15 Celebs Whose Pregnancy Drama Needs Explaining

It’s not like mama drama is totally unheard of. But, when it comes to celebs, the dramatic part of pregnancy isn’t just in the spotlight – it’s magnified infinitely. But, sometimes what you hear isn’t exactly what happened.

We’ve all been there. At least, if you’ve been (or are) pregnant. Your hormones are on high, your mood is impossibly off-balance and you kind of freak out. It happens. Of course, you’re not a celebrity. So, pretty much no one cares.

When celebs have their mad mommy moments, everyone sees. Not only does everyone see, but it tends to get blown way out of proportion. Whether it’s a teeny tiny tantrum that turns into a supposed tornado or baby daddy drama, the media often turns these mama’s expectant issues into major offenses.

Taken at face value some of the more dramatic moments do seem, well – pretty bad. After some explaining these might not actually be as ginormous as they were when they were first reported. Okay, so we don’t exactly ‘feel’ for these super-stars. After all, they have it all. They wear designer maternity clothes, have baby showers that cost more than us regular ol’ folks’ weddings and they have nurseries that cost more than your entire home did.

Even though there’s no doubt that celebs live envy-worthy lives, that doesn’t mean they should be trashed all over the tabloids (or, more likely, all over the Internet). A rumor is just that, a rumor. Sure, sometimes the drama is totally true. But, that’s not always the case. Check out these celebrities whose pregnancy needs explaining – seriously.

15 Beyoncé

When the superstar announce that she was pregnant with twins on IG, she caught the world’s attention. Everyone was waiting for the music mogul, along with husband Jay Z, to make Blur Ivy a big sis. It’s kind of hard to be as famous as Beyoncé, and not have some very public pregnancy drama.

If she so much as poses in the wrong way or looks away from a camera, the rumor mill starts flooding. So, what kind of drama has followed Bey around during her second pregnancy? One of the rumors floating around is that the singer refuses to go out because she’s gotten so huge. Well duh. She is growing two human beings inside of her.

Even though staying in might not seem over-the-top dramatic, when a celeb does it this action becomes a full-on statement. While she may have shied away from the paparazzi when she was pregnant with baby number one, Bey’s actually been showing off her bump – on IG and everywhere else. Guess she’s not as self-conscious as a drama-makers would make everyone think.

14 Serena Williams

The tennis superstar’s pregnancy drama started from day one. Okay, not from day one of her pregnancy. But, from day one of her announcement.

Williams posted an obvious preggo pic on Snapchat, showing off her baby bump in a yellow bathing suit. The caption read “20 weeks” and for anyone catching a glimpse of the photo, Williams was definitely looking like a mama-to-be. But, before the image spread too far, it was deleted. Hmm.

The posting and deleting of a would-be pregnancy announcement made everyone guess and second-guess what was going on. Of course, Williams was actually pregnant at the time. And, later on confirmed it. Anyone who saw the “20 weeks” photo, and could do basic arithmetic, figured out that Williams was indeed pregnant when she won the Grand Slam singles title at the Australian Open. And, some of us feel accomplished because we make it through a day of work sitting behind a desk during pregnancy.

13 Blac Chyna

With a baby daddy whose last name is Kardashian there’s pretty much no way that Blac Chyna’s pregnancy wouldn’t be filled with some sort of drama. Among plenty of rumors, including insecurity issues and so much more, was a social media sh** storm. There were post galore on Snapchat and Instagram, featuring name-calling and even pics of an empty Kardashian home (following Blac Chyna’s delivery – and her supposedly moving out).

During the pregnancy the couple appeared to be odds often. But, here’s the even more dramatic part – it was apparently only for Kardashian’s reality show. While their feud roared on during filming, in real reality (not the over-edited, sometimes maybe scripted TV one) the couple was seen doing normal everyday things such as doing errands. Oh, and getting along just fine.

Yes, these two have had their fair share of pre-baby and baby drama. But, maybe it’s more the cameras than not. Take the TV show out of the equation and there might be far less explaining to do.

12 Heidi Montag

Geez, just about anything having to do with Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt equals DRAMA. Yep, that’s the all-caps kind of drama. After becoming a couple while filming the pseudo-reality show on MTV, The Hills, the pair had high’s low’s and lots and lots of craziness.

They got together, broke up, got back together again and so on – for what seemed like years. Back in the day Montag was completely into becoming a mama. What about Spencer? Um, no way. He was still happy to relax, kick back and show off his playboy ways. Okay, so Heidi’s desire to conceive began well into their relationship. But let’s rewind back to somewhere near the beginning. Montag felt what she assumed were pregnancy symptoms, and took a test. With some well-placed edits the viewers thought that the test was probably sporting a plus sign. Of course, it wasn’t. And the drama was resolved.

Years later, in 2017, Speidi are in fact expecting for real, minus the TV show.

