15 Cheapest Moms Who Are So Embarrassing

Every family has so many expenses on their plates, such as the cost of food, utilities, clothing, as well as medical and dental costs, and so on that can be incredibly overwhelming. Most couples have to bring in a double income in order to support their families because the cost of living is so high nowadays. Even with a double income, living a decent life is costly. Finances have to be monitored, and money has to be saved up whether it is to enjoy a luxury such as taking a vacation or saving up for the future.

Therefore, being frugal is the way to live in order to not stress over finances. There are logical tips that are given by financial advisors such as not buying anything frivolous, and only saving luxuries for rewards. Many moms do what they can to save money because life is filled with stress as it is, and having money troubles is something that no one wants to experience.

That being said, many moms have seen clipping coupons and looking for sales, and are trying to not use credit cards except in situations where it is necessary while they create their monthly budget. These moms are being smart because being frugal is the way to live in order to not be stressing over money, and being able to save for the future as well as having something set aside for an occasional luxury. However, some moms go beyond being just a little frugal.

Some moms are downright disgustingly cheap by skimping on necessities, and I am about to list the 15 cheapest moms (and a dad is in there too) that are so tight with their money it's embarrassing to the point that you are going to want to die! Get ready and read.

15 Mom Has Kids Sharing The Same Bath Water

I have faint memories of sharing bath-time with my brother when we were very little, but my mother did not do it to save money. She did it to save time. And I don't recall bathing both of my kids at the same time ever. However, there is a big difference between being bathed at the same time, and bathing your child in bath water that was used for the other child previously.

You are probably thinking who uses old water that was used to bathe one child to bathe the other child after? Well, there is one mother that is so cheap that she actually does that! A mom in Oklahoma whose name is Melody Gravitt has two sons, one is a teenager and the other is elementary school age. Melody bathes her younger son, and when he is done, her teenager uses the bath. That is incredibly disgusting and I would bet anything that the teenage boy is disgusted by having to use old brown dirty water to bathe in! Eww!

Melody doesn't only use the same bath water to bathe her boys! She is so incredibly cheap that she has no indoor water, no cable, and only eats once a month at McDonald's. However, at least the family had enough saved up to take a cruise.

14 Mom Refuses To Use Toilet Paper And A Washing Machine

You would think that if you were so hard up on cash that you could not have a washing machine at home, with or without a dryer that you would do your laundry at a laundromat. It doesn't cost much money to do laundry at a laundromat. In fact, these laundromats exist because people are either hard up on cash or live in apartments or facilities that don't have washing machines. So in that case, it is quite understandable not to have a washing machine, and no one with an ounce of compassion would look down on anyone who is in either of those positions.

However, whenever you hear of a mom who is a Certified Public Accountant, meaning she probably makes a lot more money than many of us that wash her clothes in the shower- your jaw will drop. Because this is a true story. A woman named Kay Hashimoto who is an accountant throws her clothes in the shower, while she is showering at the same time. That is how she washes her clothes!! Not to mention, these clothes are full of her own bacteria and fungi and God knows what else, and then she hangs it to dry in the shower.

If that is not bad enough, she refuses to use toilet paper. What she does instead is that she keeps a bottle of water beside the toilet so she can splash it on herself, after she goes with a little bit of soap that she wipes her behind with after doing #2. Isn't that just lovely?

13 Mom Recycles Food And Uses Only One Light Bulb In The House

It is one thing to be so frugal that you have to make sure that your leftovers from the day before are always eaten instead of wasting away. In fact, that is always a good thing to do since so many of us are guilty of leaving those leftovers in the fridge for too long and it ends up decaying!

However, when you are so cheap with making sure leftovers are not wasted to the point that you are actually recycling food, that is a serious problem! You are probably asking what I mean by saying food being recycled? I mean it literally. Yes, there is one mother who goes by Stephanie that takes leftover ketchup from plates, and puts it back into the bottle!!! The same goes for spaghetti sauce- she scrapes the leftover sauce and puts it back into the bottle! Can we say bacteria breeding grounds?

Oh and that is bad enough that she is unbelievably cheap with recycling food, but she only uses one light bulb in the house. The lightbulb has to be shared so it is being moved from room to room whenever her family needs to have the light on for whatever they are doing! There really are no words for that kind of cheap behavior!

12 Roadkill Anyone? This Mom Has Some Just For You!

When people are so hard on cash and don't have enough to eat, the first thing you will think they will do is go on food stamps. And the sad thing is that they are afraid to do that due to the fear of being judged due to the stigma around it. Times can be hard, and no one has the right to judge a family who is using food stamps. The other sad thing is, some people are so afraid to go on that they actually will go around dumpsters to look for food.

