15 Childhood Secrets The Olsen Twins Don't Want You To Know

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were making splashes and getting publicity even before their first birthday! On a whim, their mother, Jarnette Olsen, sent in a photo of the infant twins to a casting agent and this led to their dual role(s) as Michelle Tanner, the adorable youngest child in the Full House family.

Since the Tanner family appeared close on-screen, it would seem that closeness would translate off-camera—but guess again! Neither Mary-Kate nor Ashley feels very close to the other cast members.

Little girls and boys everywhere dream of making it big on-screen. Having lived the earlier parts of their lives almost completely on-screen seems to have cured the twins of this desire. In fact, they chose a career field that's only minimally related to the entertainment field.

It's the rare actor who is able to move through their lives and careers without becoming embroiled in one scandal or another. Not so for the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate in particular. Physical health and mental health issues, a legal entanglement and even an unwanted reveal, courtesy of a "friend," have landed them in the tabloids.

Today, the girls are focused on their private lives and on their fashion line.

15 They Started Acting At 9 Months Old - By Accident!

The twins hadn't even celebrated their first birthday before they found themselves cast as Michelle Tanner in Full House. Their mother decided to send one of their photos in, just on impulse. She sent the photo to a friend, who was a casting agent.

The casting agent was looking for a set of twins for the "Michelle Tanner" role, whether the Olsen twins' mother knew this or not. In response to receiving the twins' photo, the casting agent called Jarnette, their mother.

The reason the girls were cast together for one role? Strict labor laws for child actors. Children their age can only work for 20 minutes at a time, so casting the Olsen twins allowed producers to follow the law and film for 40 minutes at a time. (Of course, this isn't counting the time it took for diaper changes or other baby needs.)

14 They Had To Wear Fake Teeth

When the twins began to lose their baby teeth, they didn't lose the same teeth at the same time. Ashley, for example, would lose a front tooth a few weeks ahead of Mary-Kate. Not only that, the twins lost different teeth, which made them look. . . well "not" like twins during filming.

Desperately trying to keep the show's biggest commodity valuable (the Olsen twins - if you didn't know already), the producer forced Mary-Kate and Ashley wear. . . get ready for this. . . dentures while they were taping the shows.

What did "fake teeth" for taping do to them? It's hard to say. But even at that tender age, both girls quickly figured out that their appearances were extremely important to the show's producers. Putting that much pressure on physical appearance at that age can be tough for anyone growing up in the limelight.

13 Their Parents Divorced Because Of Their Fame

While it was their mother who got their acting careers started, it was those careers (and the resulting fame) that led to the Olsen parents' divorce. And, even though Mama Olsen did send in the photo that landed the girls their role on Full House, she didn't want them to be millionaires at such young ages (by the time they were seven, the girls owned their own production company—Dualstar Entertainment Group).

By now, it's a moot point which parent, if either, wanted Mary-Kate and Ashley to continue earning money from acting roles. What's more important is that the success they had may have led to their parents' split. What a burden to have to bear! The movie, The Unauthorized Full House Story puts the blame for the Olsen parents' divorce on the girl's success and on their entertainment empire.

12 John Stamos Had The Twins Fired

Babies cry. That's a given. And they don't always cry when it's convenient for the adults in the room. It seems that Stamos wasn't aware that the girls would cry when they wanted (or needed) to. Of course, this probably also irritated the director and show's producers. But it was Stamos who had them fired, or as he puts it, "removed from the set."

He got so fed up that he gestured, "Get them outta here!" The casting office found another set of twins, who weren't as photogenic or as cute as the Olsen twins. The audience reaction wasn't all that wonderful or reception to the new set of Michelles. So, the Olsen twins were brought back to the Full House set, where they resumed their role of Michelle. No wonder they didn't want to participate in the Fuller House spinoff.

