15 Celebs Who Let Their Sons Wear Dresses

The subject of parents allowing their young boys to dress up in clothing that was designed with little girls in mind has always been a controversial one, but lately it seems like some have taken a hard stance on the matter by publicly proclaiming that they're in favor of letting their kids decide what attire is appropriate for them and what isn't.

While it's easy to say that the parents should be the ones in charge of making decisions and not the child, others suggest that there is no harm in letting their kids choose what they want to wear from an early age. Of course, back in the day many could make the argument that dresses were specifically for females, these days the lines between what's considered boys attire and girls attire have been considerably blurred.

Even more recently, big-name celebrities have found themselves at the center of the ongoing debate, with several stars getting attention for unapologetically putting their sons in dresses. These celebs don’t care what about anyone else’s opinions – they are raising their children how they see fit. These famous faces strongly believe in not conforming to gender stereotypes and consider their boys’ decision to dress in dresses to be a form of self-expression.

To many, wearing dresses can be seen as just a phase, while to others it’s viewed as a confusing and destructive way to raise a child. At the end of the day it’s really just clothing…so does it actually matter if little boys want to dress like princesses and little girls want to wear a suit and tie? These stars don’t seem to think so. Here are 15 celebs who proudly let their sons wear dresses.

15 Gwen Stefani's Boy Is A Bold Ballerina


Gwen Stefani has a reputation for being a bit of a free-spirit who’s own eclectic style has gotten her some serious attention throughout the course of her career. While she may be a staple on Hollywood’s “best dressed” lists these days, Gwen was once notorious for her belly-baring crop tops, bright pink hair and mouth full of metal braces. The star seemingly has no limits when it comes to her style, so it’s only fair that she applies the same laid-back mentality to her own children’s choice in wardrobe.

Stefani, who is the mother of three young boys with ex-husband Gavin Rossdale, seemed to have no problem when her son decided to play dress up in a bright pink tutu during a friend’s party. Gwen and her boys were attending a princess-themed birthday celebration when her oldest, Kingston, decided to play the part by throwing the tutu on over his clothes. The seven year old looked like he was having the time of his life and didn’t think twice about donning the frilly frock.

Of course, Gwen wants her kids to have fun and likely sees no harm in allowing them to dress however they want to. After all, you only get to be a kid once so why not enjoy it, right?

14 Megan Fox's Boys Regularly Wear Dresses


If there’s one celebrity who has become notorious for allowing her boys to wear dresses, it’s none other than Megan Fox. The actress is a mother to three boys, and her two oldest, Noah and Bodhi, are often photographed in public donning Disney Princess ensembles. The boys seem to be big fans of the animated movie Frozen in particular, and are usually spotted wearing dresses inspired by the film’s main character, Elsa.

Fox has been very vocal about the fact that she still dreams about having a daughter someday, and some are quick to assume that she is putting her boys in dresses and growing their hair out long to fulfill her own selfish need for a girl. Of course, it’s highly unlikely (and downright absurd) that Fox would be dressing her kids in flowy frocks simply because she always wanted a daughter. In fact, Megan doesn’t seem to care one bit about what other people think of her son’s wardrobe choices in spite of the endless backlash she’s received for her parenting choices.

The star wants her children to wear what makes them feel happy and comfortable, and if that happens to be dresses then so be it.

13 Adele's Boy Wants To Be A Princess


Much like Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green’s brood, Adele’s son also enjoys the movie Frozen and is a major fan of dressing up in costumes inspired by the movie. Last year, the singer and her husband took their son on a family outing to Disneyland, but unbeknownst to any of them, the paparazzi were hard at work snapping photos of the triumvirate during their trip. Adele, who is the mother of a five year old son named Angelo, was spotted pushing her boy around in a stroller while he donned a dress that was similar to that of his favorite Disney princess.

Adele was simply enjoying some quality time with her family, but soon enough she received ample backlash for allowing her son to wear a dress out in public. Apparently some people failed to realize that Disney theme-parks aren’t called “the happiest place on Earth” for nothing and when a child wants to dress like their favorite character, who’s to judge? The fierce starlet fired back at her harshest critics for slamming her parenting, saying, “Whatever my kid wants to do or be I will always support him no matter what."