11 Molly Sims

The model and actress has that catwalk-ready body. Obviously. She’s super-slim and we’re all kind of jealous of the genetics she was blessed with. So, when Sims gained a whopping 85 pounds during her pregnancy, drama followed. Major drama.

No one could believe how much weight the model put on. Body-shamers spoke out, judging Sims and her pregnant figure. Yes, 85 pounds is more than a woman who started out at her size should gain in a pregnancy. But, focusing on it (and her subsequent inability to take off all of the pounds) wasn’t exactly necessary. Okay, it was entirely unnecessary.

But, Sims’ weight gain was really in need of some explanation. The model-actress didn’t just sit around stuffing her face with cookies and cupcakes. She actually had a diagnoses medical problem. After struggling to lose her baby weight, Sims later found out that she has a thyroid condition. This condition was at the root of her pregnancy weight gain and the inability to lose what she had put on.

10 Kourtney Kardashian

The Kardashian clan is no stranger to drama. Heck, they seem to invite it. If it seems like Kourtney had some major drama during each of her pregnancies, you aren’t wrong. With her on-again, off-again, sometimes cad of a BF Scott Disick turning up the drama, it would appear that Kourtney didn’t need anything else to make her pregnancy even more of a challenge. But, that’s not the case.

Rumors swirled, and Kardashian found herself in the spotlight time and time again. Oh, and then there are the possible paternity questions. It was rumored that Kourt was preggo with baby number four, and not from Disick. Model Younes Bendjima and Kardashian were supposed hook-ups, putting him in the running for the role of baby daddy.

So, how was Kardashian’s latest pregnancy drama cleared up? No paternity test needed – at least not yet. As it turns out the mom of three wasn’t exactly expecting. No this time anyway.

9 Kim Kardashian

Well, we can’t have a celeb drama list that includes only two members of this famous reality family. Kim certainly gets in on the dramatic action at least as much of the time as her reality star siblings.

What kinds of dramatic moments does Kim have that are in desperate need of some serious explanation? There’s the fake pregnancy drama. Yep, that’s right – fake drama. The rumor mill got to churning, saying that Kim was faking some baby-related drama just to get ratings. With chatter that her token show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, was in danger of getting cancelled, come said that the mama was upping the drama factor just to score points with the powers that be. Nobody likes losing a job. Right?

Along with this not-so-real drama, Kim has had plenty of other pregnancy-related issues. There was the weight-gain drama. Like other celebs, Kim was targeted by body-shamers who were looking to put down the already curvaceous Kardashian. Of course she gained weight. She was pregnant. Duh! Then there were all of the complications in her first pregnancy (preeclampsia and placenta accrete). When Kim wanted to have baby number two there were fertility issues and a not-so-painless birth. Luckily, the reality star and her baby came through a-ok.

8 Lauren London/Nivea

What do actress Lauren London and singer Nivea have in common? They’re both beautiful. They’re both celebrities. They’re both in the news now and then. Oh, and they both have babies by the same man.

So, what’s the big deal with that? There are plenty of women who have babies with a man who has children from previous relationships. But, this wasn’t exactly the case here. While London was pregnant with Lil Wayne’s baby so was Nivea. That’s right. Um, and London didn’t know about Lil Wayne’s other baby, until after the birth. Finding out that the father of your baby is also expecting with someone else is sure to swing mom’s mood and cause all kinds of havoc.

London gave birth on September 9, 2009. Nivea was next, also giving birth to Lil Wayne’s baby (on November 30, 2009). It seems like the baby drama is cleared up – now, that is. London has since had another baby, with boyfriend Nipsey Hussle.

7 Tori Spelling

The actress didn’t leave the drama behind way back in the 90210. Nope. Even though it’s been years since she was the melodramatic Donna Martin, Spelling has kept the soap opera-like fury up. Of course, not by choice.

Spelling’s seemingly picture-perfect life was detailed on her own reality show. That is, until it became not so ‘perfect’. The actresses marriage has been filled with up’s and down’s, infidelity (him, not her) and plenty of problems. But, who doesn’t have problems, right? Well, if you’re a celeb in the spotlight these problems don’t just go away. The media keeps them going. And going. And going.

Along with these issues the star and mom had to deal with her hubby Dean McDermott’s ex’s drama (surrounding spousal support) and financial woes – and all during her fifth pregnancy. Hmm. It looks like celebrities have problems just like everyone else. Just on a much larger scale.

6 Chrissy Teigen

If you’re lucky enough to be Chrissy Teigen maybe you skim right over the drama. Maybe. Okay, so she’s super-gorgeous. And, she has a hot husband. And, she seems like she’s actually a really nice person. Oh, and she’s a model who eats. Rare. Right? But, she’s also a celebrity – and that puts her into the media spotlight. In other words she’s subject to drama.

During her pregnancy Teigen, who got pregnant via IVF, revealed that she chose a female embryo. This admission isn’t terribly dramatic. At least, not in the grand scheme of celebrity gossip. But, the Internet went nuts, with all kinds of criticisms thrown at Teigen.

