15 Celebs Who Tried To Hide Their Babies (But Got Caught Anyways)

Hollywood can be grueling, the tabloids report the craziest news and people always have something negative to say about you, whether they know the whole story or not, and the paparazzi is always around every corner just waiting to get that one candid shot of you that they can cash out on. It is because of these things that so many celebrities don't like the idea of raising the children in such a hostile and competitive environment. So what do you do when you want to have children and settle down and try to live a somewhat normal life, but don't want to see your kids subjected to harsh Hollywood? Well, you could always try to hide your pregnancy, birth, and children from the rest of the world. That is after all what the women in this article did, but it didn't exactly work out in their favor because the news got out every time, whether they wanted it to or not. In this article we are going to go over 15 celebrity women who tried their best to keep their pregnancies, children, and births a secret from everyone around them. Of course the fact that we are able to write about them hiding their babies means that the whole secret keeping thing didn't exactly work out for them.

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15 Alexis Bledel

You may remember Alexis Bledel for her main role in the hit TV show, Gilmore Girls, where she played Rory. Or maybe you just remember her from the movie, The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants. Alexis married actor, Vincent Kartheiser in the year 2014 and together they have one child. The world did not find out about this child though until after it turned one year old. Apparently she had given birth to their first child in 2015, but it was not revealed until later on in 2016, and we still do not know that name or gender of this child, or why it is that she has kept the child a secret. My guess is that she just does not want to subject her baby to growing up in the spotlight, which is totally understandable.

14 Charlie Heaton

You may know Charlie Heaton from the role that he has recently been seen playing in Netflix’s hit original series, Stranger Things. Charlie has faced a lot of problems in his short life, many of them being legal issues. One thing that had gotten the 23-year-old actor into trouble is when he was trying to enter into the United States for the world premiere of Stranger Things and was arrested for possessing and being under the influence of the powerful street drug, cocaine. Something that no one seems to know is that when the actor was just 20 years old he had a son with a woman named Akiko, who was his girlfriend at the time. They named their son Archie, but our guess is that due to the drug use Charlie does not get to see his son often.

13 Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson is an American actress who has played in things like The Hart Of Dixie, The OC, and even the sci fi film Jumper. Rachel is currently 36 years old and has been married to Hayden Christensen since the year 2007, but they just recently separated this past September and together they have had one child. Apparently the two parents support something called the coalition no kids' policy, which prevents anyone from photographing their child. It is because of this that not many people were made aware of the fact that they had a child in the first place and honestly it might have been a smart choice on their part to protect their child from the grueling Hollywood world. Rachel has come forward saying that it is not necessarily her trying to keep her daughter a secret, but rather that she wants her daughter to have the best possible shot at a normal life.

12 Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson is another very well-known American actor who has played in things like, A Night In The Museum, Cars, Zoolander, and The Cable Guy. He is a very talented and well liked, funny actor and every film that he has been in has done great. There is however a lot that you might not know about this actor like for instance his relationship with Sheryl Crow, his attempt at suicide, or that he has two children from two different women. Wilson had his first son in the year 2011 with Jade Duell, and he had his second child in the year 2014 with Caroline Lindqvist. He is, however, no longer with either of those women, but does get to see his children frequently. We are not sure why he does not talk about his children or is never seen with them, but our guess is that their mothers do not want him to.

11 Kiera Knightley

Keira Knightley is a well-known 32 year old English actress who has played in many things such as Pirates Of The Caribbean, Pride And Prejudice, and even Love Actually. Keira Knightley married James Righton in the year 2013, who she had been dating since 2011, and together they have a daughter named Edie who was born in 2015. Keira tried to keep her pregnancy out of the news and did everything that she could to cover her growing bump when going out in public. This could be because she did not want to face any ridicule due to the fact that she has suffered with anorexia for so long, but it could also just be that she was not ready to let the world know about her precious baby, and to this day we do not much more about her child other than her name and date of birth.

10 Jack And Lisa Osborne

Jack Osbourne, the son of the infamous heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne, is now 32 years old and married to the love of his life, Lisa Osbourne. Together they have had two children and currently expecting baby number three although they have been pregnant four times. Lisa suffered a horrible miscarriage with her second pregnancy, they were said to be expecting a boy that they would have named Theo. It is because of this miscarriage that they decided to keep their following pregnancy a secret until some time after the birth just in case something were to happen again. They were also afraid that they might face some backlash for getting pregnant again when Jack himself was experiencing some pretty serious health conditions of his own that might affect his parenting abilities.

9 Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin is a lesser known actress who has played in many things like X men, True Blood, and Beyond.. She is currently 35 years old and has been married to Stephen Moyer since 2010 and together they have had two children. The happy couple gave birth to a set of fraternal twins named Charlie and Poppy who were born in 2012. Anna has said that she wishes to keep her children out of the spotlight and raise them away from all of the fame and money in hopes to give them somewhat of a normal life style and who could blame her? If you ask me i would say that this is actually a very wise choice on her part. Of course, news came out of her twins because when you are celebrity there is no such thing as keeping a secret.

