15 Celebs You Didn't Know Have Siblings

"Oh! Is that your sister/brother? You look completely different!”

When you are related to someone like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt, it might be common that people expect you to look just as good. Sometimes sharing the same genes isn’t enough to make people look alike and some siblings are totally alike!

In fact, it is a pity when you think that you could look like George Clooney or Julia Roberts, but it just didn’t happen. Sometimes you are really handsome, like Luke Hemsworth, but you are outshined by even more good-looking brothers. And even if you are part of Royalty, you can’t have it all.

Of course growing up as the less beautiful child isn’t easy, since children and teenagers have the ability to be really mean when they want. But most people on the list seems to have a great relationship with their famous siblings and they are proud of each other. And they have also achieved success in their own field, some of them even in the show business. So there aren’t bitter feelings about it.

We made a list of celebrities and their siblings that even don’t look like they are related. Check it out!

15 George Clooney And His Sister Adelia Zeidler

George Clooney has the world’s most perfect face among men according to science. Earlier this year, a group of scientists used the Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi and to analyze several male faces and Clooney’s features were found to be 91.86 percent accurate. Not that we didn’t know that before since he was already considered the sexiest man alive a few times.

However, Clooney seems to be the one who got all the beauty in his family. His sister, Adelia Zeidler, doesn’t have the same looks as we can see in the picture. The differences are not only about the looks. Unlikely the A-List Hollywood actor, Adelia lives in Kentucky, far from the spotlights and has two children.

The siblings seem to get along very well and they often seem in family reunions having a great time.

14 Bella, Gigi And The Other Hadid

Everytime Gigi and Bella Hadid step on the catwalk or red carpet, there aren’t eyes for no one else but them. The sisters are two of the most important names in fashion at the moment. They inherited their beauty from their mother: the former model and The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Hadid.

However, you might ignore they have another sister who is involved in the fashion industry. Alana Hadid is their older sister, daughter of Mohamed Hahid and Mary Butler. Although she is away from the catwalks, Alana is a celebrity fashion stylist and recently launched her first collection. She was always involved with fashion, and before Alana used to be a personal shopper.

Alana isn’t as pretty as her sisters, but we can’t say she isn’t beautiful.

13 Miley Cyrus And Her Brother Trace

We all know Miley Cyrus for ages and she is a household name since she played Hannah Montana. It is no secret Miley spent a couple of years on a “rebel” phase and trying to show the public she grew up. As we know, Miley is not the only artist in her family and her father and little sister are quite famous themselves.

Miley also has a half-brother, Trace Cyrus, son of her mother. He isn’t exactly the most handsome guy in the family. Trace’s body is all covered with tattoos and is difficult to tell what the images are. He used to play in a band called Metro Station and got some hits such as “Shake It” and “Seventeen Forever."

12 Tom Cruise And His Sister Lee Anne DeVette

If you were young during the late 80s and 90s there is a great chance that you had a crush on Tom Cruise. Way before he became the Scientology most famous member and jumping on Oprah's couch, Tom Cruise was the man in the dreams of many women around the world.

It is possible to find a lot of resemblance between Tom Cruise and his sister Lee Anne DeVette: the eyes, nose and smile are the same, but the somehow those features combined seems to work well for Tom, but not for his sister. Perhaps she just doesn’t have the same charm of her brother. Anne DeVette was Cruise’s publicist for a long time ( and her job was considered a disaster for many people) and she is also a member of Scientology.

11 Yes... There's A Third Franco Brother

Many people believe that a middle child life isn’t easy and they are often forgotten. Well, not sure if it is true, but it is undeniable that we often forget that James and Dave Franco have a third brother. Tom Franco is the second child of the family and also pursues an acting career. He got some extra roles in a few movies and founded the Firehouse Art Collective in Berkeley, where he is an art director.

Although art is in the Franco's DNA, we can’t say the same about beauty. Dave doesn't really catch the attention for his looks, but many can consider his shy and low profile personality part of his charm. But we are already happy with James and Dave, right?

10 Brad Pitt And His Brother Doug

The surname is not the only thing Doug and Brad have in common. The brothers also share the same blue eyes and the wide smile. Actually, Doug Pitt is handsome and charming, but it is unfair to compare him - or anyone - to Brad Pitt.

Far from the spotlight, Dou found a lot of success as a businessman, investor, and philanthropist. He is the founder of Care To Learn, an institution responsible to support children in a vulnerable situation and who need food, hygiene, and health care. Since 2010 he is a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Republic of Tanzania. In fact, he puts a lot of efforts working in East African countries.

It seems that caring for social problems of people around the world runs into Pitt’s DNA

9 Scarlett Johansson And Her Brother Hunter

She is one of the sexiest and most talented stars in Hollywood. Can you imagine if Scarlett Johansson had a twin? Well, she does. In fact, Hunter Johansson often follows his famous sister on red carpets so his face might be familiar to you.

He played a role in a movie back on the 90s, but it seems that he left the spotlights to his sister and he followed a completely different path. Hunter is very involved on politics and worked on Barack Obama’s campaign and was community organizer for Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer's office in New York.

Although he isn’t an actor, the siblings worked together and hosted the Champions of Rockaway Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser in 2014. Both highlighted how important New York was in their lives.

