15 Celebs Who Were Wrongfully Shamed During Pregnancy (And 5 Who Deserved It)

If you’re a mom or even a mommy-to-be, you’ve probably already experienced some form of shaming during your pregnancy. Even when it comes to your baby and your body, everyone always seems to have an opinion about what you do and how you do it. And those who have already experienced the whole motherhood thing automatically assume they know everything and want to critique you at every turn. Sounds daunting, doesn’t it? Whether it’s an overbearing mother-in-law or someone you don’t even know from the internet sending shame your way, there’s usually someone who just can’t wait to make you feel guilty about something you aren’t doing properly as a pregnant woman. Most of us can likely relate.

Pregnancy is exhausting enough without having to deal with constant judgement coming from every angle, and celebrities know all too well just how tough it is to be scrutinized by the masses. Celebs are always being attacked for every little thing – and the odds of that happening only increases once a little bundle of joy is added into the equation. Some stars can’t even post an innocent picture to social media without getting disparaged in the comments section for something they are supposedly doing wrong. Getting told how to live can undoubtedly be frustrating, and when you’re pregnant it just adds an extra amount of stress that no expectant mom needs.

Most of the times the people on the receiving end of criticism don’t deserve it at all, but there are always a few exceptions where some tough love was definitely warranted. Here are 15 celebs who were wrongfully shamed during pregnancy…and 5 who actually deserved it.

20 Kylie Jenner Got Knocked Up By Her Rebound


The rumor mill has been buzzing for months that Kylie Jenner is currently expecting her first child with brand new boyfriend Travis Scott, but the Kardashian/Jenner clan has yet to confirm the news. While Kylie is keeping quiet about whether or not she’s having a baby, her subtle hints and her lack of showing off her famous figure are all obvious signs pointing to her impending motherhood. When the twenty year old star first allegedly got knocked up, many fans were a bit confused about who the baby’s father could potentially be. Jenner had recently ended a long term relationship with rapper Tyga, and she almost immediately entered a new romance with another rapper; Travis Scott.

Although Kylie and Travis had only been together briefly at the time they conceived, it’s now clear that he would be the father and some fans had a lot to say about Jenner’s rush to start a family with someone she hardly knew. The media as well as Kylie’s ample followers all slammed the reality star for her fast-paced pregnancy, saying that her actions lacked responsibility. Of course, having a baby with a new flame isn’t the most ideal scenario by any means, but who’s to say that either of them will be bad parents? Kylie clearly has the financial stability to raise a child, as well as her family’s apparent support. Everyone seems to have an opinion on this one, but we have to say that it’s her life and she’s been wrongfully shamed during her pregnancy.

19 Chrissy Teigen Chose Her Baby’s Gender Through IVF


Chrissy Teigen is notorious for stirring the pot and eliciting some kind of reaction from the public whenever she gets the chance, but even she was probably taken aback at the amount of heat she got for saying that she and her husband, John Legend, chose their baby’s gender when she became pregnant through fertility treatments. When Teigen announced her pregnancy, she was also quick to tell the world that she was expecting a baby girl, saying, “I’ve made this decision. Not only am I having a girl, but I picked the girl from her little embryo. I picked her and I was like, ‘Let’s put in the girl.”

As crazy as it sounds, it’s not entirely uncommon for couples who choose fertility treatments to use gender selection methods to ensure that they get the desired outcome as far as the baby’s sex is concerned. In Chrissy’s case, she requested that her doctor implanted all female embryos to ensure that she would have a girl. Teigen, who is currently pregnant with her second child, took the same route the second time around and have announced that they will be welcoming a baby boy via IVF next year.

Not surprisingly, the star was met with tons of backlash for admitting to choosing her child’s gender, with naysayers saying that she should have let the gender be determined by fate, not by doctors. Chrissy was blasted for putting so much emphasis on her baby’s gender instead of just being thankful that she was able to conceive at all, but in this case we can’t really fault Teigen for coming clean about using gender selection since many other Hollywood stars have already been doing it for years.

