15 Concerning Things About Jill Duggar No One Talks About

The Duggars might think that they are a very transparent family, but we all know that there are things that go on behind closed doors that we have no idea about. After all, there’s nothing “real” about reality television. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar like to put their best face forward while hiding all of their dirty little secrets from the public until it’s too late. We’ve seen it so many times in the past and we are bound to see it again.

And if there’s one Duggar family member that we can’t help but give a little side eye too, it’s Jill Duggar. She was the first female Duggar to get married and the first one to produce a grandchild for Michelle and Jim Bob.

And while there’s no denying that she’s one of their favorite children, there are some things about Jill they like to keep swept well under their rug along with all of their other issues and problems.

Jill was under her parents’ thumb for such a long time yet the moment she married Derick Dillard they apparently had no problem seeing her move to another country and jeopardize her pregnancy abroad, no less. With that being said, here are 15 unsettling things about Jill Duggar that no one ever talks about.

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15 Moving To Central America

As we all know, the Duggars are a very tight-knit family. There’s not a lot of things that they will allow to permeate outside their family walls. They love to keep their secrets well hidden until of course their critics find out about them (like the Josh Duggar controversy from a few years back). That’s why a lot of people couldn’t help but scratch their heads when Jill Duggar announced that she would be moving out of the country with her husband Derick Dillard back in 2015.

Michelle and Jim Bob love to have control over their family and of course, all of their children. It was quite surprising when they didn’t object to seeing Jill pack her bags and move to Central America as part of her husband Derick’s missionary work. What’s more, they didn’t seem very worried about her safety or what they would be doing there, either. It’s almost as if they didn’t question anything about the move.

14 Moving From Controversy?

With all of that being said, a lot of people couldn’t help but wonder if Jill and Derick moved from Arkansas to Central America to get away from the Duggar family controversies and scandals. They announced that they would be moving only a few short weeks after the Josh Duggar scandals broke out in the news back in 2015. Were they running from the scandals and all of the negative headlines? Were they trying to distance themselves by leaving the Duggars and their problems behind? That’s what critics couldn’t help but wonder.

Either way, the timing did seem very sketchy. Instead of facing the music, Jill – who was also violated by her brother Josh when she was just a teen – packed her bags and her 3-month-old baby and just left without question. It was strange to say the least.

13 What Missionary Work?

While Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar did spend a lot of time in Central America (while also going back and forth between El Salvador and Arkansas) a lot of people couldn’t help but question what kind of missionary work the couple were doing, as nothing was really specified, to say the least.

If that weren’t enough, Jill and Derick were caught in a rather embarrassing situation in which they were caught begging for money from their fans. They used their social media accounts to ask their followers for money to allow them to stay in Central America and continue doing the good work they were doing (whatever that was). Needless to say, their fans and critics were not pleased nor were they impressed. They even promised to stop asking their fans for money after they were called out on it.

12 Zika Virus Concern

When Jill and Derick first moved to El Salvador back in 2015 with their newborn son Israel, a lot of people couldn’t help but raise their eyebrows. After all, how many people would just get up and move to another country with such a small baby by their side? Plus, it wasn’t like they were going to the safest region in Central America, either. Derick and Jill were putting their little family at risk, whether they realized it or not.

Plus, a lot of people were concerned with the fact that the Zika virus was very alive and kicking in their region. Yet, at the same time Jill made it no secret that she wanted to get pregnant again – and fast, too. Apparently, Jill and Derick really didn’t think about all of the problems they would face if they found out that their future baby would have the Zika virus.

11 Derick’s Appearance

Not only were fans concerned about Jill’s pregnancy and the Zika virus, but a lot of people were also concerned with Derick Dillard and his ever changing appearance, too. One moment he looked fine and healthy and the other moment people couldn’t help but wonder what the heck was going on with him.

If that weren’t enough, it was more than pretty evident that Derick was losing a lot of weight while the couple was living abroad. Did he contract some kind of sickness or virus? Unfortunately, neither Derick nor Jill have ever responded to any of their fans and their concerns. Instead, they continued to post happy, smiling photos of their family on Facebook. All we know is that something went wrong, yet Jill and Derick choose to hide the truth from the world.

10 Jill, Jessa And Jealously

For the longest time a lot of people couldn’t help but wonder if Jill was jealous of her younger sister, Jessa Duggar. After all, she was always considered to be the “pretty” and “hot” sister of the Duggar family. What’s more, Jessa seems to be following pretty close in Jill’s footsteps. Right after Jill tied the knot with Derick, Jessa did the same thing with her husband, Ben Seewald. And right after Jill gave birth to her first child, Israel David, it didn’t take Jessa very long to get pregnant, too. It seems like whatever Jill has, Jessa wants and there’s no stopping her until she gets it.

Now, we don’t know if Jill is indeed jealous of Jessa and her apparent beauty, but one thing is for certain: these two girls aren’t very close. Just take a good look at their Instagram accounts and you’ll see that they rarely spend any time together.

9 The Josh Duggar Controversy

Another shady thing that Jill Duggar did once the Josh Duggar controversies broke in 2015 is that she went to hiding along with the rest of the Duggar family. Instead of speaking out about what happened and telling the truth, they hid from the public and from the media for as long as they could.

Yet it didn’t take the Duggars very long to realize that hiding wasn’t in their best interest. Both Jessa and Jill opened up about their past with their shady brother Josh by crying about it during an interview with Fox News. Unfortunately, the girls failed to garner much sympathy as many critics believe that they were more sorry that they were caught hiding the truth than anything else. To make matters worse, they threw Josh under the bus just to open their arms back up again for him a few short months later.

