15 Celebs Whose Kids Took Their Own Life

People often think that the children of famous celebrities are taking it easy and are living the good life in the glitz and the glamor of showbusiness. While this may be true only for some, celebrity parents' children tend to receive more pressure, whether in establishing in their own names or in partaking in personal endeavors.

With all their lavish possessions and lifestyle, all we see is how lucky they are for being born in the lap of luxury. But on the hindsight, we never really know how emotionally bountiful these kids feel. They may have every material thing other kids want, yet some of them are overwhelmed with emptiness, anxiety and too much pressure that no tangible possession can give a sure fix.

It's a wild world out there for celebrity kids. In every inch of what they do, they’re constantly followed by judging eyes and critical mouths. In a way, it was as if the public owns them. These, among many other factors and influences, unfortunately, force them to think it's better to make the easy way out -- take their own life by their hands. Hollywood is no stranger to these tragic moments, and while some kids recover and learn from their attempts, others sadly never made it out of the woods.


14 Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre (Andre Romelle Young) is a rapper, record producer, and entrepreneur. He founded Aftermath Entertainment and Beats Electronics. He is famous for managing and producing albums for well-known artists such as 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, 50 Cent, and Kendrick Lamar.

He had a son named Andre Young Jr. in 1990 with his then-partner Jenita Porter who filed a lawsuit against him, asking $5,000 child support as she only received a small amount of cash, a few gifts, and diapers during their four-year relationship. In the evening of August 2008, Andre Young Jr. went out with his friends and was found unresponsive in bed by his mother the morning after. Autopsy reports concluded that the cause of death had been due to an accidental drug overdose. He was only 20.

13 Anna Nicole Smith


Anna Nicole Smith (Vickie Lynn Hogan) was a model, actress and TV personality. She got her first big break when she posed for Playboy Magazine's cover in 1992. She had a son with Billy Wayne Smith — Daniel Wayne Smith whom she raised on her own.

Unfortunately, his life was tragically cut short at 20 years old due to an accidental drug overdose in the hospital while visiting his mom just three days after she gave birth to his sister. Oddly enough, Daniel didn't use drugs and people have speculated that it was Smith's as she was prescribed with the said drug when she was 8 months pregnant, under a pseudo name. She described him as a "straight-A student" and had been attending classes at Los Angeles Valley College prior to the incident.

12 Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond is a singer, producer, actress, doll designer, and a member of "the Osmonds". She was married to Brian Blossil from 1986-2007. Michael Bryan Blosil was the fourth out of eight children and was suffering from depression for the longest time before he eventually committed suicide.

He was 18 years old when he took his life in his Los Angeles apartment building. A few minutes before his death, he texted a friend who lived in the same apartment building telling her he had a note for him in his flat where his roommates were staying. It stated the things he would be doing for the last time. A few minutes after his friends found the note, they heard sirens and saw emergency vehicles outside the apartment and only then did they realize what happened.

11 Michael Douglas


Kirk Douglas is an actor, producer, director, and author. He just recently celebrated his 101st birthday and is considered to be one of the pioneers of the film industry's Golden Age. The Douglases are family of actors. His youngest son Eric, however, did not attain the same level of success as the other family members mainly because he was constantly in trouble with the law.

He also was very well known for his bad tantrums which contributed to the downward spiral of his career as an actor and a stand-up comedian. He had alcohol and drug problems. His drug problem was so bad that he was taken to twenty rehab centers over the years and nothing helped. In July of 2004, his body was found by a maid in his Manhattan apartment. Reports said his demise was caused by an acute intoxication from combining alcohol, tranquilizers, and painkillers.

10 Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath was a poet, novelist, and short-story writer. She was one of the most admired poets of the 20th century. Plath married fellow poet Ted Hughes and had two children: Freida Hughes and Nicholas Hughes. She succumbed to depression as she had been devastated following the break -up of her relationship with Hughes when she discovered his infidelity. She then passed away by her own hand.

Forty six years later, her son Nicholas who was a successful biologist and a faculty member at UAF followed suit when he hanged himself in 2009 in his Alaska home due to a long-time battle with depression. His sister describes him as “a loving brother, a loyal friend to those who knew him and despite the vagaries that life threw at him, he maintained an almost childlike innocence for the next project or plan.". He was 47 years old.

9 Marlon Brando


Marlon Brando was a stage and film actor, film director, and activist. He was widely considered to be one of the most popular and influential actors of the second half of the 20th century. He met his third wife, a Tahitian actress named Tarita Teriipaia while filming Mutiny on the Bounty in 1962 where they had a daughter named Tarita Cheyenne Brando.

She began experiencing bouts of depression and attempted to take her life after getting into an accident in 1989. She ultimately succeeded in taking her life in 1995 — a few years after her half-brother did something horriblr. She left behind her five-year-old son named Tuki Brando who eventually went on to become the face of Versace menswear.

8 Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is one of the most recognized artists in country music. He is a musician, singer-songwriter, author, poet, actor, and activist. His most successful works include the albums Shotgun Willie, Red Headed Stranger, and Stardust. Willie's first marriage was to Martha Matthews. They had three children named Lana, Susie, and Billy (WiIlie Hugh Nelson Jr.).

