15 Celebs Who Refuse To Let Their Kids Be Famous

These celebs are doing everything they can to keep their kids out of the spotlight.

It seems like this current generation of up and coming models, singers, and actors is filled with stars who all have familial links with the industry.Call it good old fashioned nepotism or “networking” if you like, but it’s very clear that the days of actresses waiting tables while waiting for their big break are long, long gone.

Still, we can’t get enough of celebrity kids. Scrolling through their social media feed, it’s easy to feel a bit jealous as celeb mamas post photos of their designer baby swag and family trips to exotic locations. Us normal moms, however, can rest assured that despite their wealth and fame, baby puke and diaper blowouts will inevitably happen. Celebrities, they're just like us!

And while you have celebs who proudly share photos of their little ones, other stars keep their kids out of the limelight. While today’s crop of celebrity parents don’t go as far as the mask and hat routine of Michael Jackson, they still want their kids protected from stalkers, boundary pushing paparazzi and stans.

Plus, with all the scandals going around in Hollywood, maybe it’s better that these 15 celebrities are doing their best to provide their children a normal life by keeping them out of the public eye. Obviously, Mama Kris Kardashian didn’t make the cut!

15Kristen Bell - The 'No Kids' Movement

A princess with a heart of gold, Kristen Bell is mom of two, daughter Lincoln and her little sister Delta. This #girlmom is super hands on, getting her kids involved in various service activities to give back to the community. Kristen and her husband, Dax Shepard are no strangers to giving us an insider's look at their relationship. However, when it comes to their daughters, it’s all hands off. She frequently posts about mom life woes, mishaps, and precious milestones, but her tries to give her daughters as much privacy as possible. In 2014, Kristen, along with her husband, spearheaded the "No Kids" Policy movement aimed at stopping paparazzi ambushes of celebrity children. “No Kids” also asks fans to boycott magazines and sites that post photos of children without permission. After all, celebrities chose the path of fame, but their children certainly didn’t.

14Alexis Bledel - Her Best Kept Secret

If there’s any celebrity out there who knows how to keep their private life private, then it’s Alexis Bledel. The actress is certainly no stranger to secrecy and keeping things under wraps. She shocked us when it was revealed that she secretly wed married Vincent Paul Kartheiser, her fellow Mad Men actor with whom her character had an onscreen secret relationship. Since she has able to keep her nuptials under wraps for so long, are we really surprised that Alexis kept her pregnancy and birth under wraps? She gave birth to a boy sometimes in the fall of 2015. Not much is known about her son. Not only do we not have photo of her son, we don’t even have a name! Forget James Bond and Jason Bourne - are we sure Alexis is not living a double life as a CIA agent?

13Eminem - Did You Know He Has 3 Daughters?

You might wonder why Eminem is on this list. After all, he's made his career on cringeworthy raps blasting his ex wife, Kim, and referencing his daughter, Hallie. Still, even though we've always heard about, Hallie, you gotta admit, she’s never been paraded out in the media. Now that she's an adult in her early 20s, however, Hallie has several social media accounts that showcase an ordinary life. Props to Em for keeping her out of the public eye and giving her a stable home environment. But what you probably don’t know about Eminem is that he actually has three daughters! He adopted Alaina, the niece of his estranged wife. Whitney, his other daughter, is also adopted. On top of that, Eminem also has custody of his younger brother, Nate, acting as a father figure and positive role model for the young man. Love him or hate him, there's no denying the selflessness require to undertake such a role.

12Adele - Her Son Will Never Be "Public Property"

London born Adele is the songstress who wowed her way into our hearts with her powerful and moving songs about love and failed relationships. She has legions of fans who would no doubt recognize her songs and voice from the other side. We love her for her honesty and her openness. But, when it comes her relationship with husband Simon Konecki, she shocked us with her super secret nuptials. On top of that, Adele is one fierce mama bear who is determined to shield her son, Angelo, from paparazzi. Back in 2013, Adele took a photo agency to court over violating her son’s privacy, stating that “son was not and must never be public property.” While we don't see much of Angelo, Adele has revealed in an interview that he shares his mother's love of swearing. Paparazzi better watch out, or they’ll catch an earful from Angelo!

