15 Changes Women Experience During The 2nd Trimester

The second trimester spans from the fourth to sixth month and is largely regarded as the honeymoon period by mothers all over the world. It is the time when our belly takes a more obvious pregnant shape (strangers will stop pregnant women in the street to congratulate them and even that neighbor who never once greeted them good morning will be a heck of a lot more friendlier).It is also a time when we start to accept and embrace the reality of being pregnant, a time when we start hunting for our baby cots and little mittens (imagine the endless choices in design and color....oh these first world problems!) Because who doesn't love shopping for their future child?It is undeniably a time of many great changes, both emotionally and physically (read : we won't ever be able to fit into our pre pregnancy clothing anymore...unless of course it's someone rich and famous like Posh Spice) Women who think that they'll be able to get back into their skinny jeans the day after giving birth are in for a world of hurt, unless they've won the DNA lottery.By this time, most little bundles of joy would have doubled in size compared to the first trimester and will continue to balloon up like nobody's business. And with this creates great physical changes that come with many trials and tribulations. The list below is only the tip of the iceberg on the endless 'survivor episodes' we might face during the second trimester. Okay, hold on tight ladies.

15 The Nausea Should Subside

Hurrah! Throw a celebration! By this time the general population of mothers would feel less nauseated and will part ways with their then best friend ; the toilet bowl. Buh bye paper rolls and toilet flushing! Sayonara suckers!

But do not fret, that pesky nausea that has stalked the first trimester can also continue into the second trimester. Studies show that mothers who vomit more during their pregnancy are actually less likely to suffer from miscarriages. That might sound like some bull right there, but it's pure science.

This is Mother Nature pulling a prank on poor women everywhere, laughing in our faces and expecting us to go down on our knees to thank her. On the other hand, babies of mothers who sailed through pregnancy have IQs that usually end up higher than their mums who sail through their pregnancy without so much as gagging (hurriedly goes to the bathroom and makes herself gag).

14 Mom Will Experience Heartburn

During this time, your womb will grow bigger and take up more space, therefore caving in on your stomach's comfort zone. Also, the progesterone that is extra active during your pregnancy actually relaxes your stomach's valve and therefore allows the acid to backflow into your esophagus. In layman terms, you will feel a burning sensation at your chest and you'll have your little one to thank for that 'wonderful sensation'.

To reduce your heartburn, you can try eating smaller meals that are spread out throughout the day and to reduce your intake of acidic food like orange juice or spicy food (goodbye chilli crabs! Sob! We'll meet again one day). You should also try sleeping at a 45-30deg angle to prevent acid reflux and oh, if you're a smoker, stop. Like right now. Stomp on that little stick and don't ever look back. You won't regret it.

13 Feel Like Something Is Stuck In The Throat

Do you keep swallowing water and still feel like there's a moth ball in your throat? Well, apparently this is a normal sensation for pregnant women. And believe it or not but if you suffer from heartburn you will most likely experience this feeling too. These two rascals go hand in hand and exist solely to make your life miserable. Nausea? Check. Heartburn? Check. Moth ball in throat? Check. Creator, you have a very weird sense of humor. Me no likey.

But fret not! The feeling usually goes away towards the end your second trimester so there's a light at the end of the tunnel after all! Till then there's nothing much you can do about it, at the very least you'll know how your cat feels with moth balls.

12 The Belly Will Start Getting Itchy

The word itch will have a whole new meaning to it. Itchiness will be brought to a whole new level during your second trimester. You see that dog scratching fleas from its fur? That would be nothing compared to what you will experience. Your tummy is expanding, hence it will stretch and stretch and stretch that belly of yours beyond your imagination. Imagine your tummy as a cute little balloon that has been blown to the max. The rubber will feel really tight and look very shiny right? Well that my dear is how your belly will soon look like.

But whatever you do, do not scratch your belly. Invest in moisturizers, body lotions and massage oils. Smear butter on them if you have to but whatever you do DO NOT SCRATCH. It'll scar you for life, literally.

