who keep lying about who the father of their child is.

15 Kris Jenner Can't Keep Track Of Her Lies


For as long as the Kardashians have been prominent figures in the public eye, there has been ongoing speculation about who really fathered Khloe Kardashian. Of course, Kris Jenner was married to famed attorney Robert Kardashian and their union resulted in four children together…at least that’s what Kris wants everybody to think. After taking one look at Khloe compared to the rest of her siblings, there’s simply no denying that she looks considerably different than Kourtney, Kim, and Rob. While the Kardashian clan boasts signature Armenian features such as dark hair and a tan complexion, Khloe’s fair skin and light features have raised eyebrows for years when her paternity is being called into question.

On top of that, Khloe is much taller than the rest of her siblings, only furthering the theory that Kris Jenner conceived her with a man other than her ex-husband. While both Kris and Khloe swear that Robert Kardashian is the star’s true father, Kris has openly cited her extramarital affairs as one of the reasons that lead up to her divorce. With mounting evidence proving that Kris Jenner has been lying about who Khloe’s father is since birth, fans have frequently speculated that her real paternal source of DNA could be everyone from Jenner’s former hairdresser Alex Roldan to disgraced former football player OJ Simpson. While we may never know the true identity of Khloe’s biological dad, it’s pretty safe to say at this point that Kris has been hiding a huge secret for quite some time.

14 Mindy Kaling Is Keeping Her Lips Sealed


When Mindy Kaling announced that she was expecting her first child earlier this year, fans were shocked to hear her surprising news. While Mindy often jokes about her dating life and being perpetually single, a pregnancy didn’t seem like something that would be in the bear future for the Mindy Project star. After realizing that Kaling really was expecting, fans started wondering who in the world could possibly be the unborn child’s father. The actress hadn’t been romantically linked to anyone as far as the public was concerned, and fans scrambled to figure out who could be responsible for the child’s paternity.

Mindy, who recently confirmed that she was expecting a baby girl, is keeping tight-lipped about who her baby daddy really is, leaving the door wide open for people to theorize who he could be. According to reports, Mindy isn’t telling anyone who the father is – including her closest friends. With the suspense mounting, the media has suspected that the baby’s dad could be anyone from one of Mindy’s former companions to co-stars and everyone in between, but perhaps the most popular theory is that BJ Novak is the man responsible for Kaling’s mysterious pregnancy.

Novak and Kaling played lovers during their time on The Office and they infamously had an on-again/off again relationship off-screen as well. While the idea that BJ could in fact be the father of Mindy’s baby seems unlikely, the actress is leaving it up to everyone to draw their own conclusions.

13 Geri Halliwell Doesn't Need A Man


Geri Halliwell gleefully welcomed the birth of her daughter, Bluebell, in 2006 but the former Spice Girl has still never went public with the identity of the young girl’s father. In recent years, Halliwell married Formula One racer Christian Horner and has been very open about the fact that he is the father of her second child, Montague, but the paternity of her first-born still remains a mystery. Many have said that Geri decided to raise the child alone without any involvement from the child’s father, but although she opted to leave the father’s name off of Bluebell’s birth certificate many have assumed that the biological dad in question is a man named Sacha Gervasi.

Halliwell and the Emmy award-winning director were an item prior to her big pregnancy announcement, and it’s rather safe to conclude that he is probably the girl’s father. While Geri has admitted that she was not in a romantic relationship at the time of conception, she’s stated that she simply doesn’t care about any of that and wants to remain focused on raising her child rather than listening to hearsay about who her baby daddy is.

12 Padma Lakshmi's Baby Had Two Potential Fathers


Padma Lakshmi was understandably stunned when she discovered that she was pregnant and gave birth to her daughter, Krishna, in 2010. The Top Chef host was under the impression that it would be almost impossible for her to become pregnant due to her struggle with endometriosis, but the star’s situation became even more complicated when she struggled to determine who the baby’s father was. Of course, Padma was over the moon at the prospect of being a mom, but she revealed in her memoir that she had a diffcifult time coming to terms with the child’s paternity, stating, "A question began to nag at my giddiness: not so much 'How?' but the far more uncomfortable 'Who?”

