15 Celebs You Didn't Know Have Gay Kids

Being gay is more accepted in today's society than it ever has been before. We all know someone that is part of the LGBT community these days. I personally have immediate family who has come out. There are plenty of other people who have openly done the same as well, or that have been outed by someone else and have been shown much support. That includes celebrities and their children. There are even tons of celebrities from the past and present that have come out of the closet.

The truth is, it’s up to everyone individually to choose who they want to love. It is just a shame that not everyone can see it that way- that includes celebrities. A lot of celebrities have kids who are either gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender that you may not have even know about. Some celebs even have children who do not identify with any specific gender and who see everyone as being equal.

There are some celeb parents who say they knew before their child even told them. It would be nice if they all took the news as well as Sally Field or Ally Sheedy and accepted their kid’s decision with open arms. Unfortunately, there are a few like R. Kelly who was not so thrilled. Some celebs took the news horrible at first, but then warmed up to it.

We’ve compiled a list of 15 celebs you didn’t know had gay kids. Keep reading to find out who they are!

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15 Jackie Chan's Daughter Came Out On Social Media

Jackie Chan is a well known Hollywood actor, but what is little known is that fact that he actually has an estranged daughter from an affair he has 18 years ago with a model named Elaine Ng. His daughter’s name is Etta Ng and she came out in October 2017 as being a lesbian. When Etta came out, it was on the social media app Instagram.

She had a rainbow flag behind her, and she admitted she has a girlfriend named Andi Autumn who is a Chinese social media influencer on Instagram. Etta also posted a caption with it saying, “#LGBTQUI #LGBT #Lesbian #Androgynous.” Jackie Chan has not spoken publicly about having a daughter but has fessed up to his affair. Etta told Express magazine that Jackie Chan never existed in her life and that she will not regard him as "father."

14 R. Kelly Doesn't Support His Daughter

Kelly is a well known R&B singer. He was a daughter named Jaya Kelly, and in 2014 Jaya came out as transgender. She wants to be regarded as a boy and for people to call her Jay. When R. Kelly was asked about his “son” in an interview he said not to refer to Jay as a “son” because she is his daughter. In a long round about way, R. Kelly said that you cannot always believe what you read and that you have to see it for yourself instead. He also said that even when you do see things with your own eyes, it is merely a back story then.

Needless to say, R. Kelly doesn’t want to believe any of this and is not supportive of the notion of his daughter being transgender. However, Jay’s mom, Drea Kelly, is very supportive of Jay and will regard him as being a boy. Like many teens his age, Jay came out on social media first. When asked about his father finding out, he said that he is glad his dad now knows the truth.

13 Cher - Exit Chastity, Enter Chaz

Cher had a little girl with Sonny Bono named Chastity Bono; someone that Cher could dress up in frilly little girlie dresses. Her daughter came out as being transgender and now goes by the name Chaz Bono and identifies as a male. Cher has made it clear time and time again, that she supports her son fully. Sometime between 2008 and 2010 Chaz transitioned from female to male. Cher has said that when someone does not understand it (her son or anyone’s transition) she tries to help them by saying, “I just love being a woman so much, but if I woke up tomorrow and was a man, I couldn’t function.” It is hard to fully decipher the meaning of that, however, everyone interprets things in their own way. What does it mean to you?

12 Jon Voight's Very Famous Daughter

Jon Voight, who was a famous actor in many older movies including one titled Midnight Cowboy, is the father of the very beautiful and talented Angelina Jolie. Jon and Angelina has been estranged for many years and feuded often. Jon has cheated on her mother, Marcheline, which ended their marriage. Angelina Jolie’s surname was actually Voight, but had it legally changed to Jolie.

Angelina is openly bisexual and has had multiple relationships with many different men and women. Her and Brad Pitt’s daughter, Shiloh, happens to also be on this list. In 2002, Jon has said that he blamed himself for his daughters “serious mental issues” and also said that “she has never been normal.” He also considers her sexuality to be part of these mental issues. Jon is not as understanding as other celeb parents on this list.