11Channing Tatum - Keeping The Paparazzi At Bay

Channing Tatum broke hearts when he and Jenna Dewan wed in 2009, but now he's melting hearts in his new role as as a doting dad. He and his wife are no stranger to the public eye and because of this, know that their daughter Everly would certainly be a target for paparazzi. Channing accepted his role as a public figure but tried to alleviate the focus on his daughter by posting her very first photo on Facebook. With this strategy, he and his wife eliminated the inevitable paparazzi attack, as well as any money magazines could hope to get by claiming to have baby Everly’s exclusive newborn pics. He explained, “We didn’t want to go through a tabloid — we just wanted to let it out so paparazzi would stop trying to hound us.” Well played, dad.

10Leighton Meester - Out Of The Public Eye

Whether you stanned or hated Leighton Meester’s character Blair on the hit TV series Gossip Girl, it’s apparent that she’s the total opposite of her TV persona. While Blair loved drama, Leighton stays out of the limelight. Rather than work on big budget Hollywood films, she’s made a name for herself acting in indie films and on musical projects. Leighton has kept her relationship with Adam Brody under wraps and her daughter, Arlo Day, wasn’t seen until she was snapped on a family hiking trip 4 months after she was born. The reason for keeping her daughter out out of the public eye is simple: She’s determined to not be pigeonholed as just a mom, saying that she is proud of both her daughter and her work. Given Leighton’s troubling childhood, perhaps her efforts to keep her daughter out of the public eye come from her own experiences.

9Ryan Gosling - His Daughters' Shields 

It would be easy to admit that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are a drop dead gorgeous couple... if we could actually get more photos of the two together. We rarely see them together in paparazzi snaps or on the red carpet, so is it any surprise that we don't see their daughters? Because Ryan is so protective of Esmeralda and Amada, the girls have rather ironically become famous as the to-go example of how a high profile couple can have a family and a relationship without exposing too much to the media. In the most recent family update we learned that the girls are learning Spanish, thanks to Mendes’s mother, and are getting in touch with their Cuban roots. Photos, however, remain fe and far in between. Take note, Hollywood parents - you can keep your marriage and kids out of the public eye!

8Charlize Theron - No Media Allowed

Despite being a Hollywood heavyweight, South African born Charlize Theron Son goes above and beyond in her efforts to giver her kids a normal life. The mom of son Jackson and daughter August, has a career that keeps her on the road but when she travels her kids attend local schools. Even though she tries to give them a normal and stable life, her son remains a target of the paparazzi and internet trolls due to his love of glitter, the color pink, princess dresses, and tutus. Claims that her son is “transitioning” must be incredibly hurtful, so it’s clearly easy to understand why Charlize choses to limit her kids’ media exposure. No matter how much we want to see celebrity children, it just goes to show that celebrities are right in keeping their little ones from the judgement of online bullies.

7Pharrell Williams - Photos? What Photos?

Pharrell Williams has been incredibly open about about his love for his son, Rocket. He even wrote a song for Despicable Me “Rocket’s Theme” for little Rocket. The rapper/singer/songwriter/producer/designer/sometimes Chanel model (is there anything he doesn't do?) welcomed triplets with his wife, Helen Lasichanh, in January 2017. The children's names and genders have been kept under wraps and no photos of the babies have been shared. Still, Pharrell has shared a bit of info on life with triplets. He posted a photo of complimentary swag from Adidas, three sets of custom made booties. He’s also talked about how the triplets cry in harmony. No matter if they stay out of the spotlight, it seems like they have inherited dad’s love of music. Maybe Pharrell will share a clip of the singing to his 10.2 million Instagram followers?