18 Jamie Lynn Spears Was A Teen Mom


Before MTV even thought of the idea to do reality shows called 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom, there was a well-known star with a super famous last name who was already well on her way to becoming a mother at only sixteen years old. At the time, Jamie Lynn Spears, the younger sister of Britney, was making her mark in Hollywood as an actress after starring on popular Nickelodeon shows including All That and her very own series, Zoey 101. The blonde teen was a fixture on the kid’s television network and was seen as a role model to young girls all over the world, which is why the thought of her becoming pregnant at such a young age seemed almost inconceivable.

The media caught wind of the fact that Jamie Lynn was pregnant and when the paparazzi bombarded big sister Britney about the matter, even she had no idea that there was any truth to the story. Sure enough, Jamie Lynn came clean and fessed up about her pregnancy while the whole world picked their jaws up off the floor. As expected, Spears was faced with some seriously harsh words from fans and critics alike, judging her for being careless enough to get pregnant when she was still just a kid herself. Jamie Lynn stepped out of the spotlight to focus on growing up and raising her family, and nine years after her shocking pregnancy announcement she is the proud mother and wife. Despite the odds being stacked against her, Jamie Lynn seems to have matured and has done quite well for herself considering the circumstances. Needless to say, she proved her antagonists all wrong.

17 Kate Middleton Was ‘Too Thin’ During Her Pregnancies


Being in the spotlight to the extent that Kate Middleton is must be no easy task. After all, when she got married to Prince William in 2011 over two million people tuned in to watch them tie the knot. With all of the constant pressure from the media to remain perfect at all times, it’s no surprise that Kate was the subject of scrutiny during both of her pregnancies with Britain’s royal offspring. When Middleton became pregnant with Prince George in 2012, she received some harsh criticism about her size, with many people suggesting that she was “too thin” to sustain a healthy pregnancy. Of course, onlookers have absolutely no idea what is and isn’t healthy during someone else’s pregnancy, but that certainly didn’t stop them from speculating that Kate was underweight and causing harm to her unborn child.

Interestingly enough, the future heir to the throne was born a few months later weighing in at a very healthy eight pounds, but the drama only continued in 2014 when Kate became pregnant again. Even though she suffered with severe nausea during each pregnancy, Middleton was still accused of being malnourished and sporting a baby bump that was deemed “too small” by society’s standards. Once again, Kate proved everyone wrong by birthing another healthy baby that weighed well over eight pounds, proving once and for all that people should probably think twice before judging another woman’s pregnancy.

16 Janet Jackson Got Pregnant At 50


After a lifelong career of jaw-dropping moments and awe-inspiring performances Janet Jackson is surely no stranger when it comes to shocking the public, and she upheld that tradition when she announced her secret pregnancy last year. When Jackson decided to postpone her Unbreakable world tour last May to focus on “planning a family” with then-husband Wissam Al Mana, many assumed that she had been exploring the option of adoption or even surrogacy given the fact that she was far beyond the average age of a woman who would be able to carry a child. At fifty years old, Janet stunned us all when she confirmed that she was pregnant with her first child.

While the unexpected news was seen as a positive by some, many shamed the star for conceiving a child so late in life. Of course, the older a woman is during pregnancy the greater the risks become concerning both the safety of the mother and the unborn baby. Due to her “advanced maternal age” naysayers slammed Jackson for putting herself and her child at an increased risk for an onslaught of health issues. Regardless of public opinion, Janet miraculously gave birth to a healthy baby boy in January of this year, proving to the world that nothing could come between her and her dream of motherhood.

15 Pink Had A Cup Of Coffee And Shamers Went Bananas


It seems like someone always has something to say about what a pregnant woman is doing, even if their advice isn’t always warranted. For celebrities, the scrutiny is even more intense because millions of people are watching their every move. A very pregnant Pink learned that lesson the hard way when she posted a seemingly innocent snapshot to Instagram along with her morning cup of joe with the caption “When microwaving your decaf coffee becomes an excuse to sit on the floor and rest for a while....”. While most people wouldn’t think anything of the singer’s social media share, some mommy-shamers went totally ballistic on the star for having the nerve to actually drink coffee during her pregnancy.