At the time, Lakshmi was single but actively seeing two men: IMG CEO Teddy Forstmann and Adam Dell, whose brother founded Dell Computers. Although the star was openly unsure about who fathered her little girl, Forstmann took on the responsibility of raising her like her his very own and even left her a substantial amount of money in a trust fund following his death in 2011. While Padma could no longer carry on with her prolonged  indecisiveness  about who Krishna’s dad was, a paternity test and a bitter battle for custody ultimately revealed that it was Dell who was the child’s biological father after all.

11 Mia Farrow Keeps Everyone Guessing


When Mia Farrow gave birth to her son Ronan in 1987 she never did pinpoint exactly who his father could be. The seasoned actress had romanced a number of high-profile men in the entertainment industry and the media developed a series of theories regarding her son’s paternity over the years. Even though she never confirmed or denied it, famed filmmaker long been believed to be the father of Ronan for quite some time. The pair has been in a relationship for many years prior to their controversial split, but many thought that the timeline of their romance aligned with when Farrow became pregnant.

Mia has been purposefully coy when it comes to keeping the identity of her son’s dad under wraps, but in 2013 she made headlines after a reporter for Vanity Fair asked if former flame Frank Sinatra could be the mystery man. Instead of giving the mag any actual information, she fanned the flames by responding “possibly” at the legendary singer being the potential baby daddy. At this rate we might never know who Ronan Farrow’s real father is, and we’re pretty sure Mia Farrow intends to keep it that way.

10 January Jones Wants To Be The Sole Parent


January Jones welcomed her son Xander in 2011 but has kept her lips firmly zipped regarding the identity of the boy’s father. The Mad Men actress refuses to divulge much information about her baby daddy, but she has been surprisingly vocal about how she knew she would act as the sole parental figure in her son’s life from early on in her pregnancy. In a telling interview, the star revealed, “I knew I would be raising my son alone. It was something I went in to knowingly, I was prepared mentally - and I was excited about it.” Jones unwillingness to speak of the man who fathered her child caused some to wonder if the reason behind her secrecy was because the child was the result of an affair with a married man.

Many have speculated that Xander’s father could be anyone from film producers to an array of actors including former flame Jason Sudeikis, but Jones stands firm in shielding her son from knowing the truth behind his paternity. The actress has even confessed that her baby daddy isn’t something that should be public knowledge, stating, “It's just not something the public needs to know.There are parts of your life, no matter what your job, that should remain private”. While January seems content in her decision to lie by omission when it comes to her pregnancy, it’s abundantly clear that she’s hiding the truth for reasons far beyond anyone’s reach.

9 Debbie Rowe Constantly Changes Her Story


Throughout the entirety of his career, Michael Jackson was known for never failing when it came to providing ample amounts of shock value. That sentiment held true when he revealed that he would become a first-time father to two children in 1997 and again in 1998. From the beginning, the details surrounding Jackson’s involvement with becoming a father have been murky to say the least, but one thing the public was sure of was that a woman by the name of Debbie Rowe served as the biological mother of both Prince and Paris Jackson.

While Jackson and his children endlessly insist that he is their true father, it’s quite clear that that’s just not the case. Although his appearance drastically transformed over time, everyone knew that Jackson was of African American descent, while his children clearly weren’t. Rowe changed her tune time and time again by saying that various men were used as donors to allow Michael to become a parent, and there have been a number of inconsistencies in her version of how the children were conceived.

Of course, there has been a never-ending number of men who have come forward claiming to be the biological father of Debbie’s children, while other names have been thrown into the mix as possible DNA donors. With so much drama surrounding the Jackson family, it’s highly unlikely that we will ever know the true origin of Michael Jackson’s kids, but at least one thing is for sure….we’re pretty positive Michael would have wanted it that way.