11 Mini Somersaults

While the Olympics in Rio might have just ended, your little hoarder might start developing a few moves of his or her own. Often you will feel a little kick or two, or feel your tummy harden or balling up. Other times you might feel contractions or the Braxton Hicks syndrome. If this were to happen do not be alarmed as this can be quite normal during the second trimester. But if the frequency of contractions get weirdly too close for comfort, contact your doctor immediately. Otherwise, sit back and relax. Sometimes you might even see a little protruding bump of what might resemble a fist or a foot.

These are moments that you might want to record or take photos or videos of. The first few times you'll be so thrilled it will be your only topic of interest. After the 10th kick you'll pretty much be still interested but the awe that you felt the first few times will be gone.

10 That Pregnancy Glow May Start

The acne breakout that your experienced during your first trimester should have subsided by now and in its place should be luminous glowing skin. Think of all the beautiful Hollywood actresses that you've always envied. Their porcelain skin and seemingly poreless skin is now your reality! Your can thank your glowing skin to the changes in your body's hormones as well as the increased blood flow to your skin. The additional amount of blood flow to your skin gives it a pinkish healthy glow ( goodbye concealers and blushes!) and your skin will be able to retain around twice as much moisture than before. We should just stay pregnant forever. It is like God saying," Okay, I'll give you something to be happy about to compensate for all the gagging. Here you go, glowing skin. Now stop whining ". With all the these perks, you can step out under the sun without a hint of makeup and still outshine your diva neighbor (harrumph!)

9 Mommy Pees All Night Long

As you baby grows, he or she will take up more space within your body. This in turn will cause the womb to push against your bladder thus reducing the volume of urine it can tolerate before sending a pitch wailing signal to your brain on the need to relieve yourself.

So while you might have been able to sleep fairly well throughout the night during the first trimester, the second trimester will start having you frequent the bathroom more, especially at night. Like darn! There goes your beauty sleep. Honey, we said you might have glowing skin but we never mentioned anything about not having eyebags.

One way to reduce the frequency of your bathroom trips at night would be to cut down your intake of liquid prior to going to bed ( laughs maniacally). Like that is even of possible with moth balls in the throat and the ever present heartburn. Sob!

8 Crazy Backaches

Sleep will evade you more and more...running away from you like a midsummer night's dream. Eventually when you get to your third trimester you'll thank your lucky stars if you can even sleep for 2 how straight without waking up.

Why oh why you ask? Well for one thing you are carrying a great big 'sack' in front of you and therefore your center of gravity will change. Also your pregnancy will send signals to your body to relax your ligaments and muscles around your pelvic joints thereby further increasing the stress on your back.

To help prevent long term back pain, some mothers use a back support while others opt for a less obvious solution like sleeping with pillow support or sitting down on chairs whenever possible.

7 Some Moms Might Get Blackouts

Some pregnant women suffer from blackouts during their pregnancy due to low iron or sugar levels in their bodies. The symptoms or signs of blackouts are usually the same.

At first, you might be shopping like a mad woman at a crowded store, then suddenly you'll feel like diarrhea is coming and you just have to go to the loo. And as you walk ( or try to run to the loo lest you soil yourself along the way) you'll start to sweat buckets. You might wonder to yourself, "what the heck is this?"

And before you can even answer yourself, you'll start seeing stars before the whole world goes pitch black before your very eyes. Right before then, try to sit down or grab anything you can get hold of to prevent yourself from falling down. The fact that you look like a balloon and are sweating buckets means that this is not a romantic scene. In fact it can be quite dangerous for your and your child. So try to refrain from crowded places and to keep sweets or iron rich food in your bags.

6 Nightmares Galore

Nightmares might be a norm for pregnant women during the second trimester. This could range from something annoying like being shortchanged at the local supermarket to birthing the next Donald Trump. But whatever the severity, kindly keep in mind that a nightmare is just that. A nightmare, nothing more, nothing less.

One of the reasons why pregnant women keep having bad dreams is due to the stress of pregnancy as well as the fears of becoming a mother. Raising a child is no simple feat, there will be boundless tears, fears, uncertainties, anxiety and anger thrown into the mix. But rest be assured that so long as we try our best, we should have no regrets.