Naturally, pregnant women are expected to give up certain things during the nine months they have a bun in the oven, but coffee isn’t necessarily one of them. In fact, pregnant women are allowed to drink one cup of a caffeinated beverage per day according to doctors. While Pink even went above and beyond to note that her drink was strictly decaffeinated, that still didn’t stop internet trolls from taking her to task for her “irresponsible” choice of beverage. Seriously? Pregnancy is hard enough without people trying to stick their noses where they clearly have no business being.

14 Jessica Simpson Size Got Her Shamed


Jessica Simpson is no stranger to the media’s constant scrutiny when it comes to her fluctuating dress size, but perhaps the unnecessary body shaming hit an all-time high when she was pregnant with her first child in 2012. The singer packed on an incredible seventy pounds when she was pregnant with her daughter and the public surely didn’t waste any time pointing it out. Week after week, Jessica’s image graced the cover of virtually every tabloid alongside tacky headlines that referenced the excessive amount of weight she was putting on at the time.

Granted, Jessica later admitted that she took indulging to a whole new level when she was pregnant and made some changes during her second pregnancy, but the last thing an expectant mom needs to hear is criticism about her size. Of course, doctors do recommend that moms-to-be put on a certain amount of weight that is healthy for both mommy and baby, but calling Jessica “fat” was completely uncalled for. Inevitably, Jessica went on to shed the pounds as a spokesperson for Weight Watchers, but the endless torment she received for her pregnancy weight totally crossed a line.

13 Kim Kardashian Complained About Pregnancy Symptoms


When she was pregnant with her second child, Saint, the reality star candidly confessed, “Pregnancy is the worst experience of my life!” Kardashian’s continued by admitting, “I don't enjoy one moment of it and I don't understand people who enjoy it.” Kim delved even deeper when she vented about pregnancy displeasures, saying, “Maybe it’s the swelling, the backaches, or just the complete mindf*** of how your body expands and nothing fits. I just always feel like I’m not in my own skin. . . . I don’t feel sexy, either—I feel insecure and most of the time I just feel gross.”

While many of us could easily relate to Kim’s refreshingly honest take on the grueling parts about pregnancy, others took offense to her statements and shamed her for expressing her opinion on the matter. Some were outraged that Kim had the audacity to complain about being pregnant when there were plenty of women all over the world who struggled with fertility. Kim was blasted for being “ungrateful” about her ability to carry a child, but she definitely didn’t deserve all of the heat that came her way. Despite the image that some want to portray, not every woman’s pregnancy is all rainbows and butterflies and Kim was just speaking from personal experience.

12 Hilaria Baldwin Got Bashed For Wearing Lingerie 


Hilaria Baldwin is fiercely proud of her physique - and she has every right to be. The fitness expert and wife of Alec Baldwin is currently pregnant with baby number four, but in 2016 during her third pregnancy she decided to share a snapshot of herself wearing lingerie and let's just say some weren't too happy about it. Although she was simply showing off her growing baby bump, Baldwin recieved backlash in a big way for choosing to reveal so much of her pregnant body to her thousands of followers. While the photo wasn't even very revealing, Hilaria was hit hard with negative commentary about her wardrobe (or lack therof) on social media.

Always one to stand up for herself, the star shot back at body-shamers by saying, "We don’t need to be ashamed or hide the pregnant figure. I am a true believer that our bodies are amazing, and we should celebrate them.” Hilaria did make a valid point, but she certainly didn't stop there. In another interview, Baldwin carried on her crusade to end the way society views pregnant women's bodies all together, stating, "Looking at the history of pregnancy fashion of muu-muus and oversized clothing, you can see that women were often meant to hide our pregnant figures. Bikinis, tight dresses, and lingerie were completely out of the question, and feeling sexy was a thing of the past. Once you get pregnant, you are supposed to be totally pure — mom jeans and all. This is all very interesting because sex got us here in the first place!”