That’s one mama bear we wouldn’t want to mess with!

12 Charlize Theron Encourages Individuality


Charlize Theron fulfilled her dream of being a mother by adopting two children from South Africa in 2012, but in recent years the actresses’ son has been photographed looking more and more like her daughter every day. While Charlize initially dressed her boy, Jackson, in clothing that most boys would typically wear, something seemed to have shirted once he got a little bit older. Instead, we began seeing her son wear dresses, bows, feminine shoes and a whole lot of pink, leaving many people wondering the reason behind the vast change.

In addition to dresses, Charlize also has given the child long braided hair extensions, furthering the theory that maybe he wants to live life as a girl instead of a boy all together. While Theron has never publicly addressed the public’s concern about her child’s clothing, she continues to dress the youngster in what makes him most comfortable. Of course, she has been called out time and time again for her parenting style and has been the target of some harsh words from people online, but the star continues to do what she believes is best or both her and her son and that’s all that a parent can really do.

11 Will Smith Gives His Kids Creative Freedom


There’s no doubt that Will Smith and his wife Jada have seemingly developed a reputation for the offbeat manner in which they raise their two children. The pair of actors have openly admitted that they don’t really instill rules onto their offspring, instead they allow their kids to make their own decisions and ultimately face the consequences of their actions.

While this style of parenting certainly isn’t typical, they seem to be very supportive of their children’s unique way of living…even when their son decides to wear dresses. In an interview regarding his son, Jaden, Smith spoke candidly about the boy’s affinity for thinking outside the box when it comes to fashion, stating, “He is so completely comfortable and confident in who he is and when I look at him, I really admire that. Jaden has his own clothing line and then he started wearing a skirt.”

Will went on to say that although he was initially taken aback by his son wearing feminine attire, he eventually backed off and trusted his son’s instincts. The actor continued to tell the press about how he came to terms with Jaden’s fashion sense, saying, “Then I was like, ‘You cannot wear a skirt.’ He said to me, ‘Dad, it’s fine. It’s going to be so hot all the kids will be wearing it.’ I said, ‘No, the kids are not going to do it because their parents will have sense enough to not let them do it.’ But he’s confident in who he is and who he wants to be.”

10 Liev Schreiber's Son Gets Into Character


While some celebrity parents have no issue with letting their male children dress up in dresses and other traditionally girly attire, Liev Schreiber went above and beyond earlier this year when he let his son dress up as his favorite super-villian: Harley Quinn. The actor and his two boys, Sasha and Kai, attended the highly popular Comic-Con event where it’s customary for attendees to dress in elaborate costumes inspired by well-known comic book characters.

While his oldest donned a Star Wars ensemble, Liev’s youngest son decided to dress like a female character from head to toe. The little boy wore Harley’s signature outfit complete with a colorful wig and a face full of makeup...and naturally there were people who felt the need to share their strong opinions on the matter. Some fans expressed outrage at the Ray Donovan star for letting his son dress up like a girl and continued to shame the actor for his choice to proudly support his child’s costume choice.

In contrast, others praised Schreiber for being a dedicated dad and allowing his kid to express himself in whatever outfit made him feel comfortable. Needless to say, Liev firmly stands in his son’s corner regardless of the circumstances and we have to give him credit for that at the very least.

9 Magic Johnson Likes His Son's Flamboyant Fashions


Although Magic Johnson has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry both on and off the basketball court, his son EJ has been doing some serious work when it comes to getting famous all on his own. EJ has starred in several reality shows including Rich Kids of Beverly Hills as well as his own spinoff series, and the budding star has become especially known for his interesting taste in fashion. Although he is male and has no plans to change that, EJ has no qualms about donning skirts, dresses, evening gowns and everything in between.

While initially it must have been a little odd to see his son in such over-the-top styles, Magic Johnson has grown to support his wardrobe decisions to the fullest, stating, “EJ, as he always does, looks fabulous, and he takes it to another level so I just take a step back and let him do his thing." Far beyond just fashion, Magic recently had an important message about accepting you children for who they are, telling Ellen DeGeneres, "I think it's all about you not trying to decide what your daughter or son should be, or what you want them to become. It's all about loving them no matter who they are.”

