15 Celebs Who Will Announce Their Pregnancy In 2018

Tabloids have been speculating about the pregnancies of American’s favorite Hollywood celebs for as long as they have been around. If a female celebrity gains a few pounds, or wears anything remotely baggy, the rumors begin flying around social media as to whether or not she is expecting. Sometimes they are just that - rumors. But then there are times when those first few peeks at a slightly rounded belly are actually glimpses of pregnancy bumps! In the case of Blake Lively, she hid her first pregnancy for 7 months, and her second one for 4. The only reason anyone knew baby girl #2 was on the way, was because a camera caught a glimpse of her belly while filming a movie.

Who will be the pregnant celebrities in 2018? We already know of a bunch who have announced their pregnancies, but then there are those who we can speculate about, based on bulging bellies, unexpected weight gain, budding romances and a few wedding bells. Will Adele announce baby number 2 finally? Is Selena hiding her baby bump and rushing into a marriage with Bieber? Is Taylor’s weight gain the result of a long hiatus from touring, or is it something more? This year is sure to be one that will leave us guessing and speculating about who will have a celeb baby next!

15 Jessica Biel Will Announce #2

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Justin Timberlake and wife, Jessica Biel have one child already. Their adorable son Silas will be turning 3 this April. Fans are already speculating that the pair won’t wait too long to add to their brood. As has been reported before, Justin would love a big family. He’s even gone as far as to say he’d take as many kids and he can get! There has been speculation that the couple has had fertility issues and will be using IVF to conceive their second child. According to a source, Justin would love a little girl, and they only want to implant female embryos. There hasn’t been anything to corroborate this rumor, but since Jessica hasn’t announced another pregnancy yet, and they do want a houseful of kiddos, it leaves one to speculate if the fertility issues are indeed true.

14 Carrie Underwood - Bad Fall Or A New Baby?


Carrie Underwood and husband Mike Fisher have not had a great 2018 so far! Carrie fell outside her home and managed to severely break her wrist and damage her beautiful face. Though pictures have not been posted to show her facial injuries, she did share her wrist x-ray and boy, does it look painful! In addition to the accident she has suffered, rumors are flying that the couple is expecting, or will be expecting baby #2! Carrie has taken to social media to divulge, “It’s crazy how a freak random accident can change your life”. Not sure if this just means all of the doctor appointments, limited movement and also the damage to her flawless face (which has included getting 50 stitches!), or if she could be indicating that a new baby is on the way.

13 Is Miley Cyrus Getting Married And Expecting?


Fans have been speculating about a baby being on the way for Miley Cyrus and her fiancé Liam Hemsworth for some time now. Her recent post on Instagram showing off her 25th birthday décor was rumored to be featuring a baby bump. Despite taking to social media to dispel rumors about her having a bump in the photo, and speaking against body-shaming, the rumors are still swirling. The avid dog-lover does plan to expand her family this year by getting married and possibly taking in a few more pups, but could she be preggo and could that be why Liam and Miley are heading for the alter? Only time will tell, but for now we will all wait and see. I’m sure that when Miley is pregnant, or ready to announce that, she will do so in a big Miley-style way.

12 Rihanna Sporting Bump At The Grammys


Rihanna’s figure has been one of public scrutiny over the last year. Many have speculated as to whether or not she has a bun in the oven, and her performance at the Grammys on January 28, 2018 has many wondering. She has been dating billionaire Hassan Jameel since June of 2017. Though many fans have taken to Twitter to tweet about why they believe that she is expecting and trying to hide it, sources are reporting that she is indeed NOT pregnant. At least, not right now. That’s not to say that she won’t be pregnant in 2018. Body shamers have taken to social media to express their opinions on her changing figure. Though she is sporting a fuller figure, she has not made a comment on the pregnancy rumors. However, she has been seen wearing many large, flowing outfits lately.

11 Is Jessica Simpson Showing Off A Baby Bump?


Jessica Simpson has made headlines over the years for many reasons. As of late, if it isn’t about her wildly successful fashion line, it’s because of pregnancy rumors. The fashionista, singer and mother of 2 has been making headlines for having a fuller figure than she used to. Recently, attending a wedding while wearing a rather tight dress, she showed off a fuller midsection, that some are taking as proof that she is indeed pregnant. The last time she addressed pregnancy rumors was on Ellen’s show when she announced that she was not pregnant and emphatically shared that her IUD will be keeping that from happening. Regardless of whether or not she is currently expecting, fans are hoping that she will be soon. Her pregnancy was far from Hollywood's norm - she wasn’t afraid to gain weight, and share her crazy cravings with the world.

10 Are Troian Bellisario And Patrick J. Adams Going To Be Parents?


Troian Bellisario and her husband Patrick J. Adams (Mike from the hit TV-show Suits) may very well have an announcement this year. They just celebrated their first wedding anniversary in December, and the pair is clearly head-over-heels in love. Troian is a fantastic actress, director and writer. Her most recent adventure was a film that she wrote herself, about eating disorders, which was very painful for her to write due to her own experiences with them. Her hope for the film is to make eating disorders something that can be talked about without feeling any shame. Since the wedding bells rung over a year ago, and the couple is clearly madly in love, it leaves us all to wonder if a baby announcement will be coming soon.

9 Are Blake And Ryan Expecting Again?


As one of Hollywood’s most gorgeous couples, it’s no wonder that people want to know if baby #3 is on the way. With two perfect little girls, the couple hasn’t made any comments about them being done having children. Blake and Ryan are incredibly private with their children, sheltering them from the press (as they should). So, it wouldn’t be surprising if Blake waited until she was rather far along to announce her third pregnancy. With their first baby Blake was 7 months pregnant before the announcement was released to the press, and she was 4 months along when it was accidentally leaked with her second. The couple is always on baby-watch, as fans know that they would love to add another child to their beautiful family. Who knows, maybe she will have a big announcement in 2018!