8 Camryn Manheim Sought The Help Of A Donor


Camryn Manheim earned her fame thanks to starring roles in shows such as The Practice and Ghost Whisperer, but aside from that she garnered some unwanted publicity regarding the paternity of her son, Milo. Manheim announced her pregnancy and subsequently gave birth to her child in 2006, but there were so many pieces of the puzzle that simply didn’t make sense for fans. For starters, the actress appeared to be unattached from any romantic relationships leaving many to ask how she could have possibly conceived a child without a partner.

Camryn, who has managed to maintain a notoriously low-profile when it comes to her private life, never went public about who her son’s father was, but that didn’t mean the rest of the world didn’t have theories about his identity. After much investigating, some fans concluded that the father of Milo was Camryn’s close friend Jeffrey Brezovar, who allegedly volunteered to donate his DNA so Manheim could become a mother. It appears as though the star has raised her now-teenage son as a single parent, but she still remains silent about whether or not Brezovar was really the man responsible for her pregnancy. If Camryn has it her way, this case will never be closed.

7 Kyla Pratt Didn't Want Any Negativity


Kyla Pratt has been an actress since she was just a child herself, but now that she’s full grown she has since welcomed two daughters of her own into the world while managing to fly under the radar and staying out of the media’s reach. Much to the surprise of her fans and followers, Pratt gave birth to her first child, Lyrics in 2010 and then had a second daughter, Liyah in 2013. The pregnancy and subsequent birth were stunning to some because nobody knew that Kyla had even been dating anyone, much less starting a family. During an interview with Wendy Williams, Pratt revealed that she intentionally decided not to announce either pregnancy because she didn’t want to deal with any kind of negativity from the outside world.

Of course, having a baby is supposed to be a happy time for everyone involved, so it’s not entirely surprisingly that Kyla just wanted to enjoy her pregnancies without being asked a bunch of questions or being judged for her choices. Although Pratt insists that she wasn’t setting out to keep her children and her boyfriend a secret, she did fess up to staying hush-hush about everything for her children’s sake. After some serious snooping fans discovered that Kyla’s baby daddy could only be a man named Danny Kirkpatrick, and the couple appear to still be together as one big happy family.

6 Kail Lowry Refused To Reveal Her Third Baby Daddy


Kail Lowry’s claim to fame is being one of the girls featured on the popular MTV series 16 and Pregnant and subsequently Teen Mom 2, but just because she’s a reality star doesn’t mean she’s willing to share every aspect of her personal life with the public. Lowry already had two children from previous relationships - son Isaac with ex Jo Rivera and a second son, Lincoln, with ex-husband Javi Marroquin. But rumors surfaced about Kail being pregnant for a finer time following her impending divorce from Marroquin, fans were puzzled by who could be the baby’s possible father.

Kail flat out refused to name the father of her third child, citing that he didn’t want to be involved in the public eye and wanted no part of the fame that came along with being on reality television. Many had speculated that baby number three was the result of a fling with either one of her former flames or even one of the producers who worked on Teen Mom but Kail was quick to shut down those theories.

For months, Lowry lied to conceal the identity of her third consecutive baby daddy, but meticulous fans picked up on subtle hints the star dropped and were able to accurately determine who the man was. After the media finally figured out that a guy named Chris Lopez was responsible for the child’s paternity, Kail eventually fessed up and admitted the truth despite her best efforts to keep her secret under wraps.

5 Karen Mulder Is Raising Her Daughter On Her Own Terms


At the height of her career, Karen Mulder was considered a successful supermodel and singer. The Dutch star seemed to have it all, but she took a major fall from grace in the early 2000’s after suffering from a series of mental health problems. Mulder had a very public breakdown that consisted of problems stemming from anxiety, depression and continued drug use, but the birth of her daughter Anna in 2006 gave her a new outlook on life. To date, Mulder has yet to identify who the father of her child is. Since she refuses to divulge any information about her daughter’s paternity, many have assumed that the troubled starlet doesn’t even know who the man is or that the pregnancy was a result of a non-consensual act. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding her situation, there’s little reason to believe that the mystery surrounding Mulder’s baby daddy will ever come to light.