We can’t argue with that, and we’re glad that the star is so supportive of his son no matter what the circumstance.

8 Celine Dion's Son Is Serious About Stilletos


Being able to raid Celine Dion’s closet is a something that most people could only dream of, but the singer’s youngest son has actually taken full advantage of his famous mom’s expensive taste in fashion. Even though Celine Dion has three boys, that doesn’t stop her from sharing integral parts of her wardrobe with them. The star certainly defied all ideas of gender stereotypes when she spoke candidly about her young son’s fascination with trying on her many pairs of high heels.

During an interview with Katie Couric, Celine revealed that her little boy is a big fan of wearing her pumps, saying, “You want something funny? One of my sons, Nelson is two-and-a-half and he walks better in heels than me. I don’t know how he does it, but I’m not the only in the family who loves shoes, believe me.” Not surprisingly, Dion received backlash for allowing toddler to traipse around the house in heels but in all seriousness...why should anyone care?

7 Brian Austin Green Sees No Reason For Shame


While Megan Fox may be the one who typically steps out with her sons wearing dresses, her husband Brian Austin Green supports his children and his wife when it comes to letting their boys choose what they wear. Green, who is the father of three young boys with Fox and another son from a previous relationship, recently expressed his feelings on the contentious matter regarding his kids.

The actor came to the defense of his family by speaking specifically about his son Noah, saying, “I've heard from some people that they don't agree with him wearing dresses. To them I say, I don't care. He's four and if he wants to wear it, then he wears it.” Green further protected his son’s right to wear dresses by saying, “I feel like at four or five, that's the time he should be having fun. He's not harming anyone by wearing a dress.”

Regardless of how you feel on the debate about boys wearing girls’ clothing, it’s hard to deny that Brian does make a pretty good point. Children are innocent and really can’t see a reason why they wouldn’t be allowed to wear something that they really like, so why not just let kids be kids?

6 Donal Logue Dropped All Judgement


Even though he has made a number of noteworthy appearances in movies and on television, Donal Logue tended to keep a relatively low-profile when compared to other Hollywood types. The actor did a good job of keeping his personal life out of the spotlight, but that all changed when one of his children went missing and he desperately pleaded with the public for help.

After Logue made a social media post stating that his teenager could not be located, the media heavily covered the story and identified the missing minor as his sixteen year old son, Arlo. Images of young Arlo as a child circulated the internet and left people wondering why they wouldn't simply use a current photo to better help identify the teen. Eventually, Logue shed some light on the complicated situation by explaining that his son had actually transitioned into his daughter and that she had been living as 'Jade" for quite some time.

The star's major bombshell sparked some initial shock while Donal publicly stated that he stood by his daughter. Logue's ex-wife even spoke up about the matter telling reporters, "Jade's story is for Jade to tell, when and if she's ever ready to tell it." Fortunately for everyone involved, this story both raised awareness and had a happy ending, as Jade was eventually found safely.

5 Zoe Saldana Openly Shops In The Girls Section


Even though she is the mother of three boys, Zoe Saldana has been a solid advocate of shopping for her children’s clothes in the girl’s section. In an interview with People, “My husband and I, we don't like to just stick to like the boys' section. And we like putting leggings on our sons, believe it or not. But sometimes when we can't find something that we need, we'll go to the girls' section, and we like seeing our kids, our boys, in pastel, bright pink colors, and they like it as well."

The actress is no stranger to dressing her boys in feminine attire, and she sees absolutely nothing wrong with dressing them in gender-fluid outfits. The star confirmed that her boys are the ones making the rules when it comes to their wardrobe by saying, “They just choose what they want to wear.” While we may not have seen them in dresses quite yet, we wouldn’t be quick to rule it out. Saldana has stated that her little men have various pairs of “glittery” and “bright pink” shoes and that both her and her husband support their children’s funky flair for fashion, even if some people consider their style to be only for girls.