We can't argue with that!

11 Coco Austin's Baby Bump Wasn't Big Enough


Even though it’s common for some women not to show until well into their third trimester, that doesn’t stop shamers from judging moms-to-be whose bumps are deemed “too small” by their particular standards. Just ask Ice-T’s wife Coco Austin, who was torn to shreds by online haters when it came to the size of her baby bump when she was pregnant with her daughter, Chanel. The star revealed, “everybody started picking me apart” when she announced that she was expecting during her second trimester. Coco continued, “They were putting me under a microscope and then the comments started flowing, ‘How is it possible she doesn’t have a bump at six months? How doesn’t she have a bump at seven months?’ It was like I was constantly defending my bump because here I was second-guessing it too.”

Since it was her first pregnancy, Coco eventually became concerned about the size of her bump and asked her physician why she wasn’t showing as much as other expectant moms. Coco stated, “I ran to my doctor … asking her, ‘Is this a problem?’ And she was like, ‘No. If you’re an athlete and if you have strong abs — and if you’ve been an athlete especially your whole life — it takes longer for your abs to expand”. Regardless of the reasoning behind why Coco’s baby bump wasn’t big enough in the eyes of those judging her, she had a very healthy pregnancy and gave birth to a happy and vivacious little girl. It goes without saying, but some people should just keep their opinions to themselves...especially when another woman’s pregnant body is involved.

10 Kali Lowry Has 3 Kids With 3 Different Dads


Kali Lowry’s claim to fame was getting pregnant as a teenager with her then-boyfriend Jo Rivera, and she gave birth to a son named Isaac. Her ups and downs have all been documented for the MTV reality series, and in the years since she became a teen mom she has gotten married to another man, Javi Marroquin, and had welcomed another son with him named Lincoln. Their love wasn’t built to last and Kail cited the fact that she didn’t want to have any more children as a major reason why she wanted to get a divorce.

But all of that changed before her divorce was even finalized when Kali made the surprising announcement that she was expecting her third child…with baby daddy number three. Lowry kept the third man’s identity a secret for as long as she could before Teen Mom super fans discovered that it was a classmate named Chris Lopez who was the father. Kail gave birth to her third child, a son named Lux, earlier this year and she has gotten tons of heat for her decision to keep getting pregnant by various men. Fans argue that Kail’s revolving door of relationships surely has to be confusing for her boys, and things don’t get much easier when child support and split custody are involved.

While having so many different baby daddies isn’t exactly ideal, it’s still hard to argue that Kail isn’t a good mother who takes care of her kids despite all of the drama that’s happening around her. Maybe someday she’ll figure it all out, but every experience is a chance to learn and grow.

9 Serena Williams Got Flack For Showing Off Her Bod


Tennis superstar Serena Williams has always been a force to be reckoned with, having been a champion on the court for most of her life she even recently won the Australian Open during the early stages of her pregnancy. When Serena was farther along in her pregnancy, she opted to pose completely nude for the cover of Vanity Fair magazine and that’s when some people really lost their minds. Williams received all kinds of negative feedback for her tasteful and inspiring cover shoot, with some shamers calling the photos “shameful and highly unnecessary,” “trashy” and even “disgusting”.

Others took their insults a step further by calling Serena “fat” which was just completely untrue and uncalled for. Many women like to take nude pictures of themselves while pregnant because they want to remember how beautiful their experience was. On top of that, dozens of other stars have posed pregnant and sans-clothing on the cover of magazines and didn’t get nearly as much bad press for it as Serena did. While Williams did fall victim to some pretty harsh words from her haters, she also got some incredible support from her fans and those who respected her choice to proudly show off her baby-making body.