So during this time, try your best to relax and stay away from unnecessary stress. Sit back and listen to soothing music ( or Justin Bieber crooning about heartbreak if you have too) and watch mindless movies that won't require you to think too much.

5 Some Moms Might Want More Nooky

Yes. More nooky. You'll be so horny you put the Playboy girls to shame. Even when you are sporting cellulite and a monstrous bump, your appetite for intimacy with your spouse and enormous the size of your breasts might just turn your partner on. Studies have shown that some pregnant women tend to be more sexually active as compared to before they were in pregnant. If you happen to belong to this category then you can thank your lucky stars for the raging hormones in your body. And that might just spur you to try new positions and more adventurous techniques in love making. Hey, whatever that works right? Do not worry about hurting the little bun in the oven. So long as the 'exercise' is not too extreme, no harm should come to you or your baby. For those who belong to the opposite category, you might be grateful to be able to relax for the next few months.

4 Having Specific Food Cravings

Well what d'ya know, being pregnant can be a funny thing. Perhaps you might have hated broccoli all your life but come the second trimester, you might find yourself falling in love with it. In fact, the love for broccoli ( it can be any kinds of food ranging from main courses like the chicken chop to desserts like brownies to health food like flax seeds) could be so strong it could end up being your breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper.

No one really knows why pregnant women have certain cravings. Me thinks the big culprit is the hormones in our bodies that to haywire during the growth of the fetus. But whatever the case, if it's a healthy craving that won't harm you, the baby or your spouse then by all means chomp your teeth into it.

3 The Mind Goes Back To Normal...For Now

Come the second trimester, the fluctuating hormones responsible for your daily breakdowns and your spouse's look of fear would have somewhat subsided, leaving you more sane for and approachable. What? You don't remember acting like a looney toon during the first trimester?

Well, it happens to the best to the best of us. Heh. With lesser bouts of mood swings, one will be able to concentrate on one's daily tasks more (aka reduce the chance of getting fired) as well as resume one's social life.

And since you so be of sound and sane mind, you can start planning for your baby's room, the color of the wall, the design of your baby's cot, compare diaper prices like how a true aunty to would and oh you could even discuss with your gynaecologist on the type of birth you prefer. The list of things you can do and achieve during the second trimester is endless.

You'll feel more positive now that your fetus is much more stable compared to the first trimester and thus will worry less. Basically you'll be able to live a near normal life as you once did before you bloated up.

2 Feeling Good And Having More Energy

With less nausea ( for some) and less emotional mood swings, you'll start to feel so much better. Plus the dangers of fetal instability would have passed, allowing you to be more relaxed and embrace the reality of pregnancy and motherhood. Gone are the days of crying at the drop of a pin and in the days of laughing your head off watching Pitch Perfect reruns.

You'll feel more energetic and will most probably be able to resume your normal household routines such as doing the groceries, vacuuming the house, doing the laundry, etc. So there won't be any excuses for you not to do household work. In fact the exercise will be good for both your physical and mental health.

Most women harness the energy they have in the second trimester to start on nesting projects like painting the nursery and getting the baby's things organized. Of course before starting any major project, run it past your doctor to make sure that you're medically and physically capable of doing those activities.

1 Start Wearing Maternity Clothes

Notice that bump? Yes.....my precious....it's finally obvious! Yay! Now you won't have to go around explaining to everyone no, you didn't develop a little bump on your stomach because you didn't hit the gym. You can now proudly show off your new accessory, the bump. And the fun thing about the second trimester is that you get to style your bump with all kinds of clothing and get away with fashion mayhem.

Many economy conscious fashion experts recommend wearing baby doll dresses as well as summer dresses ( mini and maxi are both welcomed). These dresses allow you to flaunt your bump shutout restricting movement and the best thing is, they can be reused once your baby comes out. No one ever complained about outdated summer dresses. And if you're the adventurous type, you could  even wear a body hugging dress that basically screams,"I'm pregnant!".

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