4 Angelina Jolie's Kids Wear Whatever They Want


Angelina Jolie used to get tons of notoriety in Hollywood for her wild antics and her blockbuster movie roles, but these days the famed actress is much more focused on her role as a mother above all else. Jolie is the parent of six children, both biological and adopted, and she is no stranger to telling everyone how motherhood has had such a profound effect on her life. While many people praise Angelina for her selfless acts as a mother, she has also received her fair share of backlash for the way she lets her children dress. In recent years, Jolie’s oldest daughter, Shiloh, has been spotted looking more and more masculine by the day.

As a baby, Shiloh often wore dresses and bows but once she got older she began wearing boy’s shirts, pants, and even neckties. Although Shiloh’s fashion choices seem to be the center of most of the star’s controversy, she also has been known to dress one of her boys up in girl’s attire as well. In 2011, Jolie and her boy/girl twins Vivienne and Knox, were pictured wearing ladybug costumes complete with frilly headpieces and a dainty tutu. Everyone knows that Jolie is probably the last person to place judgement on someone for what they wear, especially when young children are involved.

Perhaps her son just wanted to dress like his sister, or maybe he simply liked the costume. Either way, Jolie’s children don’t mind breaking the rules when it comes to what they wear, even if it means shopping in the opposite gender’s section for clothes.

3 Jeanette Jennings Lets Her Child Feel Jazzy


Jazz Jennings gained national attention in 2007 after filming a controversial interview with Barbara Walters regarding her transition from male to female at such a young age. Jazz, her mother Jeanette and the rest of her family scored their own reality show on TLC documenting the complicated process of changing genders and she has been a major public figure ever since. As a child, Jazz, who was born ‘Jared’, expressed a substantial interest in wearing girl’s clothing and doing things that her sisters would do. While initially Jazz’s parents chalked up their child’s behavior as a phase that some kids go through, they soon realized that their child’s interior didn’t seem to match her exterior.

Jeanette and her husband not only allowed Jazz to wear dresses, makeup, and play with Barbie dolls, they also gave her the green light to live life completely as a female. Not surprisingly, their decision to let child make such a drastic decision without while still being just a child raised some eyebrows, and the family got continuous hate for the way they were parenting Jazz. Of course, now Jazz is in her teens and is already deep into the transitioning process, but she often thanks her mother for allowing her to be who she is and being her biggest supporter during her most complicated times.

2 Chris Evans 


As the host of a popular British television series, Chris Evans is quite familiar with being in the public eye. The Top Gear star is often seen at star-studded events, and during a recent premiere for a play, Evans and his whole family arrived at the theater to enjoy a night out together. Chris was photographed alongside his wife Natasha and their two boys, Noah and Eli, but fans couldn’t help but notice something rather peculiar about his youngest son’s outfit for the evening.

The five year old fella proudly sported a shimmery green dress that was undoubtedly purchased in the section of a store that was designated for girls. Evans seemed completely unaffected by the fact that his son could have easily been mistaken for a darling daughter, but everyone online couldn’t help draw attention to the youngster’s dress.

Naturally, there was both positive and negative feedback for Chris letting his son be seen in public wearing a dress, but as long as the boy is happy and his parents don’t mind what he’s wearing, should anybody else really be offended?

1 Majandra Delfino Believes In Gender-Neutrality


Many celebs have stepped up to the plate in defense of their kiddos and what they wear, and former Roswell star Majandra Delfino has been quite outspoken when it comes to not having her children conform to stereotypical gender norms. The actress has publicly stated that for her son Louis and daughter Cecelia, she and her husband don’t encourage them to play with certain toys or dress in a way that reflects their gender. The star insists that in spite of not persuading her boy to wear boy’s clothes and her girl to wear girl’s clothes, each of them have decided what they like all on their own and it usually is indicative of their gender.

Regarding her daughter’s decisions, Delfino told People, “The milestone that she is hitting that is very on-the-nose girl is that she will see something pink or purple and be like, ‘Yes.’ And you’re like, ‘Whoa! We’ve done nothing to condition it, and it’s just there. The world did it.” Majandra also said that her little guy is “all about destruction and trucks” despite signing him up for ballet classes and trying to encourage him to be well-rounded when it comes to his interests. Even though she might want her son to appreciate her love of ballet, the actress will probably have to accept the fact that in this case, boys will just be boys.

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