15 Celebs Who Lost Custody Of Their Kids For Being Horrible Mothers


Just because someone has kids and just because they raise their kids, does not always mean that they get to keep them. There have been many (perhaps too many!) mothers who lose custody of their children because they are horrible mothers, or are in horrible custody situations.

Losing custody of your children is not limited to a dollar amount. It does not matter what your occupation is, or how much money you make. It does not matter where you live, who you know, or how many kids you have. If you are a horrible parent or commit a terrible act, you can lose custody of your children, often just temporary, but sometimes permanently.

Being a horrible mother is not limited to any type of social status. Therefore, even celebrities run the risk of losing their children due to their poor parenting habits. There have been many celebrities in fact, some more famous than others, who have lost custody of their children for a period of time. Do you know any famous people who have lost custody of their kids?

You may be surprised at some of the celebrities who are on this list. Some were downright horrible mothers, others were perhaps in a very bad situations, and the odds were not in their favor. You may also be shocked at the stories behind why and how some of these famous women lost custody of their children. Read on to discover one of the hidden secrets in Hollywood.

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15 Britney Spears

Britney Spears soared to the top of the charts with her amazing singing ability and catchy tunes, but that perhaps led her to a downward spiral. Britney is known for her outrageous behavior, usually all caught on camera. The problem is, Britney's behavior led to her losing temporary custody of her two young sons.

After the split from the father of her two boys, Kevin Federline, Britney began living a life that a judge referred to as a drug and alcohol fueled lifestyle. Clearly, not a behavior of a good mother. As a result, that same judge took away temporary custody of her children. Although, only temporary, with the hope she would get her act together (and fast), Britney instead allegedly became suicidal. We have to think though, Britney, why did you not take care of your sons properly beforehand?

14 Tameka Foster

Tameka Foster, the now infamous ex of Grammy award winning singer, Usher, was involved in a long and extraordinarily nasty custody battle. Their volatile relationship and lengthy custody battle made headlines as one of the bitterest Hollywood had ever seen.

The pair had two, quite adorable, sons together, and you can only imagine their pain as their parents fought in a nasty way for custody. It was ruled that Tameka was unfit, perhaps even a horrible mother, and she lost total custody of her sons. Tameka was accused of being very threatening, including telling Usher she would f*** him up. Usher has full custody of the boys, and that really made Tameka angry. She continues to fight for custody, but continues to lose.

13 Brooke Mueller

Brooke Mueller and ex husband Charlie Sheen had quite the chaotic relationship that ended in a nasty divorce and custody battle. First, Charlie lost his custody rights. Then, Brooke lost hers. Brooke was allegedly an addict. Addicted to drugs and alcohol, she could not care for her young twin sons. Not to mention, she would often exhibit erratic behavior that was very troubling. At this time, Brooke could be considered a horrible mother.

Brooke lost custody of her twin boys for her drug use. Police had to come to her home to physically remove her children. We can only imagine how traumatic that scene was. Interestingly enough, Charlie Sheen's other ex, Denise Richards, stepped in to care for the boys until Brooke could get back on her feet. And she did. Brooke regained custody about a year later.

12 Courtney Love

PARK CITY, UT - JANUARY 24: Frances Bean Cobain and Courtney Love attend the "Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck" Premiere during the 2015 Sundance Film Festival at The Marc Theatre on January 24, 2015 in Park City, Utah. (Photo by Paul Marotta/Getty Images for Sundance)

Courtney Love may not strike any of us as mother of the year, and in 2009 it was deemed she was anything but a fit mother! Courtney became famous especially for her relationship with the now (famously) deceased Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. They had a daughter together, Frances Bean. But for a period of time, Frances Bean lived with her grandmother, Kurt Cobain's mother.

When Frances Bean was a teenager, she accused her mother of killing animals, including several of their pets. Because of this, Courtney lost temporary custody of her daughter. However, perhaps what made it worse was Courtney's unmotherly response to this event: “I hate to sound cold, but any kid of mine who pulls this s*** has lost her position. She was deceptive, she lied, and she's lying to herself.”