11 Mary-Kate Was Diagnosed With ADD

Mary-Kate was diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). While she and her sister have never spoke at length about their various issues, her diagnosis came out only when she mentioned that she got "extra time" to take her SAT before college. ADD can muck with the brain's ability to focus on the task at hand. Other times, it causes the person to focus too much (hyper-focus) on a task they are enjoying, such as playing video games. Medications and different kinds of therapy can help the person to cope with this disorder. Hopefully, Mary-Kate has taken advantage of both. However, stimulant medications, which help someone with ADD to focus better, can also become a substance abuse problem. . . Seems like talk therapy could be the safer option.

10 Spencer Pratt Sold A Photo Of Mary-Kate Online

Spencer Pratt, of The Hills fame, who claimed to be a friend of the girls. . . wasn't such a good friend. Knowing the tabloids were always looking for scandalous pics of the Olsen twins, Spencer approached the media with the goods. This was when all three were still in high school. Pratt cemented his "bad actor" credentials and showed his sleaziness by selling the tabloid this pic of Mary-Kate drinking alcohol at a Hollywood party. She looks like she drank one too many shots. Spenser reportedly got $50,000 for that image. Hmmm, it seems he's earned his reputation for shadiness. And that's not all - more bad blood was spilt when Mary-Kate told David Letterman about Pratt's soccer field tantrums. Pratt didn't appreciate that, it seems, so he responded by calling her the "less cute" twin.

9 Mary-Kate Was Nominated For An Emmy - But Not Ashley

Mary-Kate and Ashley were cast in the daytime TV show, So Little Time. When Emmy nomination time came around, it was Mary-Kate who was given the nod and recognition for her work in this show. Ashley got bupkis. While Ashley must have felt left out and unrecognized for her hard work, she showed herself to be a mature young woman. Instead of pouting in a corner, she gave full support to her sister, recognizing that Mary-Kate had accomplished something. . . well, pretty big.

Besides, the girls both have different strong points in their acting skills. Ashley seems to do better with the more serious scenes while Mary-Kate is a whiz with comedy. This means that, on the day the Emmy Awards were broadcast, Ashley was there, next to her twin sister, cheering her on.

8 PETA Is At War With The Olsen Twins

Some of the pieces the girls design feature real fur from animals. They, along with others, love fur. PETA has decided to refer to them as "no-talent fur hags" in retaliation for their use of real fur in their designs. Not only that (as though being called no-talent isn't enough), PETA accuses the girls of "draping their malformed bodies in the skins of tortured animals." Taking it even further (hopefully, it'll end before long), the activist organization says that Ashley and Mary-Kate are "nauseating, pesky and terrible." Two thoughts: PETA has made its opinions well known on its blog. Enough! Second: the girls can use faux fur in their designs. They should be able to find fake fur that looks credible enough to be the real deal.

7 Mary-Kate Wanted Immunity To Talk About Heath Ledger

After actor Heath Ledger, Mary-Kate's friend, was found dead from a drug overdose, federal authorities wanted to talk to Mary-Kate about how Ledger had gotten the drugs that killed him. It turns out Ledger didn't have those drugs legally. So, law enforcement authorities wanted to speak with her about whether she knew how and where Ledger had gotten the drugs. And, as it turned out, her attorney ran interference for her. He told the feds that, until she was guaranteed immunity, she wouldn't talk about how Ledger came to have OxyContin in his possession. Even though Mary-Kate was threatened with a subpoena (meaning she would be compelled to testify) federal authorities unexpectedly closed the case into how Heath Ledger obtained OxyContin, stating that there "was no viable case."


6 What About Those Facial Surgeries?

In an effort to look younger, Ashley Olsen underwent a facelift. She looks gorgeous, but that's neither here nor there. A few days after her facelift procedure, her face began to swell; her skin began turning black. Her doctors told her she had developed necrosis, which is tissue death. This condition can be caused by too little blood flow to the area which is necrotizing. Fortunately, she was able to save her health and her life, not to mention her looks. Her doctors prescribed several sessions inside a hyperbaric chamber. The increased oxygen to the body tissues is said to help reverse necrosis. Ashley isn't the only sister to have had a facial surgery. Mary-Kate may have had work done on her face. Although it hasn't been confirmed, it's hard not to believe she didn't go under the knife. Her nose, cheeks, jaws - heck everything - look drastically different. And we aren't the only ones who noticed. Her fans and the media also speculated MK had plastic surgery.

