14 Childhood Scares That Have Nothing To Do With Vaccines

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. With that being said, the summer is starting to officially come to an end and that means one thing. School is about to start or, in some cases, has already started. The beginning of school means a great many things, but getting prepared to go back to studying often requires a great deal of preparation. All students will be required to have some back-to-school school supplies. Of course, it’s not just pencils and paper that school kids will need.

Another requirement for kids to start school is that they will have to be fully vaccinated. This is required mainly for safety reasons. Vaccines are becoming more and more controversial. Some people tend to think that they do more harm than good. These people believe that instead of making people better, they can actually cause a wide variety of problems.

There are others who dispute that claim. There is no scientific evidence supporting the idea that vaccines cause any diagnoses that occur during childhood whatsoever. However, there are still those who believe vaccines cause several childhood diagnoses. Here are 15 childhood diagnoses that are not generally believed to be linked to vaccines:

14 Being Put On The Autism Spectrum

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There may be no better place to start than the most common diagnosis that parents wrongly attribute to vaccines: autism. Perhaps the biggest argument against vaccines is that they cause autism in kids.

Any search on the internet clearly shows that this is a widely held belief. Certain celebrities have even perpetuated the notion that vaccines cause autism. Many people are critical of well-known celebrities adding to the anti-vaccine movement.

However, despite the widespread belief that vaccines cause autism, virtually all the experts claim it is entirely untrue. They say there is no actual link between vaccines and autism. Also, every study that has ever been done to examine the potential link between autism and vaccines has shown that there is not an actual link between them. For now, the evidence is in favor of vaccination.

13 Growing Up With Allergies

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While autism is usually the main diagnosis associated with vaccines, it is hardly the only diagnosis wrongly associated with vaccines. Another diagnosis that is associated to vaccines is allergies – even though it is a much less talked about diagnosis. Yes, allergies, a very common experience many of us have. Some people believe there is a connection between allergies and vaccines. The main allergy that people seem to associate with vaccines is a potentially deadly peanut allergy.

This might not be quite as crazy as it sounds. There have been some studies that show kids that are vaccinated tend to be more likely to have allergies. However, there have also been studies that show no real link between vaccines and allergies. The smart money is on the fact that vaccines do not actually cause a person to have allergies.

12 Baby Being Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis

Another very serious condition that some believe is brought on by vaccines is Multiple Sclerosis. More specifically, it is believed that the vaccine for Hepatitis B can cause Multiple Sclerosis. The reason for this belief is fairly complicated and convoluted. It all has to do with something called molecular mimicry. This is not a new idea, however. It has been around since 1985.

The important thing to remember about all of this, however, is that it has not been proven to be true. The sheer numbers point to this. Millions of people have received the vaccine for Hepatitis B and have not developed Multiple Sclerosis. Not only that, but many studies have been conducted to explore this connection. They have all concluded that the Hepatitis B vaccine does not cause Multiple Sclerosis in any real way at all.

11 Sudden Onset Of Diabetes

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One thing that all the diagnoses that are wrongly associated with vaccines share is that they are all lifelong conditions. The next diagnosis is no different. There are many that believe that diabetes can be caused by vaccines. The idea is those essentially natural infections very likely cause type 1 diabetes. This idea is largely accepted as a fact in the scientific community.

Some believe that modified infections, like the ones used in vaccines, could also bring about type 1 diabetes. The thing is, however, early studies suggest that there is a link between type 1 diabetes and vaccines. This caused some media attention that helped to foster the belief that is still around today. The media did not tell the whole story, however. The problem with these media reports is that later studies demonstrated that there was no actual connection between diabetes and vaccines despite what was earlier believed about them.

10 Lyme Disease And Chronic Arthritis

Another serious condition that some associate with vaccines is chronic arthritis. The arthritis condition specifically attributed to vaccines is chronic Lyme Arthritis. This is a type of arthritis that can, as the name suggests, be brought about by Lyme disease. Basically, the belief is that Lyme disease vaccines can actually cause Lyme disease, and in return, the chronic arthritis that can come with it. That meansarthritis is not really the main issue so much as a side effect of a disease.

The studies on this matter dispute this claim. That seems perfectly reasonable. It is counterintuitive to think that a vaccine could cause the very disease it was trying to guard against. Nevertheless, that is exactly how many people feel about vaccines, and it is largely what drives the movement against them.

9 Autoimmune Hepatitis

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Not all conditions associated with vaccines are very well known. As a result, many people might not know about them. Pretty much everyone knows about autism and diabetes. What may be less known is something called Autoimmune Hepatitis. It is actually one of several autoimmune diseases that are associated with vaccines. An autoimmune disorder, like Autoimmune Hepatitis, is characterized by heightened immune activity in the body.

Autoimmune Hepatitis is yet another condition that is believed to actually be caused by the vaccine meant to prevent it. That is to say that people believe that vaccines against Hepatitis actually cause Hepatitis. In extremely rare cases, there may be evidence of this but it is uncommon and often inconclusive. Nevertheless, there are a fair number of people that believe a Hepatitis vaccine can actually cause a person to have Hepatitis.