8 Her Role As A Midwife

While there are a lot of shady things about Jill Duggar that has been left unexplained for years now, a lot of people can’t help but wonder if she really is a midwife, just like she claims to be on television. While there’s no doubt that she’s seen plenty of child birth during the course of her life (she does have 18 siblings, after all) no one knows if she is truly qualified to do her job. What’s more, no one knows if she’s even finished her education or if she has the right kind of certificates to work as a real, certified midwife.

One source claims that Jill is not a midwife, but a CPM (certified professional midwife). The insider goes on to say, “Jill Duggar Dillard did not become a midwife. She became a counterfeit midwife. She was awarded an ersatz credential (CPM, certified professional midwife) designed to fool the public into believing that lay people who can’t be bothered (or can’t hack) the education and training needed to become a real midwife are “midwives” nonetheless." The CPM really means “counterfeit professional midwife.” Yikes.

7 Second Child Missing

While there’s no doubt that Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard love to share photos of their firstborn child Israel David, a lot of people couldn’t help but notice that they’ve been very quiet and secretive when it comes to their second child, Samuel Scott Dillard, who was born earlier this year. As a matter of fact, Jill rarely shows any pictures of Samuel and when she does, his face is often hidden from view.

And while we have seen a few newborn photos of Samuel, Jill is very careful about the photos that she posts on her social media account these days. This has prompted a lot of fans to wonder if Jill and Derick might be hiding something about their second born son. The truth is bound to come out sooner rather than later.

6 Is Derick In Control?

What’s more, a lot of people can’t help but wonder if Derick Dillard is the one person who is in control of their marriage. After all, it’s pretty evident that whatever Derick says or does, Jill follows. She really doesn’t question his decisions, regardless of how good or bad they might be. What’s more, it seemed like it was his idea to move to Central America shortly after the Josh Duggar scandals broke out.

On top of that, it almost always seems like Jill is her husband’s mouthpiece. While we don't know this for certain, it does seem like she likes to follow his lead and whatever is written on their blog is most likely edited by Derick for censorship purposes. We can’t help but wonder if it was also Derick’s idea to get pregnant a second time around, even though the threat of Zika was alive and well during their time in Central America.

5 Did They Lie To Donors About Missing Funds?

One of the shadiest things that Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard were caught doing was apparently lying to their donors about their missing mission funds. They’ve spent a lot of time asking people for money so they can spread the word of God and their teachings in El Salvador.

According to reports, the couple allegedly misused their donations. One source close to the situation said, “They are still collecting donations for their mission work while living back home in Arkansas. Initially, they were supposed to return to El Salvador after coming home for Jinger Duggar’s wedding but have since decided to stick around for the holidays. There is heavy criticism for the lack of transparency about where the donations are going and what they are being used for while they are back home.” Sounds like these two are lacking a little direction in their moral compass.

4 Were They Forced To Quit Their Missionary Work?

Considering how many times Jill and Derick have gone back and forth over the years, a lot of people can’t help but wonder if they were asked not to come back to El Salvador (maybe even the locals couldn't stand their presence anymore). Derick and Jill announced in August of 2017 that after much thought, they would be quitting their missionary work in Central America. But is that because they aren’t needed or simply because they aren’t wanted?

The couple released a statement that said, “Through a number of circumstances, and guided by much prayer and counsel, we are discerning the Lord leading our family’s full-time ministry back to the United States for the time being.” Yet, they’ve failed to specify exactly what kind of missionary work they are now doing at home. Watch this space.

3 Derick’s Controversial Tweets

It’s no secret that the Duggars love to be outspoken, especially when it comes to controversial topics that people really don’t need to hear from them. For some reason or another, the Duggars believe that it’s their place to tell others how they are supposed to live from their Godly, religious standpoint. Unfortunately though, they tend to put their foot in their mouth without really thinking about what they are saying out loud.

And apparently, it looks like Derick is no different even though technically he’s not a Duggar. He used his Twitter account to slap the LGBT community not once, not twice, but on several different occasions. He also tried to ignite a war of words with fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings. Little did Derick know that this would prompt TLC to give him the boot from their future reality television shows.

2 Derick Banned From TLC

With Derick Dillard out of the picture now, Jill Duggar’s future on television might be in jeopardy. After all, there’s no way that she will be able to continue to film without her husband by her side. But TLC has made it pretty clear that they want nothing to do with Derick, especially after he questioned Jazz’s identity and her personal lifestyle choices.

Clearly, Jill can’t continue to pretend just how wonderful her marriage is without her husband by her side. No one is going to want to tune in to just the Jill Duggar show. That means that we might be seeing less and less of Jill in the coming weeks. And for the young mother, that is definitely worrisome as she needs those TLC paychecks to support her family.

1 What’s Next For Their Future?

While no one knows what is in store for Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar and their future, one thing is for certain: these two aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. If they managed to extend their 15 minutes of fame this long, it’s without a doubt that they’ll manage to extend it just a little bit longer. They might not do it on television, but they’ll find other means to help push their agenda forward.

While it’s without a doubt that some people love them, other people loathe them. Yet for some reason or another, we just can’t get enough of them (and the shady things they do) and that’s why they’ve managed to keep their names in the headlines for ten long years now. But what’s next for Jill and Derick? Only they know. In the meantime, we’ll continue to talk about all of the things they do that no one else likes to point out.

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