15 Cheaters That Were Savagely Owned By Their Pregnant GFs

Cheater. Liar. Thief. These are three labels that are impossible to shed once they have been given. There’s even a saying: once a cheater, always a cheater. It’s like a dark curse in the dating world. No one wants to date someone who is known to be a cheater or who says s/he is a cheater. Why would they? Cheating is lying and stealing combined. Cheating is lying to the other person about their fidelity, and cheating is stealing away that person’s trust.

And when someone does cheat, it’s no wonder that the betrayed person’s reaction is often a roller coaster of emotions ranging from anger, sadness, and even guilt. And what if the person who is cheated on is already a hormonal, emotional mess (aka a pregnant woman)? Get ready for emotional overload.

Sadly, cheating on a pregnant partner is actually a thing that psychologists study. What is it about pregnancy that drives weak men to cheat? Fear of family? Lack of intimacy (temporarily… thank you very much, Morning Sickness)? Loss of sex appeal as the partner takes on a new maternal role? Confusion as they are now anchored to this woman forever through the bonds of parenthood? What? What is it? It’s common, so there’s a group of men out there thinking that this is somehow okay.

Although these pregnant moms-to-be were hurt and betrayed, they didn’t let their boyfriends have the last word. Here are 15 cheaters that were savagely owned by their pregnant girlfriends.

15 Yard Sale Turned Free Home

Throwing a cheater’s personal belongings out of a window is a classic move. The cheatee finds out about the affair while the cheater is away; the cheater comes home to find himself homeless and his stuff more or less broken in the yard.

One pregnant Canadian woman decided that tossing her cheating fiancé’s stuff out on the lawn just wasn’t enough: she added a “free” sign so that someone would hopefully come collect all the items. As luck would have it, a middle aged couple saw the pregnant woman hauling stuff to the road, and they offered to help her. After the woman explained what she was doing (aka getting rid of her cheating man’s belongings), the couple – who happened to be landlords – offered her a place to live rent free until the baby was born. If that isn’t karma then I don’t know what is!

14 Nairy A Good Idea

When it comes to cheating boyfriends, there’s three types of women: those who suspect infidelity when there isn’t any, those who confront their boyfriend immediately upon confirming an affair, and those that let the secret linger while they plot revenge.

This pregnant girlfriend falls into the third category: secretly plotting revenge while the boyfriend doesn’t suspect anything was wrong. Fueled by betrayal and anger, this mama-to-be put a small amount of Nair in her boyfriend’s shampoo in the hopes that he could never woo another mistress again. Each day she added just enough to make him suspect that he had a problem. According to the girlfriend, he even made an appointment with a dermatologist to talk about early balding. Her online confession doesn’t explain how this revenge ended, but I’m assuming it ended with him completely bald and with her finally revealing that she has known about the affair for a while.

13 Texting Gone Wrong

Catching a cheater is much easier in today’s digitally-dependent world. Because many girlfriends know their significant other’s passwords, it’s easy to snoop. How many cheaters have been caught through undeleted emails, texts, social media messages? The answer? A lot!

But sometimes technology can reveal the affair all on its own - without intentionally snooping. During a chill Friday night, this next mama borrowed her boyfriend’s phone to order a pizza – her latest pregnancy craving. While she was looking up the pizza joint’s phone number, the phone was blowing up with texts from “Maddie.” When she opened a text, she saw that it was actually a sext. Without blowing her own cover, she quickly swapped contact info so when her cheating boyfriend went to send dirty messages to Maddie, the texts actually went to his mother. That’s one way to oust a cheater!

I hope she ordered an extra pizza after that and charged it all to his card.

12 Sleep On It

A woman's intuition isn’t always right, but sometimes it can be dead on. This next pregnant mama had suspicions that her boyfriend was cheating on her. Sadly, she’s not alone. Psychologist Robert Rodriguez estimates that nearly 1 in 10 men cheat on their pregnant partners. However, every time this mama-to-be wanted to talk about her suspicions, her man kept blowing her off with a classic, “I’m exhausted.” For over a week, he would ignore her requests to talk and he just headed to bed. (Makes you wonder why he was so exhausted, huh?)

