15 Conception Secrets You Need to Know if You're Struggling to Get Pregnant

We know all the basics on what to do to get pregnant. But what are the tips you don't know that can actually help get you pregnant?

15 Make Sure Nothing Is Holding You Back

Do you have any other health conditions that might make it impossible to get pregnant? Are you sure?Go to your doctor and get a check-up. Have them do full blood work, testing for everything to make sure things look good enough for you to be able to conceive. Many medical problems need to be controlled before you can get pregnant.

One study even found that 6% of women struggling with unexplained fertility had celiac. So, do yourself a favor: let all your doctors know that conception is a priority, and have them make sure everything is okay. You want to be in the best health before you begin trying to conceive.

14 Skip the Sodas

Soda may impact fertility. One study found that soda drinkers had lower fertility.But don't avoid caffeine completely. That same study found that tea drinkers had increased fertility. While too much caffeine is never a good thing, you might want to opt for a cup or two of tea throughout your day in hopes it will boost your fertility too.

13 Make That a Green Tea

Green tea has been linked to increased fertility. Green tea has lots of polyphenols (containing antioxidants!) which help to prevent cellular damage to your reproductive organs. These might make eggs more viable.

Is green tea too bitter for you? No worries. There are lots of blends of fruit flavors with green teas. You can also make your own matcha shake with this easy recipe--a delicious drink that is especially wonderful on hot summer days!

Just be careful to not overdo it. Too much green tea interferes with folic acid, so opt for just a cup a day!

12 Have Lots of Sex and Know When You're Ovulating

Sex during ovulation is your best chance for getting pregnant! Women are usually ovulating day 14 of a 28-day cycle, and the start of your period is on day one.

Use a body basal temperature chart to keep track of when you are ovulating, and an ovulation predictor kit to see when you are going to ovulate. These can help you determine which days have the highest chance of conceiving!

11 Don't Just Have Sex When You're Ovulating

A friend of mine was really focusing on having sex all the time when she was ovulating. She would meet her husband for lunchtime quickies, wake up in the morning and go to bed in the evening with sex as the purpose of conceiving. They'd neglect sex on other days; they were both really busy and figured it was best to just concentrate on those days.

But one month, he flew away to a funeral when she thought she was ovulating. When he came home, they had sex--gasp--not during ovulation, and...she conceived!

Was she incorrect in predicting when she was ovulating? Who knows? You don't want sex to become a chore with the purpose of baby-making only. Really focus on enjoying your experience, all month long.

But you don't need to have sex every single day because sperm live for 72 hours, having it every few days is important for increasing conception chances. And, giving a day or two in between allows your partner to recharge his sperm count; this can be important for increasing your chances of conception!

10 Stay Down

Relax in a supine position after sex. Lay in bed after sex for 10-15 minutes. Don't go to the bathroom, and don't walk around. Reclining gives the sperm the best chance of making its way into your cervix.Plus, it feels nice to recline after sex, and maybe even have some nice post-coital cuddling!

9 He Needs to Get Involved, Too

While you will be making minor modifications to your life to increase your chances of conception, your partner can help as well! Encourage him to limit his alcohol consumption and caffeine, quit smoking and doing any kind of illegal drugs, eliminate soy from his diet, reducing stress, not getting too hot, and switching from briefs to boxers to keep the boys cool (and thus, increase sperm production).

8 Man on Top

While you can get pregnant in any position, you are more likely to get pregnant in the missionary style. Some even suggest putting a pillow under your hips to give a bit of a lift, but there's no real evidence that is helpful (but no harm in trying, especially if it feels comfortable). Hate missionary but want to increase your chances? You can move around, and before the final moments of sex, swing around to missionary.

7 Brush, Brush, Brush

Did you know that gum disease is linked to lower fertility? Women with gum disease can take an extra two months to conceive.

Keep brushing, flossing, and stay on top of your dental appointments. If you have gum disease, talk with your dentist about steps you can take to reduce your conception time and to keep your teeth happy and healthy!

6 Keep Fit...But Not Too Fit

Too much exercise can impact your ovulation. When you exercise too much, you can lose your period and stop ovulating! If your period has stopped and you think it might be due to exercise, reduce your physical activities until your period comes back. Discuss a plan of action with your doctor.

If the second half of your cycle is shorter than your first, meaning you don't have a period 14 days after you ovulate, this can also be a sign of too much exercise. Charting your ovulation is the best way to figure out what's going on.

Don't despair if you are also an exercise addict. I know an elite marathoner who was struggling to have a second baby. She could not conceive, despite over two years of trying. Finally, she cut back her mileage and intensity drastically. She was pregnant several months later! Today, she is running just as much as she was before with a happy baby.

5 Stop Cleaning

A lot of women will like this bit of advice, but there actually is a truth behind it. Many household cleaners contain toxic chemicals that can actually impact your fertility. Begin reading labels, avoiding some of the harshest chemicals.

Try an eco-friendly alternatives, like Seventh Generation or Happy Cow, or make your own cleaning products out of baking soda and vinegar. And hey, maybe even if you get some natural cleaning products, it is still a good time to urge others in your house to help out with the cleaning!

4 Meditate Your Way to Pregnancy

What? Well, you can't exactly meditate and get pregnant, but it can help you get pregnant! Because lowering your stress levels can help you conceive, why not try lots of great things to help you relax like meditation!

You might also want to try incorporating mantras or the use of positive affirmations in your question for conception. If you like how they sound and they help you relax, go for it!

3 Lube up With Care

Did you know that many lubricants--even including olive oil and your own saliva--can actually inhibit sperm, making it difficult for them to travel up to your cervix, even killing them!

Try foreplay to get yourself more lubed up. And hey, what better excuse than, "It will help us have a baby." If you're one of those women who needs lube no matter what, look into some fertility-friendly lubes like Pre-Seed or Conceive Plus.

2 Take Some Cough Syrup

Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? Yes, cough syrup might help with conception. Here's how: the active ingredient in cough medicine (Guaifenesin) might help you conceive by making your cervical fluid wetter and more slippery which means it's easier for the sperm to travel up through your cervix in order to fertilize an egg.

Talk to your doctor before trying it. If you decide to go forward, ask your doctor what they recommend for dosage, and make sure whatever product you use doesn't have any kind of antihistamines or cough suppressants like dextromethorphan, they can dry up mucus (including cervical mucus). Start taking cough syrup a few days before ovulating.

1 Take Care of Yourself and Treat Your Body Right

Pre-conception should be about preparing your body for pregnancy. That means, taking folic acid before you even get pregnant, sleeping a lot, exercising (but not too much, as we already talked about), eating well, and taking care of yourself. You want to be feeling your very best before your body undergoes what might be the biggest change of your life!


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