11 Siohvaughn Wade

The ex wife of NBA superstar Dwayne Wade, Siohvaughn lost custody in what many believed was because she was a horrible mother. Siohvaughn lost complete custody of her sons, and only gets very limited visitation rights. It was, and apparently continues to be, a lengthy and nasty custody battle between the pair.

Dwayne Wade has gone even as far as to try to strip his ex wife of even being allowed visitation rights with their sons. He claims that Siohvaughn may be mentally ill and should have her mental state evaluated. It is alleged that Siohvaughn stood on a street corner in Chicago holding a sign that said something to the tune of her being the mother of his children and that she is living on the streets.

10 Kelly Rutherford

Famous of her role in the hit series Gossip Girl, Kelly Rutherford became even more infamous for the terrible, years long custody battle she was involved in with her ex-husband. While her custody battle made international headlines, for years, we do not quite know if Kelly really was a horrible mother, or if the judge just decided that the father was a better fit for the children in the end.

Kelly Rutherford spent an exorbitant amount of money fighting for custody of her children, only to end up losing. The father of her children moved to France, and took the children with him. Kelly did everything in her power to win custody and bring them back to the United States, only to lose. The judge cited that the father had a revoked U.S. Work visa, and therefore could not enter the country. It was then he was awarded full custody of their children.

9 Janine Lindemulder

EXCLUSIVE TO INF. ALL-ROUNDER. July 29, 2010: Janine Lindemulder, Jesse James' ex-wife, spends her last weekend with her daughter, Sunny James, in Huntington Beach, California, before she moves to Austin with her father. Credit: Larsen/Tony/INFphoto.com Ref: infusla-52/89|sp|EXCLUSIVE TO INF. ALL-ROUNDER.

The ex wife of tattooed television personality Jesse James (you know him, he was the one who allegedly cheated on wife Sandra Bullock with multiple women while still married!), Janine Lindemulder is considered to be a horrible mother by many people. Janine Lindemulder lost custody of her child for very poor and illegal behavior. Custody was granted to her ex-husband.

Janine, the exotic dancer and adult film star, was arrested multiple times on drug charges, assaulting her ex husband, and also invading taxes. She spent time in jail and federal prison. Upon her release, she claimed her ex would not allow her to see her daughter. She was charged with harassing him. In 2011 she lost permanent custody and Jesse James was awarded full custody of their child.

8 Lisa Bonet

We cannot really say whether or not the former Cosby Show actress, Lisa Bonet, was a horrible mother, but we do know that when her daughter, Zoe, was eleven years old, she wanted to live with her father, singer Lenny Kravitz. We do not know the exact reasons why Zoe did not wish to live with her mother any longer, but many people speculated that perhaps Lisa was not the mother her daughter wanted her to be.

Lisa Bonet's daughter, Zoe, began spending more and more time with her father, and at her father's house, that when she did request to live with him on a permanent basis, the request was granted. Lisa lost full custody of her daughter, and apparently only saw her during the summers. However, now Zoe is grown, and she seems to get along well with both of her parents.

7 Tamika Fuller

The rapper Ludacris' baby mama, Tamika Fuller, lost custody of the daughter they have together. It was a pretty nasty custody battle, with Tamika on the losing end. Many would argue it was her fault she lost custody, that she was basically a horrible mother.

Ludacris won sole physical custody of their daughter. Tamika does have some custody rights, but primary custody was awarded to her ex. It was revealed that the possible reasons behind why Tamika lost custody of her child was due to her inability to control her finances, and also, her poor parenting of another, older, child she has. Tamika allegedly abandoned her first child only days after being born. She basically disappeared for awhile. It is believed that Tamika lost custody because of her instability.

6 Jaid Barrymore

Jaid Barrymore, the actress and mother of Drew Barrymore (the actress we all know and love!) was what many would call a horrible mother. It may be hard to believe that actress Drew Barrymore came from a household that was terrible, but it is true.