Chrissy fought back, noting that she had already created the embryos so why care about the gender (that is, why should other people care about the gender)? With a growing Twitter backlash, Teigen tweeted, “from reading everything tonight, I think I made a mistake in thinking people understood the process better than they do, which is my fault.”

Hey, they’re her embryos. So, why shouldn’t she choose?

5 Halle Berry

The actress shocked everyone, possibly even including herself, when she got pregnant for a second time at age 47! While Berry might not have had the kind of pregnancy drama that involved the paparazzi chasing her down or paternity worries, she had some issues of her own.

People were legitimately thrown when Berry announced that baby number two was on the way. So, Berry certainly isn’t the first mama to get pregnant later in life. The rate of women who are in the ‘advanced maternal age’ category is growing. According to the CDC’s stats, the rate of pregnancies among 35 to 39-year-olds went from 67.5 per every 1,000 women in 2000 to 78.5 for every 1,000 women in 2008. For women in the 40 to 44-years-old category it went from 15.4 to 18.8 per 1,000 women.

Of course, Berry’s age 47 pregnancy was a bit outside of the norm. And, that’s what made it so very dramatic. The actress noted that she was ‘premenopausal’ and didn’t even think pregnancy was an option.

4 Mila Kunis

It really wasn’t this two-time mama who made headlines for her pregnancy drama. Instead, it was her baby daddy Ashton Kutcher. Okay, so the drama wasn’t the “He’s going to leave her” kind. It was more of the “WTF? What’s he thinking?” kind.

Kutcher turned heads when he announced that the couple would be naming their second baby Hawkeye. He told talk show host Conan O’Brien that he’s an “Iowan,” so the name would be fitting. He then went on to say that the name was pretty much immediately shot down by Kunis. Who could blame the mama-to-be for thinking that Hawkeye was pretty out there. Imagine how their poor kiddo would get ridiculed in elementary school.

Obviously this perceived pregnancy drama was more of joke than anything else. Kutcher really had no intention of actually naming his son Hawkeye. Or, at least we’d like to think so. When Kunis gave birth to the couple’s second child, a son, they names him a much more fitting Dimitri Portwood Kutcher.

3 Irina Shayk

This bombshell beauty’s pregnancy drama was all about fashion. Kind of. She and baby daddy Bradley Cooper kept the pregnancy under wraps. At least, for as long as they could. The model walked in the Victoria’s Secret Paris fashion show with very few people even knowing she was pregnant.

Sources at the show claimed that most of her fellow VS models didn’t realize that Shayk was covering a budding bump. While some called this the most epic pregnancy reveal, others noted that it really wasn’t much of anything – considering that her baby belly was fully hidden.

Yeah, some of you mamas may have popped right away. Heck, some of us where wearing our S.O.’s sweats or adding that weird elastic band to our jeans almost immediately. But, Shayk managed to strut her stuff, in lingerie no less, without getting any belly attention. It’s the lack of attention that seems to have caused all of the drama for this mama. So, what kind of explanation is there for her barely there baby bump?

Unlike many of the belly-baring outfits that most of the models wore, Shayk wore ones that covered her midsection. Oh, and she was pretty much physically flawless to start. Hmm.

2 Victoria Beckham

Not only is she super-stylish, gorgeous, rich and kind of everything that us regular moms just aren’t, Victoria Beckham also has just about one of the hottest husband’s on the planet. Scratch that, the hottest husband. Lucky her. So, it’s no wonder that haters are always ready to pounce.

The model-thin mama’s during-pregnancy size turned heads, started drama and apparently helped to inspire (not in a good way) terms such as “mommyrexia” and “pregorexia.” Photos of the pregnant mom showed a barely there bump, and the media jumped to accuse her of starving herself to stay thin while pregnant.

Even though Beckham’s weight was largely criticized, especially during her last pregnancy, she has given birth to four healthy children. Yes, there’s a healthy weight that a mommy-to-be needs to maintain. But, that doesn’t always look the same for everyone. Just because Beckham stayed slim doesn’t mean you should.

1 Zoe Saldana

The actress was apparently shocked after Britney Spears revealed her pregnancy. That is, Saldana’s pregnancy and not another one for Spears. The pop star is always causing drama. Well, maybe not always. But, she’s had her fair share of it. Of course, Spears has had a lengthy career – and she’s still young!

Why wouldn’t we expect some sort of pregnancy drama here? Oddly, it wasn’t from her own pregnancy. In 2014 Spears accidentally announced that Saldana was pregnant with twins. The two had starred together in the 2002 fil Crossroads. While the actress was trying to keep mum about expecting, she did talk to Spears about the pregnancy while on a flight together. Spears was unaware that the twin news was a secret later dished in an interview. Even though Saldana wasn’t planning on making the announcement when Spears did, she didn’t hold a grudge.

Yes, this accidental pregnancy slip could have caused some major celeb drama between the two stars. But, in the end Saldana totally let it go.

Sources: CDC, New York Times

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