• 15 Celebs You Didn't Know Had A Difficult Pregnancy

    Pregnant ladies know far too well that pregnancy isn't always the glorious occasion that magazines, photos, and blogs make it out to be. Although some women do have dream pregnancies with little to no sickness and the feeling of positively glowing, other women have it downright awful. Morning sickness can quickly turn to all-day sickness, it hurts to stand on their own feet for more than two minutes, and depressing feelings can easily take over.

    Even the world's favorite gorgeous pregnant celebs aren't immune to having a difficult pregnancy. Some don't talk about it much, other than a quick blurb in an interview, but others are very open about pregnancy complications - and even having such difficult pregnancies that they may never want to have any more kids! Celebrities have a great platform to share about their personal lives to help inform the public and let others know they're not alone. In the case of complicated pregnancies, it can work wonders for women who are struggling to get through a challenging 9 months.

    It's a reality that any pregnant woman may have to face, and one she should be well aware of before she gets pregnant. Fortunately, there's a very bright light at the end of the tunnel, and that's the ability to hold a beautiful baby in their arms that these women helped bring into the world.

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    Crooner's Complications

    In 2010, Celine Dion gave birth to her twins, Eddy and Nelson, who joined big brother Rene-Charles, who was 9 at the time. As with most multiple pregnancies, Dion didn't have the easiest pregnancy this time around. She told a French paper "I feel like I've been pregnant for more than a year," and Oprah that the pregnancy was "physically and emotionally exhausting". She didn't get too much into the details, but it's clear that this pregnancy wasn't the best experience for her.

    It came out later that Dion was actually pregnant with triplets rather than twins, but miscarried one sometime in the pregnancy. This pregnancy, to begin with, was the result of several IVF rounds, so it was especially heartbreaking for Dion and her husband. But, Dion looked on the positive side, telling E! News that "he chose to let go to give space to his brothers to grow."

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    She Doesn't Love The Process

    It's not much of a surprise that Kim Kardashian is not at all a fan of pregnancy. As much as she adores her two children, North and Saint, she says that pregnancy doesn't agree with her whatsoever. It's interesting because sister Kourtney is incredibly rainbows-and-butterflies when it comes to pregnancy, stating that she loves how it makes her feel and look. Kim is obviously not as impressed.

    And it's no wonder why. Kim has had several complications with both pregnancies that had to make the experience less than amazing for her. On her own blog, she has shared her struggles with preeclampsia, a rare but very serious condition that can affect your organs and often leads to preterm labor. Kim herself was forced to deliver North at 34 weeks due to the condition.

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    To Try Or Not To Try Again?

    Gwyneth Paltrow didn't say much about her pregnancies until after the fact, when she finally opened up to Daily Mail about complications and a miscarriage. Paltrow was pregnant with her third child but suffered a miscarriage. Before it happened, she mentioned that it was a "really bad experience" and whatever her complications were nearly caused her to die. She said her two older children, Apple and Moses, have since continued to beg her to have another child, but the experience left her so heartbroken and scared of the same thing happening that she isn't sure she wanted to endure the process again.

    But, she also mentioned how "delish" Beyonce's baby, Blue Ivy, is and how she alone has given her just enough baby fever to possibly try again in the future. Paltrow hasn't since gotten pregnant, but if she does, we hope she has a much smoother ride this time around.

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    'Disfigured' Damsel

    Many condemned Salma Hayek for gaining so much weight during her pregnancy (because, you know, apparently pregnant women need to stay skinny somehow?), and she admits she gained about 50 pounds, even calling herself "disfigured" from the weight gain. Unfortunately, her weight gain was due to a much more pressing problem than the extra pounds people so badly wanted to focus on.

    Hayek suffered from gestational diabetes, a form of diabetes that happens in pregnancy. People without the disorder may get it only for the pregnancy, and some continue to have diabetes after the pregnancy ends. Either way, it's scary for both mom and baby.

    Hayek's age during her pregnancy - 40! - also complicated matters. She said that, because of her age, her doctors were especially concerned about her baby being born with Down syndrome. Fortunately, she had a healthy baby and eventually went back down to her normal weight without the risk of diabetes.

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    Early Delivery

    There was tons of controversy over the Charlie Sheen - Brooke Mueller coupling, for sure. But once Mueller became pregnant with the couple's twin boys, the pair's focus went to them and her pregnancy. Mueller soon learned that she was battling several pregnancy complications, including preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and cholestasis, which affects the normal function of the gallbladder and can cause serious itching, fatigue, and depression.