4 Lena Heady Won't Talk About Her Baby's Father


Game of Thrones star Lena Headey has a son with musician Peter Paul Loughran who was born in 2010, but when she gave birth to her second child, a daughter, in 2015, the identity of the baby’s father remained unknown to the public. The actress purposefully kept tight-lipped about who her daughter’s possible father could be, and while some assumed that the baby daddy was her ex-husband, it seemed unlikely since the pair officially split in 2013. Other popular candidates for paternity included Headey’s co-star Pedro Pascal, since the two were often spotted together leading up to her pregnancy. Aside from their regular get-togethers, there were few other indications that Headey and Pascal were romantically involved. This past summer, Lena revealed that she had secretly been seeing actor Dan Cadan and the two were even engaged. Many assumed that Cadan was the true father of the star’s child, but as of yet she has neither confirmed nor denied those rumors.

3 Hilarie Burton Was Super Secretive About Her Son


Former MTV host and actress Hilarie Burton proved that she was really good at keeping secrets when she privately gave birth to a baby boy named Augustus in 2010. The reserved star tried to keep as much information about her bundle of joy out of the spotlight as she possibly could, and she wouldn’t even say who the baby’s father was for quite some time. Eventually, people discovered that Burton had been in a fast-paced romance with Jeffrey Dean Morgan that sparked briefly before finding out about the pregnancy. Hilarie was so serious about making her son’s privacy a priority that she refused to even tell anyone his name and his birth date, stating, "I want to protect him like a mama wolf should”. Only a year before the birth of his son with Burton, Morgan found out that he had also fathered another child five years prior with another actress. This low-key pair definitely likes to keep things hush-hush, but during a recent red carpet appearance Hilarie donned a visible baby bump that Jeffrey proudly cradled as a way to announce that they were expecting their second child together.

2 Karlie Redd's Baby Daddy Drama


Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is notorious for having some controversial storylines and explosive moments, but perhaps one of the craziest revelations brought on by the series was the true paternity of Karlie Redd’s daughter. The star has done everything in her power to keep the father of her child under wraps, but everyone knows that once you enter the world of reality television you are liable to have all of your business put out in the open. Although Karlie had mentioned her daughter Jasmine on a number of occasions during filming, viewers of the show didn’t get their first look at her until the show was several seasons in. Karlie had always lied about who the girl’s father was, but the truth finally came out during a reunion episode of the series. Come to find out, Karlie’s baby daddy is a man who is well-known for all of the wrong reasons. Nate Hill, a notorious gangster from Chicago, was proven to be Jasmine’s father, but despite knowing once and for all who her father is, the girl might never get a chance to even know him because he is currently serving a life sentence for some serious crimes. Karlie was said to be “devastated” by the entire world knowing about her shady past, but she was even more hurt that her daughter would be subject to ridicule because of her father’s reprehensible reputation.

1 Rebecca Schmucker Bedded Her Husband's Brother


The reality series Breaking Amish brought in some major ratings for TLC, but after some online sleuthing fans were quick to discover that there wasn’t much “reality” happening on the show. In the first season, Rebecca pretended to be smitten for a man named Abe Schmucker, but it was later revealed that the two not only knew eachother way before they started filming, they also had a lengthy history together that included a love child. Rebecca’s daughter was being raised by Abe, but there was much speculation regarding the child’s true paternity. During the show’s finale, Rebecca remained firm in her decision not to name her baby’s father, stating, “I’m very sensitive when it comes to my daughter because I'm trying to be a good mom. I don't have to answer to anybody.” While it’s true that she doesn’t owe anybody an explanation about her personal life, the media discovered that prior to her relationship with Abe, she was romantically involved with his brother, Andy. The contentious relationship between Rebecca and her now brother-in-law was documented on the series, but fans found enough evidence that revealed the two were intimate around the same time that Rebecca became pregnant. To this day, neither Rebecca nor Abe will confirm who her daughter’s real father is as they try to protect themselves from inevitable scrutiny.

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