15 Celebs You Didn't Know Are The Strictest Parents

Being a strict parent is not just limited to the regular folk. Even the rich and famous like to set rules and boundaries with their children. Some of our favorite celebrities from movies, television, music, and even politics, are surprisingly strict when it comes to raising their offspring.

When you think of a strict parent, what comes to mind? In the case of the strictest celebrity parents, there is no mold to the type of celebrity that choose to rear their children in a strict manner. In fact, it may come as a shock to learn which celebrities are stern and serious in the world of parenting.

We often are in awe at the way certain celebrities deal with their kids. Do they handle tantrums themselves? Do they leave it up to the nanny when their kid gets out of hand? How involved are they really in what goes on in their kid's life?

One thing we do know is that there are plenty of celebrity parents out there that are involved in the way their children are brought up. And these very celebs can be surprisingly strict. Read on to discover which celebrities choose to lay down the law in the parenting land.

15 Madonna

Madonna may perform crazy antics on stage and sing about, well, just about anything, but when it comes to her children, she runs the show - and in a very strict manner. Madonna is mother to six children, her daughter Lourdes and son Richie, as well as four children she has lovingly adopted. When comes to raising all her kids, though, Madonna apparently does not play favorites.

Madonna wishes to instil good values in her kids, which may come as a shock considering the way she is and has been throughout her career! She has been known to not allow her children to watch television, which she has called trash and poison. She can also be very strict with food, and supposedly does not allow any of her kids to eat candy or ice cream. Bummer for them!

14 Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington is easily one of the kings of the big screen, but he is also king of his own castle. Denzel's children are now all grown up, but while raising them, he ran a tight ship. Things were very strict and serious inside the Washington household.

Denzel has four children, and he must have done something right because we do not hear about his kids getting into any kind of trouble. He may attribute that to their strict upbringing. He and his wife required their children to speak to them as authority figures- yes ma'am, no ma'am, yes sir, no sir. They also made their children responsible for their own bad behavior, and were punished severely for it. Maybe they have the secret, since their family seems to be doing quite well!

13 Gwyneth Paltrow

Does Gwyneth seem like an easy going, do whatever you please kind of parent? She may, but she is far from it! It may be surprising to learn that Gwyneth is a very strict mother to her two children, Apple and Moses, who are thirteen and eleven years old.

The main area that Gwyneth appears to assert her strictness is in the kitchen, and in what her children put into their own bodies. She seems to be quite serious about her and her children's diets. Gwyneth lives a gluten free, carb free diet, free from any junk food. Her poor kids are not allowed to eat any chips, cookies, cake, and more. They must remain on Gwyneth's strict parenting and eating plan. Don't you wonder what Apple and Moses really think about this?!

12 Angelina Jolie

If you think about it, Angelina Jolie probably has no choice but to be strict to keep all her kids in line! Angelina is mother to six children, and we can all imagine that cannot be very easy. She is proud that her children are typically well behaved when viewed in public. And she is right to be, her kids never seem to act out and misbehave, at least no more so than other kids their age.

Angelina can be surprisingly strict, but will say that (when she and Brad Pitt were still together), he was the more strict parent. Oftentimes, Brad would play the role of bad cop. Angelina may be more easy going, but certainly has a set of strict rules and structure that her children must follow.

11 Chip And Joanna Gaines

Stars of the fan favorite home improvement show Fixer Upper on HGTV, Chip and Joanna Gaines can seem fun and laid back, but with their kids, they are quite strict. Chip and Joanna have four children, so having structure and rules is essential to maintaining everyone's sanity!

Joanna claims she is the more easy going parent, while Chip is the really strict one. Chip has shared before how he never expected to be a strict parent, yet, once he had children he found himself acting more like a drill sergeant than a laid back, fun kind of parent. Chip's main concern is television and video games, and in their household, the rules are very strict in regards to what and when their children can watch or play games on the T.V. Looks like their family may not need any fixing up!

10 Jessica Alba

When it comes to raising children, Jessica Alba is more strict than many of us realize. Sure, she is all about a healthy lifestyle, and for her, that includes strict boundaries and serious rules. If her kids do not wish to follow the rules, they get punished, plain and simple. In other words, they better not mess with their mom!

Jessica is big on time outs. This mom of two does not brush off her children's infractions. Starting at a young age, they would be placed in time out if they did not behave. Jessica is proud to admit that she parents this way too, which you must give some kudos to her for doing. She is also very serious about structure, things happen at a certain time, such as meal time. And if her kids don't agree? You guessed it, they get a time out!

9 Victoria And David Beckham

The Beckhams know how to raise their kids - and that is with strict rules and discipline. Victoria Beckham is known as the former Posh Spice from the hit pop group Spice Girls, while her husband David is a professional football (soccer) player. Together they have four adorable, and well mannered, children.