8 Surviving Lupus

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Another autoimmune disorder that people believe is affected by vaccines is Lupus. Lupus is a serious disease that affects the immune system in a person's body. People believe that vaccines for things like the flu or pneumonia can increase Lupus disease activity. Where does this belief come from?

As one might have already guessed, this idea has not proven correct. There have been studies that show that vaccines cause lupus to flare up. It is not really enough that should cause a person to not get properly vaccinated though. So, vaccines do not actually affect Lupus as much as those against vaccines would like to believe. It is still very important that people get vaccinated for things like the flu, which can be potentially deadly. The pros of vaccination greatly outweigh the cons. 

7 Contracting Measles

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One of the more widespread diagnoses that is believed to be caused by vaccines is the measles. Obviously, people have been getting vaccinated for the Measles for a while. Of course, vaccinating against Measles is done for good reason. Measles can have several potential complications involved which can include brain damage and even death.

It is obviously something a person does not want to get. Nevertheless, some people believe that is exactly what will happen if vaccinated. It has even been suggested by some that the Measles were not regarded as deadly until people started to get vaccinated for it. The adverse reactions that can occur as a result of this vaccine are often a milder version than the measles one could contract if unvaccinated. It is not uncommon, however, to see fevers and rashes several days afterwards.

6 Childhood Obesity

As of present day, there is no link between childhood vaccines and obesity. Obesity seems to be more of a genetic or nurture issue than one linked to vaccines. While there is evidence that low-grade inflammation can cause issues with metabolic processing, the average person need not worry that vaccine will make their kids fat.

Because the link is not causal for most people, like we said, this isn’t something to lose sleep over. If you choose to vaccinate, monitor your kids for any changes and then decide if you’d like to continue on the same schedule. Diet and exercise will likely be much more important than whether they get the flu shot or not

5 Tourette's Syndrome

Vaccines have been blamed for many issues, but one thing that they likely will never be linked to is Tourette’s Syndrome. Tourette’s has no known cause at this point, but experts believe it is a combination of genetics and environmental factors that bring it out.

Because it is more likely the neurotransmitters in the brain that cause Tourette’s, vaccines shouldn’t be blamed here. If you notice your child having unusual ticks and behaviors, always consult your pediatrician.

4 Baby's Intestinal Blockages

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One diagnosis that is considerably less dire than SIDS is intestinal blockage occurring in babies. Granted, that is still something no one would want their child to have whatsoever. It is, however, a condition that can be treated at the hospital. It is believed that the Rotavirus vaccine is what causes intestinal blockage.

To be fair, this issue is a bit murky. There is no known cause for intestinal blockage occurring in babies. It is possible that it could have something to do with the Rotavirus vaccine. However, what is known is that Rotavirus is a very serious and potentially deadly disease. That means children should be vaccinated against it despite the risk. In the grand scheme of things, there are uch worse things a child can get than intestinal blockage.

3 No Proof Of Cancer


Many people may try to say that vaccines cause cancer. This is another heavily debated topic, because it is nearly impossible to pin down the causes of most cancers. If you want to keep your kids healthy, keeping them away from unhealthy, environmental toxins, and a stressful life is your safest bet for now.

For people who know they have cancer that runs in the family, extra close monitoring or regular screening might be smart. Until there is more info on how cancer starts in the body, we can’t pin this one on shots just yet. There are simply too many factors that can cause cells to mutate to worry about every single one.

2 Mercury And ADHD

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Speaking of things like ADD, ADHD is very similar to ADD. It is also believed to be caused by vaccines by some people. ADHD is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. As the name suggests, it is a condition that causes people to have difficulty maintaining attention, and have hyperactive impulses. Between 5 and 11% of American children have ADHD and the disorder is most common in childhood. No one is entirely sure what causes it.

It is believed that ADHD is most likely caused by genetics. What is known is that vaccines do not cause ADHD. It is believed that people associate vaccines with ADHD because they also mistakenly associate vaccines with autism. This is likely because of the mercury issue that is believed to be harmful by those against vaccines. Of course, studies have proven otherwise. 

1 A Seizure Followed By A Vaccine

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The last diagnosis to be mentioned is one that is a bit more severe than ADD or ADHD, but also has its roots in a child's brain. Some believe that vaccines can bring about seizures or even cause a child to have epilepsy. The root of this seems to be that a possible side effect of vaccines is a fever. That much is actually true. Some believe that a fever can develop into seizures or full blown epilepsy.

The idea might sound a bit ridiculous to some, but it is not entirely crazy. Some seizures have been known to occur at a higher rate than in those that are vaccinated. A seizure can happen between 5 and 12 days after a child receives his/her vaccines. However, seizures can also happen from dangerously high, persistent, fevers which are not always a direct result of vaccines.

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