This clever mama dissolved caffeine pills into his water so he literally couldn’t sleep. She confessed that he tried to escape to bed but would just toss and turn. She says, “He finally broke down and told me about the affair. I think the sleep deprivation just made him brutally honest. Can’t say I’m happy about it, but at least I know now.”

11 A Little Detective Work

What girl doesn’t love seeing that pale blue box tied up with a big white ribbon? Once Sheryl found out she was pregnant, she was hoping for a ring before the baby was born. As her birthday approached, she was heavily hinting for an engagement ring. A few weeks later, when she was cleaning out a closet to make room for baby items, she found a box of jewelry receipts and was ecstatic. Until she realized those gems were for another woman.

Not to be outdone, she quickly hired a private detective to find the cheating couple and do nothing but take a few photographs. Sheryl then exacted her revenge by creating a fake email account and emailing the scandalous pictures to everyone her boyfriend knew–family, friends, coworkers, and even herself. To exonerate herself of course. Mission: Ruin His Reputation was a success.

10 Pregnancy Times Two

If you are cheated on by your boyfriend, it’s easy to think you hate the other woman. But consider for a minute that the other woman might not know you exist either. You’re both as innocent and as betrayed as the other.

This next revenge story highlights what can happen when two hurt women join forces. When pregnant Trish discovered that her boyfriend was cheating on her, Trish decided to confront Rebecca – and ended up learning that Rebecca was just as innocent as herself! Trish peed on a stick and supplied Rebecca with a positive pregnancy test to give to the boyfriend. They let the boyfriend sweat it out for a month, thinking he had two baby mamas.

So good things can come out of bad situations; in this case, these women found a friend while plotting revenge. Needless to say, these women had an unconventional start to their friendship, but I think they’ll be lifelong buddies.

9 Together Forever… Literally

Pop into the card aisle at Target and you’ll be able to find any number of mushy cards with sayings like “I love you forever” and “You’re the best part of me” and the list goes on. But when this anonymous mama was seven and a half months pregnant, she found a note that put all of the card industry’s mushiest cards to shame. In her boyfriend’s study, this note was tucked into the family calendar: “I want to be with you forever. My heart is glued to yours!”

Not surprisingly, this mama-to-be went crazy. After all, she was building a family with this guy and found a love note from a stranger. Taking the note a little bit too literally, she grabbed the superglue and glued everything in his home office. Then she popped over to his work while he was on lunch and glued everything there too.

8 Public Confession

Psychologists say that confessing to a crime or misdeed is very liberating; the weight of hiding something big is a huge burden to bear. Confessing helps improve mental health, reduce stress loads, and even improve heart health. Ironically though, confessing is really difficult. In fact, some people go to great lengths to make sure they never have to confess. Ever.

An expectant mom from Tennessee wanted one thing: for her boyfriend to accept that he was a cheater and move out. However, breaking up meant that other people would soon find out what he had done so instead of breaking up, he wanted his pregnant girlfriend to cover up the affair – essentially just forgetting about it and continuing to build their family.

What mother in her right mind would want to bring a child into a family built on lies? The girlfriend hacked into his Facebook and made his confession on his behalf. Publicly. Justice is served.

7 Revenge Via “STD”

Psychologists continually tell us how common it is that guys - without a history of cheating - are tempted during a significant other’s pregnancy to cheat. It may be a sad statistic and it is one that I definitely don’t understand. How could you betray the person who is bringing your child into the world?? I have no clue.

One mom-to-be was just as confused and hurt as to how her love could actually cheat on her, but she did know one thing: she would get revenge. She opted for the good ol’ STD scare by rubbing poison ivy all over his undies. Every. Single. Pair.

Naturally, he thought he got herpes from his mistress. I bet that phone call to the mistress was interesting. I’m not condoning inflicting harm on another person but you have to admit that this gal was pretty creative with her revenge.

6 Just Like The Slasher Movie

before he cheats

Destruction is a pretty typical reaction to finding out that your baby daddy has just cheated on you. Carrie Underwood paved the way with her “Before He Cheats” lyrics: “I dug my key into the side of pretty little souped up four-wheel drive / carved my name into his leather seat.” I get it – it feels good. It’s a release of all that anger.