Or you have people who can afford to buy food for their families and are just plain cheap. Especially if they are going on the highway to look for roadkill to cook for dinner! Well, one mom, who is so cheap that goes by Vickie goes onto highways to look for roadkill for dinner!! And her husband John who is a butcher is completely fine with it.

If that is not bad enough, Vickie makes gifts out of the fur from the roadkill for friends and family. They save on buying birthday and Christmas gifts, and hopefully, they are saving plenty of money by doing this because there is a good chance someone will end up in the hospital at some point!

11 Mom Only Lets Her Child Eat 14 Cheerios

It is one thing to buy groceries in bulk or that are on sale to save. There is nothing wrong with that. This is why you have grocery stores like No Frills that are less expensive than other supermarkets since they sell items that don't fall into the fancy name brands. However, there is a big problem when you are so cheap that you have to actually count out Cheerios for your child!

That's right. Jordan Page of Utah who wears makeup and designer clothes is so cheap that she counts out the Cheerios she is going to give her growing and hungry toddler and gives the child no more than fourteen kernels!

Jordan said that she has always been frugal but after being in severe debt, she took being frugal a step further and became cheap. But she should be doing well now financially after having a very successful blog called Fun Cheap or Free.

10 Moms Reuses Baby Wipes

When you have kids, you need to accept the fact that raising children costs money! Diapers, wipes, baby food, clothing, blankets and you name it. Even if you are breastfeeding well and can save on formula, caring for a baby is expensive. And you cannot skimp on any of these items, except one mom found a way to do so by reusing baby wipes!!

This mom, Apple Melecia reuses baby wipes. Meaning that she makes her own wet wipes that she wipes down tables and counters with, and uses the same ones to wipe her baby's bottom!!

What made it worse was that she took a changing table at a gas station when it went out of business, and she changes her baby's diapers on this bacteria- ridden change table, using wipes that she already use to wipe the kitchen counter, or worse- the bathroom counter! That is just an example of many of how being so unbelievably cheap is so gross and embarrassing!

9 Mom Does Laundry in the Pool

Let's face it. Laundry is one of the worst chores around and I am grumbling while I have to start. But because laundry will not do itself, someone has to do it! I am lucky about the fact that my husband doesn't mind taking laundry duty over. But I am sure that very few of us hate doing laundry because of being just too cheap to do it. It's a boring chore!

However, a woman who goes by Jeni obviously feels the same way, because she does laundry in her swimming pool!! It's not only convenient, but she is saving a tonne of money on laundry detergent. She has convinced herself that the chemical components in the pool are the same as detergent and bleach! Seriously? If that were true, why do swimming pools need to be evacuated if someone gets sick in it, or does #2 in it?

To make it worse, she doesn't even use proper chemicals to clean the pool. She uses only baking soda and covers the pool at night with bubble wrap. Can we say cheap along with ewww?

8 Mom Uses Toilet Rags Over Toilet Paper

Some moms use cloth diapers for their babies to save money, and once upon a time, cloth diapers were the only option for moms to use for their babies before disposable diapers existed. In fact, my husband said he was in cloth diapers and a pickup truck came by to pick up the dirty cloth diapers to clean it and would be returned soon after. I chose to spend the money on disposable diapers because I liked that option when my kids were babies.

Having toilet rags sitting on the toilet is no different from having cloth diapers. One mother has chosen to use toilet rags over toilet paper because, well toilet paper is expensive. My daughter goes through the stuff like crazy but I would rather spend on toilet paper than to clean up rags with #1 and #2 on them- like this mother has no problem with doing! That is not a job I would ever want and frankly it is gross! But this mom doesn't think so because it's better than spending money on toilet paper, right?

7 Mom Dresses 5-Year Old Girl Like A Baby For Free Tickets

I am going to flat out admit that I am guilty of something that probably many other parents are as well- whenever my kids were over 12, we would get them in for free to attractions if kids under 12 would go in for free. I mean why not? You have a kid that is a small 13-year-old, why would you pay extra if you don't need to do that? That is harmless. However, there are times when pretending your kids are younger than they are to save money are downright awful.

A 20-year-old YouTuber named Phanatanya has spoken about her mother who was the Queen of Cheapskates. She actually remembers her mother swaddling her at age 5 like a baby so she could get free tickets to a movie theater. Any child under the age of 2 would allow mom to have a free pass.

If her kid was 2 and a half, then she may have gotten away with it, but you don't do that to a child that is no longer meant to be swaddled anymore for free tickets!