    Mueller was forced to deliver her twins 7 weeks early and admits to being "scared" when she saw the boys for the first time. They were in the NICU, tiny, and hooked up to machines. One twin, Max, has a heart condition that required ongoing medical treatment, but for the most part, both are healthy boys. Unfortunately, they're still caught in the midst of a nasty custody battle between their parents, with Charlie even alluding to the fact that Brooke had been abusing alcohol and substances during her pregnancy, leading to several complications for her and the twins.

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    Pregnancy Not Fit For A Princess
    LONDON, ENGLAND - APRIL 26: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge arrives at the Inauguration Of Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden on April 26, 2013 in London, England. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

    Kate Middleton seemed to look ridiculously radiant in every picture that was ever taken of her while pregnant with both of her children. Every. Single. One. Seriously, how did she do it? Pregnancy looked amazing on her, always glowing and still managing to stay fashion-forward like the stylish princess she is.

    Little did we know that she actually had some really tough pregnancies. With both kids, Kate suffered from hyperemesis, a severe form of "morning sickness" that causes pregnant women with the condition to be nauseous, vomit, or become dehydrated throughout their pregnancies. For many women, it can land them in the hospital needing an IV to rehydrate them.

    For Kate, that's how the world first learned of her pregnancy with George before it went officially public. Kate had ended up in the hospital due to dehydration from sickness, and the tabloids went crazy eluding to a pregnancy rumor, which was confirmed by the couple not long after.

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    Third Time's Not a Charm
    50861285 Camila Alves took her kids Levi and Vida to the Thousand Oaks Mall to pick up the latest addition to the family, a puppy. After picking up the puppy they headed to ColdStones for a sweet treat She had some help from the nanny during their outing in Thousand Oaks, California on August 17, 2012. Camila Alves took her kids Levi and Vida to the Thousand Oaks Mall to pick up the latest addition to the family, a puppy. After picking up the puppy they headed to ColdStones for a sweet treat She had some help from the nanny during their outing in Thousand Oaks, California on August 17, 2012. FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (818) 307-4813

    Camila Alves has some of the most adorable kids with hubby Matthew McConaughey, but apparently, her third pregnancy was not as smooth sailing as her previous two. During the pregnancy, she hinted to the fact that things weren’t going so well, but it wasn’t until after she had her son, Livingston, that she spilled the beans about what was wrong.

    Alves said on The View, “I had a really tough pregnancy — I had all kinds of things happen throughout the whole [nine months]. I had strong pains and kept telling the doctors … no one could figure it out. We ended up having to do a c-section. I told the doctor right before I went in, ‘Once I’m there just take a look, because I know something is wrong.’ They ended up finding all kinds of things in there that we had to take care of.”

    Although she didn’t elaborate on what the exact problems were, it’s clear that it was a scary time in her life. We are glad mom and baby are both okay!

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    Miracle Baby

    Actress Mira Sorvino has dubbed her third baby a “miracle baby” because of what she went through during her pregnancy with baby Holden, her son born in 2009. Sorvino’s complications started when she was diagnosed with placenta previa, which is a condition in which the placenta covers the cervix opening. Sorvino was put on bed rest for weeks, which then led to another even more serious complication – a blood clot.

    She ended up in the hospital for a few weeks, in pain and missing her other two children. Once labor started, more problems continued with the placenta, the epidural wasn’t working properly, her labor didn’t progress as it should, and she began losing a lot of blood. Her medical team thought, at one point, that she’d need to have an emergency c-section, but fortunately, her luck turned around.

    Despite all the complications, Holden was born healthy and Sorvino recovered well after the pregnancy and labor.

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    Double Disaster

    Mariah Carey gave birth to a set of beautiful twins in 2011 with now ex-husband Nick Cannon. She didn’t talk about her pregnancy too much during it, but after, she opened up about some of her complications and pregnancy woes. Aside from admitting that she wasn’t aware how much pregnancy would change her body, she suffered from severely high blood pressure that resulted in several other complications.

    Carey said that, around the 30-week mark, she had the most difficult time. She told Barbara Walters on 20/20, “It was a huge strain. I would sit and then someone would have to help me up. I couldn't even go to the [bathroom] by myself. It was just like, 'What are we doing? Are we going to the hospital? No, I'm gonna stick it out, I'm gonna keep taking this medicine to keep these babies in. I made it to 35 weeks and then the doctor said it wasn't safe anymore.”

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    Placental Nightmare

    Tori Spelling has been incredibly open about her pregnancy complications with her 4th child, Finn, who was born in 2012. Spelling had placenta previa and was forced to spend 10 weeks of her pregnancy on bed rest in the hospital. Doctors feared that, had she not been on bed rest, she would put herself at risk for a serious – even fatal – amount of bleeding that could force them to terminate the pregnancy.