The next pregnant girlfriend on our list carried out a little bit of her own Underwood inspired destruction. When Katrina got a text from a mutual friend informing her of her boyfriend’s infidelity, Katrina headed straight for her boyfriend’s house aka the basement of his parent’s house.

As revenge, she began to slash the couch where they uh… brought their little bun in the oven into existence. What happened next surprised even Katrina. “I was suddenly the one who was caught! His mom busted me as I was holding the knife slashing a couch on her property. I told her what her son did, and then she frowned. ‘Slash his tires too.’ Then she walked out and let me finish what I started.” I bet that boy got a talkin’ to by his mama that night!

5 Good Will

Bethany didn’t think twice about her boyfriend’s work trips. He had to fly to his company’s HQ several times each year, but it was the “work retreat” that aroused her suspicions. Especially when the work retreat was in the Bahamas. For two weeks. After a little investigative work, she soon realized that “work retreat” was just code for “vacation with the mistress.”

Bethany’s revenge plot is a step above the old “toss it out the window” routine. Even though she was pregnant, she mustered the energy to haul all her cheating boyfriend’s stuff to Good Will. What’s the cherry on the top of her revenge sundae? She even moved out and had a new tenant lined up – all before he was back from his scandalous trip. I’d like to be a fly on the wall when that guy came back from his trip and realized he lost his home, girlfriend, and baby all in one swoop.

4 Twinsies

This next revenge plot took a considerable about of restraint and careful planning.

When this mama-to-be was just 8 weeks pregnant, she found out that her beau had been cheating on her for two years with the same woman. Cheating is bad enough, but over two years? That’s just like having another life.

Somehow this tricky mom convinced her boyfriend to get matching tattoos – to celebrate their budding family. When it came time to get the tattoo, she made him go first “because she was afraid and wanted to watch first.” She confessed how it happened: “I watched him get the tattoo. He went first. Then I went home.” Burn!

Although I’d like to point out that she was pregnant and the guy never thought to ask if tattoos while pregnant was a good idea. Maybe that’s not the best husband material anyway. Good riddance!

3 All Pooped Out

Who can forget that iconic scene in Dumb & Dumber with the laxatives? I wonder if that scene was the inspiration for this next revenge plot.

When this California mom confronted her boyfriend about all the extra phone calls and texts he’d been getting lately, he said it was “no big deal.” After a little more probing, she found out that this “no big deal” friend was actually a hot and heavy woman on the side.

This pregnant mom was so angry she just stormed out of the house, letting the boyfriend bask in his “no big deal” defense. The next morning she made his coffee – as usual – except she added in some laxatives. And to take her revenge to the next level, she tossed all the toilet paper from their condo. When he later asked her to bring him a roll of TP, she said “it’s no big deal” and walked out of the condo. For good.

2 Paternity Dissolved

When Drew and her boyfriend were trying to have a baby, she desperately wanted to please his desire to have a child. After several doctor's appointments, her doctor said there was nothing wrong with her. Not wanting to tell her boyfriend that he was most likely sterile, she opted for insemination with a sperm donor. She got her BFP and life was good – so she thought.

A few months into her pregnancy, she found undies that weren’t hers lying around the house, and the boyfriend’s affair was revealed. Drew got her revenge though; she used that moment to tell him that he could never have access to the baby once he was born. The cheater tried to argue about paternity rights, which was the exact moment she said that he had no rights since the baby was from a sperm donor.

To be fair, there were red flags with this relationship from the beginning. No one should cover up a medical condition by skipping off to the fertility doctor solo.

1 Legal Fees

You know what’s hard? Pregnancy. You know what’s even harder? Law school. You know what’s even harder than law school? Attending law school while pregnant. Getting pregnant in law school wasn’t in this anonymous mama’s plans but that’s what happened. Her boyfriend promised her a ring after she graduated and she trudged through trimesters and semesters.

A month before the baby was due, her boyfriend dumped her for a woman he started seeing a few months earlier. He blamed the affair on the long hours of law school, but she had had enough. (Newsflash: that’s never an excuse to cheat on someone!) She let him go, and she graduated and made a career for herself and her baby.

Her best revenge? Representing that “other woman” in a divorce case five years later between her ex boyfriend and the mistress. That’s Karma with a capital K.

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