5 Mary-Kate Hates Her Childhood

Image result for mary kate

When Mary-Kate called her early acting days "little monkey performers," her fans realized she doesn't look back on her childhood with fondness. While her parents weren't the stereotypical "stage parents," she still wouldn't encourage other young children to become wildly famous child actors, either.

The twins were raised in Hollywood, and under a burning spotlight, their success, their failures, and how they lived their lives outside the movie set was constantly recorded by reporters and criticized by fans. Mary-Kate went so far to say: "I would never wish my upbringing on anyone... but I wouldn't take it back for the world."

This may be why their younger sister Elizabeth stopped acting in the girls' films when she was 10 years old. Instead, Elizabeth turned her focus to her education, returning to acting only as an adult. Post-Full House, the girls' movies weren't really what could be called "successful." So, they turned to establishing and running a fashion empire, which is pretty successful.

4 The Twins Aren't Close To The Full House Cast

Possibly because the Olsen twins became the focus of Full House fame or because they were infants when the show started, the other actors in the show didn't seem to like them. It's entirely possible that the girls have realized there's an animosity directed toward them from the other actors. And this may have contributed to their lack of desire to pal around with anyone else from the show. When it came to the reunion show, Mary-Kate and Ashley decided they were both not interested.

Of course, being little girls, their egos got involved when they realized just how famous they were. Realizing that they became so famous as babies may have provided an even bigger ego boost. So, it looks like the hurt feelings exist on both sides. Lori Laughlin (Aunt Becky) stated that, no matter how much money the girls would have made from the reunion movie, they just weren't interested in appearing.

3 Mary-Kate Went To Rehab For Anorexia

Shortly before the twins celebrated their 18th birthday, Mary-Kate was admitted to rehab by her father. She had long been struggling with anorexia nervosa, as her increasingly thin frame displayed.

Thankfully, her family realized that Mary-Kate needed help badly. Around her 16th birthday, adult family members began monitoring Mary-Kate's food intake, encouraging her to take in more calories. Her entanglement with anorexia grew even more severe, leading to an adult monitor watching her food intake in the school cafeteria.

Let's credit daddy Olsen for acting fast before her 18th birthday. If he'd waited, he wouldn't have had the right, as a parent, to have his daughter involuntarily admitted to a rehab facility. Shortly after graduating from high school, Mr. Olsen and Mary-Kate's therapist got her admitted to a rehab facility for eating disorders.

2 Their Careers After Full House Didn't Do So Well

As famous as the girls were when Full House ended, their acting careers afterward didn't go all that well. While they acted in several movies, only one sister was nominated for an Emmy (So Little Time). After New York Minute, Ashley stopped acting so she could focus on other aspects of the businesses she shared with Mary-Kate.

Speaking of New York Minute, it didn't do well, despite opening in more than 3,000 theaters nationwide. In fact, the Boston Globe threw some major shade at this movie, characterizing it as "creepy and lecherous," as though "the family uncle" had made it. The animated action cartoon featuring both Ashley and Mary-Kate, Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action! ran for only one season.

1 New York Minute Was A HUGE Disappointment

That "creepy and lecherous" movie only grossed $5.96 million in its opening weekend. Ouch! That is. . . not good, when you consider that their couture line is worth. . . at least $1 billion. Yes, that is a "b." This may have been the cause of the girls deciding to stop acting so they could focus on their fashion business, which includes a couture line called "The Row." Maybe they've found their niche, where they were always meant to be.

Although. . . who else started their own production company at the age of six? It seems they have always been destined for success, if not in front of the camera, then in the boardroom or design studio. Oh, sure, Mary-Kate did appear in a couple small movies (Weed and Beastly) but she and her sister decided to focus their energies elsewhere after their childhood movie career.

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