    Altogether, Spelling spent four months on bed rest. She kept the whole thing secret until after the pregnancy, just in case anything catastrophic did happen. Fortunately, both mom and baby recovered after delivery. It’s said that Spelling’s complications were caused, in part, by her becoming pregnant again so quickly after having her third child, Hattie. She had c-sections with all three previous babies, which took a toll on her body as well.

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    No More Pregnancies For This Superstar

    Kelly Clarkson was incredibly scrutinized for her weight gain during both of her pregnancies. What people didn’t know was the complications Kelly had with her pregnancies that have caused her to go as far as to say she is done having more children!

    Kelly said that her first pregnancy was so tough that she didn’t believe another one could be any worse, but she ended up being wrong. She suffered from hyperemesis during her first pregnancy, and ended up with an even more severe form during her second, leading to a hospitalization for months before her son was born.

    When asked if she was ever going to have more kids, Kelly told an Australian radio station, “Oh, no, we are done. Oh good Lord, yes, I can't be pregnant again. This will be our number four total, so we're good.” Kelly also has two step-children from her husband, Brandon Blackstock’s, previous marriage.

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    Not A Model Pregnancy

    Adriana Lima made headlines when she walked the runway for Victoria’s Secret’s 2012 Fashion Show only two months after giving birth to her 2nd child, Sienna. But, her first daughter, Valentina, gave Lima a pregnancy she would never forget, and one that had made her question whether or not she’d have any more kids in the future.

    In 2010, Lima gave birth to Valentina, who was born at 34 weeks and weighed only 4.4 lbs. Lima suffered from preeclampsia during the pregnancy, which caused her to be forced to bed rest beginning two weeks before her daughter was delivered. Lima had dreamed of having her daughter at home instead of the hospital, but she said it wasn’t an option due to her complications.

    Lima told PEOPLE, “As a parent you really want to give your best and you don’t want [anything] to happen with the baby, so it was stressful.”

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    Bachelorette Bed Rest

    Trista Sutter, the world's very first Bachelorette, is one of the few success stories from the show. She and Ryan Sutter, her chosen man to give the final rose to, have had a super successful marriage and now have two children together, Max and Blakesley.

    Trist opened up to PEOPLE about her first pregnancy with son Max, saying that difficult was an understatement. She had gestational diabetes, which was diagnosed in the 7th month of her pregnancy, and had previously suffered from horrible nausea and vomiting throughout the pregnancy. For Trista, it seemed like it was one thing after another that kept popping up through the pregnancy. She later was diagnosed with preeclampsia and HELLP Syndrome, which is a rare disorder named as a variation of preeclampsia that's characterized by elevated liver enzymes and low platelet counts.

    She ended up giving consent for a c-section when her labor wasn't progressing properly. Trista said, "It was the scariest thing I’ve ever gone through, but it was scarier that if the baby wasn’t out quickly, things could be bad for both of us."

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    Former First Lady

    Former first lady, Laura Bush, wife of former President George W. Bush, never really opened up to the public about the complications she had during her pregnancy with twin daughters, Jenna and Barbara, who were born in 1981 until she wrote about it in her book. Then, daughter Jenna Bush Hager came forward about the issue in 2015, when she thought it was important for other women to feel like they're not alone, plus give some personal insight into her mom's life.

    Laura had struggled with infertility for years before starting the process to adopt. The day that the adoption center accepted their application, they also found out that they were finally pregnant. But, Laura suffered from preeclampsia, was put on bed rest for weeks, and had liver failure six weeks before she was due with the twins. She ended up having an emergency c-section. Although the twins were premature, they were both healthy and Laura fully recovered.

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    Maybe It's Time To Take A Break

    Whether you agree with their choices or not, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar will have as many children as God intends for them to have (as in, no birth control involved). However, Michelle's pregnancy with her 19th child, Josie (she since had another pregnancy, but miscarried) in 2010, didn't go at all as the couple had hoped for. Michelle had serious complications caused by preeclampsia, leading to baby Josie having to be delivered via emergency c-section at only 25 weeks along. Doctors were afraid that Michelle's high blood pressure could have serious consequences on her and Josie's health if the pregnancy continued any longer.

    She weighed only 1 pound 6 ounces, and doctors feared that she may suffer from several disorders due to her prematurity. And, she did have some, including seizures and spontaneous bowel perforation. But, Josie has gone on to become a strong, normal little girl, and mom has said: "It's hard to slow her down now!"

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