6Penelope Cruz - No Cruising Around For This Tot

Sexy Spanish actress Penelope Cruz reveals it all on screen but leaves her family life strictly private. Even her wedding to Academy Award winning actor Javier Bardem was a low key event held at a friend's home in the Bahamas. A mom to Luna and Leonardo, Penelope was no stranger to the camera when she was pregnant. She was even spotted at a concert (in high heels!) just couple of days prior to giving birth to her daughter, Luna. But when it comes to her kids, she’s done her part in keeping them out of the public eye. She explains it like this: “I want my son and my kids - if I have more - to grow up in a way that is as anonymous as possible. The fact that his father and I have chosen to do the work we do doesn't give anybody the right to invade our privacy.”

5Zoe Saldana - Full Faces Must Be Concealed

We know Zoe Saldana as the butt kicking heroine of action packed sci fi flicks Avatar and Guardians of the Galaxy, but she’s a softie who’s passionate about family. She’s also opened up about reducing the stigma placed on families who use non traditional methods like surrogacy to start or expand their families. She also gives us glimpse into life as an A-list Hollywood mom

She and her husband Marco Perego frequently share photos of their three kids their twins, Cy and Bowie, and newborn, Zen, but the pair keep other details to a minimum. No matter what her kids are doing, mom and dad always make sure to keep their full faces concealed. Zoe has mentioned in interviews that she’s definitely open to having more children, but it’s highly unlikely that we’ll ever be able to see photos of them.

4Sacha Baron Cohen - Identity Under Wraps

If you’re not familiar with the name “Sacha Baron Cohen,” then you’re probably more familiar with his jaw-dropping, crazy antics and larger-than-life characters like Bruno, Ali G, Borat, and Grimbsy, to name a few. Sacha has entertained (or annoyed) us with his high profile big screen antics, but did you know that he’s the father of three kids? He and his wife Isla Fisher are parents to daughters Olive and Elula, and son Montgomery Moses Brian. He and his wife are incredibly protective of their kids’ identity and public profile. Photos of the children are limited to the rare paparazzi snaps stealthily taken on family vacation. Perhaps it’s all for the better when your dad is out there doing silly stuff and getting lawsuits thrown at him left and right.

3Halle Berry - The Mother Bear

Yes, we hear a lot about Halle Berry and her divorce and custody issues, but she actually goes out of her way to keep her kids safe from boundary-pushing paparazzi.The paps may catch her with kids Macelo and Nahla, but Halle is adamant about protecting her kids privacy. She rarely shares photos of her kids on Instagram, cropping out their faces when they make an appearance.Responding to comments as to why she insists on covering her children’s faces, she wrote on Instagram: “I try to find creative ways to incorporate them into my feed because they are the biggest part of my life, but I also work very hard to keep their identities as private as I can considering they are only’s my job as their mother to protect their privacy as best I can.”

2Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Out Of The Limelight

We known him for his roles of John Winchester on Supernatural and Negan on The Walking Dead but we wonder how Jeffrey Dean Morgan is in his role of fatherhood? We'll never know the deets as he’s been incredibly private about his son Augustus with One Tree Hill actress Hilarie Burton. Aside from being in his father’s Instagram account, Augustus has made only a few public appearances, being photographed with his family at the Indy 500 earlier this year. Augustus will be welcoming a little brother or sister later this year, so we’ll have to wait for dad to post a photo on Instagram or give his wife an Instagram shoutout congratulating her on a safe delivery. Either way, kudos to Jeffrey Dean Morgan for keeping his kids out the limelight. That way, ten years from now they won’t be subjected to playground taunts about how “your dad killed my dad’s fave!”

1Charlie Sheen - Whatever Possible 

It’s no secret that troubled actor Charlie Sheen has kids, but it seems as it he has purposefully tried to keep them out of the public eye. We know Charlie for his public antics and struggles with substance dependency, but it’s only through a very public legal battle that his kids and relationships were thrust into the spotlight. The twins, Bob and Max, and their medical conditions were subject to much unfortunate media exposure during Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller’s nasty public divorce proceedings. While the pair occasionally make an appearance on their father’s social media accounts, it’s few and far in between. In all, Charlie Sheen is the father of 5: all grown up daughter Cassandra from a previous relationship with his former high school girlfriend, Paula Profit; daughters Lola and Sam with ex-wife Denise Richards; and twins Bob and Max with ex-wife Brooke Mueller.

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