15 Celeb Moms With So Many Nannies They Don't Even Need To Be There

Celebrities are busy. They have jobs and travel a lot and have to ensure that they look good all the time while doing it. And, it takes an entire team to make that happen if they want to be able to sleep, too.

What, you thought that they just had magical powers that just made their lives look easy? Nope!

They have to hire people to do all the things that they don’t have time to do, such as being a parent. That’s right, when you’re an actress who has a successful business you may not have time to walk your kids to school or miss out on your beauty sleep because of a crying newborn. So, they hire people to do that for them. We already know that most celebrities don’t even have time for childbirth so they schedule C-sections.

So, being the celebrities that they are, they do it in the most over-the-top way possible and hire a small army to take care of their children. Seriously, rumor has it that Suri Cruise has three nannies and Katie Holmes considers herself a full-time mom! And, Angelina Jolie is said to travel with one nanny for each child. So, who else in Hollywood has gone overboard when it comes to hiring their children’s help? Some of these ‘hands-on-moms’ just might surprise you.

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15 Jennifer Lopez’s Children Have To Schedule Time With Her

Her love does actually cost a thing, and that would be her time - even her kids have to schedule time with JLo. If you’re Jennifer Lopez’s children, don’t expect to be able to run into mommy’s arms anytime you want. There are nannies for that. If you want to see your mom, you have to talk to her assistants to schedule ‘quality time’ with your mom. The mogul thought it was cute when she gushed about this by saying her son came to her and said, “Mom, I’d like to schedule a picnic with you this week cause I know you’ve been, you know, working hard.” Sorry, JLo, that’s not cute, that’s just sad. No word on whether or not she actually had time for the picnic or if her children had to make do with their nannies, chefs, and bodyguards.

14 Kourtney Kardashian Has An Army Of Nannies

It’s almost cute listening to Kourtney boast about making her own baby food and how much of a ‘hands-on mom’ she is. Yet, if you’ve ever sat down to watch KUWTK, you’ll notice that she has so much free time on her hands for quiet conversations with her ex and even her sisters. Seriously, why is it always so quiet? Well, it’s because the ‘hands-on mom’ has a team of nannies. That’s on top of her staff who do the other stuff that the ‘hands-on mom’ does such as cook, clean, and assist. This allows Kourtney free time to go on dates around the world with her boyfriend and tour Japan with her sisters for a week without her children. It also gives her time to work out every morning. Don’t be fooled that this mom does it all.

13 Zoe Saldana Has One For Each Child

Zoe Saldana has starred in some of the biggest blockbuster franchises in the last decade- ‘Avatar’, ‘Star Trek’, and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. And, those franchises are still rolling out sequels, prequels, etc. Then, there are also the other films that she stars in. To put it bluntly, she’s a busy woman. So, when she welcomed the birth of her twin boys, Zoey hired a nanny for each boy. Basically, so that she could dedicate herself to her work and not have to worry about spending her days being a mom. Her boys can join her on set for a few minutes and then mom can get back to work. Although, judging by all of the cute shots of the actress with her husband and two children at Starbucks, it does seem like she allows her nannies to take a few days off.

12 Anna Friel Needs Round The Clock Care

You have to love Anna Friel for her openness. The British actress, who has been in the ‘Harry Potter’ films, has openly stated that she owes part of her budding career to her two nannies. The 35-year old actress is a single mother who has hired two nannies to look after her five-year-old daughter Gracie. There’s a morning nanny and an evening nanny. Basically, she doesn’t have to be around at all and can be on set all day if she needs to. She doesn’t have to worry about packing lunches, getting her daughter ready for bathtime, or any of that other mom stuff. She’s a career woman, who, thanks to her nannies, can have it all. “Those two ladies are the ones I respect more than anyone I can think of. They have given me everything,” the actress told ‘Stylist Magazine.’

11 It Was A Nanny Or Divorce For Meghan Fox

Meghan Fox may have upset a lot of moms with her remarks criticizing their parenting skills. The mother of three has said, “I’m not making six movies a year because I feel obligated if I’m going to have all these kids, I need to actually parent them myself…and not hire a staff of people to take care of them for me.” Although, don’t think that the actress isn’t a little hypocritical. She’s a working mom who hired a nanny. When her oldest son was two weeks old, she hired a night nurse. It was basically her ultimatum to husband Austin Greene so that the couple could still find time together. Although, judging from recent pics of the actress out and about, it appears that she has also hired a day nanny as well. Sometimes, when at the airport the actors travel with two nannies.

10 Britney Spears: Nannies Hold Her Sons More Than She Does

The pop singer might have said that she would love to be a nanny for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s children, yet that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t hire her own nannies for her boys. Briteny specifically hires nannies who are ‘young and hip’ so that she can interact with people who share her interests and can essentially become a friend. On another note, another former nanny of Britney’s has said that she spends little time with her kids. “Britney will hold her kids for like 10 minutes and then say, ‘I’m done now. You can take them.” In the past, Britney has had 1-2 nannies for her two boys. And, as a world famous pop-star, she also has a team of bodyguards, assistants, and security that help her with her children when needed.

9 Heidi Klum Has So Many Nannies For Her Many Vacations

Heidi Klum doesn’t have to do regular mom things like pushing a stroller or carry bags. She has a team of nannies to do that for her. The 44-year old model is in high demand these days as not only a model but also a television host. So, she doesn’t walk the runways like she used to, but the blonde stunner still models for magazines and her own line of intimate apparel. So, the model has hired three nannies to care for her children. They travel with her for work and vacations. When the family went to Hawaii, Heidi was seen pulling two of her nannies out of the ocean after a riptide almost drowned them and her son, Henry. Of course, she received help from her bodyguard to save the two women. Yet, it still goes to show that she’s a good employer and friend.