8 Keri Russel

Keri Russell is a 41-year-old American actress and dancer who was seen in the popular movie, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes. Keri was originally married to Shane Deary from the year 2007 all the way up to 2013 when they seperated, and she began seeing her current partner, Matthew Rhys. Keri has three children and in 2016, when she was pregnant with her third child, she was supposed to be filming a season of her show, The Americans. Unfortunately while filming she had an image to keep up for the show, and so she was forced to hide her baby bump for the entire length of her pregnancy. The lengths that some people will go to keep up with an image when they are famous can be truly amazing.

7 Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester is a 31 year old American actress who has starred in many shows and films such as, gossip girl, the roommate, and killer movie. In 2014 she married Adam Brody and together they have one child. Leighton Meester tried to keep her child a secret for more personal reasons than most of the people on this list. The reason that she tried to hide the fact that she had a child was because she did not want her mother knowing due to some family drama that she doesn't really like to talk about. Leighton’s mother eventually received news that her daughter had a baby and as a result her mother, who was definitely holding a grudge, called Child protective services to have her daughter investigated and even sued her. Of course no complaints were found to be legitimate and she lost the lawsuit.

6 Hilarie Burton

Hilarie Burton is another American actress and producer who was seen in things like, Grey’s Anatomy, USA, and the list. Hilarie is currently 35 years old and was married to Ian Prange, but they got a divorce in the year 2009, just not before having a child. Hilarie claims that she was not necessarily trying to hide her pregnancy but that it was really just something that happened. She said that she had a little bit of a rough pregnancy and so she stayed at home for the majority of it and then when she gave birth she really just did not feel the need to go around telling everyone and so by accident she ended up hiding her child from the world without ever meaning to in the first place.

5 Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher is now 41 years of age and she is a British actress who has appeared in many movies like scooby doo, the great gatsby, and now you see me. She was married to Sacha Cohen but they got a divorce in the year 2010 and together they have two daughters, although you probably didn't know that since they tried to keep their daughters out of the spotlight and away from the paparazzi. Not only did she try to hide her baby, but her pregnancies as well. We don’t get why celebs try to hide their kids, because that will just fuel the paparazzi even more, to the point where it feels like they are stalking the celebs whole life. Unfortunately, Isla was unable to hide it for long because paparazzi was always one step closer than she thought.

4 Sofia Vergara

Almost everyone knows who Sofia Vergara is, this is mainly because of her unmistakably thick accent and luscious body. She is an actress who has been seen in Modern Family, The Three Stooges, Four Brothers, and Madea Goes To Jail. Sofia has been married twice, her first marriage being to Joe Gonzalez and that marriage ended in 1993. Her second marriage was to Joe Manganiello in 2015 and they are still married to this day. Sofia apparently had a child with her first husband in the year 1991 shortly after they got married. There is a lot of stuff that Sofia Vergara keeps secret about her personal life such as her child, who is now an adult in his 20s, and the fact that she had thyroid cancer in the year 2000. Sofia apparently does not like for people to know about her personal business, and i guess that is working out well for her because she was named the highest paid actress in television by Forbes.

3 Tyra Banks

Everyone loves Tyra Banks, she started off as just a model, but shortly after that she started appearing in movies and TV shows all over. She has a lovable and fun personality and some people just can't get enough of her. Tyra is currently 44 years old and she got married to Erik Asla in 2013 and last year they had a baby boy via surrogacy, although you probably do not remember hearing any news of this. That is because Tyra and her husband kept things as quiet as they could and did not tell a soul in order to honor the wishes of their surrogate. They also felt that keeping it a secret would be best so that they would be able to enjoy their time with their newborn baby instead of trying to avoid the paparazzi.

2 Keri Washington

Kerry Washington, age 40, has been seen in things like Scandal, Fantastic Four, Ray, and even The Dead Girl. She got married in the year 2013 to her now husband, Nnamdi Asomugha, and together they have had a daughter and a son. Kerry kept the pregnancy and birth of her second child, her son, very quiet and she went on to hide her precious baby bump while filming Scandal. She said that she had to hide her pregnancy bump in order to stay in character and then when she finally gave birth she just wanted to keep it low profile since it is such a precious and sensitive time. She wanted to be able to experience the birth of her son without all of the stress and craziness of the paparazzi and news trying to get information and pictures of her newborn, so that she could instead use that time to enjoy it and bond with her child.

1 Eva Mendez

Eva Mendes is a 43-year-old American actress, model, and business woman. She has been seen in many films such as, Children Of The Corn V, Training Day, Urban Legends, and 2 Fast 2 Furious. Eva is married to the ever so handsome, Ryan Gosling and together we now know that they have two daughters. I say that we know this now, because for the longest time their second daughter was kept a secret, although we still aren't really sure why. Eva somehow managed to hide her entire second pregnancy from everyone, including the paparazzi and when she gave birth, she hid that as well. She later on emerged with both of her daughters letting the world know that they had a second baby, but never really answered the question as to why they chose to keep it a secret for so long.

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