8 Robert Pattinson And His Two Sisters

Robert Pattinson became one of the most desirable men in Hollywood when he played the vampire Edward Cullen in Twilight. His older sisters Lizzy and Victoria Pattison, however, are far from being as pretty as their famous brother. Lizzy is an aspiring singer and played on X-Factor, but her career never launched, although she has a good voice. Victoria is a businesswoman and is graduated in Economic History at London of School of Economics and Political Science.

The most important is that the siblings are very close and protective to each other. When Kristen Stewart affair was discovered by the media, both sisters stood by the younger brother. Rumors say that they never forgave Stewart for cheating on their brother.

7 The One And Only Rob Kardashian

A celeb list is not a list without a Kardashian name on it, right? In a family where people are self-obsessed and really focused on how good they look, Rob Kardashian never seem to really care about his looks. In fact, he was often criticised for his weight by the media, his family, and his ex Blac Chyna.

Rumors say that after Rob and Chyna split, he was determined to lose weight and “be the old Rob” ( he was actually handsome once). He hired a nutritionist, started working out again and asked for help from his friends and family.

Since he suffers from type II diabetes and was hospitalized last year due complications of the condition, his concern about losing weight might go beyond his looks.

6 Angelina And Her Brother James Jolie

With her famous lips and blue eyes, Angelina Jolie is one of the most beautiful women in the history of Hollywood. Her brother James on the other hand…

Handsome or not, James has a very close relationship with his sister. Many gossip magazines and websites said that their relationship said that not everybody was happy with that proximity.

“James was so close to them that he was actually living with them,” Halperin claimed. “It put Brad over the edge. Brad gave Ang the ultimatum; it’s him or me!”, a close source told RadarOnline.

Years ago there was a rumor they had an incestuous relationship after the siblings briefly kissed on the red carpet. But the media got it completely wrong. Their mother had started a cancer treatment and that they spent the night in the hospital.

“Nobody in the world knew that they spent the day in the hospital. It was like, ‘Look where we’re at now.’ But the world saw something incestual. It was meant to be ‘Here we are.’ They only ever had each other. They had a very tight relationship with each other and their mother”, said another close source.

5 Yes... There's A Third Hemsworth

Ok, Luke Hemsworth can’t be labeled as ugly in any scenario. Actually, in any other family, Luke Hemsworth would be the most handsome person in the house: besides good looks, he is charming, talented and dresses quite well. But comparing him to Chris and Liam Hemsworth is not a fair competition.

During an interview for US Weekly the older brother revealed that they are “We have a healthy rivalry with everything that we do.”

“Sometimes we shoot each other scripts and say, ‘Take a look at this. What do you think?’”, added the actor. “But we’re all pretty autonomous. We tend to rely on the people that are the experts.”

You know what? In fact, we just have to thank the Hemsworth brother parents.

4 Prince Harry And Prince William - Who's The Better Royal?

Recently many hearts melted when Prince Harry announced that he was officially engaged to the American actress Meghan Markle. Although he has very small chances to become king one day, he is by far the most handsome son of Prince Charles and Diana.

Years ago, Harry was often on trouble and in polemic situations ( who doesn’t remember when he wore a Nazi costume?), but age put his heart on the right place. He is much more mature now.

Close people say that Prince William inherited his mother's heart. Indeed he seems to have a good heart, a loving husband to Kate and a great father. And that is what matters the most, right? He also attended to the best schools in London. But the future King of England is not exactly known for his looks.

3 Ariana Grande And Her Brother Frankie

Ariana Grande is a former child star and is growing up fast as an artist, becoming more popular each day for her talent and beauty. Her wanna-be-famous brother his to have the same desire for fame, but his talent and looks are not a great deal.

Frankie Grande has an extensive resume: actor, dancer, youtuber ( where he has more than 400 k subscribers) and TV host. However, he is far away from having the same fame as his sister. In fact, when he was a contestant of Big Brother, the first thing he did was to shout that he was Ariana’s brother.

The siblings are always spotted together and are very close. Ariana always looks happy when she is around her brother.

2 Julia Roberts And Her Sister Lisa

It might not be fair to grow up in the same house as Julia Roberts. Lisa Roberts Gillian is the Julia’s overlooked sister, who is a producer and also an actress in movies like “I love trouble” and “Nothing to lose”. Lisa doesn’t have the same smile that made Julia famous all over the world, but she managed to have her space on the show business and is doing well as a producer.

Although the sisters appear now and then together, they don’t seem to be very close and they hardly speak about each other during interviews.

Julia Roberts had also another half-sister, who had problems with drugs and committed suicide in 2014. In a 5-page letter, Nancy Motes has criticized the famous sister behavior.

1 Matt Dillon And His Brother Kevin

You might not remember, but back in the late 90s Matt Dillon was considered one of the most handsome guys in show business. He was on successful movies such as “There’s something about Mary” and “Wild Things”.

His older brother, Kevin Dillon, is also a talented actor and his most famous role is on the HBO Drama “Entourage. But there is a problem when you are the second most famous in a family.

Kevin was already asked if his character in Entourage, a man who never left the shadow of his most famous, talented and handsome brother, was made especially for him. Dillon, of course, was not pleased with the question. Indeed he has a successful career and is quite talented.

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