8 Tess Holliday Was Plus-Size And Pregnant


When plus-size model Tess Holliday made the announcement that she was expecting her second child, she must have been full of joy and excitement. But her happiness was soon met with condemnation as thousands of online trolls blasted her for being overweight and pregnant. Fans and followers of the star shared their mounting concerns about how her excess weight would impact both her health and the health of the growing baby inside of her. Many expressed warnings to Holliday that plus-size women face higher risks during pregnant than those who don’t have any issues with their size. Holliday must have been used to this kind of treatment because she didn’t waste any time firing back at her haters and insisting that she was in perfectly fine condition to carry a child. In an inspirational Instagram post, Tess spoke out against the backlash, stating, “Plus size women face so much stigma & doubt over what our bodies are capable of. It's something I feel doesn't get enough media attention, but I hope that the next few months of my pregnancy will help change the conversation. All bodies are amazing!” It’s pretty clear that Tess Holliday was wrongfully shamed for being pregnant when she didn’t deserve it.

7 Sarah Stage Was Barely Showing At 9 Months Pregnant

You may have never heard of the name ‘Sarah Stage’ until recently, but the Instagram model raised some serious eyebrows when she flaunted her extremely small baby bump as she was nearing the end of her third trimester. Naturally, when many pregnant women are that far along in their pregnancy they show a rather substantial sized bump, but the slender model barely had a baby bump at all and it became a subject of controversy almost immediately. Stage was visibly thin and even still had abs, and when she was eight and nine months along with her second child she made headlines for her figure looking like she ate a little too much at lunch rather than being a mom-to-be. Naysayers were certain that Sarah’s size couldn’t possibly be healthy for her baby and she was often on the receiving end of comments such as “"She needs to feed that baby instead of worrying how to keep her figure”. When Stage’s due date finally rolled around, she shocked everyone by delivering a very healthy son that weighed in at eight pounds and seven ounces. Her haters were baffled, and hopefully they learned their lesson about being too quick to judge others.

6 Candela Ferro Stripped Down To Her Birthday Suit

Plenty of women develop a newfound confidence when they’re pregnant, and some have controversially made the decision to pose nude as a way to commemorate their precious baby bump. Many stars have chosen to bare all in the name of putting their pregnancy on full display; from Jessica Simpson to Christina Aguilera and of course, Demi Moore’s infamous nude Vanity Fair magazine cover – but they’ve all dealt with their fair share of backlash. More recently, Argentinean journalist, model, and television host Candela Ferro became the latest subject of harsh critics when she stripped down to her birthday suit while when she was nine months pregnant. While the photo was nothing short of tasteful and artistic, Ferro was still hit with endless amounts of negativity, receiving comments including, “Women these days don’t have any shame” and “To show motherhood, you don’t have to show your behind. That’s for your husband, not the whole world”. Of course, all of the shame that Ferro was faced with was completely unjust and proudly showing off her pregnant figure doesn’t mean she should be scrutinized for it.

5 Deserved It: Britney Spears Had A Toxic Habit

Britney Spears has been guilty of taking on some bad habits over the years, but few of them were as toxic as her liking to chain smoking. Although Britney often found herself at the center of controversy for her lackluster parenting decisions, the bikini-clad pop star was once photographed by paparazzi puffing on a cigarette during the early stages of her second pregnancy. Everyone knows that pregnant women are advised to stop smoking when they are carrying a child, but Britney couldn't seem to shake her vice during the first trimester. To make matters indisputably worse, Britney's oldest son, Sean Preston, was nearby watching his mom in action while inevitably inhaling second-hand smoke and playing with a pack of Marlboro Lights and a lighter. Pretty much everyone who saw the shocking photos lashed out at Spears' decision to light-up at the expense of her children, calling her a "poor role model" among other things.