8 A Royal Wedding And A Baby?


What could be more exciting than a royal wedding? A royal baby, of course! The world is anxiously awaiting the big day of Harry and Meghan, and at the same time, baby-watching Will and Kate. It didn’t take body shamers long to go from overly excited about the engagement to speculating that Meghan may be hiding an early baby bump under her trench coat. Though no royal baby-to-be has been announced, it is of great speculation that the couple won’t wait long after saying “I do!” to start trying for a baby. Meghan is 36, so the couple will undoubtedly not want to wait too long. Plus with Will and Kate welcoming their third child this year, wouldn't it be fun for their babies to grow up together?

7 Mandy Moore Has Baby Fever!


The “This is Us” star Mandy Moore, and musician boyfriend, Taylor Goldsmith just got engaged a few months ago. According to Mandy, her baby fever is alive and well! She hopes to have a family with her soon- to-be hubby and so can't wait for children. She says that she hopes that they will be happy and healthy, whenever “they” do exist. Playing the role of a mother of three on the show has fueled her baby fever. In the show, Mandy had to portray being pregnant with triplets, which she claims has taught her a lot about pregnancy and babies. Though fans can’t help but hope that she does start a family soon with her new main man, fans will also be hoping that the addition won’t hurt the show in any way. Now, that would be tragic!

6 Rose Leslie And Kit Harrington May Have A Special 2018


Rose Leslie and Kit Harrington fell in love on the set of Game of Thrones, and their real-life romance has finally blossomed to the point of an engagement. The happy couple will be saying “I do”, hopefully before the year ends. Apparently, though, Kit botched the proposal. His plan was to string up lights on trees and have a romantic proposal, but instead they were in the country, under the stars, and he just went for it! None the less, she said yes, so that’s all that matters! Though there’s no talk of baby news yet, they have been together, though on-and-off, for many years. With the ridiculously large success of the show, and them finally tying the knot, it leaves us to wonder…could a little Rose or Kit be on the way in 2018?

5 Hello, It's Adele


Adele has been rather quiet this year. She didn’t release a new album in 2017 and wasn’t present at the Grammys, which disappointed her fans (though they did understand). In 2016, Adele announced that she would love another baby (her and hubby Simon Konecki have one son together already), but to date no pregnancy has been announced. Maybe Adele is taking some time off because she is pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant? Fans are always speculating about her shape and whether or not she’s dropping hints by touching her stomach. So far, nothing has been reported, but many fans are wondering if 2018 will be the year for baby #2 for their favorite singer. Maybe she will have a little girl, a mini-Adele with a crazy good voice, just like her mama.

4 Is Taylor Ready For It?


Social media simply cannot handle it when a female celeb gains a few pounds. Taylor Swift spent a year off-the-grid to work on her new album. During that time she toned up, mellowed out (so they say) and also gained about 15 pounds (a nutritionist is claiming it’s more like 30 pounds, but who’s counting?) which has everyone asking, is she pregnant? So far, Taylor says that she is not pregnant and has just gained a few pounds in recent months. She has been seen wearing very loose, baggy clothes, and her performance in December, had everyone asking if there was a bun in the oven with the star's boyfriend Joe Alwyn. Her romance with Joe is the real deal according to a close source. Maybe this will be the year of wedding bells for the happy couple, and perhaps a new bundle of joy as well. We can only wait and see.

3 Are Selena And Justin Starting A Family?


Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are back together! The two were spotted celebrating New Years together, while on a vacation with friends. As can be expected, with the reunion and wedding rumours, speculations are abound that Selena is pregnant and they are rushing to the aisle because of it. There have been no reports out there to corroborate this speculation, but since the couple has dated on and off for years, if they do tie the knot this year, it won't be a huge shock. This does make you wonder, however, if they will decide to start a family sooner rather than later. Still, the verdict is out on whether or not their relationship will last this time. Bieber has been said to be much more of a gentleman, and a much better boyfriend than he was before.

2 Jennifer Lawrence Dreams About Motherhood


Jennifer Lawrence has had her share of playing the mother in films, but could she be thinking about starting a family with her much older boyfriend, Darren Aronofsky? Jennifer has said, when she was in her early 20s, that she couldn’t wait to be a mother. She knew that one day, she would have children and she was excited for that time to come. But now, as she has gotten older, she claims that motherhood has become less and less appealing to her. Still, we can’t help but wonder if Darren and Jennifer will start a family sometime in the near future. They have been allegedly dating for a year now. He is much older than her, and if the couple is serious, speculation could be made that they wouldn’t want to wait too long to have a baby; he’s certainly not getting any younger.

1 Tori Spelling's Brady Bunch

Tori Spelling is a baby-loving machine. Fans have been speculating about her pregnancies for years now. With 5 children at home, everyone wants to know if this 90210 alum is carrying her 6th baby. If she is pregnant, it would be happening at a rather rough time for the couple. They are currently experiencing financial issues, as they have been for years. The 43-year-old actress has told People Magazine that they may go for baby #6. She loves being pregnant and loves babies, as well as the attention, so it seems like a likely possibility. She is quoted as saying “Hey, if people call you the Brady Bunch, you have to complete the Brady Bunch.” She has said that 6 children would round out her family, and since she isn’t getting any younger, this year may very well be the year that she announces another pregnancy.

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