11 Barbra Streisand's Son Jason Was Outed In The 90s

Barbra Streisand seems like she has been around since the beginning of time. She and her ex, Elliott Gould, had a son together named Jason. When Jason was 12-years-old, Streisand's former boy toy, Jon Peters, who was a hairstylist turned producer told her that her son was gay. When Barbra asked why he would say that, he said due to Jason’s love of antiques. Apparently, Jon saw something in her son that she couldn’t.

In the early 1990’s, Jason was outed by a tabloid and Barbra and Elliott did not handle the news so good at the time. Elliott blamed himself for not being around as much as he should have been, but then he turned around and blamed Barbra as well for being wrapped up in her career. Neither parent took it the best. Barbra tried to educate herself on LGBT information, however. She warmed up to it and fully accepted her son for who he was.

10 Magic Johnson - Protect Yourself And Protect Your Partner

Magic Johnson is an HIV positive former NBA athlete, who is also an active and well known HIV activist as well. He and his wife, Cookie, have a son named E.J. who was publicly outed as being gay by the media in 2013. Magic and his wife said that they have both known that their son was gay before he was even outed. They are both very supportive and loving towards their son and they both say that they always will be.

Magic has been quoted as telling E.J. that he loves him no matter what and they he always will. Magic has sat his son down and talked to him about being safe in the bedroom and has said, “We just want you to love yourself and to make sure that you have all the information you need to protect yourself, and to protect your partner.”

9 Brad Pitt - 'Call Me John'

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are both very well known actors, and are both very attractive. Together, they have a daughter who they names Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. Shiloh is not like most little girls who play with barbies. From a very young age she prefered to dress like a boy, and wanted her hair cut like a boys, and she also told her supportive and understanding parents that she wants to be a boy too.

You will never catch Shiloh in a dress, instead, she prefers tracksuits and regular suits. She even prefers to be called John or Peter instead, although she seems to like John better. Angelina and Brad reported sought out professional help on how to handle Shiloh’s preferences and wishes so that they don’t “damage” their daughter in any way since she is so young. Her parents do, however, worry that Shiloh might encounter bullies as she gets older.

8 Mia Farrow's Son Doesn't Believe In Labels

Mia Farrow has a son named Ronan and, get this, it is believed that his biological father may have been the legendary Frank Sinatra- although that is most likely a major Hollywood rumor of scandal. His father, however, is most likely Woody Allen. Everyone knows how the internet goes. Ronan was under pressure to “come out” by the LGBT community back in 2013. However, even though he has dated men and women, he does not believe in labels. Meaning that he does not believe in putting labels to his own sexual orientation such as being called gay, bisexual, or straight. Ronan is a Yale graduate and he formerly worked as an Obama administration aide. He has also worked as a Special Adviser to the Secretary of the State for Global Youth Issues. He is one very talented and successful young man and his mother knows just how lucky she is to have such an amazing child, no matter who he chooses to date.

7 Marie Osmond - An Understanding Mormon

Marie Osmond shows full support for her daughter, Jessica, after she had come out as a lesbian. Sometimes acceptance like that is hard to find in the religion that Marie follows, but she still saw her daughter the same way that she always had. She is a practicing and devoted Mormon- which usually follows strict rules. Marie is not only supportive of her daughter but she is also now supportive of LGBT causes as well, such as marriage equality, something that means a lot to her daughter.

Marie told ABC News, “I don’t think God made only one color flower. I think he made many.” I could not have said it better myself, this woman is so accepting of others and it is refreshing to see someone from a religious background like hers be able to love and accept everyone as they are, no questions asked. As we know, not every feels the same way Marie does about equality.

6 Sally Field - Ally For Equality Award

Sally Field is a well known actress who has been in more movies and shows than we can even count. Her son, Sam Field, came out and being openly gay. That did not matter to Sally, as she welcomed her son's sexual orientation with open arms. She is a major supporter for the LGBT community. She was even a 2012 recipient of the Ally for Equality Award from the Human Rights Campaign.