David has previously stated that both him and Victoria were raised with structure and rules, and they wanted their children raised in a similar manner. It is important to them that their kids have good manners, so thank you and please are often heard from the little Beckhams mouths. They have rules in place in their household but still allow their kids to play. Victoria has even said she can't stop them from playing football (soccer) in the house!

8 Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet is best known for her role in the blockbuster hit Titanic, among her many other roles she has played in Hollywood. However, Kate is far from your stereotypical easy going celebrity mother. It may be surprising to some of us that Kate can be very strict with her three children, all of whom are the product of different marriages.

Kate's kids get along wonderfully, and she believes it is in part to the strict rules and structure that she is raising them with. Kate says a routine is vital, and her kids have a very strict routine to follow. Bedtime is at a certain time, and there is little wiggle room to that. And when her kids get to bed - they better not jump on their bed - because that is also against the rules!

7 Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is easily one of the leading ladies in Hollywood. She is full of grace but also seems like she has a fun side. It appears that is exactly how she is raising her three children, Hazel, Phinnaeus, and Henry. The actress, best known for her role in Pretty Woman, among many, many other hit movies, can be strict with her children when she needs to be.

Julia believes in a balance when it comes to bringing up kids. She has rules in place in her household that her kids must follow. She also does not allow them to have any junk food, and really anything with sugar. Although she is strict with this rule, it is not an end all be all rule, she will bend it from time to time and allow her kids to have cake or ice cream on special occasions.

6 Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon may be known as a rapper, comedian, actor, and television star, but he can also add strict parent to his resume. The former husband of singer Mariah Carey (with whom he shares two of his kids) has three children in all, and chooses to raise them in a strict manner.

Nick has even described himself as a stern parent. His goal is to ensure his children behave when their parents are not around. He is very big on disciplining his kids, and has even said that when any of his kids are misbehaving and hear his voice, they freeze. While it may seem like his kids fear him, to him, it is about strict rules, discipline, and following through. It is unclear how Mariah (or his other baby mother) feel about his strict parenting style!

5 Jennifer Lopez

Hit singer and actress Jennifer Lopez may fondly be referred to as Jenny from the block, but in her home, she is a strict mother, and is proud of it. Jennifer is mom to adorable twins Emme and Max who appear to be well mannered and good kids, probably due to Jennifer's balance of rules, discipline, and rewards.

J-Lo has a system in place so that her kids know the rules, abide by those strict set of rules, and are then sweetly rewarding for their good behavior. During the week, Jennifer is very strict with Emme and Max. They must follow the rules and be good kids. If they are, they reap the rewards on the weekend, such as being able to use their iPads, sleep in, watch television, and more.

4 Julie Bowen

Julie Bowen may play quirky Claire Dunphy on the hit television sitcom Modern Family, but in real life she rules her roost with a (somewhat) iron fist. Julie has said that her show, in a way, prepared her for how to raise her children. Mom of three sons, she definitely has her hands full with all those energy filled boys in her house!

Julie may not look like a strict parent, but she can be. There are rules in her home, and they are not meant to be broken. If they are, punishment occurs. Julie has even said that her kids do not care for her strict rules, and will even have temper tantrums where they cry and yell and throw themselves on the floor. What does Julie think about that? She doesn't care - rules are rules.

3 Candace Cameron Bure

Candace Cameron Bure is most well known for her role as DJ in the hit family sitcom Full House (and more recently, Fuller House on Netflix), as well as being a co-host on The View. She may have played a role growing up in a house that may have not been very strict at all, but in real life, and now as a mom, Candace plays no games. People are sometimes shocked to discover that she can be a strict parent.

Candace, mom of three, has actually received some backlash and non-support from fellow moms and members of society because she openly states that she spanks her children. If Candace's kids misbehave badly enough, they get a spanking. She credits the bible as her source for how to discipline her children.

2 Megan Fox

It may come as a surprise to many that mom of three Megan Fox can be quite the strict parent, and she is proud of her stern nature. Megan, star of such movies as Transformers, has three boys, so she knows that without rules things can get crazy and chaotic pretty quickly.

However, it seems that Megan may take the cake for one of the strictest parents in all of Hollywood. In Megan's house, her children are not allowed to watch television or play videos games. As in, never. They are simply not allowed. Only occasionally will she let her kids watch a movie, and she does admit she may not be able to keep her sons away from television forever. Megan has been quoted as saying that parenting is hard and she never imagined all the work that would go into raising kids.

1 Michelle And Barack Obama

Who doesn't love Sasha and Malia?! They seem to be two well behaved, classy girls, and that may be thanks to the way their parents raised them - with a strict nature. The former President of the United States, Barack Obama, and his wife, Michelle, like to share the way they decided to raise their girls. They are not overly strict, nor are they too lenient. But it may come as a surprise to some how strict some of their rules can be.

One thing that the former President and First Lady are adamant about is screen time - as in television, computer, iPad, phone, etc. They have been very strict about how much of these things their children can consume. During the week, they can only use screen time for school related activities, which their mom admits she is constantly looking over their shoulders to make sure they stay on track!

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