Billy had drinking problems and was treated at an alcohol rehab facility back in 1990. Prior to that, he had been arrested four times for drunk driving. In the morning of Christmas eve 1992, his body was found lifeless as he took his life in his log-cabin home in Davidson County, Tennessee. He had been ruled legally drunk as he passed away and died at a young age of 33.


7 Gloria Vanderbilt


Gloria Vanderbilt is an artist, author, actress, fashion designer, and heiress. She had four children. One of which, named Carter Vanderbilt Cooper, who ended his life in 1988. He has just recently broken up with a girl he loved and so he moved back home. He kept asking odd questions like "Mom, am I blinking?" and "What's going on?" even if nothing in particular was going on.

He was not into alcohol or drugs, but he had a newly prescribed asthma inhaler. After waking up from a nap somewhat disoriented, he went to his mother’s room then he ran to his bedroom where his mother found him sitting on the low wall of the terrace. She tried to stop him from his attempt, but he did not want to be stopped. His last words were "Will I ever feel again?"

6 Mary Tyler Moore

Mary Tyler Moore was an award-winning actress and a breakthrough comedienne. She was known for her roles in the Dick Van Dyke Show and Mary Tyler Moore Show. Mary had her only child (Richie) with Richard Meeker in 1956. Richie was a gun collector and he was attending USC at the time.

His roommate said in an interview that he was “loading and unloading” one of his collections that day. He passed away due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound. While his death was considered an accident, no one can really be sure. The “Snake Charmer” – the type of gun he was toying, was eventually taken off the market due to instability. It was her mother who spilled his ashes to the Owen River in the days following his death. He was only 24.

5 Paul Newman


Paul Newman was a notable actor, director-producer, philanthropist, and a humanitarian. His only son, Scott Newman was an aspiring actor. He has always had drinking and drug-related problems which stemmed from family issues and the pressure of being a famous celebrity's child. In 1978, he’s gotten into a motorcycle accident and so, he began his day with rum.

The pain in his ribs and shoulder didn't go away, so he took eight valium pills. He then proceeded to meet up with the psychologist his father hired and he was prescribed some pain killers. He went back to his friend's place for more rum, then returned to his hotel, took a couple of sedatives and hard drugs and then went to bed. He was found unconscious an hour and a half later and was DOA at the hospital. The coroner ruled it as an overdose of drugs and alcohol.

4 Gregory Peck

Gregory Peck was an Oscar-winning actor who is considered to be one of the most famous stars from the 40s up until the 60s. He had five children, one of which was Jonathan Peck who worked as a local news reporter in Santa Maria. He was described to be a tall and handsome gentleman who spent two years in Tanzania working on developing an agricultural syllabus in Swahili.

He did not do drugs and barely drank any alcohol, but he was known to be self-conscious and deeply troubled. On the day he passed away, he called up his boss saying he was having trouble finding stories. He was given a new assignment and seemed to be excited to start working on it. That was the last time anyone heard of him as he made away with himself later that evening by putting a bullet to his head.

3 Burt Bacharach


Burt Bacharach is an award-winning singer-songwriter, record producer, and pianist who composed hundreds of hit songs from the 50s to the 80s. Some of his well-known songs include Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head and I Say A Little Prayer For You. Unfortunately, he lost his only daughter, Nikki, at 40 years old who had taken her life by her own hands. Eventually, the music producer made a song titled Nikki to relinquish his pain of losing a child.

Nikki had been born prematurely and had been suffering from Asperger’s since she was a little girl. Mr. Bacharach's spokeswoman said "She quietly and peacefully committed suicide to escape the ravages to her brain brought on by Asperger's." His daughter studied Geology at Cal Lutheran University and was able to complete the degree, but she was not able to pursue a career due to her poor eyesight.

2 Carrol O’Connor

Carrol O'Connor was an actor, producer, and director. He and his wife Nancy Fields adopted their son named Hugh O'Connor in Italy when he was six days old. Hugh was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma at 16 years old, but was able to beat cancer with chemotherapy and two surgeries.

Unfortunately, he became addicted to drugs as he was taking medications for pain and nausea, which led him to harder drugs. He was checked in to rehabilitation clinics numerous times but was never able to stop the addiction. In March of 1995, he called his father to tell him that he was going to end his life as he believed he could not beat his addiction. The police were alerted but it was too late to apprehend his attempt. He was 32 when he passed away.

1 James Arness


James Arness was an actor who was known for playing the role of Marshall Matt Dillon for 20 years in the television series Gunsmoke. The show is considered to be one of the longest-running television series in the U.S. television history. James was married at the time to Vicky Chapman who was also in the acting industry.

They bore two children: Jenny Lee Arness, who also played a role in the said hit TV series, and Raulf Arness. In May of 1975, just a few weeks before her Birthday, Jenny Lee took her own life. Reports say she was devastated following a previous break-up with boyfriend Greg Allman who was a singer-songwriter. She ended her life at an early age of 24.


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