15 Celebs Who Tried To Keep Their Surrogates Out Of The Spotlight

Pregnancy changes a woman, sometimes for a long time. If that woman is either a model or actress, she's not going to want the obvious body changes to be visible to her public—or to the camera or her agent, once her child has been born.

Her solutions are either to give up becoming a mother or use a pregnancy surrogate. When the mama bug hits, it won't go away. It's not until she has given birth that the proverbial biological clock finally loses that loud ticking sound.

But then. . . if her career relies heavily on an unchanged physical appearance, what is she to do? By "unchanged physical appearance," this covers the size of her waistline, the girls and even stretch marks, especially if she's a bathing suit or lingerie model.

So, while she's wavering between not becoming a mother or using a surrogate, she has a lot to think about. And, if she does use a surrogate, does she want that to become common knowledge? Probably not. This is why several actresses and film stars have gone the route of absolute secrecy when she decides to hire a surrogate mother to carry a baby to term for her.

15 Tyra Banks

Banks had wanted a baby for many years. Every time she got pregnant, she suffered the heartache of miscarriage. It's understandable that, when she decided to go about becoming a mother through a different route, she chose to keep that on the down-low.

She hired a surrogate mother to carry her baby for her. Once the child was born, Banks was finally able to experience the joy of becoming a mother.

Imagine the joy of a woman learning she's pregnant. Over and over, she experiences the happiness of learning the news that she is expecting once again, only to go through the grief of a miscarriage a few months down the road. Even more, if the surrogate had a miscarriage, she wouldn't want the news to be public, because of the sadness of such news.

14 Lucy Liu

Liu decided, at the age of 46, that she was ready to become a mother. The previous decade of her life had been packed with world travel and movies she starred in. At the time she decided she was ready, a friend had told her she should have a baby.

Because Liu was single, she had to think about the "how" of this process. Surrogacy was the most sensible option. Having made this decision, it was time to choose the most suitable surrogate.

Once she had made the decision and her eggs were fertilized by a donor's "soldiers," it was time to wait and get the nursery ready. Now, Liu is enjoying her little boy, Rockwell Liu, celebrating his milestones and even that painful process of teething.

Now, instead of traveling around the world to movie roles, she stars on the television series, "Elementary."

13 Elizabeth Banks

Suffering through infertility and fruitless attempts to get pregnant, Elizabeth Banks and her husband chose to become parents through surrogacy. In 2011, she and her husband became the parents of Felix; in 2012, Magnus followed.

Surrogacy allows women who can't get pregnant or who can't stay pregnant a way of becoming mothers. Now that Banks didn't have to worry about being pregnant, then losing the baby through miscarriage, she could relax and actually enjoy the pregnancy from a relative distance.

Even though she wasn't able to fulfill her lifelong dream of carrying a pregnancy, she has since seen another dream come true.

She's now the mother of two little boys, who are healthy and full of life. In experiencing surrogacy as the recipient of the babies, she has learned about the generosity of other people and she continues a relationship with women who gave birth to her sons.

12 Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman is the mother of two adoptive kids she shares with Tom Cruise, her ex-husband. Now that she's married to Keith Urban, the couple decided they wanted at least one child of their own.

Kidman did carry that pregnancy to term. She may not have enjoyed the physical experience of being pregnant. After all, it comes with swelling, puffy limbs and face, morning sickness and bloating. Small wonder she and Urban decided that their second child would be born via a surrogate back in 2010.

Now, she may want a third child with Urban. And, chances are that they'll hire another surrogate mother for that pregnancy. She'll be able to continue taking on movie roles and maintain her svelte figure. At the end of nine months, she and Urban will become the proud parents of baby #3.

11 Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker had a pretty crazy taping schedule when her hit TV show in the city was still airing. At that time, she was also 44 years old—a risky age at which to carry her first pregnancy. Full disclosure: One of my relatives had what's known as a "geriatric pregnancy," which is any woman over the age of 35 who becomes pregnant and everything turned out fine!

If Parker and husband, Matthew Broderick decide to have a second child, it's pretty darn likely that child would be conceived via a surrogate.

Even though Parker is no longer filming "City," her age makes a pregnancy a significant risk.

Also, as mentioned before, an inevitable baby bump makes tricky camera shots, hiding said baby belly behind large foliage or carrying a huge purse a necessity, especially if Parker's character isn't pregnant.

10 Jordana Brewster

The Fast and Furious star, along with her husband, Andrew Form, became parents twice because of an undisclosed fertility issue. The beautiful mom of two admits that, at times, she feels left out when other mothers talk about their pregnancy experiences. Brewster can't experience the same thing.

Now that she's the mother of two adorable little boys, she can let go of that "left out" feeling. She has come to realize that, just because she was unable to carry a pregnancy to term or even conceive a pregnancy, she hasn't been left out of a special club.

If anyone feels as though they should judge Brewster for becoming a mother via surrogacy, she (Brewster) shouldn't worry. She wanted to become a mother and have children of her own.

9 Alexis Bledel

This actress, of the "Gilmore Girls" television series, knew it was time for her to become a mother. Yet, given her role on the beloved TV show she couldn't just do the deed, get pregnant and show up on set 4, 5, 6 or even seven months pregnant.

In her role as Rory in "Gilmore Girls," Bledel played an innocent young woman. While it's not impossible, it would be difficult to envision someone as innocent as being a pregnant mom-to-be. After all, being pregnant suggests that the mom has done the deed.

Therefore, that may have been why she chose to hire a surrogate.

If her contract required, for instance, that her appearance not changes, pregnancy would have affected this. After all, women men in the entertainment industry have to sign contracts. These contracts may contain clauses that limit how much their appearance to stay the same. That's when a surrogate comes into play.