8 Amy Poehler Thanks Her Nannies On SNL

We love that Amy Poehler gave a shout out to her nannies in an essay for ‘Elle Magazine’. "I’m successful at work, because of my nanny," the comedian and producer wrote. "The only reason I have a career is that we have a wonderful nanny who does everything in our house." Although, she really should have said, nannies. Poehler has two nannies, one for each of her boys that she is often seen in NYC with. She also gave a shout out to her nannies in an SNL video in a spoof video of Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’. In the video, her girl squad includes her nannies, Tina Fey’s nannies, ‘the lady who remembers their orders at the diner’, and her gynaecologist.

7 Blac Chyna Is A Spoiled Reality Star

Blac Chyna probably needs a nanny just to watch her kids while she goes to the bathroom and cries on the phone to her therapist. The young model has had a tumultuous time with her ex Rob Kardashian. And, the media loves to write about the worst parts of their feud. The former dancer has two nannies for her four-year-old son Cairo and another for her daughter Dream. That’s three nannies for two children. The 28-year old reality star is basically set to enjoy her days as she pleases and can avoid all the unsightly duties of being a mom. Instead, she can focus on her career. The young entrepreneur launched a makeup brand in 2014 and has a beauty salon in Los Angeles.

6 Mariah Carey Only Sees Her Kids For Instagram

It should really come as no surprise that the pop diva has a troop of nannies. Can you really imagine Mimi changing a diaper or being able to push a stroller in heels? Neither can she. Mariah might take cute photos to post to social media of her and her children, yet the songstress actually has a team behind her helping to raise her children. Although considering that Carey’s jealous sees them leave so quickly it’s hard to say just how many nannies she actually has. “I fire nannies like this. If they try to make themselves more important in the baby’s mind than me,” she told the hip-hop radio station Power 105 in an interview. Apparently, she also has those nannies on call 24-hours a day for 100 hour work weeks too.

5 Kim Kardashian Lives The Luxe Life

Kim is another busy diva who needs a team of nannies to help her have it all. She’s a busy mogul who has cameras following her move all day every day. And, most of the time they follow her looking flawless. How is that possible for a mom of three who travels and has a demanding job to find time to dye her hair, apply makeup for 1 hour, and exercise every morning? Kim has her nannies to thank for that. Kim has one nanny for each child. And, thanks to Kim’s former assistant spilling the beans to ‘Refinery 29’ we now know that Kim also has "a personal assistant, a house assistant, two nannies (prior to Chicago’s birth), a COO, and an executive assistant". We haven’t even mentioned her chef, trainer, and glam squad.

4 Sarah Jessica Parker Is Type-A With Her Nannies

By now, Sarah Jessica Parker’s rules for her nannies are well known. Emails from the 52-year old actress to her staff were leaked in October of 2017. They included interesting details such as refiling a container of Vaseline for the children and insisting that the staff avoid buying multiples to avoid cluttering the house. The letter showed that Sarah is probably a type-A control freak. She even has orders on how to double wash certain items. Her children’s staff includes three nannies, one for each child. Although, Sarah has been adamant in the past about them not being live-in-help because she’s a hands-on mom. We guess that means that she wakes up in the middle of the night with them? She might walk her children to school, but she’s walking them with the nannies.

3 Jessica Alba Prefers Cheap Labour

It’s interesting to know that Jessica Alba decided to go a different route than others in Hollywood. The actress and entrepreneur chose her own nannies and she often finds that help through her family instead of an agency. They are also 9-5 help, instead of being on round-the-clock. It was one nanny in particular who helped her with her first child Honor. Connie Simpson taught Alba everything about rearing a child from bathing to breastfeeding, and how to take care of herself as a new mom. Alba recently gave a shout out to her nanny on social media. Her nanny even wrote a book, ‘The Nanny Connie Way’ about her nannying methods. Although, what Alba forgot to talk about was her other nannies. Her children have been seen with several different nannies. Of course, being a busy entrepreneur, Alba might call just call them assistants (to her children that is).

2 Rachel Zoe Has More Help Than Family

Stylish women don’t push strollers and Rachel Zoe is one of the most stylish of them all. The forty-six-year-old stylist, designer, and entrepreneur has been open about how hard she works on her reality TV show. When she became a mom, she found that her work doubled overnight. So, the mother did what any working woman does, she hired help. The mom had a nanny for both of her sons. It’s a full house for Zoe and her family of four who are out-numbered by their staff. She and her husband both have a personal assistant and her boys have their own nannies. Then, there are the assistants’ assistants, the chef, and the driver. We haven’t even mentioned the people who clean her house and tend to her garden.

1 Beyonce Has The Most Nannies Of Them All

Leave it to Beyonce to outdo everyone else. She's an alpha female and doesn’t like to be outdone by anyone! So, when it comes to having nannies for her three children, she and hubby Jay Z, hired a whopping six nannies. Of course, this is all speculation and rumors. But, weren’t Brad and Angelina just a ‘rumor’ not too long ago? Each nanny is paid $100,000 / year to look after the little kids. Considering that Beyonce earns $2 million for each city she tours in, that’s nothing for ensuring that your child is well taken care of. Also, Beyonce needs her beauty rest at night, so she hires day and night nannies for her newborns to ensure that she can have a good night’s rest. Each nanny works in eight-hour shifts so that Queen Bey can focus on being the queen that she is.

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