6 Mom Turns Stolen Items Into Christmas Gifts

We all receive gifts that we end up not using and have plans to regift. There is nothing wrong with that. However, when you are stealing gifts that your family members receive, then there is a big problem!

A mom whose name is Sarah Gracel is not cheap in a gross way like the previous ones mentioned are (and we are not close to being done yet as there are some more gag-worthy goodies on the way), but what she does is incredibly bad. She steals new items and gifts from family members and only spends $20 on wrapping paper. She then gives those stolen gifts or fresh belongings as her own Christmas gifts!

For instance, she gave her sister a pair of sunglasses that she would "love" for Christmas. Well her sister did love those sunglasses because she was missing them and wondered where they went. She has them back thanks to her sister's generosity.

5 Parents Get Kids To Look For Goodies In The Trash At Public Places

It is bad enough whenever parents are so unbelievably cheap that they have to steal to get freebies. But it is far worse whenever these parents use their kids to do the dirty work such as forcing them to scurry through trash cans or vacuum bags of public places to look for anything useful whether it's money, food or other useful items that were tossed away.

In fact, these parents, Raul and Trisha Pinto have been doing that. They purposely bring their young kids to a car wash. They pay the dollar to use the vacuum so an earring is sucked up "by accident". Therefore, what Raul always does is tell the attendant that an earring was lost, so they can hunt through the bag to find any kind of goodies.

That isn't only cheap and disgusting, but it is very crafty. These children have horrible role-models as parents and I fear for their future.

4 Mom Pulls Child’s Infected Tooth Out To Avoid Paying Dental Bills

We all get that feeling of dread whenever we have to pay for medical or dental costs. In Canada, healthcare is covered but dental care is not. Even with insurance, you have to pay a little. However, like it was mentioned before you become a parent you have to accept the fact that you will be spending plenty of money on necessities.

Aside from the obvious food, clothing and providing a safe home for the kids that cost money, that includes dental and medical expenses.

However, this Utah mother, Jeannine Isom did not want to pay for a dentist and pulled her son's teeth that she thought were infected out at Walmart. Why at Walmart? Because she had to get the pliers and hand sanitizer to do the procedure right in the bathroom! She was arrested for child abuse because the child's screaming was the giveaway. Even though money may be very tight, you just cannot skimp on necessities like this mother did!

3 The Mom Who Tied A Chicken Together For Thanksgiving

Money is tight and sometimes it is not possible to have a holiday dinner, and telling your friends this fact can be downright embarrassing. The other option that many people go with is having a potluck dinner. Guests understand and enjoy that. They have the opportunity to bring in a yummy dish or dessert while a friend is having them over for a festive dinner.

However, a mother named Shelley Watson had to feed 40 people at Thanksgiving and had only a $100 budget. She obviously could not afford to get a turkey but ended up doing something absolutely disgusting instead. She tied up chicken to make it look like a turkey and added gross stuff inside of it.

What is difficult to understand was where was her reasoning when she could have just had chicken, in addition to making the dinner a potluck- because people in her position with brains would have done just that instead of being incredibly cheap about it. Yuck.

2 The Mom Who Has A Rotting Christmas Tree

The holidays can be incredibly expensive, and people are looking for ways to save during the Christmas season. That goes from looking for sales on gifts, as well as looking into ways to stick to a budget when it comes to hosting holiday dinners, as well as decorating the home- which people who do celebrate any of the holidays in December should. There really is no need to spend a lot of money if there is no need.

However, even though being frugal during the holidays is quite understandable- how frugal can you get? Well, this mom, Torski Arnold is so frugal that reuses a living Christmas tree, year after year! The Christmas tree is brown, decayed, and extremely smelly. Yet she keeps putting it up and keeps decorating it each year so she doesn't have to buy a new one.

When it comes to being frugal during the holiday season, reusing a living Christmas tree is not a tip! It's just disgusting.

1 Dad Feeds Family Heads Of Goats

In this case, it is not the mom who is cheap. It is the dad. Organ meats are cheaper than the muscle, and that is why chicken liver and beef liver are cheaper options than chicken breast or a steak. There is nothing wrong with eating organ meat if you can stomach it because this food is actually quite rich in vitamins and minerals. And I have a confession to make that may make you squirm. I like to eat liver. In fact, when it is my time of the month I will order liver and onions at a restaurant because I desperately need the iron- and it is delicious.

However, this dad boils disgusting organ meats because he is incredibly cheap. He boils up goats heads and eyeballs to be exact. He doesn't do this because it is nutrient rich. It's the cheapest meat that can be bought and he is on a very tight grocery budget. He is better off with buying food in bulk in less expensive grocery stores like No Frills! Because the idea of eating a goats head with eyeballs is nasty!

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