8 Ellen Pompeo

While Ellen Pompeo is able to become pregnant and carry pregnancies to term, she chose to have her second child via a surrogate. (She carried her first and third pregnancies to term, giving birth to both children normally.)

This is the choice of Pompeo and her husband, Chris Ivery. Taping the highly popular Greys Anatomy keeps her very busy, so it's no wonder she opted to have her second child through surrogacy. She may also have wanted to protect her body from the stresses of pregnancy. Who knows?

Another thing to consider: writing an actress' unexpected pregnancy into the story-line requires making changes to scripts. It also requires devising camera shots that hide the baby bump. If she and Ivery decide to have another child, it's probably a 50/50 chance that she'll decide to carry the pregnancy herself.

7 Amy Smart

Amy Smart and her husband, Carter Oosterhouse were finally able to become the parents of an utterly adorable little girl in late 2016, thanks to surrogacy.

Smart suffers from pregnancy issues and struggled for years to become pregnant.

While she may have decided to keep the existence of her surrogate mother to herself during the pregnancy, Smart gratefully thanked the woman via an Instagram post. In reference to her daughter Flora, she said, "After years of fertility struggles I give thanks today to our kind, loving surrogate for carrying her."

It's thanks to advances in reproductive technology and willing, healthy women willing to act as surrogates that couples and single women, because of fertility, become loving parents to their little ones. And, if the woman doesn't like being pregnant, she doesn't have to miss out on being a mother because of this reason.

6 Katey Sagal

In her earlier days, the Married with Children star really was married with children. After her marriage to Jack White ended, she met and married the creator of Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter.

After they wed, Sutter and Sagal decided they wanted children of their own. By now, Sagal was too old to have children of her own. Surrogacy was their only option. Using her eggs and his "little soldiers," Sagal and Sutter had the embryos implanted into the surrogate.

Nine months or thereabouts later, baby Esme was born. This was in 2007 and little Esme was born was Sagal was 52. They wouldn't have had this child without the help of their surrogate. For this reason, they call their daughter "their little miracle."

With older mothers being talked about in the news, Sagal's decision to leave the actual child-bearing to a younger woman has gone against the grain.

5 Grace Hightower

Grace Hightower, wife of Robert De Niro, used a surrogate due to her age (56) when she and De Niro added their child to their family. De Niro's previous wife employed a surrogate as well, while she and De Niro were still married.

When Hightower and De Niro decided to have a baby, age was one of the most obvious reasons the couple chose to go through a surrogate.

Other reasons may have included her busy schedule and high degree of publicity. Also, because she was older when her child was born, it would have been much more difficult for Hightower to lose the baby weight and, for a public figure, appearance means all.

All of this took place in 2011 and 2012. When the couple's daughter was born, she was lovingly welcomed into her parents' home and lives.

4 Angela Bassett

This beautiful actress and her husband, Courtney B. Vance, were finally able to become parents through a surrogate mother. Like Smart, Angela Bassett struggled for years to become pregnant, confiding to People: "I was devastated when it didn't happen again and again."

Bassett and Vance tried in-vitro fertilization, but again, Bassett was either unable to get pregnant or stay pregnant. Finally, they learned that surrogacy was an option for them. For whatever reason, Bassett couldn't become pregnant.

So, now, with surrogacy becoming an option, she finally began to see that, possibly, she could have at least one child.

Looking at Bassett with her children today, it's obvious. Motherhood agrees with her.

Now, she and Vance are the parents of two children. Bronwyn Golden and Slater Josiah seem to be growing up into wonderful and giving young people. They are now 12 years old.

3 Dylan Lauren

Dylan Lauren, daughter of Ralph Lauren, and her husband, Paul Arrouet, relied on a surrogate to help them become parents. It's hard to know whether infertility issues led them to make this decision.

Lauren and her husband did keep this information on the down-low. When the surrogate was in labor, Lauren and Arrouet were both in the delivery room, experiencing several emotions, including nervousness, tears and joy.

Twins Cooper (boy) and Kingsley (daughter) were happily welcomed into the Lauren-Arrouet household. Because Lauren had never held a baby before (had she ever babysat as a school girl?), she soon realized they were tougher than they looked. "The delivery room nurses were holding them in these weird positions—it helped me to understand that they're not going to break," Lauren told People.

2 Kara DioGuardi

Kara DioGuardi struggled with infertility for several years—and then she found out that she carries the notorious BRCA2 gene, putting her at high risk of developing ovarian cancer.

Knowing this, DioGuardi opted to have her ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus all removed so she wouldn't develop the dreaded disease.

Before deciding on a surrogate, DioGuardi and her husband, Mike McCuddy started the process to adopt a child.

DioGuardi and McCuddy were ready to move ahead with adoption, then DioGuardi thought of a friend of hers. She asked her friend if she would consider acting as a gestational surrogate. Her friend agreed to do so and, after going through the entire process, the friend did become pregnant. Baby Grayson was born in 2013, helping to add to the DioGuardi and McCuddy family.

1 Cindy Margolis

Cindy Margolis, one of the Baywatch bathing suit babes, desperately wanted a child. After employing a surrogate in 2005, she finally became the proud mom of twins.

Margolis chose surrogacy for several reasons. When she became the twins' mom, she was already 39 years old, which would have made any pregnancy she may have carried a geriatric pregnancy. She may have wanted to keep her gorgeous figure, which pregnancy would have affected.

Margolis' medical and obstetric history isn't known. So, infertility or an inability to stay pregnant may have also been factors she took into consideration. What is known is that, shortly after the twins were born, Margolis accepted an offer to do a Playboy spread. People who knew she'd hired a surrogate questioned whether this might have influenced her decision.

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