Her son is lucky to have been born with such a loving and accepting mother. Coming out is never easy, but it always helps when you have family who is there for you, loves you, and supports you. Sally believes that it doesn't matter who her son falls in love with, as long as he is happy, because then she is happy as well and that it all that truly matters.

5 Cybill Shepherd Supports Both Her Daughters

Cybill Shepherd has two daughters one named Clementine and the other named April. Her daughter Clementine came out as being bisexual, and then afterwards her daughter April came out as being a lesbian. Cybill completely supported both of her daughter no matter who they chose to love. Clementine ended up marrying a man and had her first child with him; making Cybill a loving grandmother.

She was presented the 2010 Golden Gate Award by both her daughters at the 21st annual GLAAD Media Awards. Cybill has played a straight woman turned lesbian on the hit show the L Word, which has since come to an end. She was in 19 episodes of that show. According to IMDB, she has been credit 71 times. That is a long, successful career. Cybill is an activist for marriage and same-sex parental rights.

4 Ally Sheedy - Runs In The Family

Ally Sheedy is mostly known for her role as the goth girl in the 1980’s hit movie The Breakfast Club, which she starred in with Molly Ringwald. Ally has a daughter named Rebecca. Rebecca does not believe in gender labels, and will date both men and women. She will also dress in both male and female clothing. Ally is highly supportive of her daughter. It was easy for her to openly accept because her own mother was a lesbian.

Ally had also stepped up to help support her daughter in her coming out process. Ally also happens to be an advocate for homeless LGBT youth in New York City. She has also stated that, “It’s difficult for me to understand how a family member can be judging or not loving or accepting of another family member because they are gay.” Regardless of what anything thinks, I fully feel the same way. However, to each their own- meaning everyone has their own way of thinking and doing things.

3 Belinda Carlisle - A Secret She Hated

Belinda Carlisle is known from the 1980’s band called the Go-Go’s who had the hit song, “Heaven Is A Place On Earth.” She and her husband have one son together, James Duke Mason. James came out to his mom first in 2007 when he was 14-years-old as being gay. Belinda kept that secret to herself for three long months had made a statement saying, “Keeping my son's sexuality a secret was a nightmare.

When she finally told her husband, he said that it was “just a phase” that their son would grow out of. James told people at school before he even came out to his father. When he first told Belinda, “When your own child is telling you that he’s gay, no matter how gay-friendly you are, it’s still a shock.” She said she was worried about how the world would treat James. Belinda has spoken a few times to an organization that supports parents of gay children. Belinda has always supported her son.

2 Anne Rice - Avid Supporter Of Her Son & The LGBT Community

Anne Rice is the best selling author for the book Interview With the Vampire. Her son Christopher Rice followed in her footsteps and is a fellow author as well. When her son came out as being gay, she had nothing but love and support for him- as all parents should (but are not). Anne is also an avid supporter of the LGBT community after her son came out, and has no tolerance for people who show nothing but hate just because someone loves whoever they choose to love.

Anne rallied on the popular social media website, Facebook, to call for an ending to religion-based hate and discrimination toward the LGBT community. She posted a status that read, “I will no longer tolerate hate speech in the guise of Christian belief with the usual irresponsible pick and choose bible quotes and talk of ‘sin’ and hellfire.” Anne fully supports her son in all his endeavors.

1 Gloria Vanderbilt - Wants Her Son To Adopt

Gloria Vanderbilt not only supported her son, Anderson Cooper- a popular journalist -after he came out publicly in 2013 but in 2016 she revealed to him that she once had a lesbian relationship herself when she was younger. Gloria has told her son that she would like for him to find love, settle down, and adopt a child with a partner so that she could, once again, become a grandmother. Which sounds reasonable, everyone dreams of becoming a grandparent.

Gloria and Anderson even wrote a book together titled, The Rainbow Comes and Goes: A Mother and Son On Life, Love, and Loss. This is one mother and son duo that seem to be very close to one another and have a relationship that most parents should aspire to have with their own children.

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