Jaid reveled in her daughter's stardom (thanks to the movie E.T.). She would accompany her young daughter to events for years, up until and including when Drew was a teenager. Jaid would use drugs and alcohol in excess. She would attend parties meant for adults, bringing along young Drew like it was no big deal. Well, that is until Drew, at the age of 15, realized her mother was unfit. She petitioned the court for emancipation from her mother at such a young age. And she won. Jaid lost custody of Drew.

5 Tamra Judge

LAGUNA BEACH, CA - APRIL 21: (EXCLUSIVE ACCESS, EDITORS NOTE: This image has been retouched) Tamra Barney of "Real Housewives Of Orange County" poses with her family during a photo shoot April 21, 2012 in Laguna Beach, California. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Real Housewives of Orange County star, Tamra Judge, may just be a horrible mother. A court ruled that Tamra was unfit to care for the teenage daughter she shares with her ex, Simon Barney. Simon was awarded full custody of their children.

However, it does not end there. Tamra has gone around on talk shows blasting her ex and how horrendous of a person he is. Their eldest daughter, Sidney, is suffering the full extent this nasty relationship and custody battle. Sidney allegedly suffers from parental alienation (from her mother) and seemingly wants nothing to do with her own mother. She has made the choice to stay with her father. It is unknown whether she even talks or visits with her mother. Not sure, but Tamra sounds like she is not the best mother.

4 Pilar Sanders

The ex-wife of professional NFL football Deion Sanders, Pilar Sanders made some mistakes that many would say are the results of her being a horrible mother. Her mistakes cost her the custody of her children. In fact, she not only lost custody of her kids, but she even lost visitation rights.

Pilar and her ex-husband had a custody agreement. Well, Pilar apparently did not really agree with this arrangement because she took matters into her own hands and would violate many of the rules of the custody agreement, including keeping her sons when she was not allowed to. At one point, the police hand to be called to remove her children from her care. This resulted in her actually going to jail for seven days! She also lost the visitation rights with her children.

3 Katherine Jackson

The mother of the famous Jackson clan, Katherine Jackson didn't lose custody of her children, she lost custody of her grandchildren, son Michael's three children. After the late singer passed away, Michael's three children, Paris, Prince, and Blanket, lived with their grandmother.

The story of why Katherine Jackson lost custody is a little strange. Katherine is accused on deserting her grandchildren for ten days. Initially, she claimed she was kidnapped, but it was revealed she just needed a rest. We get that, raising kids is hard on any grandparent who is put in the position to have to care for them, but to desert them is just downright horrible! Katherine, instead, should have sought help, it is not like she couldn't afford it! Now, Katherine shares custody with the children's uncle.

2 Kim Delaney

Kim Delaney, former star of the hit show NYPD Blue, went into a downward spiral, and it cost her the custody of her teenage son. Kim started to abuse alcohol, and it really took over her life. It damaged relationships, some beyond repair, including that with her then teenage son, Jack.

Jack is the one who chose to have nothing to do with his mother. He is the one, who at the age of 15, testified that his mother showed up at his friend's house drunk. Kim wanted Jack to get in the car with her and go home. Jack relayed how scared and upset he was. He tried to keep his mother from driving, but she was too demanding, he said. Since then, Jack has lived with his father, and Kim lost custody.

1 Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone, most famous for movies she starred in, including Basic Instinct, Total Recall, Casino, and more, also became infamous for losing custody of her son, Roan. After Sharon and her then husband Phil Bronstein split up, a nasty custody battle began, and it was one that ultimately Sharon Stone would end up losing.

A judge made the determine that Sharon was essentially an unfit mother for Roan (she also had two younger sons at the time). It was deemed that Sharon could not provide a stable environment for her eldest son, and also, would overreact to many, sometimes minor health issues that concerned Roan. She allegedly gave him Botox in his feet to combat bad foot odor. The judge also made it clear that it was believed that Sharon was not even very involved in Roan's life, that instead, she would have others care for him, like nannies and such.


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