4 Deserved It: Courtney Love Partied Too Hard


It doesn’t take much to realize that whenever a pregnant woman puts something into her body that she is instantly exposing her unborn baby to that substance as well. While some moms-to-be choose to indulge by eating ample amounts of cookie dough ice cream, some have much more serious vices that they definitely shouldn’t be doing while carrying a child. In the case of Courtney Love, the troubled star once admitted to actually doing hard drugs while pregnant with her daughter Frances Bean in 1992. Love made the shocking confession in an HBO documentary about her late ex-lover Kurt Cobain, telling the cameras, “I used it once then stopped” after revealing her opiate of choice. To make things abundantly worse, Love tried to justify her careless decision by brushing aside any fears for her baby’s well-being, stating, "I knew she would be fine." Needless to say, Courtney was faced with immediate backlash for admitting to being under the influence of drugs while she was pregnant. Courtney definitely deserved all of the harsh criticism since when it comes to things you are supposed to stop doing during pregnancy; drugs are a serious no-no and could be immensely harmful to the baby in the long run.

3 Deserved It: Maci Bookout Got Boozy


It’s a known fact that Teen Mom star Maci Bookout is an avid beer drinker, and you’re over the legal drinking age and you’re doing so responsibly, there really isn’t much to bat an eyelash at. But eagle-eyed fans noticed that Bookout had been consuming the boozy beverage throughout the majority of her third pregnancy, raising major red flags for the ruby-haired reality star. Maci didn’t share the news of her third pregnancy until she was about six months along, but she avidly posted pictures to social media that showed her holding a Bud Light at sports games and other events. Fans were rightfully aghast at the idea that Bookout would actually drink alcohol while she had a baby on board, but Maci retorted by insisting that she still didn’t know she was pregnant at the time. Not surprisingly, fans simply weren’t buying that Maci had no idea that she was knocked up, especially since this was her third pregnancy and she would have been quite privy to the symptoms. To make matters worse, when the latest season of Teen Mom finally hit airwaves, fans noticed that Maci had a visible baby bump that she was trying to conceal at the time of filming, making it pretty obvious that she was well aware of her prego status all along.

2 Deserved It: Kim Zolciak Smoked While Carrying Twins

Kim Zolciak is pretty much known for doing whatever she wants whenever she wants, and that seems to include smoking...even when she was visibly pregnant with twins! The mother of six was caught in the act back in 2013 during a family vacation to Florida when paparazzi captured snapshots of the star taking several puffs from a lit cigarette while lounging out on the beach. Anyone who’s seen The Real Housewives of Atlanta knows that Kim once really loved some seriously bad habits, but she definitely should have given up smoking upon discovering that she was pregnant. Doctors advise pregnant women not to smoke during their nine month endeavor because doing so could expose the baby to a host of complications including low birth weight. Needless to say, Kim was rightfully lambasted for her poor decision to smoke while pregnant, but the outspoken reality star denied that she was pregnant at the time the incriminating photos were taken. Sure enough, twins Kaia and Kane were born only a few months later proving that Kim was lying all along.

1 Deserved It: Mackenzie McKee Mismanaged Her Diabetes During Pregnancy


Fans of the Teen Mom franchise will surely remember Mackenzie McKee from the third installment of the series, as the bubbly blonde cheerleader with type-one diabetes who got pregnant for the first time when she was still in high school. Mackenzie’s journey to motherhood was documented on the show, and since then she has went on to have two more children. Of course, being diagnosed as a diabetic raises a unique set of challenges during pregnancy, and each experience was deemed “high risk” due to the many complications that she was faced with. Properly managing her diabetes should have been Mackenzie’s main priority, but the reckless reality star soon became notorious for disregarding doctor’s orders and putting her children’s lives in jeopardy. While her condition wouldn’t have been too concerning if properly taken care of, Mackenzie was often careless about taking her insulin and regulating her blood sugar. McKee was frequently hospitalized for low blood sugar and diabetic spikes during her pregnancies, and she consistently went against doctor’s wishes by getting a grip on her condition for the sake of her unborn babies. Followers of the franchise were quite familiar with Mackenzie’s delicate condition and they slammed her for exposing her kids to potentially serious health risks. The star’s behavior was deemed both irresponsible and downright dangerous, and many believed that purposefully getting pregnant when she had no intention of listening to her physician was a bad parenting move on her part.

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